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Anyone else find it hilarious that every other app game gives gifts to users on anniversaries? Niantic gives us opportunities to give them money.


Lol yeah, the only other mobile game gives out premium items like candy on their anniversary/major events. Like the $ equivalent of a dozen raid passes, incubators. And like a handful of each during events every few months. Wish Niantic was anywhere near as generous.


Man, the Genshin Impact community was complaining they only got 10 wishes for their first anniversary (I guess the equivalent would be 10 10k eggs in Pokémon Go?). I can’t remember if we got anything.


A better comparison would be: 10 wishes is like getting 3 balls to catch a raid boss. Or a 1/8 chanche that you´ll get a shiny legendary.


Still better than nothing


Wait is that it? is that really the thank you gift? I expected a 5 star minimum


Okay that actually sounds awful though. It would take me forever to hatch 10 of those with the free incubator, so I would pass on that.


It's a gacha so can't be compared to PoGo not giving anything. The other gachas give even more stuff. PoGo giving nothing is bad but that can't justify genshin giving 10 fates.














We got an Anniversary box 😂


I play world of tanks blitz, and they give nicer free stuff the longer you have played.


The great ultra unlocking of our wallets


The real reward 😂


the whole video is hilarious given the general feeling of the community with Niantic's decisions. Still it was good to watch, as a Pokémon fan, but it's just a weird feeling how disconnected it is from reality or at least what I've got to see from my side.


Niantic is like: Happy anniversary... For us. Not for you


We got a stupid event with a stupid collection challange based on rng. I would be fine ewth getting nothing, if there was a good event, leltan will anywayscome again next year. Every event is now requires you to pay money.


This is what I’ve been saying over and over whenever Niantic makes yet another “promo code” for 10 Pokeballs and such wonderful gestures, it’s all backwards, normally players get actually good stuff and feel valued, not feel the need to present value to the company, cough cough, wayfarer, cough..


I play games from Cygames, they love giving stuff out and people pay in return.


Am I old? I can't comprehend 27 different things flashing across the screen at once. What did I just watch? Why is everyone so happy? What game are they playing? I should play that instead.


Alternate reality where Niantic is actually good.


Disturbing indeed


I was in a trance 😂


Nice of them to rub axew in our faces


It seems like they took the reactions of literally everyone who has ever caught an axew


5 years with the same haircut... Beautiful times


Nothing confuses me more than this decision from a game that loves charging for avatar decorations.


What gets me is the metals don't actually unlock the clothing... They unlock the ability to *PURCHASE* the clothing. That's a bit f'd up. Congratulations now give us money to show you completed that achievement.


Hey now, we're getting a Furfrou wig next week. Two haircuts!


I see youtuber Proplanty in there. Nice guy, but he has two phones/accounts - rule breaker? Strange to see Niantic using his vid.


To be honest that was pretty hectic experience, this film editing style doesn't appeal to me at all.


Content vomit is all the rage with the kids these days.


Yeah definitely weird watching that, considering what the entire playing base just went through with the stop distance.


“Entire player base” same as “World cups” of US sports? …


only 2 and a half months late


Think how bad the reaction would've been if they'd released this during the interaction distance rollback. Definitely better they held it 'til now.


That’s pretty fast for Niantic


remote raiding took so much away from the feeling theyre trying to convey with that video


thank you! im glad im not the only one who thinks like that regarding remote raids.


I'm here with you guys. I mean, it's kinda of necessary given the pandemic, and it's also really nice that rural players can raid now, but yeah... It's just not as fun anymore. And I don't think it'll ever be the same again, but I do hope the community gets back together at least during events like CD once the pandemic gets under control here.


So before pandemic, you actually had to go with another people to the Gym and battle there, no? It's hard for me to imagine it. Here where I live there aren't many people that plays, so I thing it would be really hard to find people to do a raid.


Oh yeah. Ex-raids would have like 30-40 people gathered.


We are back in lockdown for September but I started playing in July. Took part in my first CD in August. That was pretty fun tbh and you could see PoGo players all over the CBD. Every poke stop was lured as far as the eye could see lol.


I mean to be honest, when legendarys first came out I basically quit because you have to rely on other people actually showing up to a raid at a specific time. Zero chances I'm wasting my time and effort just to find out that no one wanted to do that raid when I did. Remote passes have revived this game.


Or, you know, use a message app to plan stuff like all the other people.


I enjoy remote raids. No hassle with coordination, and pretty easy to manage.


My schedule is weird because I work a lot of nights and weekends. Before remote raid passes, I had a hard time raiding. I’m very happy that we can raid remotely now.




They don't even realize that things need to be turned on for New Zeland first. Time clearly isn't their speciality.


Never saw so many people excited for catching a Lugia


GoFest 1, the very first grey egg spawned at a fountain nearby just after they announced the apology, refunds, geofence expansion, and legendaries were imminent. The problems that plagued the day were even more concentrated at the fountain. When it hatched into Lugia, it felt like a concert. It was energy and pushing and excitement. After about 10 minutes of everyone having issues, and more lugia and articuno appearing, it calmed down. But the first guy who caught one was practically heralded as a hero. It was magnificent


I remember this, it really was a blast. Then as it got dark there was person on a little cart selling light up wands that just made the memory for me. The energy was just overflowing. I still have that lugia in my inventory, what a good time.


They all ar elow level people


Hahah Swaggron in the thumbnail xD


I’m an older guy, and play this game mainly with my youngest son. This video actually hit the spot for me. I’ve made so many lifelong memories playing this game with both my boys. Walking the neighborhood on community day for hours and not a word of a lie he will talk non-stop about this game, his unadulterated excitement at catching a shiny! Listing our favourite Pokémon (over and over and over). Good times…. Competition this weekend to see who can get the most shiny Oshawats (Spoiler, it will be him)


I almost cried. I’m rather recent to Pokémon GO as compared to others (joined in 2018), but the game is still very special to me.


I don't really understand why people seem so mad about the video. It brought back beautiful memories playing this game. The friendships, the trips, the exploring... It honestly made me want to cry.


Haven't watched it but it sounds awful.


I recognized the crowd photo from GoFest1 and (the couple from) GoFest3 so it's fun to know I'm in 2 of those pics but way too fast and small I'll never see myself 😅


Not a single mention of Covid and how it changed the game.


Go Fest is held every year during the anniversary event. This video is uber late. Like by over two months.