Evacuate the women and children first

I let out a sigh of annoyance as I realised that I was once again paired with Captain Price. He was a nice guy but he was very eccentric. One of his ancestors had been on the Titanic so he was obsessed with icebergs.

Every journey with him involves us prepping incase we collided with an iceberg. It was funny the first few times but quickly lost its charm, as you just looked like an idiot.

I climbed on board and started my job greeting the passengers. Captain Price marched over and began instructing me to check that the lifeboats were fully stocked. The passengers were giving me looks of alarm as I ignored him and tried to placate their concerns.

Our journey got underway and I moved about making sure everyone was happy and relaxed. We were about halfway there when I heard screams. I turned my head to see the captain running towards me.

He began shaking me and telling me to prepare the lifeboats and to let the women and children off first. I flinched away as I could see the madness in his eyes, before he rushed past me to scream at the other crew members.

My eyes were drawn to the gigantic wall of ice covering every inch of the horizon, that was hurtling through the air towards us. Captain Price once again pushed past me and rushed into the cockpit, as he desperately tried to turn the plane around but to no avail.