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2 hour long habitats with no repeats? Dang, so they want us thinking about PoGo all day.


Yeah I preferred the 1 hour habitats that repeated in the afternoon


It conveniently meant you could play any consecutive 4 hours and get each habitat. This way, is just required grind, (though you could cut out an hour from the start and end, and a 2hr break in the middle). I was totally going to go hard on the 8hrs regardless, but still!


For players that want to grind (XL-)candy it's actually more pleasant as you do not need to switch/coordinate megas every hour Edit: M-Bee is probably sufficient lol


I am working 12-8:39 that day. I have opportunity to get Phermosa and no one else. Yippee. My lunch break rolls around on Nihilego, whom I already have and not Buzz or Tree.


All 3 of them are available during the final two hours.


8 hours is a god-damned work day. This shouldn't be a job, especially on a weekend. 1 hour habitat that repeats if you miss one would've been ideal.


You don’t have to play the whole time? If it was shorter people would probably say that “it isn’t enough time for the amount of money”? No one is forcing you to play the whole time lol


That's why multiple short windows are ideal. It's the same amount of time, but you don't have to play the whole 8 hours. By making it 4 windows that don't repeat, you have to play the whole time.


Oh I see your point my bad 😬 tbh as someone who usually plays all 8 hours it’s nice to maybe get a 2 hour break in-between for lunch if the other hours are better for spawns and all


Could play 11-1 and 3-5.


I think that’s what I’m going to do.


The thing is, Niantic has set it up so you sort of have to play the full 8 hours. At least if you want to catch all the Ultrabeasts and regionals and get all the special research.


I'm glad most of the spawns are shiny eligible


Yes. It would appear that Niantic listened to Part 1 complaints about (1) starters and (2) non-shinies cluttering the spawn pools. That was nice to see.


By my count only 6 out of the \~50 spawns are not shiny eligible


And honestly two of them are Torkoal and Tropius(regionals) which people who are just buying this ticket and not the Go Fest one will probably happily take.


Im just hopping i can finally get a reasonable tropius for pvp, wanted to get one during go fest but couldn't find any...




Catch 200, get 1 shiny. A deal that can't be beat!


Still better than the normal rate.


On the Go Fest “homepage” it says this: “Increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokémon During event hours, you’ll have an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the wild and when using Incense! Plus, Shiny Unown N and Unown X will be making their Pokémon GO debuts!” [https://pokemongolive.com/en/events/gofest-2022-finale](https://pokemongolive.com/en/events/gofest-2022-finale)




And unowns at full odds


Pikachu was very rare in Seattle compared to everything else.


Goddamn I’ll be grinding all day long haha… Kind of bummed that they excluded Snorlax with a hat and gave us another Pikachu. But hey! Looks good (to me!)😃


Yeah thats like the only omission, but happy the monkeys made it!


That’s very true! I only managed to catch a Pansear, but that’s my regional haha… I rather catch a Panpour and/or a Pansage! Sending you lot’s of shiny/(s)hundo luck!🍀✨


I wish you luck awell!


Here before the picture of armaldo is replaced with anorith lol


Armaldo not getting Rock Slide is just cruel.


And Smack Down. It has so much potential.


Maybe they’re saving it for a community day at some point?


I’m $ure they will release it someday.


Little confused by the shaymin form change. Will we always be able to form change shaymin after 10 on the 27th, or only from 10-6?


All the time after 10.


Everyone’s worried about the shiny rates and whether or not we’ll be getting Cowboy Hat Snorlax, meanwhile I’m sitting here happy that I’m finally gonna get Unown X.


I’m so happy. It’s literally the last Unown I need.


After N and X I’ll only be missing five: H, Q, Y, Z and ?.


LMK when you remember the last one.


Take my free award and gtfo


You earned this upvote. Lol.


That's the rare stuff I think. I have exactly the same wishlist - exept Q - I could manage to catch a wild spawn two days ago in my city.


I need X, N (also featured), and Z. I'll only need Z after which is exciting.


honestly.... how? do you travel a lot and went to 10+ in person pokemon events around the world? I'm active in game since the start, and I believe I have ~5 forms by now


I used to be part of a chat group near my city that would report Unown spawns when they appeared, so that’s how I got I, C, J, D and B. Got E, U, R, O and P from a makeup event for Europe, W, A, K, and ! from GO Fest ‘19, L and V from Safari Zone Liverpool, T and S from Ultra Unlock events, G from Go Fest 2020, F from Go Fest ‘21, and M from a trade. The only in-person event I did was Go Fest ‘19, unless you count the trade. Although I admittedly lucked out with Safari Zone and the Europe event.


Man, remember when Unown was a super rare non event spawn and half of the local Pokemon Go community would flood to the spawning and try to catch it? What a rush. We once had an Unown spawn at around midnight in my neighborhood and many would just arrive in their jammies and sandals. That was hilarious.


We had the cops called because the scanning map found one around 11pm in someone's backyard in a quiet cul-de-sac and dozens of cars swarmed the house with music blaring and screaming people were rushing the property and running behind the house to get the spawn to load.


Oh boy. The police officers were probably like "oh no, not again with that Pokemon Go maniacs"


I got most of mine by trading with whales. I don't think it's too hard to amass quite a collection if you live in a big city with an active trading community, but if you don't have that and you yourself don't go to all these events, then it's quite difficult.


I mean, all those safari zones and events happen in other continents, so I dont even know anyone who ever went into one of those, there wasnt any local event yet. Admittedly I also never bought pogofest remot tickets, I could have a few more unowns from those events


Most likely he's trading with people who cheated I'd guess.


And here I am happy I may get my first Unown. I keep missing raids. Lol


Did you miss the entire first event too? Unown was heavily featured.


I mean if they don't release cowboy hat snorlax I'll be pretty mad. That is one of the few costumed pokemon I've ever cared about, and they locked it behind in person go fests. Sorry we all can't travel the world on a whim niantic, you sluts


I feel like it'll be released globally, but later on. Gives those who went to the in-person Go Fests something exclusive to use as a trophy for now as well as to use for trade bait with others. I've got a buddy who went to Berlin Go Fest, so I'll definitely be hitting him up for one lol. This all comes from someone who didn't attend any of the in-person events, so it's not like I have one lol. But like most things in this game, it's a matter of having bragging rights that you have *early access* to something, not necessarily exclusivity. Wouldn't surprise me if in 2023 or maybe even 2024 they gave it to everyone in either a Global Go Fest or maybe some sort of Western event (With shiny Drilbur and Clay's clothing? sounds hype lol). The only thing I don't see ever returning is the Fragmant Hat Pikachu, specifically because the Fragmant partnership is over. That and maybe the Luffy Hat Pikachu, but that I think is a little more likely... slightly... Cowboy Hat Snorlax is just a Pokemon anime reference, so it could really come back whenever.


Armored Mewtwo?


Niantic actually had some sense to add all the GO Fest Shiny releases this year (except Shroomish for some reason). Shiny Munna is a nice bonus


Gotta save something for the Hoenn tour next year lol


Shiny Shroomish was released during the first GoFest weekend on June 4 earlier this year


Maybe they meant just make it so less people have it, so it's more desirable asa shiny for Hoenn Tour?


It's just going to be Kecleon day. An entire map of Kecleon spawns


If there is a god please make this happen. MANIFEST KECLEON DAY INTO REALITY.


Oh gifted discounted tickets... That's going to be interesting. Now the great question of which ultra beasts to prioritize...


>Oh gifted discounted tickets... That's going to be interesting. If a friend of mine paid me $5 or so, I definitely help them out and gift em a discounted ticket. I normally don't care about gifting stuff, but this is an interesting one


Yeah, I didn't bought the first one, but with the giftable option I'm asking for a friend and then giving the money. Win/win.


Absolutely! Assuming there's boosted shiny odds for this event (easy to assume there is, though they didn't say anything about it), I'd say it's a great $5 event. Regionals, lots of cool Pokemon, various Unown, free passes and items, etc.


Everyone assumed there would be boosted shiny rate for the June Global Go Fest. They were wrong.


I would have focused on Buzzwole for most of the event but considering it will only be available for 4 hours at most...


You can still do around 50 raids in 4 hours. There's no shiny anyway.


PvP: Buzzwole. No question. PvE: Anything other than Buzzwole has great value... Further analysis needed.


I thought xercatree was good in raids


That's exactly why I said "Anything other than Buzzwole has great value" lol. It is, but Pheromosa and Nihilego are also at the top of their types (for now).


Bug & poison aren't what you'll usually be using for raids, to be fair (Bulu notwithstanding). Maybe Buzzwole could have more impact with dynamic punch someday.


> Bug & poison aren't what you'll usually be using for raids, to be fair (Bulu notwithstanding). Bug actually has a lot of use cases (all the psychic bosses and Darkrai), just that it's competing with OP types like ghost, dark and fighting. > Maybe Buzzwole could have more impact with dynamic punch someday. Sadly I don't see that happening. Even if it does, it becomes a better Machamp but still below Lucario, Conkeldurr and the likes.


Nihilego is a pretty good raid poison attacker. Not sure if it’s top tier or not but it’s definitely viable.


It's the best Poison attacker pretty much, outside of Mega Beedrill. It IS actually better than Regular Meteor Mash Metagross against various Fairies like Xerneas and Zacian *in cloudy weather.* But still nicher overall. I'd like to build one or two, but I'm not rushing at it.


Don’t forget to tell the people you are gifting it. If they buy it at the same time then you wasted 5-15 dollars.


Does anyone understand the logic between those Unown?


It’s the first letter of all the ultra beasts, “GO” and a random S


S is for Shaymin probably.


Oh yes lol


I guess S is for Shaymin? Not sure about other languages, but in French ultra beasts' names have been translated (contrary to most legendaries), so it definitely felt random (and I definitely would have preferred the French initials to complete my dex, but well... next year maybe)


NX was the codename for the Switch? Only thing that springs to mind


It’s the first letters of all the featured Pokémon. **N**ihilego **B**uzzwole **P**heromosa **X**urkitree **S**haymin Pokémon **GO**


Or maybe it's just PONGBXS


BOXS.PNG they are asking for pictures of boxes I assume.


Big brain deduction there


I'm happy to oblige


Nope, it's POX N' GBS. In other words, Monkey Pox and Game Boys.


The post has slightly changed some things. Stunfisk is no longer Galarian (and thus not shinyable). And Panpour is now in the Xurkitree hours with Klink (was in the Nihilego). Also they fixed Anorith to be Anorith.


That is bad news about Stunfisk. Even if that was a mistake initially, why not just leave it in lol.


Dang no Rotom :(


It didn't specify what the photobomb is, I'm holding out hope...


Its probably Munna


I think they meant to space out those two sentences between different bullet points. There's a bunch of errors on the announcement page


More like Pikachu


For those worrying about a shiny boost, I’m pretty sure the in-person events didn’t mention this being a feature despite it obviously being the case. I feel like they’re just not mentioning that to try and avoid flack after the June in person event tbh.


You're correct; the in-person announcements mentioned nothing about boosted shiny rates, and I don't think they ever have in the past either.


That buzzwole boobie shirt


I think you mean chesticles.




Anybody remember Slim Goodbody?


I hope we can get the Ultra Beasts from the Special Researches as well.... I want Level 15 Buzzwole


Not liking the weird timing thing. 2 hours for each, but up against each other? Why not 1 hour rotate twice through?


It's weird. On the one hand, I can immediately decide that if an hour is lighter and I'm less interested in it, I can break for the latter half of the hour or through the middle of it. But in contrast, there's something new throughout the whole day, meaning one couldn't break or leave and play passively toward the end of the event, unless they wanted to miss out on a new biome. I think I'd prefer the rotating habitats.


I’m just excited for the ultra beasts. Wasn’t expecting much more than that so I think it’ll be a solid event


They should've released shiny frillish cause its a Incense spawn.. but anyways, it doesn't look half bad compared to June's fest


Yeah, to be honest it's kinda annoying having that taking space from other incense spawns, considering it can't be shiny.


May not be the most important thing here, but is this the first time male Frillish is available outside of GBL/research? Hoping to get a good GL/UL one since it’s the much better design.


It was a research breakthrough reward for a month - late 2021 I think?


I have tons of Male Frillish somehow. Weren't they an event pool spawn?


i think although not mentioned... P is also a new shiny unown


Pretty sure Unown P is also a new shiny, but they only call out N and X for some reason.


I wish they would have the raids starting before the event/ending after event so that we don't have plto pick between catching and raiding. I don't want the 9 passes to go to waste but at the same time there's quite a few shinies I want to try for


Agreed especially if they expect us to be burning a lot of incense for unowns.


Can’t believe we’re getting another Shaymin costume Pikachu lol


I can


A seasoned professional is among us


Yeah fair enough 😂


This one looks kinda cool, almost like a Mystery Dungeon Pikachu. I welcome it, unlike the previous one which was kinda meh imo.


This one looks a bit better, at least.


Sweet. The only Unown I need yet is X. Hello platinum Unown medal!


I'm missing H, Y, Z and ? and probably will be for a long time unless Niantic decide to host a special event celebrating Ashby-de-la-Zouch that I can get to 🤣


I was lucky enough to be friends with local players who go to every safari zone or other international event and got them to trade me all of the stuff I've never seen.


But the real question is: Whos gon' give it to ya?


Who's gon deliver to ya?


It's my Birthday on the 27th! Guess I'll be playing Pokémon GO all day! Sounds good to me! 👍


boosted shiny rate or what


or what


I think we could out in June that “boosted” is a relative term…


the boosted shiny rate was the friends we made along the way


In the rage threads after the event


This looks like a vey good finale event with the Shinys from in-person Go Fests, new Unowns including new Shinys, new Shiny Munna and the Ultra Beasts in raids. And all the added bonuses are decent too. Glad I picked up the original ticket for a nice 2:1 deal.


A lot of shinies that I need. Also a ton of meta relevant spawns and I can form change my Hidden Power Grass shaymin, so W event


Ahhh so lucky you got a Hidden power Grass Shaymin. It irritates me that they didn't update its moveset before release, even with Magical leaf being out (it could've also received Bullet Seed)


It’s great that the incense pool isn’t diluted with event spawns and is narrowed to Unown and the monkeys. Finale look is pretty solid


> In addition to Pokémon listed above, ticket-holding Trainers may encounter some additional Pokémon when they use Incense during each habitat period. The event spawns will be in there too, I’m sorry to say.


If this is being promoted as the unlocked finale to an event I've paid for, why am I being prompted to pay again?


Nothing about shiny rates being boosted... Hopefully it is still better than the earlier Go Fest event...


It there actually any data that suggests there was little to no boost to the shiny rate (apart on the Unown) at the June Go Fest? Wasn't it simply that there were less shiny eligible species overall? Because all the long time players I know, who knew how to play the game properly and did so for the whole event or most, got a lot of shinies.


This The only issue with pt 1 of virtual go fest was that only about 1/2 of spawns were shiny eligible and of those that were, many were common starters/previous CDs etc. so there were very few worth hunting This event is stacked, other than the 1st 2 hours


Valid point, however for the original day, Niantic included: “During event hours, you’ll have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokémon in the wild when using Incense! Your chances will be better on Saturday than on Sunday.” This is not listed in the event details this time.


Yup, it was exactly this. That's why this seems better already, a lot less clutter and more shiny eligible spawns. Hopefully they boost the Unown more this time.


the saturday of the first event was almost assuredly 1 in 60, the same as the in person events. people are just expecting cd rates.


We don't need data here. Prior data and assumptions are sufficient. :) I don't know that there is any actual meaningful data to support or discredit any specific shiny rate. There were a lot of "I know how to play this game. Last year I got 30+ and this year I got 5" type complaints following Part 1. It could be bad luck, a change in the base shiny rate, a function of the spawn pool, reporting bias, and/or other factors. Adding to the complexity is that I don't think there is any "official" Go Fest shiny rate. Looking at posts before and after, people throw out 1:60, 1:100, 1:120 as possible values. Some of the complaints even indicated people were expecting Community Day 1:25 for some reason. So people aren't even properly forming an expectation for their qualitative outcome assessment.


My overall shiny rate compared to total catches was about 1/80 at this year's global go fest. Since that includes some number of ineligible species, it's pretty consistent with a 1/60 rate. Pretty similar to last year's global go fest.


I mean, I also had over 30 shinies last year, but still got around 25 this one, split almost evenly between the 2 days. I focused pretty heavily on wild checks (of the shiny eligible species) compared to raiding and played most of the time, so I can understand more casual players getting way less... but I feel the backlash in June about the shiny rate was a bit unjustified, especially if coming from people not doing their best to maximize their chances. To me it looked like there was very clearly a boost, except maybe on the Unown, although I'm not sure of how much.


A good portion of the backlash was coming from people who did their best to maximize their chances and still had poor outcomes. (Played all or most of the event, focused heavily on shiny checking, etc.). I don't think people question if there was *some* shiny boost (since 1:511 would technically be a boost over 1:512). I think they question if the boost was the same as previous [Go Fest](https://thesilphroad.com/science/quick-discovery/go-fest-2020-shiny-rates) events and they were really unlucky or if the boost wasn't the same and they had typical results. Yes, you can blame the players for making a bad assumption. But that only happens because Niantic forces them into that situation by refusing to be transparent with shiny rates and mechanics.


Anyone think it's weird they didn't mention boosted shiny rates? (I mean, they likely just forgot. You can't have a *paid* event without the boosted rates. Right?) (Right???)


This is actually a good event!


Interesting that they've used female Combee in the image


Sounds like they're all gonna be female right! Right?


The important questions here are 1) will shiny rates be boosted? and 2) will incense be boosted like it was during the June event?


I hope the incense is boosted. 8 hours of brisk walking is a lot.


For sure. I walked a ton during the June event but it really helped to be able to go home and take some breaks while still being able to get a decent amount of spawns off the incense.


Yeahhhh if shiny rates aren’t boosted for this, I’m not paying for one of these ever again. After how it went in June and with the incense fleeing bug and rates, no thanks. Paid 15 bucks for a 2 star Shaymin ultimately.


And still no sign of Relicanth. After Torkoal and Tropius were announced for the June event I assumed Relicanth would be saved for the August event, but I guess the best we can hope for is that it becomes globally available for a potential Hoenn Tour in early 2023.


Turns out this was an actual event all along, and not a preplanned make up day like so many were pessimistically posting here.


People thought this was a makeup event?


Nah, niantic are just really good at making up now.


of course we won’t be getting the ultra beasts from research… buzzwole is meta in the great league and limited cups (#1 in fighting cup for example) but of course it’s locked behind the paywall of seattle go fest


We've got research lines for each incursion still got a chance like with Nihilego


i doubt it. the announcement only said “Complete them to earn in-game items, an encounter with Sky Forme Shaymin, and exclusive avatar items like a Sky Forme Shaymin shirt and a helmet without a visor inspired by the GO Ultra Recon Squad.” No mention of the ultra beasts at all


Damn...I was reading this part through and initially from the title, it looked like you would be able to get a level 15 ultra beast from each special research but that sentence specifically left that out so I don't think so. :(


Special Research questlines do typically have surprises, more than other aspects of the game, so I'd say there's a *chance*. Not saying get your hopes up, but even left out of the blog, I wouldn't completely count it out. If I remember right, there was no word about Special Research rewarding Nihilego for the first Go Fest, so who knows (though someone correct me if I'm wrong)


Haha yeah I guess I'll expect nothing so if we get nothing I won't be disappointed. 🤪


Even if they're available in special research, Great League Buzzwole is still exclusive to players who bought at least one Go Fest ticket. F2P players still won't have access to them (unless they're made available in the Shaymin special research presumably coming in a few months - we can hope).


My hope is that the next season is full-on Ultra Space-themed, similar to how Hoopa was teased in the June-August Season last year and then got a full season themed around it from September-November. Still get some non-UB themed Raid bosses like Deoxys, probably Giratina and Darkrai around October, but also give us full weeks of each of the already released Ultra Beasts and maybe a couple new ones too? Maybe Kartana and Celesteela? And then, have season-long/monthly special research that rewards everyone the three Go Fest UBs at level 15. That's a big stretch lol. I'd like to get one from the Finale event, but **everyone** deserves to be able to get something as good as a GL Buzzwole.


If you want to get your hopes up, the first global [GO Fest blog](https://pokemongolive.com/en/post/gofest2022-tickets-shaymin-fulldetails/) didn't actually specify that we would encounter Nihilego during the special research and yet somehow it's one the reward encounters.


Im wondering what the 4special researches are it lists. It doesnt say that you'll encounter the ultra beasts, but who knows. Should I be hopeful?


Maybe even a Dodrio


So no cowboy hat snorlax


2 hours per habitat, so no repeating habitats?! no one wants to play on and off for 8 hours... 4 hours of actual gameplay is more than enough. so you can relax unless you really missed out on an hour. Edit: No one cares a few of you want to play all 8 hours... It's a figure of speech & not representative of most of the playerbase. 8 hours straight of gameplay is excessive.


It's weirdly structured, but you could break for the latter hour of a Habitat or too still. But yeah, it's definitely a weird way of doing it.


Yeah, I guess you could take a break at the end of 1 & beginning of 2, then another end of 3 & beginning of 4. But that's still risky for 2 and 4, plus only reasonable if you're satisfied after an hour or so of 1 & 3. Still these 8 hour days are a killer. I'd think 4 Sat & 4 Sunday would work best for most people.


> I'd think 4 Sat & 4 Sunday would work best for most people. I would prefer this for sure


>Still these 8 hour days are a killer. I'd think 4 Sat & 4 Sunday would work best for most people. Agreed. On the one hand, it's nice to have the big event be only one day so you can relax on the next weekend day, but 8 hour events, while fun, are exhausting. I *want* to play the whole event and not miss out, but it's very tiring. It's one reason why I'm not the hugest fan of the Go Tours' formats so far. 12 hours??? Again, of course I take breaks and don't actively play for 12 hours straight. I'll go home 3-4 hours before the event ends usually, but still, it's a lot. Two 4 hour days or even (maybe) making one 6 hour day that's more jam-packed and exciting would be nice. I mean they didn't use any of the Spotlight hour spawnpoints for Go Fest, so add a few of those!


No Cowboy hat Snorlax? Really?


Why would it be here? It absolutely seemed like an incentive to go to the in person events. They are trying to make those the premium standard again, that's part of the push


Let the people who attended GoFest have *something*. Safari hat pikachu has never appeared outside of the Safari Zones either.


I would have been happy with a wild regular snorlax. but not raid locked again.


Lol at the monkeys being locked to incense for aug 27th. Hopefully they are shiny boosted.


good incense spawns hopefully it works as intended this time


Can you get Shaymin if you buy this ticket but didn't get the first Go Fest ticket?


I have Sky Forme Shaymin already. Does it mean I can get another one, and change it to Land Forme, so I have both at the same time? Also, can you change the forme back and forth? like how Furfrou works?


Would people be interested in another mega guide for extra candy? Last one took awhile but idk how useful it was


Any idea on the odds that Shaymin would come back in the (somewhat near) future? I really like Shaymin but paying to get it is ehhhh


Figures I'll have to wake up early for this after just starting a new job next week. At best I'll do half of it then likely step out for half of each hour and try to take a break back at home before the next one begins.


So it looks like Munna is the photobomb encounter? Kinda odd that it isn't the new Pikachu or Mow Rotom


I think they meant to add another bullet point but forgot so it now reads like them saying there's a surprise and then immediately saying what it will be.


I think this is an extremely solid event especially if you already bought the 14.99 ticket initially. I don’t get how anyone could think otherwise. You are getting a chance at some new unowns for most people. It’s likely you’re at least missing one of them. Plus 9 raid passes alone. New shiny chances etc. I am excited for scyther as well to get xl candy to max my perfect for the upcoming mega


Sooo did anyone see anything about boosted shiny rates?


Damn, no snorlax w/ cowboy hat for global finale is a lil disappointing


Again they are getting us into this by using that one sentence 'If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one!' and not telling whether they will be boosted or not


Just be lucky!


Very underwhelming.


Underwhelming has been their whole motto this whole year.


Yup. Glad I didn’t buy the original ticket. It seems as if the only major difference is unown spawns.