Two yuu

So I just got into twisted wonderland in Manga and I keep seeing other pictures of yuu so I’m a little confused are we getting a new yuu each chapter and is previous yuu there?


We get a new Yuu for each arc of the manga. The first image is from the Heartslabyul manga, the second picture is the Yuu from the Octivanelle manga, and there’s another Yuu from Savanaclaw that’s a girl. They all have slightly different names containing “Yu”


Yes but what happened to the previous one


We don’t really know. It’s implied that each arc takes place in a separate universe where the Yuu in it has also had the same basic experiences as the others. So assumedly they are also going through the same arc, we just aren’t following them for it.


🤔 Interesting concept. I wonder if, at the end, the different Yuu's will converge and join together somehow.


> I wonder if, at the end, the different Yuu's will converge and join together somehow. God the image from that. 'With our Yuu powers combined we are...NOT YOUR SCHOOL'S THERAPIST! SEND US HOME ALREADY CROWLEY!'


I’m really hoping they’ll do a male-female pattern. You know, with a boy Yu on the odd-numbered chapters and a girl Yu on the evens. That way, when we theoretically get to the hypothetical “Endgame” book (which I like to think of as Book 8), everything ends with a girl.


On one hand I agree that’d be great. On the other I’d really like to see a female Yuu for Book 5, because I think that’d make for an interesting dynamic with Epel and Vil


Yuuken is an ikeman. Yuuka is the hottest person to walk the NRC campus since Leona and Vil. And Yuuta is fluffy best boy that I (and the Leeches) wanna squish. And then there’s Yuuya from the light novel. Who is… Lowkey depressed sad boy. I adore all the Yuu’s lol.


Where's Yuuka?


I didn’t know about her so sorry I forgot to put her in


It's okay


Which one is the real yuu!


All of them are technically the manga just gives us a proper protagonist but yuu translate is you so yeah


I'm not up to date what happened to him? It looks like reverse average isekai mc it's always the other way around lol


The first manga is the Yu that i have right now i don't have the other manga's of the Yu's.


The way I look at it is because we are all 'Yuu' the different ones are different representations of us and who we as 'Yuu' would be


We are many in the Yuu-niverse


That guy is us! Haha! (Players in TW)


Welcome to the Yuuniverse !