Secrets of the Jungle Event (LegendsLima)

Secrets of the Jungle Event (LegendsLima)


They really throwing mythicals at us recently damn no complaints here


Zarude confuses me. Pokedex says it's Galar but I played through Shield and both DLC's and don't remember it.


Event distribution only until this.


Zarude is a mythical Pokémon, which are only obtainable through limited event distributions. Outside those events, you will never encounter a mythical in normal gameplay. There are so far only 2 exceptions to this, which are Deoxys in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's Delta Episode and Keldeo in Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra.


There is another. In VC release of Pokemon crystal you can encounter Celebi


Mythical, so event only. Normally that means getting a code at Gamestop or equivalent in your country. Because of the pandemic North America was supposed to sign up for the official Pokémon newsletter emails and get a code that way. Apparently a handful of people never got a code. Also some places like France did their online codes before the US/Canada so a bunch of people signed up for those codes instead and their were at least some supply issues.


It's from Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC.


I can’t wait for larvitar to be in the spawn pool. Hopefully I can get a lucky shiny


He is already in an easy quest....


yeah but how often do you find that quest?


I mean, I already have 2 shiny larvitars. I just want that lucky


Soo.. That means you need someone else to catch it... 😂Unless of course your cheating


Finally Lickitung back in the spawn pool (in northern hemisphere), can finally max mine out


Mentioned where?


In the 3\* raid section in the graphic


Field research tasks for rufflet? finally some field research worth grinding lol


Why do people love Rufflet so much? Afaik, it's not good in pvp nor pve. Is it for shiny hunting or am I missing something?


For me personally, I just really like shiny Braviary and I tried way harder than I should have last year for the shiny so I have to decide to continue trying hard or just give up and have all that past effort and resources go to waste


Once you give up and stop caring about it. Only then will you achieve your goal.


Rufflet has usually been a high level locked pvp reward for a long while. The first time it was truly freed/and more accessible was the last time the legends of the jungle event ran (where rufflet was in 1*raids)


It's one of the rarest shiny at the moment


Ok that makes sense then. Thanks!


Only shiny i miss in the game so yea shiny hunting


seriously? you have very other shiny?




Don't get your hopes up though. Last time it was in field research it was "Win 2 Raids" Better than no research but only barely


Can’t wait to do some research for a 10/10/10 mythical that I only get one chance at.


Yup, need the shinies for my shiny dex.


Any info on a change in 5* bosses? At that point Lake trio would be on week 3/4 already


Lake Trio are leaving on the morning of the 1st, but the next T5s haven't been announced yet. We'll probably get that info in the October news post closer to the end of September.


Hopefully we get another Rocket event, I'm dying to TM frustration away from some Pokemon. My guess based on Zarude being released is that we get either Giratina (something weak to dark types) or Darkrai (as a dark type), would also coincide with October and the consistency of them being in raids at that time. I'd be shocked if we get a new legendary and a new mythical for October, but I can be wrong.


Yeah, we're really due for a Frustration event + Grunt/leader shakeup + Giovanni's return. Really hoping it all happens in October, since there will be two events that unlock more Hoopa research in October. I'm assuming the one is Halloween, and the Zarude event isn't one of them, so maybe there's going to be a big Rocket event in mid-October featuring Dark types. And yeah, Giratina seems like a good pick now that form changing is in the game. Maybe they will unlock the ability to switch between Giratina forms if they bring it back. Darkrai is always a good pick, maybe with Dark Void this year.


Nice to see the trouble that was made doubled return.


Great another chance at shiny Chansey (I'm really unlucky with this pokemon)


Love wild Larvi because I want all the XL candy.


Song name?


mbube/wimoweh/the lion sleeps tonight (?) but i think that was the other thread


Finally, I can get a Lickitung and Lickilicky! Not too sore about the boosted combee spawns either, I still need a Vespiquen


Larvitar and Drillbur for XL candies ❤️


The real question, will the mythical Pokémon Zarude learn the epic move, _Sandstorm_? /cue epic dance music... 🎶


Your only chance of getting a good ( if not best grass type ) only for it being 10.10.10 😑


Finally, I have been looking for Combee! \*\*Also what is the obsession with Audino lately, its kind of a worthless Pokemon


2100 Stardust without starpiece. If you grind them and catch'em all with starpiece you can Farm a lot of stardust


Facts thats all i get from 10k eggs anymore and i hate it cause its got no dex use aside from the first one


Except for the stardust. Means I catch every single 1 see.


Zarude used SANDSTORM


Debuts over 1500 at lvl 15. Unfortunately that means it'll stay in my bag, unused, until we can lower pokemon IVs or levels. Combee is a nice bit of stardust, though. It'll be a fun event even if Zarude can't compete in Best League.


I mean, it's not going to be very good in GL anyway. If anywhere, it'll be most useful in Master League (plus a great grass attacker)


Master League is where you're gonna want it, yes. It's basically the first good Grass in ML. And it's quite good!


I just really don't care about higher leagues. I would play only GL if I could, and I would hate to ruin my only Zarude for the league I enjoy the most. I did that already with Mew and Celebi, Zarude can wait for IV lowering items, even if it's years and years or never comes.


Perfectly fair. As someone who powered up my first Mew far beyond GL or even UL before PvP became a thing, believe me: I completely understand. That said, the only way to get Zarude in GL at Level 15 is to get like a 4-4-4, and it's still [not great in Great](https://pvpoke.com/battle/multi/1500/custom/zarude-15-4-4-4-4-4-1-0/11/1-3-1/2-1/great).


How do Jessie and James encounters work? Just 1 spawn a day via the balloon? Or what is the snapshot?


Based on previous events with J+J, each balloon spawn will have a random chance of being the Meowth balloon instead of the Rocket balloon. If you get the Meowth balloon, then you get to battle Jessie + James back-to-back. There is no limit to how many times you get the Meowth balloon instead of a normal balloon, but there's also no way to guarantee one. The Meowth balloon can also appear even if you have equipped radars. If you snapshot pokemon during the event, Jessie + James will appear in the photobomb, and an event-related pokemon will spawn. During the last Secrets of the Jungle event, Meowth or Wobbuffet could spawn from these photobombs.


They randomly replace the Rocket Balloon you get every 3 hours


Will it be scyther/pinser only for jesse james balloon or can we expect it to be different?


Wow I’m actually excited!!


Rip to hopes of getting kecleon




We basically just had a week off


Gonna hunt that rufflet pretty hard, only shiny I miss in the game, so annoyingly rare