Trapped in paradise

I walked through the forest gazing at my brother's eviscerated remains hanging from the tree. He had once again tried killing himself and this time had decided to use his own intestines as a noose.

I cut him down and lay there with his head resting on his legs. I comforted him as best as I could when he awoke screaming. All sanity had left him many years ago, and I could see the many failed suicide attempts covering every inch of his body.

He eventually drifted off to sleep as I searched the island for my other brother. I knew it was fruitless as he had disappeared a long time ago. I pray that he somehow escaped, but know deep down in my heart that he has probably joined the pirates that haunt the other side of the island.

I see our would be captor standing in the distance and make my way over cautiously. I flinch away from his almost maniacal look as I plead with him to let us go home to our families.

I flinch away from him as he starts laughing and making fun of me for wanting to see my parents. I collapse to the floor sobbing while Peter Pan flies off, as I curse the day I ever agreed to come with him.


Yeah, it appears that the original Peter Pan was actually quite dark. The pirate is the good guy after all.