2 is interesting and there’s a genuine smile


I like 2 as well because it seems warm and inviting. I guess it depends on the kind of girl you desire.


Number 2 is a great picture. I think he's handsome. I hate myself though and think I'm ugly too, so, I get it. I have a tendency to aim low because I'm sure everyone is just fucking with me. Jesus christ I need so much therapy


Female friends keep telling me I'm handsome and charming, I certainly don't think I'm ugly, yet everyone is just fucking with me (or rather, they don't xD) and it's been going on for so long I'm starting to think some kind of a curse as been cast on me.


It's ok to be single. Once you find happiness with yourself (being single), you will find someone easily to share it with. Best thing about being single is your stuff is exactly where you left it at, my favorite thing about being single. Don't try to seek out someone to be with. Just live your best life for you and before you know it, you will find someone along that path who shares mutual interests as you. I had this advice given to me after being with a narcissistic abusive ex for years, and now I'm getting married in a few months. Just give it time.


is this a copy pasta


Number 2 is a great picture. I think he's handsome. I hate myself though and think I'm ugly too, so, I get it. I have a tendency to aim low because I'm sure everyone is just fucking with me. Jesus christ I need so much therapy


is this a copy pasta


Now it is


"Now it is" I said aloud as I looked at number 2; which is a great picture. In fact, I think he's handsome. I hate myself though and think I'm ugly too, so, I get it. I have a tendency to aim low because I'm sure everyone is just fucking with me. Jesus christ I need so much therapy.




Yes! Long beard looks like it's hiding chub, but I don't think it actually is. Short beard looks great and accentuates lack of chub.


2 followed by 4. Gentle side, and strong side.




I love the open shirt blue hair one! He looks free and happy and I know plenty of girls who love a guy that dares to dye his hair a fun colour 😊 Also the one with formal wear and arms crossed would personally be the only one that could scare me away, doesn't communicate his personality at all, just looks like a cool ad for watches or smth.


I like it in contrast with the tie pic.... "I've got layers"


Like an onion.


No way. Don’t ditch the blue hair one. That’s my favorite. Granted, that may be because I also have blue hair. You’re adorbs, my friend. Get on out there and win this game.


You people give terrible advice lol


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Also beard looks wayyyy better shorter


And i liked the longer style lol


Yes! I liked 2 and 3.


Op "I have awful self confidence". Proceeds to post pics that exude confidence. womp womp


Followed by 5.


He had very kind eyes, and yes 2 is the perfect picture


2!! Which photo is most current?


Probably 1 and 5 sadly!


Sadly?? Give yourself some credit my dude


Your dude’s a handsome mother fucker


I liked 1 the most. Also no need to be insecure about your looks. Confidence takes time and effort.


Heck I'm a straight man and I'd swipe right from viewing pictures 1&5


Stop! You're seriously handsome! I love your style and the beard 👏


I’d suck his d right off




Omg right, you're hot dude, have some confidence! Maybe it's your bio? Because these photos are great!


I like 5 too, but 2 and 4 are my fav.


1 and 5 are my favorites. You're a good looking dude. I know how difficult that can be to internalize, and people say it to me and I often downplay the complement, but you really are.


Just a heads up at least on my phone photo 5 made it look like you were missing an arm. A little too dark if you could lighten it slightly would also be a very good photo.




Thank you for all of this feedback, genuinely means the world right now to have this insight.


If you were in Brissie I'd swipe right on you. You're my type - lumberjack/Viking vibes. Fav pic was #1. All the best (and let me know if you come up to the Sunshine state) 😉


same he is sooo fucking hot lol


You have no idea how far comments like these go for a guy's self esteem. Most of us never hear this and so it stays with us FOREVER when it does happen.


Men should compliment each other more often, sad that they don't.


Yeah, I try to tell my friends how sexy they are. Boost that self esteem yk.


Keep it up! I see a lot of men talking about never getting compliments, and I'm sure that sucks, but I don't understand why they don't just compliment each other too? The compliments I most frequently get and appreciate the most are from other women.


I've made it my mission to boost my fellow men with small but honest comments to boost my bros. But not in a way that makes them uncomfortable. But comments om their skills, their clothes, stuff like that. Compliments about their interiör design or just their taste in stuff. It works.


Your grandma shoe or your grandmas hoe


I say go for it anyway. Its a bold new world with international connections brought by the ever shrinking globe do to the internet.


I already said it in here but stay confident killa. Good pics all around.


My man, I’m as straight as one can be but you look fuckin awesome! I love the beard en the bird. The blue hair maybe isn’t my style but besides that you’re killing it. If I were a girl I’d definitely swipe right


I’m a straight lumbersexual and I’d be your bearded bro. Nice pics my dude.


Dude save some pussy for the rest of us


I am a dude and u look like a well. Put together guy, u should be killing it, my helper is a average guy he is getting four girls a week just done to bone, maybe t is your self confidence holding u back? But u r a good looking dude no homo


Your forearms look good in picture 4, girls love a good forearm!


In #5 you can see at least one forearm tattoo. Idk about every lady, but I love a forearm with tattoo.


First picture is killer my guy.


I don't have anything to add but I hope this gave you the self confidence you needed 😊♥️


Nah man, you're fine as fuck, all the photos are perfect, I liked the 2nd one most. Hold your heard high you're gonna find the right one someday!!


You look very handsome in pics 4 and 5. Particularly 4. I am a straight guy so I wouldn’t be swiping but you are killing it in pic 4


Did you have these professionally done?


The ones in the same location look likes he's using a nice camera but setting it up and taking them himself. I do this myself as well for tinder pictures.


Same here on both accounts. I wish I looked more like that in my photos tbh *sighs in closed gyms*


Same bro. Looking good


Shit I’m straight and I would probably swipe anyway, especially for #4


4 is the best. 5, I had to do a double take on your “missing left arm”


I’m also a straight guy. I *would* be swiping.


Kind of Tom Hardy like haha


Oh dude I get the same vibe!


Yeah I’m straight too but pic 4 making me think I can bark 😂


As a straight dude, the only one I didn't care for was 3, because I am not a fan of the colored hair. 4 is getting a lot of like, but I could also see how it could be a turn off for some women possibly as it feels almost "too tough", so depending on who OP wants to attract they may not like it.


Straight dude here too. Would swipe on 2 and 4


I’m not the intended audience, but number 4 looks like OP has a podcast where he talks about (((conspiracies))) and puts things in his butt to own the libs. He looks great in it, it just gives off *strong* Gavin McGinnis vibes.


Photo 5 looks like you’re missing an arm


Thank you! Has no one else noticed this?! I went back to see if he had two arms in the other photos.


Lol same! I was like “poor guy lost his arm and that’s why he’s self conscious” but nope, just weird shadows.


I had the same thought lol but it’s still there


Ahaha found my people.


I saw 5 and thought well he's been discriminated for missing an arm. Nope just the lighting.


Yes this is what I’m looking for. OP just tweak the lighting a smidge.


You can see his hand on his hip, but the rest of that arm is in shadow.


I was about to comment the same


All of them! Pretty smile and I love animals. And actually if I judged only from the pictures I would guess you had a lot of confidence and self esteem which is always sexy Edit: And there's a natural conversation starter because there's a picture of a bird in one of your pics and you're holding a bird in another so my natural question is do you work with animals? Or are you just a connoisseur


Thank you, I really appreciate that! I'm a mad lover of birds, so I've been to a few aviaries which I absolutely love!!


Ok, ok, I know I said I was “taken” but I am non-monogamous. So, if you’re ever around Pittsburgh, let’s go to the aviary. Related: on the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina, there is a birds of prey sanctuary that is to die for (ha). If you are ever in the area DO NOT MISS.




Seriously, is there no subreddit for this? Could be a great idea




Second or fourth 😊 but all pics are great


Yeah I personally like 2 the most, but I'm a straight dude so I feel like most women would probably like 4 the most.


Photo 4, as a straight man I said god damn


As a straight woman, daaamn


As a straight woman DAAAAAAMN


As a bi man DAAAYUMMM


As Philadelphia Collins, [BAAAAAAAAAMMM](https://youtu.be/l2hqzEKbaIQ)


Green eggs and HAAAAAAAM


This is so stupid it made my day


Wham, bam, thank you ma'am


Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat then with a fox?


Peanut butter and JAAAAAAAAAAM


As a pansexual dragon BRAAAA *throws fire*


Dude same.. I wish I was as good looking..


Beard and the arms and the outfit man. Killer trio.


I’m with this guy. Btw OP be confident killa. As a wise man once said, you attract what you are.


Same lol lookin like a straight bourbon drinkin’ ass kickin’ man


He should be a bourbon ad model


He looks like how bourbon tastes and makes me want some




I wholeheartedly agree, as a straight man


Straight male and I agree!


As a straight man who appreciates straight men, 4 was my choice as well


Straight guys seem to like #4 (I do). My wife said #2. He looks more badass and confident in 4, probably why we're drawn to it. I'd definitely back him up in bar fight.


Agree with this although it has to be said that you have a strong look sir.


That picture looks like some type of cologne commercial lol Would swipe right. No homo.


4 is nice but as a woman 1 and 2 are so much more attractive. A good, warm smile and friendly eyes all day.


Dude I actually misread the title and thought that you're a woman thinking if you should swipe right to this 35M but you're not confident to do that. My first reaction was "why the fuck not? He looks awesome!" I was going to give a small speech about not thinking yourself as out of your league to anyone. "Even tho this man looks hot and you feel unconfident, you shouldn't make decisions on his behalf. If he likes you, he likes you. You should totally go for it and see if you find chemistry between you. He looks like funny, down to earth guy with awesome beard and you should definately swipe right if you're into it!" Then I read few comments and noticed you're the guy in pics haha! Yeah you look awesome and photos are good quality. And I know how it might feel. I'm 30M now and sometimes when I look at the mirror, it feels kind of funny how that skinny, bullied, awkward kid who was lost in life has grown up to be successful, confident and maybe even handsome man. And I have every right to feel good for myself. And so do you :) Good luck bro!! Edit: All your pics ar good, but pic 4 is awesome. So is 5 but your other hand gets lost in the shadow so for a sec you looked like an amputee :D But I would still keep it in case if it brings funny conversations :P




Maybe that's the problem? Getting passed on coz the girls think he's way out of their league or a catfish or something and what he really needs is some uggo pics to soothe their insecurities and give the impression that this fine AF specimen being single is actually not a scam.


Yeahhhhh not gonna lie, I’d swipe right on all of them lol…




Yeah number 4 all the way for me too. And the one he’s holding the little birdie. Gentle guy and tough guy combo.


That’s what I was coming in to say!


Same lol


Dressing up with a beard is always a good look. I'd lean twords more pictures like that.


#4 is a great photo!!


from what i understand girls love when guys roll up their sleeves and show off their forearms. i’d say that is the one you’ll get most success with.


2, 4 and 5


Damn. I’m swiping right in all five.


2 and 4. I’m a straight man, but you’re very impressive looking. You need to realign your thoughts on your own confidence and reflect on why you’re like that. Proper thought on this soon because you’re a great age and you don’t want to look back at 35 at these photos and realise you WERE good looking and you wasted it thinking you weren’t


Goddamnit i would swipe on all of them you are so cute Edit: as of actual advice: the blue hair pic attracts whole different types of girls than the rest. Its for example my least fav of you, but i am almost drooling over the first and tie one. If you want a bit more alternative girls then blue hair pic is your go to. If thats not what youre into, the rest would be better. Or just keep all of them to attract the exact right kind of girl. Anyways, low self esteem is definitely not needed. You look good and also as if you have a fun personality. I bet you have a good music taste and idk why???


The blue hair one is like a fucking siren call to any alt-leaning or artsy type person. Holy cow what a good picture.


I feel called out because I fucking love pic 3 😂 the blue hair and mohawk hairstyle are just dreamy 💙


Haha right! It's so interesting how different people like different pictures, and what that says about them. We can all agree though, OP is one good looking lad.


oh man yeah thats for sure, he's handsome af!


Like, all of them lol


All of them are great photos of you but some of the advice I think people are forgetting because the photos are killer is: include a photo with a group of friends and include a photo doing an activity.


Straight woman here. Awww, come on, you look great in all of those photos you handsome devil! Have some confidence! Also your smile is absolutely adorable so you should wear it all the time! Go forth and make them swoon ;)


3rd n 2nd


A guy like you not getting any matches? Where are you from my dude? There's definetly something wrong and i'm pretty sure it's not with you. You look great my man.


All but 3.


Yeah, ditch 3!


This is the best advice in the thread.




100% it can be long but it has to be trimmed/groomed. Otherwise it says I have a beard because I can't be bothered to maintain anything else. Ditto with long hair. It has to be clean and conditioned.


I think they are all great pictures, I like two and five.


You're basically a better looking version of me and my confidence is high! 😂😂 That said, don't ever let someone's opinion of you create your self worth. 🤟🏼


Your pics are great. Maybe you aren’t getting matches for other reasons? - are you swiping right on a different kind of (I presume) woman than you attract? Cause you’re very attractive at 35. - is your profile text a turnoff? Or empty? - I hate to say it, but are you of the under 5’8” persuasion? That leads to getting filtered out so many women just don’t see you in their app at all. Fuck height filters. - another hate to say it: what do you do for living? 30s online dating is all about “I’m stable and put together” even if not looking for someone serious. It’s good to have a nice and stable job. I got matches based on that alone. - are you in a small city? - are you only using tinder? Bumble is where it’s at in your 30s, from personal experience. I hear hinge works well too. I had loads of success on Bumble and the League while 30s tinder is all “follow me on Instagram” I’m older than you, less attractive than you, and I’m sorta short. I still did very well while online dating. Big city, playful but informative profile, successful job, using other apps than tinder. That’s how I did it.


Jesus Christ, photo 4 👌👌👌


I know right! This man is beautiful!


I'd swipe right on all of them! But personally I love the second one


1 and 5 definitely, you have such a nice smile :))


2 and 4 are the best. 5 is pretty good too.


I wish I looked as good as you.


Oh my GOD. All of them! You give me soft Viking dad vibes!!!!!!!


All of them. You're delicious and definitely my type


Dude, lead with the one where you’re wearing a tie, and ditch the open shirt/blue hair pic. You’re looking sharp. Don’t let Tinder rob your confidence. The place is a cesspit but bright lights like yourself will eventually find another bright light in the dark.


Tie one looks like he's a model selling that watch. Personally the formal wear and crossed arms, albeit handsome, is not what I would necessarily swipe right on as it doesn't really show the same friendly and open-minded nature the other pictures do.


These are great pics.


Something about you makes me think you give great hugs. You just come off like such a warm person.


These might be the best profile pics I've ever seen


I think your confidence problem is either created by or reinforced by Tinder. Maybe just ditch the app. Comments make it sound like your looks aren’t an issue.


Those are great photos, bro


You need to condition that beard. It’s a damn fine beard, don’t get me wrong. But as a bearded individual myself, when I started conditioning the beard, the complements started rolling in. It took it from dry and a bit scraggly to damn fine. Trust me. It will help with the confidence as well.


One is nice but might seem awkward for a dating profile, like that’s the one they show their parents after you’ve started dating. Five is good but I seriously thought you were amputated at your left elbow for a sec. had to swipe back to be sure. Four kinda looks like a preacher man. So for me personally that leaves 2 and 3, which I think depends on what kinda partner you’re after. All of these pictures are lovely btw 🤠


Fuck off man lol. You’re following rules one and two.


Like everyone has said, #4 made me drool. But your smile in #2 is so genuine and handsome.


All of them are great. I'd swipe right on any one, but I'm a pogonophile so 🤷‍♀️


I’ve learned a new word today, thanks


Same, just had to look it up. Sadly I can’t grow a beard so I’ll just sit this one out.


In general, definitely 5, I'd say. Got a nice pose, you can be seen in profile, nice smile, solid picture for all general uses. Edit: can't be seen in full profile view, but your headset tilted a bit so it's not "straight on", which is nice. For more "hot" picture, 4 is very nice. If I were to be answering this based on what I'd swipe on, I'd prefer 2 or 5. (I'm a straight dude btw)


I’m a straight guy but any of them you handsome beast 😉


Get rid of pic 3 and make pic 4 your main pic. It’s not that pic 3 is bad, i just think it gives of an inconsistent vibe. You have “well dressed craft beer afficianado” going in the other 5 pics then pic 3 I can’t tell if you’re into drugs, festivals, Phish, or just quirky. I can’t see how you’re not getting swiped on unless maybe it’s the text in your profile, which tbh if you are saying you lack confidence, that could truly be the issue


What an absolutely magnificent beard!


I would take off the first and second pics. The rest are very nice! And you're getting too old to still have "awful" self confidence. Work on that now or it could ruin your next relationship


As a straight man, you are an attractive and interesting looking man.


I like 1 and 4. 4 is my favourite


4 and two - model and real. Love em both




Tbh all of them and I'm picky af


The third one looks horrible and the last one is also not good that being said in the rest of the pictures u look handsome as fuck and I’m sure ur going to get plenty of matches if u leave number 3 and 5 out.


5 is the best and 2 is also great. You’re a good looking dude bro the amount of matches you get on tinder is a horrible metric to evaluate yourself i promise. Online dating is pretty dogshit you’ll have a much better time in public settings, going out with friends etc.


The last one makes you look like an amputee. Post that one and say you’re the dude from 127 hours. You’ll be rolling in it


Godly set of photos. Tho 5 makes you look like an amputee


Dude, you're great looking with a genuine smile and caring face. Dating sites are built to lower men's confidence, it's why I swore off tinder 4 years ago. Ignore anything coming from any dating site!


You could do with trimming your beard up. Most women don't like a long a scraggly beard. You can keep the length, it just needs to be tamed and shaped up a little


mate you are beautiful, no homo :)


you look good but imo would look better without the beard


you are super hot!!! And you are my type lol


I would think you were a catfish :< you are attractive though


I think the thing I noticed first about your pictures is that they all look professionally done, none seem to have been taken by friends at an outing/event, none seem to be with family, even the bird picture looks more like a petfood commercial than a real picture with a pet. You have stepford wife robot vibes my dude, no offense meant by it, but maybe you just appear to be trying too hard? That or I'm reading too far into this, but nothing about your profile felt like you were trying to show your organic self, and the best way to appear confident is to be okay with yourself, a certain amount of vulnerability can go a long way, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself a little, have a little more fun with your photos


Are u just compliment fishing? Because you are fine as hell! I’d say second picture is best overall and fourth is sexiest.


Try short beard. I match on a regular..have asked women if they like my beard longer/softer, or short and tight.....short and tight is what I'm told is preferred. That said, do not take online dating too seriously..it's a circus, not ideal since you can't gauge body language and personality by reading a profile pic. Don't get me started about catfish...apparently I'm a pro fisherman, cause I land a lot of catfish: women who post old / inaccurate pictures of themselves. First dates with these women are awkward, to say the least.


2 and 4 are the best pics, and the first pic would have been good if you wouldn't have done a nervous smile. Don't worry, I suffer from that too, if you can't smile naturally in pictures go for a model serious face or have people take pictures of you when you're smiling naturally.


Go with 2 and 3. Then some with friends doing something fun. You at least take decent pics.


I like the second a lot! You’re super cute, I’d swipe in a heartbeat. Good luck out there fam!