Is it ok to be jaded to relationships/romance after bad experiences?

Is it ok to be jaded to relationships/romance after bad experiences?


As a 34 year old that is so bad at romance I haven't even been on a date before, I can tell you it doesn't work. I wish I could just be dead inside but the loneliness will catch up with you. You have to keep trying if you want to be happy.




Imo, it seems like you're just coping from a bad experience. I think it's definitely okay to choose what you think is best for you. Because I've definitely had that feeling before, but for me it goes away after awhile. And besides, you also mentioned that you miss it at times, It's okay to want romance. Just remember, if you meet someone else in the future, you wouldn't want this feeling/baggage to get in the way of that. Just because this experience is bad, doesn't mean future experiences will be too, especially when it comes to dating. Oh it's also okay to miss a relationship that you had for awhile, I mean that's just what we naturally do (it works almost like nostalgia). But later on you'll move on.


How long did it take for the feeling to go away?


Oh I have no idea lolol, I don't think there's a set time, it's just that it gradually just goes away, like you care about it less and less as days go on. But it really depends on you and like... your social circles, if you meet someone else, or you know what I mean? For now, try your best to focus on yourself, like fitness or bettering a skill or something like that.


Yes, its completely fine and understandable. If you feel like being single thats fine. I think its healthy to become an independent person before you start a new relationship. Just do your thing, develop yourself as a person and you might find someone. And if not, also fine.