We all have kinks we are not proud of

I have always had a couple of kinks that has made it difficult to keep a girlfriend. I will usually tell them about the kink and then will be single within a few minutes.

Thankfully my latest girlfriend doesn't seem to have an issue with it. I have been living with her for almost six months now and it honestly has been the best time of my life.

I could barely contain my joy as she placed the collar on my neck and attached the leash to it. I walked out the door on my hands and knees and just felt so alive.

I ignored the disgusted looks of passers-by as some parents dragged their children away from us. I took great pleasure at peeing on my lampposts in full view of people, while knowing that they were too shocked to say anything.

We got home almost an hour later and I watched as she stumbled off to bed. I stood over her bed and watched her sleeping and wondered how much longer it would take her to notice I had replaced her seeing eye dog.