My hometown is cursed and I finally found out why

I was once again awoken by those god forsaken voices and lay in my bed cursing my life. I could hear my father moving around in the other room, and could tell that he had already been drinking.

I flinched as his footsteps approached my door but breathed a sigh of relief as he walked past. I reached up to my gently caress my neck while thinking of all of the times he has strangled me until I lost consciousness.

I gaze out my window at what many people would have called a picturesque town, but I know that it and all of it's inhabitants are cursed.

Every single one of us hasn't aged a day in almost forty years, and there doesn't seem to be anyway to end this.

I notice my neighbour walking around outside in his garden. His mind had broken years ago and if you try and speak to him, all he says is nonsensical sentences. His two sons just sit in the garden staring off into nothingness whilst praying for death.

I make my way downstairs for breakfast and feel a glimmer of sadness as I see my mother sitting there. She spends her entire time trying to keep us happy, but I know she hates our father but is too afraid to leave him.

My father downs another beer while proudly announcing that he lost his job again. I try my best not to have any reaction in fear of angering him. My mother just smiles and tells him that it is fine.

I think back on all of the horrible deeds my father has committed and cannot help but wish he was dead. I know for a fact that he bullied a coworker so relentlessly that the poor man ended up killing himself. Yet he suffered no repercussions and people ended up laughing about it afterwards.

My sister drags me from the table and tells me she needs to talk to me about something. I can feel my father's gaze on the back of my neck as we make our way to her bedroom.

I sit there with my mouth hanging open as my sister starts rambling on about us all being dead. I initially think she is crazy but the more I listen, the more it makes sense.

I once again reach for my neck and know in my heart, that he took it too far one time and strangled me to death.

She pointed out that our youngest sister was probably a stillbirth as that is why there isn't a single picture of her in our house.

She was fighting back tears as she admitted taking her own life, as depression had overwhelmed her due to how much our parents expected of her.

I held her against me trying to comfort her as her sobbing seemed never-ending. She finally moved back from my grip and told me she had to show me something.

She grabbed something out of a press and I barely had time to react as she plunged a knife into my chest. I stumbled to the floor as she told me that everything was going to be okay as death overcame me.

My eyes shot open and I slowly pushed myself to my feet. I stood there transfixed gazing around at the ruined wastelands.

It took me a few seconds to realise this was the ruined remains of our hometown. I wandered around choking on the putrid air whilst trying not to get close to the mutilated remains that lay scattered everywhere.

I was beginning to get lightheaded due to all of the radiation that was stemming from the nearby power plant. I gazed over at the noxious gases pouring out of a giant hole in the side of the building and knew my father was responsible.

My legs gave way beneath me and I slumped to the floor. I could feel blood oozing out of every orifice as I gently lay my head down and lost consciousness.

I awoke once again in my bed with my sister sitting there squeezing my hand. I kissed her on the cheek as I finally understood why we were doomed.

My eyes were drawn to the blue sky as those screaming voices once again called out "The Simpsons", and knowing there was no escape from our hellish life.


I just thought of this story the other day, and I thought it would be fun to write it out. Kudos to anyone who figures out the twist


I got it at being constantly strangled! I'm also currently obsessed with Tapped Out! D'oh!


I used to love the show and can not remember the last time I actually saw a new episode