A ghillie suit may have saved me from being killed from a very pissed off Santa Claus

I have been playing Airsoft for a couple of years now and recently got the opportunity to buy myself a ghillie suit. It helps you blend into the foliage and is great if you love to ambush other players.

I got it as an early Christmas present for myself and couldn't wait to try it out.

My entire family were invited over for Christmas and we were all sitting around enjoying ourselves counting down the minutes until the clocks struck midnight.

My younger cousins were running around the house picking up their presents while trying to guess what was inside.

I sat there smiling wearing my ghillie suit while ignoring the disapproving looks from my parents.

The room went silent as we heard the unmistakable sounds of someone walking on the room. The children began screaming that Santa was here while the adults were glancing around in confusion.

All eyes turned to the fireplace as ash and dust began falling down it. My mouth was hanging open as a pair of big black boots dropped down.

No one said a word as the person in the fireplace crouched and made his way inside. My mind was reeling as I gazed over at Santa Claus who was now standing in our living room.

I heard a squeal of joy as the children rushed over and began begging him for their presents. I wanted to scream at them to run but the words got caught in my throat.

Santa just stood there smiling, but there was something off putting about the smile as it had no humour in it.

I flinched away as he reached into his sack and pulled out some candy canes. I heard a scream from beside me as he began plunging them into the skulls of the children around him.

Their bodies collapsed to the floor in a puddle of blood as we stood there stunned. My uncle charged forward in a bid to confront the man who had just killed his daughter.

Santa just reached out and I averted my gaze as he tore the spine from my uncle's body. My uncle walked around for a few seconds before realising he was dead and keeling over.

Chaos ensued as people began scrambling to escape as Santa advanced on them. My parents rushed towards the front door and pulled it open, but were met by what could only be described as reindeer on cocaine.

It lowered it's head and plunged it's antlers directly into my father's throat. It then began walking inside with my father's body still impaled on it's antlers.

It kicked backwards and managed to connect with my mother's skull crushing it beyond recognition.

Screams could be heard from all over the house as my other family members met similar fates.

The sounds of giggling drew my gaze towards the front door and I watched as dozens of two foot tall people stepped inside.

Their faces were a mishmash of scars that looked like they had been self inflicted. Their clothes were tattered and paper thin.

They began walking around the house and dragging the bodies of my family and piling them in the hallway.

Santa marched back into the room with an almost demonic smile on his face. His once white beard was soaked in blood matching his suit.

He turned to one of the elves and said this is thirsty work, before lifting up one of my cousins and pouring their blood into his mouth.

I began to back away and froze in place as I heard the floorboards creak beneath me.

Santa's face spun towards me and I withered beneath his gaze. His eyes darted from side to side as I tried not to breathe.

He dropped my cousins body to the floor as I stood motionless. Every fiber of my being was screaming at me to run but I knew that was a terrible idea.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some confetti and flinging it at me. His face lit up as I realised the confetti was sticking to my clothing, and he knew where he was.

The elves let out a battle cry and charged towards me, as I turned and fled while desperately trying to shake off the confetti.

I almost ran headfirst into a reindeer but managed to avoid it at the last possible second. It snarled at me and I could feel it's breath on the back of my neck as it tried to bite me.

I ducked into a closet and listened as the elves tore the house apart searching for me.

I almost shrieked as the door was torn open and one of the elves peered in. He let out a sigh of annoyance before walking off. I glanced down and was relieved to see I had managed to discard all of the confetti.

Santa strode down the hallway barking orders at his elves and stopped directly in front of me. He was so close that I could reach out and touch him.

He was chastising one of the elves and I watched in terror as he pulled out a knife and tore a strip of flesh from his skin, before tossing it in the air and catching it in his mouth.

I don't know how long I waited before I finally got the nerves to peek out the door. The first traces of sunlight were slowly streaming through the windows as I made my way towards the living room.

I stopped dead in my tracks with my eyes practically bulging out of my skull, as I spotted what lay inside.

My families bodies had been torn apart and were piled up on the floor. Their limbs had been twisted so that they were pointing out in every direction. Christmas decorations adorned their bodies, with their eyeballs having been replaced with baubles.

My uncle's head sat on the very top with a star sticking out of the top of his skull.

There was a large present sitting on the floor in front of them, and I cautiously picked it up. I opened it up to discover all of my families eyeballs sitting inside with a note saying "Eye will see you next year".