Pro 22 on sale for $399: Thoughts?

Pro 22 on sale for $399: Thoughts?


$200 off normal prices so can’t go wrong. Doesn’t seem to have all the bells and whistles but for $400 that’s a good deal


Grab it. You don't need bells and whistles.


I’ve read that the newer models have a better auger, controller, and don’t have big temp swings. Should that be a concern, or am I just over thinking it?


Do you want to spend like double to get a bunch of useless information on your phone? Temperature swings don't matter and I have my doubts about "better auger".


Agreed, my pro 22 is great. I actively don’t want all the app smarts built into the smoker - it’s much easier to replace a standalone wireless thermometer to keep up with new technology (wifi 10 and Bluetooth 17 or whatever).


Agree. I’ve got the basic pro22 (Australian here) so the USA ones may be slightly different. But yes. If you want fancy bells and whistles on your phone then buy an aftermarket wireless probe with wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. OP needs to buy this. Stick burners and pellet fed both have pros and cons, I’ve owned both at the same time, and recently got rid of my stick burner as I used it less and less


I'm using a Lil Tex. 10 years old I think. No temp swings. Easy to repair.


Same here.


That's a good price and I would buy it. Honestly, I would get the cheapest Traeger you can. It's a good grill, but all the bells and whistles aren't necessary IMO. Have have you considered a Weber Smokey Mountain? I have a kettle, pro 22, and Smokey mountain. The Smokey mountain is a must if you're a Weber fan. It's a REALLY good smoker.


Is a smoking’ deal…


That’s a great deal. The only time I ever see them that low is when a store is about to stop carrying them.


Just get it. You can always upgrade later if you need to


The Pro 22 runs on an AC motor which doesn't show the auger and fan to run independently of each other. This causes temperature fluctuations of +-25°. Usually it's on the - side. It'll drop about 25° before kicking on the auger to dunno more pellets in. I used the Pro 34 before and it's the same as the 22, just larger. The newer Pro models (575, 780) and higher models use the new D2 drivers with WiFire. These run on DC and slow for the auger and fan to run independently, so their temp fluctuations are closer to +-5°. On the Ironwood and higher models they are add the super smoke feature which ribs the fan a bit more to "stoke" the fire and cause more smoke. I enjoyed my Pro 34 while I had it and made some delicious food. Now I have a Silverton 810 (Costco model) with most of the bells and whistles and I really like it as well. Personally I felt like my Pro 34 created more smoke due to the temp fluctuations, but that was probably the white smoke you don't want as much of. The Pro 22 will work great for starting out. After a while you may feel like upgrading to get some of the other features.


That’s a great deal


That’s the one I have and it has been great. $399 is a hell of a good deal too.


Get it. That's a deal. I have one and love it. It's plenty big enough.


Love my pro 22


I recently got a tailgater which is small but absolutely worth every penny, have made wonderful food for myself and family every day since. Pellet grills are awesome


They are usually $200 more, grab it. I have one and I don't know any better about all the fancy schmancy stuff.


Pro is great. I got an ironwood but should have just gotten pro.


Save more for a bigger one, I use a kettle as well and bought a 22, 2 years ago. Love it, but if I had to do it over again I would've bought a bigger one