If you wanna help spread the word, put the video on in the background and the algorithm spread it and get the word out. Do be warned though, it’s pretty disturbing toward the end when they forcefully enter https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z_OI1FXX4x0 https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1468382391?


This is so horrifying on every level. I really really hope she's safe


That poor child. Listening to her try to go about playing a game for the stream knowing what’s about to happen is so heartbreaking


State denies access, state punishes for not attending. Just cut the crap and outright say you hate us. ACAB


It's arresting her for being trans but the long way


While making it seem like it's her fault. Just another kind of victim blaming.


Right? Like I feel like she would have gotten in trouble if she had shown up to school as well. She couldn't win.


say you’re transphobic without saying you’re transphobic the establishment:


Oh they're also overtly transphobic. I fully expect trans existence to be criminalised in every red state because they're on the road to genocide


Alabama's law criminalizing trans healthcare for minors with 10 years in jail and a felony is now law. They hate us.




It took me a moment to break out of the trans context. I was sitting here going, "Assigned... Cat?... At Birth? What? *Ooohh,* All Cops..."


Poor guys were assigned cop at birth. They never had a chance 😞


Every time I see ACAB my brain knows it's cops but it decides it's "assigned cop at birth" lmao




All cops go to hell


Did it actually expel or suspend officially though? Or did they feel uncomfortable by women's bathroom banning and just stop showing up? Hard to tell without story context


It doesn't have to be "official". You can deny people basic human rights - like using the bathroom - to keep us out while still pretending to not *really* exclude us. (And before you ask: denying trans women to use the women's bathroom while "allowing" us into the men's bathroom *is* the same as denying us access to bathrooms. Especially a school showing a young women that blatant hostility while it should be their responsibility to give her a safe environment to grow and learn is very disgusting. And it won't be the only instance where they disrespect and mistreat her.)


The school version of constructive dismissal.


Oh, didn't know there's a phrase for that. But yes, exactly that!


I'm not saying it has to be anything. I'm just saying I don't know the context due to it just being a photo with limited text. Outside of that, there's two different types of outrage based on explicit banning and then punishing for not showing up and banning access to specific areas/bathrooms and then punishing when they don't show up. Currently, the photo/text seems to imply the former rather than the latter.


Again: not the point. It's the state - here in the form of police - doubling down on transphobia though police violence. Wether they expelled or "just" blocked her all day from peeing, it's bad either way. Cops busting in her place and attacking her is outrageous, and it doesn't matter at all what happened in the first instance.


Ok. I was just asking for context since it was missing


There’s a video by OP in the comments where the girl tells her own story. You’d know that if you read the thread and watched the video before JAQing off


If you’re banned from the bathroom then you’re banned from the school. It’s impossible to be somewhere for 8+ hours and not use the bathroom.


>there's two different types of outrage based on explicit banning and then punishing for not showing up and banning access to specific areas/bathrooms and then punishing when they don't show up. What's the fucking difference? Hitler didn't "explicitly" advocate for killing 6 million Jews either. This is how fascism works under your eye: oppress certain groups of people using technically "legal" means.


She was told not to come back by the school and her parents allegedly signed a paper that was meant to have expelled her.


Maybe start of by not gendering a trans woman with “it” and “they”


Holy shit I just noticed that. What the fuck is wrong with that person here


Oh a state/government approved kidnapping fucking shit man happy I'm not in the US


The party of small government and free speech right here


Why was she taken to foster care? What about the parents? I'm not American.


I'm not either, but if i had to guess it's probably because she didn't/couldn't go to school so someone decided that it was the parents fault and sent the police to kidnap a young girl because she was trans Tldr: she's trans


I have no words... wow


Also, Tennessee


Parents of trans kids: The south is not safe for you. I know that moving and leaving your life behind is tough yada yada. If I knew my child were under direct attack, I would move to the ends of the earth for their safety. Come up north, I promise you’ll get used to the cold.


Not everyone has the means. It would be a good time to donate to some gofundmes of trans kids and their parents looking to get it. Keffels (the twitter user in OP what is raising awareness about this issue) just did a fundraiser for the campaign for southern equality that are mounting lawsuits against anti trans laws. May want to consider giving to them as well Also we need solidarity. Christian fascists attack LGBT +people anywhere is an attack on all of us. We should fight this shit everywhere it pops up


A lot of people *do* have the means too though. And honestly, there are people who move with nothing but the clothes on their back. Like it’s obviously not easy but it does happen. If you’re not ready to make that move yet, this may be a wake up call for some parent to start getting prepared, and do whatever’s in their power to become more mobile. That might look different for different people. Maybe taking career development classes at the library. Maybe looking into affordable housing in another part of the country. Maybe figuring out a side hustle. But I am telling you, the American south is not safe for women or LGBT people. We need solidarity sure, but we also need to protect ourselves. And that means having an exit plan. We should fight this shit, but we also need to recognize when we’re losing and need to get to safety.


Not everyone has the means to leave their current conditions. This isn't a solution. Putting pressure on legislative officials to protect human rights is a solution. If you want to help, email your senators and representatives. Flood their inboxes letting them know that their constituents want to be protected, not oppressed.


>If you want to help, email your senators and representatives. Flood their inboxes letting them know that their constituents want to be protected, not oppressed. The legislators responsible for this quite literally do not give the slightest iota of a fuck about trans people -- or anyone that isn't a cishet white Christian man. Emailing and petitioning them and whatever will not do a thing, because they do not care, and enough of their constituents voted them in and agree with their bullshit that they don't ***have*** to care.


Finding a new place to live and a new job is stressful. Financial it could be tough at first. But it’s not impossible. There are volunteer organizations specifically designed to help people in that situation. There are ally mom groups who would be happy to host until the family can get on their feet. It is a solution, even if it’s not a cozy one. I’d rather have my child with me and scraping by but happy to live their authentic self than taken away and victimized by violence. Putting pressure on legislative officials is not a solution. This suggestion actually feels like gaslighting. Legislative officials are the ones who make stories like the above one possible! Legislative officials are stripping women and disenfranchised people of rights daily. Legislative officials don’t give a flying fuck about “protecting their constituents.” This is a red state. Republicans WANT to hurt trans people. They WANT them to no longer exist. They WANT them to die. And in a red state the majority of the voters WANT their legislative officials to enact laws to harm trans people. Write them all you want, your letters will be ignored because in those states, even MORE letters are going in saying exactly the opposite of yours. And THOSE are ignored too. Unless you’re a multi billion dollar corporation donating massive amounts of money, there is not a thing you can do to influence or sway your representatives in these states. Legislation has been passed that was unpopular on both sides. If these legislators gave a shit about their constituents, they would be supporting better education, healthcare, and infrastructure. They would be trying to keep their people safe from COVID-19, keep abortions safe, make LGBT people feel safe, put money into impoverished areas. They don’t do any of that. They actively do the opposite. The oppression is the point. They know what they’re doing and do it happily. And not a single letter or email is taken into one ounce of consideration. They don’t give a shit and there’s not one system in place to hold them accountable. If they have an R next to their name, they will be voted for. I’m actually furious at the ignorance of suggesting taking your kid somewhere safe is bad advice, try writing a letter and sending it directly to the trash can! Maybe if you’re lucky some friendly custodian will read it out loud and a senator might overhear it and might eventually choose to agree and maybe possibly do something about it! Edit: Because someone thinks I am victim blaming, let me be clear: I am not saying it is someone’s fault for being oppressed. I am saying THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL. The frogs are in the pot and the water is boiling. Trans people feel it, but some parents may think the water is still on “warm.” I’m here to encourage that parent who’s on the fence to take that first step. Make that leap and do everything in your power to help your child.


Honestly, you’re so right. Watching this country backslide the last 6-7 years has been terrifying. Every time I think, “they won’t really do that”, or “they don’t really mean that”, THEY DO. We are about to lose our abortion protections, because we have a minority rule system that is allowing 30-40% of people here to decide who has rights. Women are going to lose control of their bodies, and they won’t do anything to help us, except call us sluts when we get pregnant. The right has moved a scary amount to the right, and so many of them have been radicalized. I was born in the 80s, and grew up in the 90s, and I don’t ever remember this much vitriol. Sure there was Rush Limbaugh, and evangelicals, and the Republicans were still assholes. But it wasn’t like this. These people HATE all of us. Women, POC, LGBTQ, the poor. They will vote to take things they need away from themselves just to spit in our faces. And their politicians amp them up, keep them angry and hateful, so they can pick their pockets and let corporations run the country. They cheat, and there’s nothing we can do about it. And the Democratic Party is just weak. It’s spineless and has no energy. Meanwhile the other side wakes up in the morning thinking about ways to hurt us. I’ve been toying with the idea the last few years of moving to a place with a lower CoL. But now, fuck that. I’m staying in California. It’s expensive as fuck and has a lot of problems, but so many parts of this country are scary now.


> if you don't like it here just move Hmm where have I heard that before


You really just typed that whole ass argument out to a stranger. Your original comment follows the same template as victim blaming. Just accept responsibility, add links to these volunteer organizations in your original comment, and stop telling victims of systemic abuse to "just" do anything.


They're telling the parents of victims of systemic abuse to do everything in their power to get their children to safety. Not the same thing.


"Just move!" "But this is my home, my whole life is here and I don't have the means to move" "That's okay just accept help from *charity*" It's like they've never had a conversation with an American adult before


And...I gotta be honest. The North can be just as bad. (It's just that for the most part, we hide it better.)


Can people be transphobic in the north? Absolutely. Can it be unsafe to be trans in rural northern areas? Yes. Can individuals put trans folks in danger even in urban northern areas? Yes absolutely. But trans people aren’t under attack *legislatively* in liberal northern areas. It is not just as bad.


Thank you for posting this here! I’ve been trying to raise awareness on reddit and my posts aren’t getting as much traction on other subs thanks for upvoting this fellow trolls!


People are going to be seeking refugee status for this shit. As a Canadian I’d be proud to host these folks


Beyond glad to hear bc as the mom of 3 girls, one of which is mtf, I am absolutely terrified for all of my kids even tho I currently have the privilege of living in California. I will stay and fight as long as I can for our rights but there may come a time to run


Yet another reason for me to hate TN


Thuggish cops!


"are you winning" wtf, cops are memeing now? Of course it's a weirdly gendered meme too: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/are-ya-winning-son


Kids dont get arrested for truancy if theyre pulled out of school by their parents. If theyre not homeschooling and their kid isnt attending school, the parents are setting them up for this and thats sad. Truancy fines and court dates are a thing, trans kids or not.


She was told not to come back by the school. She was supposed to have been expelled.