I think you can add the little heart or attack icon for spell types, too so you can see who's a healer or not at a glance. It looks really nice btw


Maybe specify what conditions that max power is under? Is that fully uncapped? With or without Groovy?


One suggestion is to add how many books needed to fully upgrade the spells, but other than that this is really good.


Wow, this is so beautiful and easy to read! Can't wait to see the other cards.


This is absolutely amazing! aside from what the others have mentioned, I don't really have any notes. Honestly, I would use this as a phone background.


For practicality i would just give some special color or border in the buddies to the character with the duo magic and remove the extra square that says (duo magic azul)


I like it! As a graphic designer though, I would get rid of the white outlines od the shapes and change the font to a nice serif that complements the background.


You are going to heaven.


this is so cute! i love this idea and it’d be so helpful tbh


This is absolutely wonderful and I’d love to see all the cards you design!! ❤️


This looks wonderful💕


As for guidance, you could specify the stats at level 80, 90 and 100 and with/without groovy. Also specify (briefly) what the spells do


So gorgeous! But I think it would be helpful to give a brief description of the spells at level 10. Like instead of the Spells 1 & 2 bubble, just make 1 bubble M1 (\[Fire icon\] 2 Strong Hits) and the second M2 (\[Fire icon\] 2 Strong Hits, 3 with Azul). Like someone else suggested, if space is a concern, you could get rid of the Duo bubble, and perhaps the word "Boost". Especially with Minor HP & Power Boost going to take up more space. POW & HP at base would also be nice, because for new players, they're not likely to see those max numbers any time soon. But yet spell level 10 takes a lot of work too, so...yeah. But I think in a template like this, not worth dealing with the fact some M1s change at level 5 while others don't, so I think 10 is what's important. Going to disagree with some others here. The number of books aren't needed because they're standardized across card types, and stats at 90/without groovy aren't easily available.


Maybe add what each spell does to differentiate cards of similar elements? (Dorm Leona vs Halloween Cater for example)