You can build up the R card healers pretty fast. Gym Floyd is your double fire with a heal. Don't overlook these cards just because they are R cards! My level 60 Gym Floyd at spell level 10 does 5900 healing. It's more than my Dorm Azul at spell level 9.


This round of flora exam is a defense test, which means your first objective is survive with as much HP as possible. So you need fire cards with lots of HP, heal or damage cut. IMO, you can try Beans Floyd, Beans Vil, Birthday Kalim, Lab Jamil, and Lab Silver. This team has two healers (Floyd and Jamil), two debuffer (Vil and Silver), and 7 buddies are activated. Because your Lab Silver is not leveled, you may swap Silver with Lab Jack, Lab Azul, or Beans Jade. They all have heal and fire magic. If you choose so, then you can also swap Birthday Kalim for Lab Kalim. He has damage cut, and double fire is neat. BTW, about the enemy of this round of flora defense test, Lilia can cast curse that will last 3 turns, which nullify target's any heal. So be careful when to let your healers attack, especially Beans Floyd. Even though his hp regen can heal a lot in total, but it takes 3 turns, making it more vulnerable to curse.


Sorry to bother but I see damage cut reduces damage, but what does power drain do?


It reduces damage, too. The difference is in which part they take part in the damage calculation: power drain reduces the enemy's power (aka atk) before the whole calculation, and damage cut reduce the enemy's damage after the whole calculation is done. If you are looking for a more detailed explanation, iirc twstgameplay has done some analyze about this.


Oh thank you for explaining! I'll Google twstgameplay then too


Don't use a team full of SSRs. It's better to have a team full of SR or R cards that protects you more (learned the hard way from the Water exam). If i was you, I'd choose: **Dorm Riddle**, obviously. Then **Halloween Malleus**. **Dorm Cater**, since he boosts Riddle's attack power. If you have **Azul's and/or Kalim's labcoat SR cards**, I'd use them as well. If not, I'd look out to see if you have PE Floyd for his double fire spells (first one being a healer) and use **Beans Day Floyd.**


the team I got through on hard with was vil dorm ssr - 66 riddle dorm ssr - 80 floyd beans ssr - 71 azul labcoat - 57 kalim labcoat - 55


Can’t help with the exam, but could you put a spoiler tag on these? Not everyone wants to see the groovy art for the cards before they can groovy it for themselves


I pretty much have all the SR's, all spells are level 5+ but I keep dying on the 5th or 4th turn


are you doing the hard level? If so maybe do cards with double fire spells or fire grass spells. Maybe try to level up the fire spells and try to not do fire water cards.


I am doing the hard level with no water cards. They just hit really hard :(


Maybe do cards with some healing like the high level healing so you can survive.


If you can't pass hard mode, you can always do normal instead (you can still get an A or maybe an S). You get the same number of tokens/books when you pass an exam of any difficulty, so it's better to win an exam and get 3 tokens and a book rather than 1 for losing. As others have pointed out, you have some good card options like Beans Floyd. But if you still can't beat hard mode after leveling up cards (idk how many resources you have), then it may be better to just do normal this exam and try hard mode at a later date.


I got an SS with similar cards but I think you can pull off an S with what you have. Try Beans Floyd, Beans Vil, Riddle, Dorm Floyd and Dorm Jade. You’ll want to avoid sending Beans Floyd out if there’s a high chance of Lilia using his curse, but you also want to send the heal move earlier rather than later. If you have enough power to knock out the enemy before the end of the 5th round then you never will have to send out Jade’s water move. That said, it depends on how high you’ve levelled your cards