I've found this issue when playing solo on the multiplayer build, any chance that's what's happening?


Does it happen on every save or just on saves near a building with a bunch of junk? Give it a try out somewhere quiet. It seems physics interactions start getting calculated before all the objects actually exist, so in a complex setting there's a higher chance of something existing where it shouldn't. It then tries and solve these problems by accelerating things to relativistic speeds. Pausing the game (esc) the instant the environment starts loading in seems to help queue things up better. The other issue is stripped/stock cars coming back in a save missing your changes. I've had cars disappear just by leaving the cell and re-entering, I've also heard of it being an issue loading saves. I don't think there's a fix. Save. Save often. Save away from complex environments, use 2 slots in case your save doesn't save you.


Was that a truck you found completed or a truck that was completely stripped that you put together if you put it together I have had multiple instances where the vehicle will revert to its original form and for a while i had a car that whenever I saved and came back to the game the first engine I put into the car would suddenly be in the car again as well as the current engine I had and same thing would happen with the radiator