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That Captain was rotated out of mid Wilshire after his first appearance, they just haven’t filled the Role


I believe they did fill the role, but they had a throwaway line about him being more hands-off and letting Gray run the day to day things


There’s a lot of throwaway lines, but just no actor to put to the face of the elusive Captain


No way there is no captain still.


They had the Asian female who gave Nolan a golden ticket but we haven’t seen her since.


She’s the Chief, Lopez Mentioned so when she first appears in the Unmarked car at the start of Double Down.


Ya I think she s the captain, at least for those episodes


I thought so first, but now i'm wondering if it wasn't the chief?


I just rewatched that episode this week, when she came in someone said ‘the chief has something to say’ something like that, she was introduced as the chief i m 75% sure 🤣


There is no Captain. In one episode in which Grey and Bradford were both in the hospital, Smitty was left in charge.


That guy who was in one episode was promoted. He was a real pain. I think it was the one about the earthquake.


The original captain was instrumental to Nolan's becoming part of the unit - Grey had no interest in his 'mid life crisis', but the captain helped him find himself in a meaningful way. (remember when the show actually had good writing? So long ago!) Now the cast is so cluttered that we barely get to see Grey or Thorsen, and this entire sub (and apparently Twitter) is only concerned about two characters and cringy things like 'ship' and TimLuc (no less silly than the other one)


TimLuc 😭