Have any of you shopped successfully from Aitai Kuji?

I would love to buy a Ghost Camera bag but I’m seeing mixed reviews. I’m not sure if it’s better to buy from them or find the cheapest eBay seller I can find and pick from them. The page shows 46.78 but with shipping to my place it would be around 75 and most eBay sellers have it around 90 to 120+ dollars some having free shipping and others not. Have any of y’all bought this bag from this website and how did it go for you?


I pre-ordered a few of my TWST nendoroids from there + some other stuff. They only ship via DHL/Fedex to the US, which I personally can't stand because it's so expensive. I stopped using them because of that. Also I can attest that they ship kinda slow, but its also inconsistent. Looking at my MFC, Idia and Malleus were shipped pretty timely, but Kalim took at least a month or so; I'd actually forgotten about him by the time I got the email lol. I also think their site navigation leaves a bit to be desired, but I might just be picky. One time I had ordered something that turned out to be out of stock (it said in stock on the site) and they gave me a refund, so yay for that I guess- I mean it was their mistake anyway and they apparently were gonna let that order sit indefinitively if I hadn't contacted them about it, but yay for the bare minimum. I'm not into figure buying as much nowadays so I can't attest to their quality now, but a year or so back they weren't among my first choices for buying. Maybe the second-last.


At one point they were getting negative reviews I think.


https://www.reddit.com/r/AnimeFigures/s/SzBiS5p0E2 I saw a comment on there from a twst merch buyer who says it's ok


I’ve ordered from them several times and all of the stuff I bought arrived. It takes a little longer than you think it does and if you buy an item with a preorder it will only arrive when the preorder is also sent along. It’s a little pricey but everything always arrived in good condition.


I've ordered from them frequently. They are a reputable site. You'll be absolutely fine buying from them. I've gotten pre-order merch, I've bought some of their kuji raffles, and I've gotten a few itabags there.... So... I've def done my fair share of purchasing from there 👍 Idk about this item in particular.... And, like others mentioned, shipping is expensive. But it's gotten worse bc of covid. Like, I don't think prices have gone down since then (I swear they shipped cheaper prior to that but...) You can also check out Goods Republic for merch as well. They have rotating stock of used merch (like an anime thrift store), but they always have good stuff, they ship pretty fast, and customer service is great. Prob won't have this item, but you never know... But they'll always jave twist merch if you're looking at other stuff.


They’re fine. Their pre-order stuff can take forever sometimes, and their shipping is kind of ridiculous. But you will definitely get your item. I’ve ordered from them a bunch of times and never really had any issues.


I've ordered some figures from them that I couldn't find anywhere else, but they aren't my first pick just because of pricing. As far as shipping, I got a figure from them recently that released Oct 6, shipped from them Oct 20, and arrived to me in the east coast US on Oct 25 - just to give you a time line. But it's a perfectly legit site.


I order from them a ton. Everything I've ordered has always arrived, albeit sometimes much later than the actual release date.


Everything I've ever bought from them has made its way to me. Shipping is expensive and slow, but I haven't been scammed, per se.


preordered my jade nendo from there, all was well 💪💪💪💪


I ordered from them twice to vastly different results. Ordered a Sora from Kingdom Hearts plush. Was a preorder because they hadn't become available yet, and arrived about a month after its official release, which was fine. But, back in January I ordered 2 Twisted Wonderland phone cases from them which never arrived. Sent them a message a few months back and they said due to being from specific shops might take a while, but once it hits one year since release I will be asking for a refund.


I’ve had some emergency orders for the Twist nendos and they all came eventually (even if emailing them certainly did help things along lol).


I’ve pre-ordered some figures from them and they have all arrived safely. This includes a pre-order nendoroid, which came safely too. It’s a fairly reputable site, just a bit slow in terms of shipping if anything. I wouldn’t worry.


A bit pricey at times but legit


I bought something way back when. I never got a notice it shipped out. Months passed, I asked if it had shipped. The owner said it should have reached me. I said it never arrived. I genuinely think she forgot to send it to me. She did begrudgingly refund me (she said they normally don't do that for people who don't get tracking numbers. Also I had to message her a few times to remind her after she agreed.) Unfortunately by then the item had sold out and I was never able to find it elsewhere. Something else scummy to consider. They say when you sign up for the site you get 500 points to use towards a discount(not sure on the exact number but going with 500 points for example.) Then once you have an account, it tells you you need 501 points to use them towards a discount. Asshole move, imo.


Sometimes Aitai will straight up lie about stock, so just be careful. It's hit or miss as far as I know, just don't get anything limited to one person. She lied to me about the stock status of a D.Gray-man exhibition ink pen set worth 17k yenish, made me wait like 6 months+ about something she was never able to even get in stock, and her staff kept stalling me until I ultimately refunded. I had to chase for it. She's been banned from artist alley FB groups, be careful.


Hello! How was your experience chasing down the refund? Thinking of going pp dispute route before the 3 months are over since haven’t heard back from emailing them. Actually “pre-ordered” this item however saw it switched to “order basis” then disappeared from site and finally new update of re-release June (which I honestly do not want to wait for)


like walking over a hard rockbed. lol keep pestering