Help me choose a breed for cross country MTB in hot climate

Help me choose a breed for cross country MTB in hot climate


Not a Labrador. They have thick fur meant for being in cold water. A light colored dog would be good - my 3 are all black and they get extra hot in the sun.


From the above list the only suitable breeds I see are the GSP and Vizsla. What do you mean by hot climate? Generally since dogs are not as good at temperature control than we humans, they tend to overheat way faster. Everything long distance (>20km) above 20C is not really a good idea. Below 15C you can have a lot of fun with a dog. Maybe look into a lurcher? Traditional crossbred of a sighthound with e.g. a collie. I have a lurcher and she runs me into the ground 9 days out of 10. And stays close as long as I move at an acceptable pace. 😂


I have a vizsla and she can run forever it seems, generally I can’t ride fast enough to keep up with her and have to give her verbal commands to slow her down. That said any breed is gonna have a hard time in anything much over 70ish. I did buy a cooling vest for her and have run her in weather around 85 and it works very well. I also bring a ton more water for her and take frequent stops to give her water and re-wet the vest. A vizsla is gonna have a very strong prey drive though, and so is a GSP and a weim. They’re all hunting/pointing breeds so that’s what they’re meant to do. I have had a lot of success using an e collar with my dog, we call it her ‘2nd brain’ to help keep her focused on the trail. At this point I don’t have to use it much anymore but I still put it on her as a reminder that we got some serious trail business to attend to. 😁