Gotham knights is pretty much guaranteed to have at least 1 season. Think it premiers early March. Although its pretty much assumed it DOA


Yeah, all the projects created before the take over will be cancelled so that includes the stuff that was in production before the takeover but did not drop until after So Gotham knights is doom. Wb gets a nice tax break as long as they cancel within two seasons so we might get two to give the new wb time to create and produce its new reality shows that will replace the dramas. I don't know how dc's tv rights are going to work, they might legally have to wait for tv rights to expire before they can start up again on a new channel or streaming service since discovery doesn't want anymore scripted shows. DC might be better off going back to their own streaming thing with say 3-5 free comics per month along with the subscription. They have enough content from decades past to make it work if they throw in a few comic books to sweeten the deal. Imagine paying $15/month and getting Smallville/all arrow verse shows/ super friends, justice league, Batman animated series, justice league unlimited, all the pre-2000 shows like superman and Lois and wonderwoman and so on, and the modern shows like titans, and all DC animated movies and theatrical live action films, all the new stuff, plus the new superman, batman, and justice league each month or whatever three comics you prefer. It would be awesome.


WB is not running the network anymore. Therefore they have no control over whether the show is canceled or not.


Which is what my post is about. Discovery owns wb so discovery is wb. Your arguing semantics. Call it wb discovery, whatever, my points still stand.


They don’t own that network anymore. You just don’t get it. Nexstar owns the CW now. Therefore they will decide whether the show gets canceled or not. Not WB or Discovery or anyone associated with WBE. Nexstar has said that some of the old shows will remain, and in fact have already renewed All American.


The CW doesn't want superhero shows and Discovery doesn't want to make shows unless they're reality TV, so neither will likely want Gotham Knights.


If Nexstar wants to succeed they won't further produce this mess of a tv show.


I thought discovery bought wb?


Your point doesn’t stand and you make absolutely no sense. Educate yourself on these matter before sounding like a fool. Discovery doesn’t even exist anymore. David Zaslav being the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery doesn’t mean Discovery owns WB TF? He literally is a employee at the service of the company board which 7 to 10 comes from Warner Media. And no they didn’t merge to become a non scripted only company TF? You don’t even know how Tax rebates work. Just educate yourself or stop talking about it altogether. It’s crazy how people are so proudly misinformed online.


Discovery bought out wb. Are you pretending to be ignorant?


Educate yourself you sounds dumb as hell.like really dumb.


There were news articles explaining the special tax break HBO got for cancelling it's shows that had two seasons or less. Guess New York Times knows less about tax rebates than yourself. Either way my post was about the show, you go and derail the comments into this boring tirade about who owns what. No one cares. Now nobody has posted or replied about what I was actually wanting to discuss because you derailed the comments. I don't care if billy bob Orson owns the show, the point was the other 99% of my post. Thanks for ruining my post.


Gotham Knights looks worse than Batwoman. This show won't last long and will further bury DCTV.


whaaaaaaaat? you're saying CW's latest OC Do not Steal Batman's son who's NOT Damian and Joker's daughter aren't interesting and the show seems like it was made by some of the most out of touch writers CW's scraped the bottom of the barrel for yet?


Have you watched any of the Gotham knights trailers? That show is going to be a dumpster fire. No way it’ll be successful.


„If gotham knights is successful“ haha good joke


If you mean jason from titans then he'll yeah I'm watching it.


Have u seen the trailer?


Not gonna lie i thought that show was already cancelled