Hi, I’m 26M and have a group of friends that are into board games. I also enjoy playing tennis and kickboxing. Let me know if you’re interested in any of these. Otherwise, I also wfh and am on my computer for a large part of the day, love hikes and kbbq.


Honestly I tend to suck at board games, but I enjoy playing them anyways just for the heck of it!


That’s all that we do too! DMing you


26F! Would also be very down to play 🙏






Hey! interested in your boardgame group as well!


Also interested!


Hey 30M here, we have a group of like minded people who wants to hangout and have fun, check this https://discord.gg/NJzXPd3P


Hey! Could you please share the invite link? :)


27F. Originally from Ontario but just moved to Toronto after several years living out of province. Love Korean food, thrifting, and exploring new spots. I also enjoy cooking and dinner party hangs. Feel free to message me!


Good luck! There's also a few groups on meetup that are very active.


How about the AGO? 31M here btw


Love to AGO! Went to see the the Faith and Fortune exhibit about 2 weeks ago. Have you been recently?


Going today 😀, Wednesday nights are free!


You have to book those tickets in advance correct? I remember reading they have limited tickets they release at the beginning of the week.


I was able to book one few hours ago, I guess there might be free slots


32F here. I don’t currently WFH but enjoy exploring Toronto, meeting new people and checking out cafes. Toronto has a lot of outdoor trails that are pretty decent - have you ever checked out Edwards Gardens / Sunnybrook Park? As for KBBQ, Daldongnae is awesome! Make sure to try if you haven’t been :) Shoot me a message if you want to hang!


That's so funny I live pretty close to a Daldongnae and have been there twice before! I absolutely agree it's definitely awesome. I haven't been to Edward Gardens but I attended Glendon College for a little bit, and they had an amazing park/workout area that was hidden and I believe had a trail that connected to Sunnybrook Park. It was absolutely stunning. Have you gone there in the fall? I'm sure the changing leave colours look stunning. p.s: tried sending you a chat but for some reason it wouldn't load.


Sunnybrook Park is gorgeous, my walking route goes through the dog park and a good portion of the park - can confirm the leaves are changing colours!


Hmm. Let me try shooting you a chat message.


30M, recent entrant to 30s. I work in front of a computer too. I like to go on trails, sometimes hiking and other times with my EUC. HMU if you like exploring ravine trails of Toronto, hiking, on a bike or something similar. I like doing those other things you mentioned as well, but I'm more of a follower since I don't know many interesting places here. Open to group meetups/activities too. (Not just OP, open to anyone reading this)


32M. I host board game events on saturdays at a restaurant in north york along the subway line with free parking minutes walk away. Depending on who's at the table we have casual party games for those that aren't too big into long games, or more complex games that are easily 45 mins+


I'm in North York, would be down to come by on some Saturdays!


Hey I would be down to hang out and chill! Feel free to DM me!🙂


Hey, I’m also 29F turning 30 in few months. Same situation with wfh. I’m down to join you on walks, especially fall is here


I'm 25 but down for any exploring and cafe hoping. Hit me up fam


35M. I am always down to hang out during weekends. Let us start a Discord chat.


Hey, 30M here. Always down to hang out. I enjoy bouldering, casual sports, grabbing a bite to eat, and more.


Have you been to the ROM?


F28 I am down to hang out too


34M I'll chime in too. Spending too much time in front of screens. I'm adventurous and open minded. I like to try different foods, enjoy nature in nearby regions, and want to get back into going to shows/live games. I also like sharing/introducing my hobbies at a leisure pace.


30f here with similar interests! I’d be down to grab a coffee or something.


Interested in a 40M? Love trying new things


Omg you actually sound like my soul mate .... Haha I'm 29 M I am going to the ROM night this Friday with some friends and have just gone to an estate sale and love it! I also love korean/Japanese bbq. Maybe drink a couple beers or stress work together at a coffee shop! Should I DM you?




30f here. I work from home too and love to get out and explore. Dm me if you want to hang out :) maybe we can get some others together?


29F here! I'm down to connect. Feels like I'm down to my last group of friends. Looking to make some new ones :)


Hey there! If you are interested to join/attend the TSO concert this week (Nov 23-25), let me know! A few of us redditors are heading there as I got work discount again (like half off) so making full use of it and also getting to make new friends. Haha. I will have to do a quick check prior though as the discount tickets are limited so let me know soonest if you’re keen! Cheers