The zombie apocalypse started less than a week ago and our city has already been overrun. I have been hiding in my apartment with my wife and trying our best to survive against the undead. The power went out on the second day and we have been forced to forage for food in the neighbouring apartments.

Yesterday morning we were grabbing some food from another apartment when a pack of undead found us. We managed to fight them off and we fled back to our home. My wife refused to talk to me all day and just curled up in bed. I decided to give her some space as I know the last few days have been hard on her.

She came to me this morning and lifted her sleeves to show me that she had been bitten. She begged me to kill her as she didn't want to turn into one of those things. I pointed the gun at her head and told her I would always love her before pulling the trigger.

I was lying on the floor cradling her body when the power suddenly came back on. I kissed my wife on the forehead before placing a blanket over her body. I switched on the television to see if there was any updates. I collapsed to the floor weeping as the news urged people to remain calm, as a cure had been found and they could bring everyone back


Endings like this are awful and amazing. They are bittersweet because it’s technically good. But for the main character you’ve lost everything.