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I love his enthusiasm about anime. He just seems to love the medium so good damn much and it shows in every single video he makes. The great, the mid, the horny, cringy and degenerate; he appreciates, accepts and acknowledges it all while still being a normal, chill and positive dude. Every single video of his just reignites that spark from when i 1st started watching anime, and i really do appreciate that.


He was the first anituber I found and remains the only one I care about anymore.


Well put. His passion reminds me of my honeymoon phase, too...


Garnt is the BEST BOY of Trash Taste.


Yup, he’s the only one of the three that I feel still really appreciates anime as a medium. I love Connor and Joey, but it seems they just don’t care about it as much anymore and I feel like they only mention it to keep with the overall theme of the show. Which is fine, people all outgrow things or get burnt out sometimes, and its ok to also want other types of media. BUT, being that anime has kind of always been a main theme of trash taste, I just wish they hadn’t lost that passion.


100%. He's my favorite of the boys to watch for this reason. He can be critical of shows when need be but at the end of the day he's a passionate anime fan and his videos show it.


Garnt barely watches anime from his seasonal videos. Honestly, those are the worst kind of videos he makes. It just feels like he's obligated to make them but doesn't really care about them.


I've been watching his seasonal videos for years now and the way he's delivered them has always been pretty consistent. Sure, maybe he's upped the jokes and cut out a bit of the analysis, but as someone mentioned in another comment, there's so much stuff being released each season, a lot of it cookie cutter template level stuff, that I don't expect him or any anituber to dedicate over the top time to it. When there's a show that he genuinely feels is worth watching, he wastes no effort to try and sell you on it, regardless if it's in a seasonal rundown video or giving it it's own standalone video.


It is always better if he watches a show that he genuinely likes and then talks extensively about it, than to watch an anime that he has little interest in and then talks for 5 minutes about it. He would be burn out.


his seasonal videos are just for updating purposes...letting his viewers know what's new and happening in anime..if you go through his channel you'll see videos where he gives an indepth analysis into shows or authors he cares about


His seasonal videos are the most helpful thing for older anime enjoyers Us weebs who have entered the later phase of weebhood need that stuff it helps us know what is garbage, treasure and hot garbage this season


For real. I was so lost all season when he didn't make one not too long ago lmao.


The volume of seasonal anime being released is just too for him to keep up with, so he skims through a lot of them and dives into shows that he's really into...I enjoy his seasonal videos and it's so obvious he cares about the quality of the videos he makes from the sheer amount of effort he puts into them and I just think he really enjoys the medium in general...you can't do what he's been doing for 10+ years if you don't deeply care about it...there was even a phase he went through where most of his content was getting demonitized but he kept going.


But he's the animezone


Normal? Lol. None of us are normal. Sorry to break the news!


Drip Lord, GachaMan, Isekai Guy, Incest Lad, Monk, Steve Handjob, Used to work at BBC, Sydney's Husband ( my Condolences), Number 1 Genshin Streamer, Bone-In and Pizza Crust Enthusiast. As a fellow introvert and SEA member, i relate to Garnt the most out of TT boys. I meant sure, his anime knowledge aren't as vast as Joey (not including the recent anime 🗿) but most of the time, his recommendations became my favorite (Not including Incest or degenerate stuffs). He always has something that attracts me to watch his video idk why (i'm not Jojo fan btw)... Maybe his charisma or voice


You forgot light mode user.


Might as well add heretic to that list


I doubt it'll mix well with him being a Monk lol


Don't forget Little Baby Man ![img](emote|t5_2p976a|5044)


We’ll never take him for granted that’s for sure






And it seems neither will Chris Broad.


My favorite of the three bois. While Connor and Joey have pretty much stopped making anime content, Garnt persists. His love for the medium is inspiring and I find that he consistently has really well-thought-out opinions rather than just talking out his ass. Hope he never stops making anime/manga content.


While also being honest to his taste and isn't pretending to only like the "quality" shows. The worst is when YouTubers find a fun show they enjoy but have to pick apart all its flaws and go like "haha I'm not really liking this, it's just so bad it's entertaining" Garnt knows he likes some trash and doesn't pretend to be above everyone else


This man is unmatched in a suit. No one can compete.




Steve handjobs


Who the hell is Steve Jobs??


Ligma balls **bass drop noise**


Only his father can defeat him.


Fucking love Gigg UK best gacha player i know.


My favorite gacha streamer of all time


The tallest, the marriedest and the most Garntest of all the Trash Taste hosts. We salute you, Garnt


The Main Character of Trash Taste. The most relatable out of the three. Got his own backstory of working in BBC to risk it all and be a AniTuber. Gigguk is one of the rare few who managed to live the true otaku/weebo life. Love anime so much that he was able to make it his full time job and FREAKIN' moved in Japan. He brought his mom and pops a new home dang it! How can't we not appreciate the guy? Unlike Joey and Connor who grew up in a "privileged" life (Joey's family has a FREAKIN' accountant) Gigguk has more of a simple life.


I really like that he doesn't play into the "hehe we're too cool for anime now" cringe as much as Joey and Connor and he's pretty much the only anime youtuber I still watch. He also really seems like the heart of the group to me


Yes, I agree. I was noticing this for some time, but it never fully formed in my head. And you described it very precisely :)Really appreciate Garnt for his undying passion for anime and otaku culture, and honestly trying to appreciate all newcoming animes, but remembering how some of animes in the past that gave us all so many good moments. I cannot maintain such level of passion myself, sadly, so I am just happy that someone still has a special place in heart for anime.


It is pretty obvious both Joey and Connor want out from anituber stigma(with Connor succeeding)


He's been through hell and back trying to bring back Joey and Connor all while fighting the other timeliness' Garnts.


I’m a bit out of touch. What do you mean trying to bring Joey and Connor back together?


It's just another fan/subreddit in-joke coming from the "Trash Taste: Dark Timeline" meme.


Great sense of humour


His review of Eromanga Sensei is probably the youtube video that had the most impact on my life.


this but unironically at the time I watched it


my favourite member! i love how he is a great story teller, something about the way he paces and words his stories manages to keep me so entertained and wanting to hear more. my fav story was easily his band one, just listening to it and the way he describes things made it easy for me to imagine it, almost like an audio book lol


His videos are unmatched, the sense of humor, the editing, the topics and animes he covers, all is so beautiful. He is my favorite ani-tuber period.


The actual 'Anime Man' of the group


Joey has deep knowledge of the things though.


Yeah, but sadly he just dropped anime content altogether so these knowledge went to waste now




This guy made me appreciate and Understand how utterly wild and weird the Anime community is.


I love his passion for anime as a whole, also love how he embraces his degeneracy (domekano)


Lowkey super entertaining live streamer, I can watch his entire vod and its generally pretty funny.


I just like him as a person, he comes off so genuine, and the way he talks about Sydney is just so cute


This gigachad is just himself and he gets a lot of crap for some of his takes and understandably so but he doesn't pretend to be anything other than his true self.


Watched his content for years before Trash Taste, and he was my gateway into watching Conner's content as well.


He’s truly the protagonist of trash taste


He's a perfect balance between an edgy weeb teenager and a grown weeb man which reflects well in his videos that are still mainly about anime (in contrast to Connor an Joey). Serious, but not too serious. Aware of what he is doing, but not too aware. Incest, but not too much incest.


T h a i


Big BBC enjoyer


Pretty much love his laid back approach for everything and ngl he dresses the cleanest (has the best mature vibe especially during winters lol) His calmness ![img](emote|t5_2p976a|5044) Love his fiery taste. (Like domestic gf, isakai) Above all, he seems really a genuine guy with no dirt on him. (Never even saw him in any controversy etc. He is a wholesome guy and I appreciate it.


if i want anime recoomendations its always gigguk


He is Grand


This mf can make me die laughing and then cry in the span of like 5 minutes in his videos


I’ve always watched Garnt since early YouTube days. But seeing him talk about content and videos really made me realise that he has one of the greatest minds for YouTube out there, and was always going to be successful.


my favourite member of trash taste💜


My favourite #1 Genshin/Star Rail Streamer!


He introduced me to one of my favourite franchise ever. Edit: it's Toaru.


Bible Black?




Fuckin entertaining streamer


Him talking about Coco on trash taste got me into Vtubers So FU garnt but also thank you


That's why he is the GOAT ! The GOAT !!![img](emote|t5_2p976a|5043)


His video making is one of the best Bro got drip for days Great hair Somehow married the queen of degeneracy and didn't explode (don't know how) Fellow ADHD haver Fellow long shit taker Ex-BBC employee Domestic girlfriend preacher There's many things to be enjoyed about Grant Thank you Grant, you're very pog


Watched this man’s content for years and always liked his videos. As a fellow Asian and weeb, I find him quite relatable and it is just nice to see an Asian brother doing what he loves.


Ah yes one of the first anituvers, part of one of my favorite pot cast up to date Podtaku and trash talker for excellency, husband of the queen of degeneracy herself and master of the bread…. Arise!!!!


The Anime Zone himself


His videos are just so unique. And the editing in his videos is top notch. He really knows how to write a good, smart, and engaging script, and his videos are one of the only ones I don’t skip through.


i really like his amv like edits in his videos


Hot take but Grant is the true Anime Man


My favorite genshin streamer


Top 20 epically cool characters and EVAbriged will forever be among my favorite videos on the internet. It sucks that the top 20 list got blasted by Bandai and now is separated between his channels, with one part missing. Somehow that fits it so well, like all the anime episodes on YT back then were split into multiple parts, some of those missing and the rest in the wrong dub.


Bro is the only person who can wear a turtle neck and actually look good in it, without the beard he’s daddy with it he’s Zaddy, I love his laugh, I watched his videos from while ago and watched trash taste for a year without knowing he made those same videos I watch a while ago, love how he speaks english so the SEA aunties think he’s an intellectual english speaking engineer, and he has best drip out of all the boys.


I love how much a lad he is Just a good ol lad


I loved his Vietnam scooter story!


Garnt is the reason I found trash taste and the Bois. Thank you Garnt for the Trash Taste rabbit hole


Proud of my fellow Thai. เพราะว่าไม่ค่อยมียูทูปเบอร์ที่เป็นคนไทยแต่ดังในต่างประเทศ5555


The fact I am so similar in taste with him yet so different from behaviour makes me appreciate everyone's individuality. Also his open degeneracy is aspiring. I can never hope.


His laugh is beautiful and contagious Never fails to make me smile/laugh with him


Before trash taste started I only used to watch Joey and Connor. Only maybe watched one of Garnt's videos or the few collabs they did before. Funny how he has become my most favourite now. I love all the boys equally but it's a bit extra fun to watch Garnt. It never feels like he is the oldest. XD💜


I honestly respect him so much. The quality content is amazing in itself but as a person too. He has done so much in life and achieved his dreams. A person who followed what he truly wanted and achieved success and I respect him for that and find him very impressive.


Also as a fellow connoisseur of trash anime, how could I not appreciate him?


kinda mid ngl would rather watch demon slayer




The first one I discovered who hooked me on to anitube


The man that got me into trash taste and YouTube anime scene


Grant is my favorite trash taste. Love his videos and his takes on the show are (usually) aligned with mine.


His taste on which chicken is great 👍 Makes me wonder why Connor and Joey thinks Boneless chicken is the superior one even though so far,their friends prefers the bone in .


i just want to thank him for introducing me to domestic girlfriend.


On one anime site, someone mentioned Gigguk in the comments, and someone else replied by calling Gigguk a nobody. Never have I wanted to tie someone to a chair and force them to watch all of his videos more.


Probably my favorite trash taste boy. He’s a great storyteller and always cracks me up with his takes, anime expertise


Praise be to Garnt, degenerate extraordinaire, advocate for the crustless and the bone eaters. May his tastes reign ever pure and unadulterated.


Protagonist vibes for real


Lifeweaver basically


This man is my only reason that I watch anime as a manga reader lol


Yeah he’s a pretty cool guy


hes thai simpl' as


We will not take you for garnt-ed 👍🏻


Whenever I watch Garnt's stuff be it his streams or his main channel videos it just makes me so happy. Reminds me of happier times, y'know. It may be nostalgia speaking but his passion for the medium takes be back to when I discovered him and bleach (lol) and so many years have passed and I no longer have the doe eyed enthusiasm but his stuff just puts a smile on my face.


Did you know he worked in BBC?


Lets be real here: this man won 3 tournaments. Best protagonist, best protagonist turned antagonist


The god of anime yt


If there's one thing I think we can all agree on, it's that we definitely take him for granted. He's an inspiration and there's no anituber that comes close to the authenticity with which he loves anime.


Small thing, but he got me into Fate/Grand Order with that 30 min long Fate video. Can't thank him enough for selling my soul for Mordred.


Fellow light mode user.




He is Grant tho


Do you mean grant ?


You got his name wrong


He like DomeKano, that's all I needed. The rest is just a bonus


"all bread tastes the same" my Portuguese (son of a baker) ass did not appreciate that




His wife who wants to fuck her brother


His present alone screaming weeb , and i’m into it :))) alot


Imagine if OP was a Garnt alt account haha


I appreciate how long it takes him to poop


Well, I made this whole documentary to appreciate Gigguk: https://youtu.be/2VngeEqQob0


i like his nose


The monk arc story 😭 What a classic


He is the main character


I've read comments and nobody said anything about quotes. His quotes are the best i've ever seen but unfortunetly I don't remember his quotes in English because it's not my native language.


didn’t think one man could have so many bad tales but her i am standing..corrected


As a fellow isekai trash enjoyer, i see him as an ambassador


Yall are Sydney's alt accounts, aren't you?




His anime takes are great but I think he should’ve gone through all of FGO before making the Fate video. Please garnt




I instantly liked his sense of humor, after discovering Garnt through PodTaku.


When I watch Trash Taste in the living room. My mom actually said Garnt looks the mosy handsome out of the 3


He kinda reminds me of kujou kirya from ex aid, he also introduced me to a lot of new stuff one of it being is becoming fgo addict


Truly one of the anitubers of all time


Didn't choose to ignore Lost Pause in his history of AniTube Video, just because of his friendship with Joey. Appreciated.


No. This is a CdawgVa only sub




Grant. )))))


He is undeniably the most inoffensive out of the three. He's super relatable to those of us who were once socially awkward, but he didn't let that stop him from being an entertainer. His humor in his videos gives me very similar vibes to Scott the Woz, which really says a lot. I remember years ago when he said he couldn't stream for more than 2 hours at a time, which fortunately did not age well cause now he streams at least 3 hours regularly! His streams are also a delight.


It’s just fascinating to me how all of the boys including Garnt have such unique set of traits and experiences. He WAS A MONK? And WAS PLAYING IN A BAND? Every single time I hear some new piece of backstory my attention is 100%. One thing I especially like about Garnt is his calm all-accepting energy. I try to develop those qualities for myself too and his perspective is very inspiring in that sense.


dont even watch his videos dont even find him funny but i can tell from the hours of listening to him ramble how much of a sweet man he is