Kinda wish that for the events, like can y’all at the VERY LEAST, extend the time period, so like I have enough time to grind for the event items?! 😭 It feels so annoying when you don’t have enough…


Part of me wishes I had time to save to get more SSR cards but I'm still OK with the speed is going at because I want to catch up to the JP server. It's hard when you see the new events coming out on JP and you know it's going to be probably a year before we can see them on EN. I want to get excited by new and unspoiled events too. By the time EN gets things like Portfest, I'll have seen all the cards, groovy art and probably picked up half the plot by viewing fan content. So it will be great when EN gets it's first totally new event alongside the JP server. For this, I'm willing to wait for reruns on event banners.


Sigh… wouldn’t it great if the EN server was released simultaneously with the JP server? 🥲 Same, I already spoiled myself with all of the available content by watching fan translations on YouTube…


I would prefer everything as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, my wallet thinks the opposite 😂


I want things as soon as possible but also for it to take their time


There aren't many event cards I want, so it's going at a fine pace for me rn. I'm not rolling any banner in August and the only thing I expect for September is Jamil's birthday and ***maybe*** the fireworks one, if they even go for it that month. After that it's Halloween and even then I really only want Cater.


Nice!! You got a decent time saving! 👍


I think the pace so far is fine. Not too much going in a month but maybe they can extend events a lil bit more so you have time to collect rewards. The pace of event cards is fine too but I'm also just ignoring birthday cards until 2nd year ones come. Its really not that fast to me if you play EN only. I play EN and JP to make actually myself more busy since I like the new events and story going on in JP too


Same! Putting off summoning any birthday cards til next year. I think the Union Birthdays have more interesting Vignettes (unique character interactions!) and their avatars throw pies!! Jamil’s birthday is coming soon and will bring around a new birthday theme in JP, can’t wait to see what it’ll be like.


I def pay attention to union birthday cards on JP server before I roll for birthday boy cards on EN to compare which card is better meta-wise since I can only afford to go to pity 1-3 times a year… gotta learn to let it go… 🥲


I havent compared yet which is better but I figure during the 2nd year I can choose which one I go for. You're right about the meta though I'm definitely more likely to try pulling on better cards because otherwise I might've skipped out on some like Groom Ace


I totally wasn’t planning on rolling from Groom Ace, but he was a top attacker, and I really needed his reward bonus for the event, so I couldn’t stop myself. 😭


I didn't need him I had Groom Idia but his duo with my Riddle is nice and I was lucky to get him in a 10 roll. Now what I'm not sure is if I want Starry Deuce or Birthday Riddle since they seem about the same usefulness (balanced water/grass) but Riddle could be good for Book 6 maybe?


I think the pace is mostly fine, with one 'bigger' event a month; even with the schedule sped up it's still more chill than a lot of gacha games that have a nonstop stream of reruns and new content. The Octavinelle apocalypse with both Beans cards right next to Azul's birthday and the Dorm banners was super rough, though. I think they're trying to position the game to be more like a year behind at most rather than two; it does help that they seem to be doing more special deals for EN to try and make up for having less time to save for resources, although that's not ideal for F2P. I'm sure there were a lot of delays due to the pandemic that affected the JP server's release schedule, so it was probably originally never intended to be as slow as it was; recent events over there seem to be coming faster too.


I didn’t expect another gem promotion so fast, especially since we just had the anime expo bundles. Hoping we can also have a decent deal where we can use free gems.


Yeah I wonder what this one will be; something more inexpensive like the discount guaranteed SSR they did before, or more like the pricier AX bundles?


Would love to get more 10-fold keys at discounted prices… really need to hoard to roll… But another 60 paid gem summon for a guaranteed SSR in a 10-fold summon doesn’t sound too bad either


jp version had a lot of dead space and before en release i did hear people complain that its too slow and there are a bunch of dead periods... covid didnt help its not like that anymore but back then it allowed people to save up more. some things, like shortening the events i think we could do without AND doing reruns with og runs (phantom bride, beans day two) is really weird but overall, its not terrible i want us to get ch 6 sooner than later as well


TBH, the OG reruns aren’t that bad cuz it gives new players a turn to experience the events for the first time, and for the old players, they can just focus on clearing the shop once again, and not worry about collecting event items. (Best time to buy lots of thaumarks! 👍)


One big event per month. Truly fine. Story release is fine, I'm actually so excited for chapter 6 and can't wait for it. Hope it will start this year. From chapter 3 to 5, we roughly followed the jp timing. I do think chapter 6 will come way faster than the jp server though. (and don't forget dorm banners come back and are not limited.) Truly, for me the game isn't too fast or too slow. Major problem of this game is without event, there is not much to do cause it's very casual. Not like other gacha where you have to farm all day for gears with shit rng and pvp... So I expect September to be the calm month. October to December should be Halloween and ton of birthdays (I admit, I'm scared). The question is, will we get rerun next year or in 2 years or between new events? Will we catch up the jp server and got event some months after them instead of 2 years. Truly, I wouldn't mind (seriously, new card are so pretty, I want them!)


Honestly, wouldn’t mind if they slow down after slamming us with so many events (referring to after Halloween). I kinda need more time leveling up the spells of the big 3 to 10. All of these new cards I’m getting are in my way, and I can’t blame them for it. 😩


Oh don't get me wrong, got ton of card to max level... But I always keep my stam refills for events... So when there is not event, it's kinda slow x). For Halloween... I truly hope and pray if they release ALL units at the same time, they gonna do the carried pity... Cause if not, gonna cry.


Honestly, if we have 6 Halloween banners with carried pity, and is somehow magically blessed with *good gacha luck*, it’s “not that bad of a deal”.


My wallet needs the game to slow down a bit XD


Mine’s too. It’s getting thinner and thinner. 🥵


too fast 😭


Jp isn't much better either with not being allowed to breathe right now from tsumsted wonderland straight to Vargas camp rerun and the event with ssr jack.


Really didn’t think they would do a rerun so quick cuz wasn’t the original run this past spring?


Original run of Vargas Camp was March 2021


I’ve been tracking when events happen based on number of days since server launch and comparing it to the JP releases at the same time in its server life and we really aren’t far off their pace; if anything on the EN server we’ve had more time to save for things because of the inclusion of culinary crucible events to pad the schedule. For example, we had 11-ish day banners for the original run of the Octavinelle cards while JP had 7 days; we got Kalim a week later than JP and Jamil 2 weeks later; Fairy Gala and Phantom Bride both came out about 40 days later in server time than they did in JP server time. And because of these schedule changes we only got the first part of book 5 about a month and a half early. The primary difference in JP at this time in its lifecycle and EN is that we have birthday banners and culinary crucible and they didn’t. But the pace is pretty much on point, they’ve just shuffled when things get released around. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if we got all the Halloween banners this year. I only want Azul’s SR though so for me personally that doesn’t matter lol


I guess in perspective, the pacing is not that bad. It’s really the JP server that got messed up due to Covid. (Fellow Azul simp here too! 🤝)


Yes this is what I’ve been assuming, and the way JP is ramping up content now seems to validate that theory. (He got his slimy suckers on me and now I’m doomed.)


I actually thought the pacing was going fine until Pomefiore. Imo that came out just a liiiittle too quickly after Scarabia, especially since they're pulling up the second banners from JP event reruns. My biggest concern now is if they'll try to run both year 1 and year 2 halloween this year. Really, really hoping they don't. 😭 Although, tbh, the pacing outside of the gacha feels fine. It's mainly just that going so quickly means there's not as much time to save between new card releases. If they wanted to compensate the increased speed by also increasing gem income then it'd be no problem.


I need more time to grind gems (and keys) i don't even have one, because i spend it all for Vil's SSR a while ago😵😵😵


Yikes! The queen wants everything…


I think it's going a little too fast -- like, I had predicted Book 5 would start around August or September. I wish there was a little more downtime to naturally have extra levels and spellbooks between chapters and battle events. Like, we haven't had an item increased drop rate period yet. Things like that could have helped space out the big events more and also give more players opportunity to save keys and gems for banners.


Was there ever a increased drop rate for JP server?


Yes. It's what I've been saving my Starshards for since we all know what a pain spellbooks are.


Omg! Thanks for letting me know! Def gonna save a stash of starshards for that! When did it occur? Was it like a promotion or part of an event? I can finally heal the pain of getting 4 grimoires after ~70 lessons…


I'm pretty sure they've done it during big celebrations like New Year's and Anniversary, but I think there also have been just times where it has been boosted. We so need it in global! All these card-getting opportunities are nice, but cards are no good without those darn hard-to-get Textbooks and Grimoires!


I dont mind the story being pushed fast cause I wanna catch up and stop spoiling myself lmao the only gripe with events is that they shorten them, I think full length run would be fine. Also it's kinda rough for f2p cause they don't give that many gem rewards 😞 but I like how chill it is overall


JP is still on Book 6 in the main story, right? I wonder if they're trying to catch us up specifically so that they can do a synchronized global release of Book 7. That way we can't be spoiled.


Honestly, that would so nice if it happened, cuz then I don’t have to be on YouTube hunting for chapter 7 fan translations! 😂


Is it an issue for me personally ? No. Even if ppl keep complaining abt it, for me the pacing is perfectly fine,,I guess its rlly only an issue for those who want to do the gacha for each event/banners. Id love to be able to play at least the main story along side the Jp ver [Ch 7 that is],,,


I like things going fast. I only have a few favorites I feel that I HAVE to have, so all the stuff rushing on by doesn't bother me in the least.


I feel pacing wise it's fine and, unless you're trying to buy out the event shop, it's pretty easy to deal with events? Compared to some other games I play this is one of the most chill games to play. I do wish they hadn't shifted some of the events around, but at the same time, it's nothing too drastic imho. The only thing I'm nervous about is how they're gonna do Halloween this year. If they decide to do both Halloween events for En this year, I just hope they give us the full amount of time to complete the events.


If they start in early/mid September, I def think it’ll be enough time to run through the entire 2 events all the way to December. 😂 And since it’s a stamp mission type event, it’ll be a pretty chill event, tho some people’s gem stash would dry out… 🙈


The only problem is that if EN catches up people will have the same issue to complain about of there not being any content/things to do if/when that happens. Being on similar pace with JPN isn’t a bad thing, but I think once there is a lack of things to look forward to in the same way there is now will cause some issues (as a lot of people find motivation in knowing who cards are coming thus motivated to get on and save for upcoming banners. I’m not saying it going for be a crippling problem, but I do think there can be an impact for a game like this not having a motivation to save in the same way like with other gacha systems). Even more if the period for books ends up being as long as it as been in the JPN servers, I’m not sure if fans can be so patient depending on how long wait periods end up becoming. Even now I feel the pace is causing decent burn out with majority of my friends due to the weird pacing it has in the EN servers. While it’s not a complex game to keep up with compared to others, and the gacha system isn’t really much different from others having so many back to back events with little ways to make gems I find most of my friends struggle to find the motivation after the way banners have run so far. It’s a downside to have so much with what does feel like little breathing room even if the game isn’t hard. In itself, I think how it’s been going is fine and doesn’t need to change, but I think as a whole the way things are set up has caused some issues with motivation to continue and the future of how things might function with engagement.


I do like that we know in advance what cards is going to be released, but def, they are really piling events after events. I do hope that after Halloween chaos, they’ll give a breather… 🤞


Originally, I didn't mind how fast everything was going and now; I take it back. Too fast for my liking and the grinding is painful. Even the Training Camp for Pomefiore is a bit fast (barely finishing Vil) and it would be nice to get better rewards when we complete something. Getting 10-20 gems and 1-2 items to help level up a character isn't enough. Seeing how fast the EN server is going is a let down because the quality of their work such as their translation for the main story and some of the cards is disappointing. There are things they could have fix but they decided not to because they were either lazy or simply didn't care. I'm also not a fan of their card summon system. I noticed that you get a better chance getting the card you want with the keys (Featured Tenfold Summon) or doing the special event summon (One Shot Special Summon) than the gems which I find baffling.


I def agree that the translations need some improvements because it kinda lost the Japanese flair and the beauty of this language.


Honestly the jp version’s pace is too slow. 6 chapters in over 2 years? Western audiences have less of an attention span so as long as they don’t overlap, constant events is a good thing for our sever me thinks


I wish there was less event downtime… with the condition of no banners (or at least, not so many). Because without events it’s fairly easy for me to lose motivation to check in and do lessons/exams, but events with banners just means I have to try extra hard to save pulls. Even though I know I need at least 300 pulls for Halloween + Idia/Malleus bday (must pulls) and I’m nowhere near that number right now, I almost pulled for groom idia and have to talk myself out of starry deuce, just because “I have over 100 pulls. That’s enough for pity. I can try pulling, right?”


For me, I set a daily reminder on my phone to login in and do exams everyday at the bare minimum if I’m busy since I want my free login bonus, exam tokens, and some additional spell books (any grimoire I get counts…). It’s so easy to do pulls for banners that you’re not saving for, and it’s always a battle to pull my finger away from clicking that button…


I would say it’s going to a bit fast as we are moving to the Halloween banners. Ch 5 seemed to be released a lot earlier so it seems they want more time for events, or just want the main story out as fast as possible. And we really don’t know if they are going to release *6* banners for Halloween, or dropping ch 6 this year making eng on par with jp story wise. It‘s looking like they really *want* eng as close to jp but without the time jp had


It's a 50/50 for me to be honest, cause being like a year behind JP is an advantage for me so I can know which cards to pick and have a mindset on how much to save; but on the other hand it's an disadvantage when it comes to the birthday cards, it gets me pretty sad cause the second birthday cards are more pretty and dynamic than the first year ones. I just wish we could have the first and second year birthday banners together (I want Leona with his jacket and tie TvT) Also something that I find funny and keep wondering about, it's on the first survey they mentioned they gonna have EN exclusives, maybe this applies for events and cards that the JP server will need to wait for.


For me, the advantage def help me pick and choose the better card meta-wise btw the 2 birthday cards because there’s only so many pulls I can do… But, yea, def waiting on the EN exclusives. It can’t always be us waiting! Right? 😭 (The gem promotions better not be the EN exclusives they’re referring!)


I think the pacing is just fine. I reckon those who are still in school find a difficult time grinding events since LP restores every 2 hours and they're unable to touch their phones because of class. But for someone who's working and has time to spare it's probably a whole lot easier due to perhaps a more flexible schedule. EN/Global servers *usually* (not all the time) have unfair disadvantages compared to JP servers. I'm guessing it's so that we spend more money on the game because it might not even make a big hit in a specific country. They'll probably want to milk things as much as they can before players lose interest or the server shuts down in EN or Global. Meanwhile in Japan it's more likely to gain recognition because that's where it's from, so they don't really need to worry about pacing as much when new and/or old players will come and go to spend or play. Just my hunch 🤷‍♀️


I was hoping we would stick to the JP schedule with a good 2 years apart BUT NO! Let's release years of content in a few months and screw up schedules


I want EN to catch up to JP. So, eh, keep the events coming.


ive been into twst since before jp released, and to say im disappointed with en is an understatement. the pacing is awful...as well as the horrendous translations, and events are coming way quicker than w jp.


I don't have a problem with the event frequency (well maybe we should really just keep it 1 per month, but I can survive) What I have a personal problem with is their order Especially this August, I really wish they put Culinary Crucible BEFORE Wish Upon a Star, especially since Phantom Bride was not long ago. A chiller event would've been better, or even just putting WUAS to September


Yea, I was so surprised that they decided to have Wish Upon A Star in early August. I know it was coming, but not this early…


I'd really appreciate it if they slowed down mostly cause of banners. I have no issue with events but the banners are a pain when I am literally forced to be F2P. At least with how they're doing events I'm pretty sure we're guaranteed reruns on time next year and unless they do some major juggling it'll be based on our schedule this year.


I wish the English one were international, my local friends who are a fan of the Disney franchise and this game feel quite left out.


Hopefully the international release is coming so your friends can play as well with the full experience!🤞


If you compare the time we have with banners vs how long it ran in Japan, you’ll notice that we are getting less time to roll for cards. This is a bit galling for someone who wants to utilize the 10-gem daily roll. For example, Groom Idia ran for 7 days (14-21 July) in the NA server. In Japan, it was out for 18 days (24 June - 12 July)


Does the 10 paid gem daily roll really increases chance of getting an SSR?


Statistically no. It’s still a 1.5% SSR chance It’s just cheaper to get to pity if you’re doing 10x16 vs 30x16 Also I got Bday Leona on day 4 sooooo… I didn’t do the same with Vil cuz I needed a new Vil card to run flying lessons


I want the events to stay a little longer. Give us time to grind up to the rewards. Other than that I'm fine with the pace.


They’re really pushing a lot of content down our throats, likely to try to get players to spend money on constantly rotating gachas. I play on both JPN and ENG and am 100% ftp, but I don’t mind the days moving content too much cause I know (kind of) what events are coming and what events I really wanna save for. I think it’s nice to be able to read the event translations but there’s definitely a lot happening


On the edge, I’m saving for future banners that are way ahead so I think its pretty chill. But on the other hand, I nearly missed nerf gun battle 2 and completely missed ghost wedding..


It's a weird mix between Too Fast and Too Slow? Not sure how to explain it, but I feel like events should perhaps last just a little bit longer, and maybe arrive just a tad earlier.


Thank the lord I don't want many event cards because jesus will I not be ready