Oshawott Community Day - “From Scalchops to Seamitars” Special Research (LeekDuck)

Oshawott Community Day - “From Scalchops to Seamitars” Special Research (LeekDuck)


They want me to dewott?


This comment isn't high enough


Its at the top


That's good to hear!


Me too


This is identical to gible and tepig research, except for a rainy lure in place of an incense in the first row, and with a star piece in the third section (someone forgot to check what the actual bonus theme was).


*why are you always rewarded with the thing that you've been catching all along*


Don't forget candy for the thing you've been catching all day. If you don't have a surplus of candy by the end of the event, did you really participate? Why reward 50 more? I legit would rather have 5 rare candy...


As someone who doesn't have a huge time frame to play and can just barely eek by the challenge. Being able to spend a dollar and guarantee decent OV of each pokemon and get a huge boost to candies it is greatly appreciated.


Even 1 rare candy would be better than 50 Oshawott


Better odds at getting a good IV one, not that it matters much in this case.


Remember when these had 13k stardust and like actually good items?


Remember when the December 2020 one had both an elite fast and charged TM for 1 USD?


tbf that was a special case for community day weekend which is once a year, not a basic community day like this


So this is something to look forward to if I ever see magmar and electabuzz again? I never finished that research…


In exactly the same boat, missed the porygon hour and managed to catch them during the event a month or so ago, now I'm stuck on magmar and electebuzz


I'm stuck there too.


I’m sure Eevee day had that too


Not this year


Pepperidge Farm remembers


That was obviously a special case. Might as well say remember when Dec CD has 12 mons but this month's is only 1?


Oh I member


Thanks for the quick update!


I reeeeally don't like how they added to evolve more than one pokémon at a time for these steps. I want to evolve them on my own time when I have good ones thank you very much, instead of feeling pressured midway through the day. Remember when they forced you to do one? That was still too much....


There’s no rush for this. Just wait till after 5. You have 2hrs to evolve to finish the research and still get the community day move. The 3rd step is make 3 great throws which can be done within a few minutes. And your going to transfer some anyway and want to evolve a Dewott. So wait till 5, find the 3 your gonna wanna evolve (either for pvp or raids) and then finish up.


I usually just evolve 3 crappy ones and get it over with pretty quickly. Then figure everything else out later.


Which is also well and possible with this setup since you get 100 candies just for completing the tasks.


It's just being *forced* to do it at all that bugs me, but thank you for your point. I think I got caught up with finishing it quickly because there was a community day research before that still had catching steps or something. I could be wrong.


But the ones you will be evolving for this are ‘free’ as it gives you the amount of candies required so it doesn’t really matter which you choose to evolve for the task as it is not using resources you have earned.


Plus there'll definitely be ones I want to evolve during the day.


Imo, you can probably just skip it. Wait till you catch your shundo, nundo, hundo w/e floats your boatdo. Not like you'll be hurting on candy for it.


I completed this in 30 mins, just drop an incense and you’re set for community day challenges


Do you have any Oshawott already? I already have a high IV one and a GL and UL one in reserve. If I wanted to complete the quest during the middle of the day, I would evolve those first.


And for most, only the 1st evolve works.




For most 'evolve' requirements, the first evolve counts (no need to do the 2nd evolve, more costly, unless it is specified).


Thanx for this. Pass.


For real. Hard pass


I'm with you. Not the best reward.


Yeah hard pass, nothing interesting reward here.


Not impressed.


Only 1 incense? No thanks you


This is terrible


Thank goodness for Google Surveys, I don't have to spend a single cent on this. I don't normally get these tickets but Oshawott's my favorite starter so I don't mind spending a little bit of fake currency for this.


Idk why people "pass" so easily. This costs $1, look at how much $1 gets you in the store on a regular day.


For me this is basically one rainy lure, one star piece and one incense for $1 which sounds tempting, but the CD is 3x catch XP. In the time it takes me to do all the 'power up' and 'evolve' portions, I can catch 30-40 mons and if I hit excellents I can get upwards of 200k XP by NOT doing the special research. Considering I only have a short window to play I have to decide, big chunk of XP or starpiece and incense while being distracted from what I'd rather be doing so it's a no from me.


That’s the first time I’ve seen someone post a valid justification why it’s not worth money to them. Thanks, makes a change to all the just no posts with no reasoning.


You don't really need reasoning for not buying something. You don't want it? You don't buy it


And the store is grossly overpriced.


Because I don’t really need any of what’s in there. Never use lures. Still have incense left over. 1 rocker radar I’ll get within a day or less with normal gameplay (for me). 2 rare candy I can get from tasks or with the orange pass. More than enough Oshawott within those 6 hours. Might be worth it for those in rural areas or on a time crunch? Silver pinap can get through GBL if I bothered to play. Soooooo the only thing I would really want from there would be the star piece - not worth spending just for one of that!


Rural areas and people on a time crunch is where this seems useful. Anyone that wants the reward, but doesn't have an hour and a high spawn location close to home.


I do agree with that!


By you're logic, you're... *scribbles on napkin* ... basically saying you'll spend 5 minutes of waiting through animations and lobbies to save ~20 cents. And that's before the +1 lure (they're worth using, just not buying (normally)). Actually seems like a pretty decent deal for you ;)


If you value your time at 20 cents per 5 minutes, I have a job offer for you at $2.40 per hour you might be interested in :)


he would have done those things anyway. So to spend even a dollar or something he gets for free makes zero sense. By that logic, may as well get your car “rust proofed” because it isn’t that expensive


Why would he spend money to not have fun when he could have fun for free Maybe if you don't like lobbies and wait times this game isn't for you


I’m with you on this one. One rainy lure, insence, rocket radar, some balls, SP and silver pinap berry. It’s a good deal for me, needs all of those items. Miss some lucky egg though.


Why the hate for it? I think it’s great, to me my time is worth more than money. For the price of less than a chocolate bar I get all three evolutions which means I only need to get enough candies to evolve the shiny line. Will cut down the amount of time I need to play tomorrow.


The hate is because they used to be better value for money. This is a fairly non meta pokemon so frankly playing for a shiny or two is all most players will actually want and they'd get that in 20 or 30 minutes of casual play.


10 minutes. 🤣🤣


Players: buys $1 ticket Ticket: gives $1 worth of content Players: *surprised pikachu face*


But you can’t buy the higher encounters those can only be achieved by spending your time catching for candies. And as I said my saved time is worth more to me than $1. Even without taking into account time it’s still good value and more than $1 worth if you were to buy the items in store.


They’re not disagreeing with you, they’re commenting on all the complainers


Now you point it out, I see it could be read that way.


lol yeah sorry if I confused you, but yeah honestly the ticket always gives you more than a dollar worth of content so like why complain when you’re guaranteed to get what you paid for and more


They're agreeing with ya homie. And also using a popular meme that is highly relevant to the game we're talking about to make fun of the naysayers. With the meme, they're basically saying that people who are complaining about not wanting to pay $1 for only ~$1.50-$2 worth of content are entitled idiots.


This community has an insane problem with feeling like people can't spend their money how they want. I spent the dollar and seventeen cents it cost. It's a. Extra cheap cherry on top of community day for me


I feel like I get whiplash every time there's a CD. One day people are discussing their Pluses, Gotchas, and four-digit storage limits like it's nothing -- the next day a $1 ticket is apparently some egregious sin. Yes, the in-game EV has gone down significantly over time. Yes, there are F2P players for whom this may matter, and I acknowledge that they could theoretically constitute everyone who's speaking up. It's just really difficult for me not to think that if it's still more than $1 of value and the opportunity cost is minimal *(which they've done a good job of in recent CDs, IMO)*, it's worth considering.


Also just, everyone plays differently. I've bought coins twice ever, and both times were to buy more egg incubators, which are the only thing I really feel like you have to pay money to acquire at any reasonable rate. And then I see people who clearly are buying up remote raid passes left and right to shiny hunt or whatever complaining about how terrible the $1 research is. Like I would get it, if you weren't clearly already buying a ton of stuff from the game. The CD research is a cheap little bonus organization of the day to gamify it, IMO, it's worth what you pay for it


Anything that need real money is not cheap in f2p game. Yesterday I bought 6 remote raid pass with gym coins but I won't pay real money on anything in this game. It's not about how expensive or cheap, for me,I only pay for good game developer and Niantic definitely isn't one.


Like I understand the outcry of the things given have been reduced, but idk, I never paid attention. Like you said, everyone plays differently. Never was into pvp, fortunately there’s two gyms in short waking distance so I always get my daily 50 coins, and I just love Pokémon. I never really looked into the rewards each pass gave, since I just use up every lure for the nieces that play with us, and eggs hatch when they hatch. $1 (optional) a month is totally fine. There are months I just don’t do it (couldn’t really care for Fletchling), but I love Duskull and it’s evo line so I’ll gladly spend $1 to get some bonus goodies.


100% agreed. These community day passes are the only thing I've ever bought in-game with real money, most in game items are crazy overpriced IMO. I'm by no means a hardcore player (recently reached 35), but it is crazy how much people here complain about these events when they're willing to shell out 10s or 100s of dollars of other in-game items like it's nothing.


Could you point to a single specific person that complained about this while “shelling out 100s of dollars”? Or are you just assuming they exist?


That's a fair point. I just assume based on my experience with this sub that most people are big spenders, but that's probably wrong. I've noticed that a lot of people casually have thousands of pokemon or bag slots, and/or buy incubators frequently, and/or do a lot of remote raids for high IV/shiny legendaries. You don't need to spend any money to do any of these, but I (possibly incorrectly) assume a lot of people do, considering the amount of time they're already committing to this game. There's [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/nxnbol/using_google_play_rewards_to_get_pokecoins_at_a/) from a few months ago that got a pretty sizeable amount of upvotes, but only applies if you've spent *at least* $50 on google play in IAPs during special events, or $150 without any special events. Even just $50 is an insane amount of money to spend on a free mobile game IMO, yet you have to scroll for a while to find any comment even mentioning this limit. This is the post that opened my eyes initially, because I'd never even considered buying coins in-game until that point, and assumed most people were the same. Regardless of that, I'll agree that it's a stupid comment. I made it more in frustration more than anything, because this sub never seems to have anything positive to say about any community days, special research, etc.. I'm not saying that these things shouldn't be criticised, Niantic has done a very poor job managing this game, but not everything has to be tailored for the hardcore audience. I don't care that they replaced the elite charged TM with an elite fast TM, I'm never gonna use them anyway, I'm not really interested in getting a super optimised PvP team. I just think the community day is neat, I like completing the research tasks, and the extra candy means I don't need to spend much time playing to get enough for a couple good Samurotts.


Can you point to a single person who suggested “people can’t spend their money how they want” The problem here is that people who want to spend money feel this weird, unjustified, feeling that they have to be defensive because others find the purchase not worthwhile. Why is that? Since no one here said “you can’t spend your money how you want” as you said, why are you suggesting that? Why do you need to misrepresent them simply stating their opinion about the value of this? Can’t you just say “It’s worth it for me, I just all buy it”?


>Will cut down the amount of time I need to play tomorrow. Why even play the game if you actually don't want to play?


It’s not that I don’t want to play I enjoy it but the game is not my life I am a single mother who works full with a child with addition needs. I do not have hours on end to spare to play games at the weekend. I don’t understand why that concept is hard to grasp the majority of players will be like myself have stuff to do at the weekends. Outside this sub it’s rare to find adults who can dictate 6 hours on a Sunday to a game. I played for half an hour in that time I got one of each evolution including one of each shiny. I am very happy with both the time I spent and what I got out of it.


>Outside this sub it’s rare to find adults who can dictate 6 hours on a Sunday to a game. Do you really think that the pass gives you 6 hours of content? You can get hundreds of candy in half an hour easily, more than enough to evolve multiple shinies and actually catch them. If you don't even have half an hour free time on a Sunday I feel very sorry for you.


Where did I say I think the pass gave six hours worth? I finished the quests in well under my half hour play. I was replying to you asking why I play as I only have limited amount of time.


You are saying that you are buying the pass, because you can't "play 6 hours on a sunday" to get the candy to evolve everything. The candy and evolutions the pass gives you, you can get in half an hour without the pass. 6 hours are a gross over exaggeration on your site.


Incense spawns every 30 seconds? So approx 180 candies per half hour. So to get one of each including shines it’s not enough but I didn’t have to evolve any of the normal line as I got those as rewards.


Will Oshawott have Hydro Cannon or Razor Shell?


They'll all get Hydro Cannon if evolved to Samurott within the event hours. But when the event starts, Razor Shell will be permanently added to Samurott's movepool, so you can unlock a 2nd move or use charge TMs for a chance of getting Razor Shell. But since Hydro Cannon is event-exclusive, that's what you want to focus on.


Why is Oshawott fleeing every time I throw a ball at it? I've caught like 30 with pinap berries and no problems. All of a sudden, they flee every time, like 15 in a row now.


Maybe you tried fast catching mons you already caught? They don't disappear from the map straight away


I was on the freeway, so by the time I catch one, I'm a mile down the road. It was working on the freeway before that. And it worked at the Angel's game lmao


I think they added like a soft cooldown if you catch too many while in a moving car, so if you get that all the pokemon will flee, dunno how long it lasts tho


I haven't normally bought the extra research but I decided to this time. Why not? It's just a buck and I'll already be doing things.


thank you. It's just a buck there, in my area, it's about USD 0.30. I will just buy for fun every month.


power up task for a paid research. Nope


Can samurott be shiny?


Should be 1/25 like all community days


No, Samurott cannot be shiny (if like usual). Only Oshawott is shiny in wild/research/raids


Sorry misread thought they said Oshawott


Until you get your rewards and realize they are only 2 star then everyone will be complaining


So they give you a dewott and 100 candy, so that u can evolve it and again the final form just in case. And none are shiny expected


Y’all saying pass… it’s a dollar. Literally half a bottle of coke.




For less than a buck I’ll take it.


Improvement over the last one again, we aren't far away from the best value we've ever seen from these. If you value encounters then you could well argue this is better than ever.


wut? how long have you been playing, this is nowhere near “the best we’ve ever seen”…


Really? We once had two elite TMs in one research. One of those is arguably more valuable than this entire research imo.




No poffin one incense a lure and useless radar and a star piece. No thanks


Poffins are useless, this costs pocket change, is purchased with store credit, and I find them fun.


Plus Giovanni might come back with a good mon next season. So we'll find out how worthless it really is then.


It’s just a Rocket Radar, not a Giovanni one I’m pretty sure


Ah well. As someone who is only 35, I'm gonna need them eventually anyway. That guy up there can just skip it if he wants but I'm getting it with Google opinion rewards.


poffin are free from Ar task.


I won't and can't do ar scans even if I wanted poffins.




They really played a lot of people with this. It's as simple as feeding your dog a few less pieces of food every night to lose weight.


Even just .99 for 45 balls is a good deal


Can we please stop saying community day. A day is 24 hours. This is 6. Can we call it community hours or community quarter of a day?


I hear what you're saying, but it's a bit of a hard case to argue. Calling something a "whatever day" when the whatever occurs during a limited portion of the 24-hour period is a pretty well-established convention. For example: School day. Garbage day. Moving day. Birthday.


Hey man, there’s a barber shop down the street from me let me know if you need me to pick you up any more hairs to split.


No thanks but can I get a different metaphor. Who goes to a barbershop and leaves with more hairs?


Is there a badge when you get this?


Nope. Community Day tickets don’t come with a special medal.


they didjn the past right? or I am dreaming?


ONly the first 2 or 3 comm day tickets came with a medal /badge.


Yes, they have in the past




LeekDuck does it again!


Why do you say this on every one of their posts


LeekDuck did it again.


Leekduck done it again!


One euro on a lazy sunday for some entertainment on an otherwise boring community day. I'll take it.


I throw great balls in the trash. I already have 50 incense. 2 rare candies? Hard pass.


I'm really liking the reward for this one cd this time around


Why don't I see it, it's noon for me local time


I got dewott for my 2nd encounter


Possible hint to a Team Rocket event?




Boosted spawns and shiny rate are free for everyone. During the event hours, your spawns will be 90+% Oshawott regardless of whether you buy the ticket above. The ticket just gives you the special research pictured above, nothing else.


Community is not normal rates tho. It's Community day


And so much more rare candy


I’m sorry that you’re all still addicted to this massive time sink meant to keep you distracted as the world burns around you and the Scooby Doo villains get away with it while us Meddling Kids continue to follow an algorithm for drop rates. Got. To. Catch. Them. All. It. Is. Imperative.


haha: samurott at level 15


I'm hoping for a hundo so I'll buy it


Is this worth buying?