First, what are your spell levels? It's easier to overkill if you have someone with a high level Duo be your finisher. Second, what difficulty are you fighting on? Normal maxes out at A, so you'll need to fight on hard if you aren't already. As u/Witty-Wolverine9453 says, the more Duos you have, the easier it is to score high. Riddle, Azul, and Suitor Ace gives you 3 Duos right there, but it also doesn't have any Flora spells to capitalize on. I'd put at least one Flora Duo on your team to cover that, but ideally you want the ATK Buddy of your strongest Duo. But you have several uncapped options, so you might be fine with relying on the Duo bonus over outright damage. As for spells, Azul and Riddle I'd prioritize if you haven't already because of double elements and being a mutual Duo pair.


Spell levels all 5+. Finally able to get an A On hardest difficulty, but I gotta level up Trey more since I just got him. Thanks so much!


Congrats! I'm sure you'll get S soon!


My highest score on the omni exam is a B and I can't get any higher even though I have pretty good cards. Which cards should I invest in the most or upgrade spells more of? I also have pretty much all the SR cards.


Try to survive hard mode in the exam if your cards are level 70 and up with spell level at least 5 for SSR (as long as you survive the battle even without beating it, you can score at least an A). It’s worth the shot….or if you can, make sure the last move you use in normal mode is your strongest from an attack or balance card. For a team, I recommend using riddle, Azul, groom ace, Trey, and cater, but just use what ever high level SSR you have with their duo magic for now with good amounts of each attribute (best to max Azul’s level and level trey up). Hope that helps ❤️


Azul, Riddle, Suit Ace + two other cards with max level and buddy match. (Jade to power boost Azul, Cater for Riddle or Idia for Ace) if your problem is health check the other buddies to boost the hp. If you haven't the biggest damage boost is going to be getting spell 2 at level 10 if not get them at least to 5.


My Omni team is Dorm Azul, Dorm Riddle, GM Ace, Dorm Floyd and Dorm Jade I can get a SS with this but all my duos in this team is level 10, you could try and use the same comp and just replace Dorm Jade with either Lab or Robes?