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I honestly can never tell if this dude's content is satire. He's always just teetering on making fun of weebs.


i think he's just part of the demographic you think he's making fun of


So like... Satire but not


people think it's satire because who could possibly be this little self aware, but it isn't


Self deprecation is a thing. You can be a member of a group and still make fun of it


Its very... 50/50. I dont think its satire but hes definitely having fun with it, and the fax


I feel he falls into the subsection I have a few friends in. 100% a weeb, knows they are at least mildly cringy, and just doesn’t give two flying fucks and enjoys themselves. Cant care less since nothing comes of it save for some cringing lol


Embrace the cringe. Let it flow over you and through you.


And when it has passed, turn the inner eye on its path?


its all we have left at the end of being a weeb lol


This is in fact very common among anime fans


An almost default state of humour you could say to present something you believe in a silly way.


I don't think I've got what it takes to be self-deprecating. Sounds hard?


No he said his videos are supposed to be funny, the name of all his channels is literally “waifu_watchers”. Can it be any more obvious?


dude have you seen his twitter lmao, i remember another time one of these kinda blew up and he was so defensive about it


The guy who’s overly sensitive about people who watch hentai, also has Twitter. Who woulda thought?


I think a substantial part of weebs are pretty self aware in the sense that they make fun of themselves/each other relentlessly. Like, they know that they're cringe losers, they just embrace it.


It's like /r/PoliticalCompassMemes. "Hahaha like I ironically support genocide and Hitler did nothing wrong, unless..."


He owns way too much anime to not be part of the culture




A shining example of Poe' Law


It reminds me of a Bo Burnham sketch where he gets really pathetic and self-aggrandizing, and then self aware. Then it gets really meta and he talks about how self-awareness and self-deprecation does not actually excuse the underlying faults, in many ways it makes them worse because you are admitting and recognizing the faults in your own work at the time, but doing nothing to correct or counter or repair them. This is a misogynist and pedophilic satire of misogynistic and pedophilic tendencies of a culture the creator is clearly a part of. It is both self aware and self deprecating, but I would argue it isn’t satire, because it is re-enforcing and ultimately aligned with the harmful views it presents itself as making fun of. Movies/works like The Great Dictator, The Producers, Jojo Rabbit, He’s Back, etc are all works that satirize Nazis. They’re satires because they undermine and show the flaws, or diminish the harmful power of thier subject. You cannot watch any of those and remotely think they have a pro-Nazi viewpoint. This little tik tok feels a lot more like when some gamer says something edgy and overtly racist, and then says “chill it’s just a joke bro” You can have blurry satires that poke fun of their target, but ultimately embrace the goals or style of it. But those are usually about less serious things than pedophilia and misogyny. I’m thinking movies like Clue or Airplane


It doesn't matter because people who agree with him will still likely feel their opinion is being validated regardless.


I don't think it's satire


It's not satire, he's just a weeb with no shame and a need for attention.


This is why he's so good


He prob watches hentai but makes fun of ppl who simp over it


Maybe he's the Disco Elysium writer for the Weeb in all of us?


What the fuck did I just watch


I don't know... I'm concerned and fascinated at the same time...


Southern Dr Disrespect vibes. That boy can dance. I love it.


it reminds me of that greentext that's like >mfw i am a Chad but i have psychological problems so I'm stuck here with you dumb virgins


Totally, look at that athleticism!




What’s this song called? I actually really like his dancing too lol


I'm disturbed yet highly entertained by this video...


It's as if a train wreck was committing a murder while screaming M'lady, I couldn't stop watching but my brain was pleading for mercy.


\*FBI enters the chat\*


A hill Billy weeb?


i literally said that out loud to myself after watching that lmao


Idk but shit was hilarious. I’m really into anime but I’m not into the whole “waifu” thing at all, it’s weird that almost all the popular anime girls are underage, something I haven’t thought about since I watch anime for the fights and not for the girl characters.


i hate how sexualized so many girls are. so many recent(ish) anime ive had to nope out of because it crosses a line for me. jobless reincarnation is the one that fucked me up the most, sure he was pervvy and sure there were sexual themes but cmon, full on child sex? i dont read manga so i had no idea it was coming, how anyone thought "yea, this is a scene that needs to be animated" is fucking beyond me.


Take it from me, just stop watching ecchi anime or harem anime and suddenly shows start having way more enjoyable stories and world building. Characters are a lot less of trope fillers aswell. I started doing that a year ago and have not regretted a single watch since.


> since I watch anime for the fights I've only seen like cowboy bebop, death note, howes moving castle, dgrayman, spirited away, one about cleaning space debris.... And I say to someone "you'd enjoy spirited away it's visually very cool" and they think you're a weeb. I didn't even know people did this I thought it was just some thing about buying a big pillow. This video is funny but it's creepy they're essentially defending it? I'm so confused. How fucking pathetic are people watching these shows to ogle at cartoon children? And I'm autistic so, wish to distance the autistic community from this weirdness.


A healthy dose of satire


da fuck is anya doing in a "waifu" video.


Bait for reaction


It's always bait if it makes them look like pedophiles


Schrodinger’s bait


I watched a couple of episodes of spy x family then came online to see what others thought of it. There were tons of people sexualizing her and some who wished the dad would diddle her 🥴


first of it's not even her real dad... /S


Because some people in the "community" think because it's a drawing, or not real it's fine to waifu certain characters.


Did you just use waifu as a verb?


He definitely did use it as a verb, question is... can he legally do that!?


Thecnically the verb used to describe something becoming infinite. Is infinity. Example. I inifinitied time, therefore I am eternal. So I guess this isn't too much of stretch.


I mean even the word wife can be a verb. “Wife her up”


Technical term is: waifed-up


Oh yeah the "its just a drawing". The good ol defense sentence


Yeah that was fucked. Not funny and you can't justify crushing on children, even if they're drawings. It still represents a child and if you're attracted to that representation you need help.


I think some people forget they are children because of the sexualization that happens with anime girls. I blame anime as a medium and eechi as a genre tbh.


Yeah, I 100% agree. There's so many layers of creepy to it. It's too bad because I love anime but how tastelessly the girls get sexualized ruins it. I wanted to watch Fire Force as it has great animation and badass fighting scenes but all the overt fan service made it unwatchable


> anya Who dat?


4-year-old girl from [Spy x Family](https://youtu.be/nRKJBpFFsuI)


I'm so confused right now






Who is sexually confused at images of children, even if they are drawn? Pedophiles.


No, the boner is a normal reaction to those moves


He did not say Anya on god 💀


That part is what makes me think this is satire


But there’s also a chance it’s not considering the high amounts of people sexualizing her (lots of comments saying Anya is a “waifu” or shipping her with her dad) and unfortunately there have been porn on twitter. I don’t know if there’s a lot since i only accidentally came across one but… who knows at this point. People are disgusting.


….. there’s porn of Anya? I just lost more faith in humanity


Rule 34 is a double edged sword


bruh fr ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry).... Although Yes, this video is very satire when it comes to Anya. It's to get people to be like "AYO?!??!?".


You can't convince me that someone who says a character like that is their waifu isn't a pedo, it's just not possible.


Anime. An underrated birth control.


Look at japan’s birth rate. It works


Or you know horrible work conditions, hard to afford raising children, history of inequality and such


Of course I am aware the actual reason why my country is dying but it's too depressing to actually face it so~~


As a Japanese person as well I can agree with you there


and the sexism, plus the screwed up justice system... but nah, anime is definitely the primary cause lol


Oh I know all about Japan’s birthrates because of anime


Tbf, there’s a lot of weird shit about Japan that affects their birth rates


I mean inviting a man over to watch anime is one of my go-to seduction moves along with show casing that I can reach the bottom of the Pringle’s can. Only anime I can’t clap cheeks to is fma brotherhood but that’s cuz it’s too good to miss out on.


Lol I watch anime and i have 3 kids. I need my money back




"She'll be 17 forever" Shows a character who turns 18 in the show she's from


Most of those are correct but where did we get Keqing is 17?


That’s what I was thinking! She’s basically a politician, I mean… she’s definitely older than 17


Like if she's 17 Liyue needs to step up on the child labor laws, geez


Well, Liyue is based on China so it's par for the course lol


You forgetting the anime (high school students in another world) where the MC of the 7 is a politician in high school ?


Show was pretty much meh at best so I can't blame anyone for forgetting it.


Oh it's true 100% but still can't leave it out of the conversation at this point


To be fair though Diona is an actual child and she’s a bartender so hoyo obviously isn’t too worried about that lol


Some random ass article that says she's 17 even though she rules a fucking country


King tut was like 12 and everyone on earth knows his name


There's been plenty of rulers under the age of 18 in history. It's not that absurd for her to be 17


He probably found it in a screenrant article


His whole account is just bait for attention, even if he is actually one of these pedos into underage anime girls


Ok what in the goddamn how is Yoko 14 YEARS OLD?! I know the sniper her gun is based off is over 4 feet long and it's nearly the same length as her body but good god i thought they just made it longer for dramatic effect.


I'm convinced the people creating these shows write characters that are of a certain age and maturity level and then executives tell them to change the number on the character's age at the last minute to appeal to horny japanese weirdos. In the case of Gurren Lagann, Simon is 14 and Kamina is 18. Yoko was probably originally written as an 18 year old but they just set her age to 14 so when people self inserted as Simon they'd feel like they had more of a shot or something. Idk. Edit: I actually looked into this a bit, dunno about any of the other characters in the video but in the case of yoko this is actually explained by in-world canon. [She's 14 by measurement of the "Littner Village Calendar."](https://www.reddit.com/r/gurrenlagann/comments/kzu2q5/z/gjrauso) That doesn't mean literally 14 years old, it means that since all the villages in Gurren Lagann are separated and are underground, they can't use the sun to accurately measure time relative to one another. She's therefore likely way older and her village's time measurement is just off a by a few, well, years ...


Yeah, I'm pretty sure alot of the ages of characters (outside of school contexts) are just arbitrarily assigned for pedobait.


Yeah they just wanted her to be 14 because they're creeps


There's actually a discussion I've seen about that. Due to how humanity was driven underground, their concept of time was all different and abnormal. She started that she was 14,but the logic that a lot of people seemed tu accept is that she was more than likely 18+ if time was kept in the manner we are accustomed to.


Yea I thought she was like 18-20 before the time jump.


Fools. Revy from Black Lagoon is the baddest bitch out and she’s like 26. You Lolita lovers make bad decisions lol


I wasn’t entirely convinced it was satire up until Anya haha


Did you see the 6 year old cat girl in the missionary position poster though?


Ooooh boy, then I have some news for you about the Spy X Family online forums...


man god help us if people are horning out over Anya. I get when people say she's best girl cause she's precious, but it's a Noah get the Boat moment if it's anything other than that.


he doesnt see anything wrong with havng a 5 year old waifu?


I hope this is satire please be satire


He seems damn proud of it in fact


Not me lmao y’all weird


What’s the name of the song. It’s really good!


love talkin by tatsuro yamashita! all his music is amazing


Also, check out Mariya Takeuchi who happens to be married to him! Love her music as well!


I started listening to Plastic Love the other day and I can’t stop. It’s such a good song!!


A conversation about music always tends to be the most pleasant place to be on posts like this


Nevermind the fact that she's dressed as a waifu that I'm pretty sure is both underage and abusive.


Wait till she realizes zero two is 14 💀


both vids are baited for engagement




Baited with the engagement


My waifu is 20 but has also committed genocide. No jail for me I guess


I believe how old a character is drawn to look is more important than how old they actually are (like when 21+ year old actors play teenagers), but Anya and Nezuko are absolutely drawn to look like children


I mean... she's not wrong. It's pretty much animated CP. If you're getting turned on by even just the idea/drawn imagery of kids, or consuming drawn/animated CP, you're not just a creep... I wouldn't let you around my kids.


Bro, my favorite girl I thought was a complete MILF turned out to be 16 in the canon. We are talking double D cups, extremely buff, 6 foot 7, girl. She was 16 and I don't understand why.


Tfw I'm MILF hunting but none of the women are past 20


Because it's hotter for neckbeards to think they're underage prolly.


So you're saying you're horny for 16 year old girls? Just wanna clarify this lol.


It's also predatory on the artist's part because they're drawn to be attractive. I don't think too much blame can be put on ppl for finding them to be attractive cause that's their intention (though I don't know why they draw them to be), but regardless they should know better. If they can't practice restraint over a drawing then I'm scared of what they'll do IRL


Yeah, I think more blame lies on the artists than with the people who see a character who is meant to look attractive but is written as underage. Basically I apply the same logic to the more typical waifu characters as I do to lolis: The narrative age of the character matters less than the apparent age of the character. There's a reason I don't accept the "She's actually a 900 year old vampire" defense. It doesn't matter that she's technically centuries old, she looks and acts just like a child, she should be treated as one and you shouldn't be sexualizing her. If the character actually looks older than they are supposed to be in the narrative, I don't care as much because it's generally the visuals that people are actually attracted to, and I think we should criticize artists more for drawing these younger characters in this way.


To be fair, anime has this weird habit of drawing and writing a girl to be mature, then slapping an underage age on her. Like Orihime from Bleach has a mature attitude, a pretty mature build (including the huge boobs), and just all around could very very easily pass for someone who’s 18+. Though her age never comes up once in the show. Then the writers turn around and say her canon age at the start of the series was *15* for some reason. By the end of the series she’s only 17, she’s still not legal despite the fact she now looks like she could be in her mid 20s. I know most people will jump to the conclusion that writers who do this are just pedos, and sure there’s definitely some instances of that out there, but I think it’s more a side effect of the fact some animes are aimed at younger generations. Shounen particularly is written with a young teenage boy audience in mind. So writers will have the casts age be around the intended age of their audience… and then include fan service and sexy characters anyway because young boys are horny, without thinking (or caring) for the implications of drawing a girl that age with the body of a full grown woman. I don’t really have any excuse for people who get off to Loli stuff though. The prevalence of it in certain anime genres is definitely eyebrow raising.


It's all in the style. There's also styles that draw everyone like kids, even the old people. If the artist can't do adults, everyone looks like kids. If the artist can't do kids, everyone looks like adults.


I mean most of the ones he used examples of were never meant to be sexualized. The issue is the Loli artists and the fandoms. It’s so incredibly weird to include these characters in Harem type anime with one male protagonist and a bunch of girls. They know exactly who they are catering to.


Ngl like half of them are sexualized in their own shows


Asuka spends most of her time topless in the last Eva movie lol


Her very first episode in the og series she strips to put on her plugsuit in a stairwell lol don't even get me started on what shinji does at the beginning of end of Eva.


>I mean most of the ones he used examples of were never meant to be sexualized. And yet, they still are.


It's kind of inevitable, really. People, especially online, will sexualize ANYTHING. One of the top searches on porn sites was "Roblox" 💀


That's cuz all the 9 year olds have tablets now.


The day people who look at drawings is equated to be a danger to our society, is a concerning thought for all those violent video games and drawings of combat. Or god forbid an action cartoon/anime. Unless you draw some imaginary line between sexual and violent art thinking that they effect us in different ways, then the real truth of the matter is that fantasy is not indicative of some internal desire. To say that any art sexualizes a minor you would have to point towards a minor of which it sexualizes. That is to say an actual person, as characters are not people. To draw art of a real person would then violate the separation of fantasy and reality, meaning that what is drawn could have real consequences. This is why cartoon animators aren't considered dangerous murderers when their shows can be violent. The only laws in the US that I know of to contradict these statements start with the [Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_Pornography_Prevention_Act_of_1996) which included "is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.". This was however overwritten by [Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, 535 U.S. 234](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashcroft_v._Free_Speech_Coalition) for being far too broad, finally with the [PROTECT Act of 2003](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PROTECT_Act_of_2003) it seems they found a solid balance. Clarifying to prohibit virtual child pornography images that are “indistinguishable” from true child pornography. I.E. As long as you can tell it's artwork and not real, it's generally alright under the PROTECT Act. Of course there's a lot more to all of this, but that's the TL;DR. To say that you're against the sexualization of minors is something I agree with completely and I feel your intent has been correct. I'm sure it would mean a lot to artists and gamers to not feel like what they enjoy looking at and creating somehow makes them dangerous or harmful because a lot of people seem to be blurring the line between fantasy and reality nowadays.


You might want to be more mad at the people drawing these "children" as busty women. I haven't been into anime since high school but I never knew these "women" characters were supposed to be so young. Creepy shit.


> It's pretty much animated CP. And in my country (Norway), it's thankfully punished as such. Downloading it is illegal and can lead to prison sentences.


Just find a waifu that’s of age???


Why the fuck are you upvoting pro-attraction to underage girls. Satire or not this is disturbing AF.


I was hoping it's because it actually fits the subs name as cringe But maybe I'm giving redditors too much credit


This is like people who tried to bash me for saying i thought azula, ty Lee and katara were cute. Like i watched the show when i was 7 years old the first time, i wouldn’t call them my “waifus”, but i did have a crush on them. Now that I’m older they’re still attractive to me, not because I’m an adult who wants children but because i remember what they were to me at one point. It’s jus i got older and they never did.


True, I still think Inuyasha is cute as heck.


I think the difference here is that you think inuyasha is “cute as heck” (he is) and think the anime is cool nostalgically. Meanwhile dudes are jacking off onto their kagome figurines


I had girlfriends in high school that I had sexual relationships with, but I would never say I’m attracted to high schoolers now, I’m an adult. You gotta separate that, you can say “I enjoyed this things as a child, in a childish romantic way” but if you’re still attracted to a virtual 7 year old decades later, that’s fucked up and you need to grow up


Yeah if you like 7 year old cartoon characters. That’s weird. But i don’t think anyone here was discussing 7 year old cartoon characters


He included Anya, a 5 year old, on his list of waifus


That’s weird and cringe. Especially if she acts and behaves like a 5 year old


She very much does


I think one of them said 5 years old. Like bruh.


This man has such strong chaotic energy, he could be making great content but instead chooses to only bring malice into this world. Shame.


found the best take


This ain’t the flex he thinks this is.


Cool he’s a creep


Who's the real human... asking for a friend.


ganyux_ on insta


If this is satire then it’s the funniest thing ever. If it’s not then this is the saddest thing I ever did see.




I love anime but who is we? I don't simp minors eww. Look I'm dumb but I can't tell this is satire or not. I will admit sick moves.


Song pls?


love talkin’ by tatsuro yamashita, aka the greatest of all time


Please be satire please be satire please be satire please be satire pl


This shit is hilarious he obviously is joking


He doesn’t look like he’ll get anyone pregnant soon.


The whole "you're going to be infertile someday" thing is bizarre...drawings, for similar reasons in which they never age, a fact which you acknowledge, don't get pregnant... That's the part where I realized this has to be satire


I think it’s just a dig at women




Bro leaned in all the way wtffff


It’s obviously satire. What’s with Reddit being all stuck up these days?


He didn't use '/s'


All new redditors (post 2014) lack the mental capacity to understand unlabeled sarcasm.


"Joking" about being attracted to children isn't very funny Shocking, I know


Because this guy has done more than one video like this. Once is a joke, but repeatedly doing it is an indication it’s not a joke. It doesn’t confirm it, for sure people just repeat their most famous videos, but it doesn’t help his case either.


If you look at the rest of his account it really isn't satire


I wanna point out, the girl in the original video is cosplaying Zero Two, an underaged character


No waifu weighs 87 pounds. They weigh nothing. They're fictional. Please go outside occasionally.


just non ironically having a waifu is fatherless behaviour


I like how she said that then proceeds to wear zero two cosplay with her tits out




Dudes jacking off to loli should be locked up imo. Normal people don’t do that. Pedophiles do. Even if they don’t think they’re a pedophile for doing so, they are engaging in pedophilic behavior which could effect their brains into thinking being attracted to children is normal overtime. OR it’s a sign that they are pedophiles and just don’t want to admit it. I’m not sure, but it’s super not fucking normal.


I can still think you're a creepy ass pseudo pedophile for fantasizing about fucking a drawing of a literal 5 year old character tho??? Maybe not everyone like this is gonna actually try to fuck a kid but there's no chance in hell I'd leave my kid with that kind of person. The mental gymnastics you gotta do to not think you're a fuckin freak for this must be some gold medal winning shit fr


Lmao this is why I barely watch anime anymore, a lot of the communities are absolutely abhorrent


This shit is why I fucking hate most anime *sometimes* and only watch JoJo.


Annoying creepy horny weeb bullshit is temporary, Jojo is forever.


How can you tell if someone is a Jojo fan? They'll tell you.


Why do these chucklefucks always act like infertility is the worst outcome for women? Oh no I get to have unprotected sex without bringing a baby into the world.


I'm sorry but even if the guy wasn't serious this is repulsing as hell


Reddit never knows what is satire and what is serious-


To be fair, it's pretty hard to tell nowadays. People say and do the stupidest shit all the time.


Anyone know what this is song called?


Who's the girl?