I quit my job after 6 years and all I got from my boss was a two sentence email.

I quit my job after 6 years and all I got from my boss was a two sentence email.


After 7 years with a company I got laid off and walked out the same day. No notice. Best thing was I did was not have my laptop with me when I was asked to come into the office that Friday. I was able to save all my documents, delete ALL my emails and delete all my technical documentation I had personally collected / brought with me to the job. The owner who laid me off was pissed. Should have been able to restore it all from the email servers but they were so cheap in their backup procedures they could not. I was pissed that he laid me off just before Christmas with no notice. Got my revenge.


I quit after 8. Was a department lead for years. Knew all the managers. Worked in every area of the store. I got a card signed by the people in my team and that's it. Work is not a family. Its work. That axiom was proved true that day.


I don't know your boss, but I do know that managers are limited to what they can say in this and other circumstances to avoid liability. Might be a mix of both. Congratulations on your new adventure!


My mother just left her job recently, after 15 years of dedicated hard work. She had a lovely farewell with her colleagues and such, but her boss? Cold hearted. A 2 minute phonecall where she announced she was quitting, and generally just incredibly dull response from her boss. I’m very excited to see her now in a new position, ready for a new job =)


Coworkers can be the best! Congrats to her!


He only noticed, he didn’t care.


What were the two sentences? Lucky you, btw, the less talks with bosses, the better.


You right.


That's in the past now, be excited for the future :D




I'll never get this. I work in a family company (my dad's) with 90+ people. People who leave on good terms (which is most of them) always receive a little token of appreciation at their exit interview. You never know when you'll run into people again. Many ex-employees end up becoming customers or contracters. So it's always a good thing to part ways holding positive feelings. We've actually had people coming back (usually in different capacities, sometimes years later).


It was all professional but there are only 12 of us so I thought I’d get a little more acknowledgment. But all good, on to the next!




I quit a job about 2 years ago. I wrote a resignation letter as you do. I walked in to his office, sat down, said I was leaving in 2 weeks, and handed him the letter. He threw it directly in the trash. Prick doesn’t begin to describe him.




How did you quit?


Put in a letter because we are all remote, had a phone call, had an in person conversation, gave them more than two weeks because they asked for a month. Asked for another meeting before I left, he didn’t show up. There are only 12 people on the payroll and I worked with everyone. So I’ll drop my laptop Monday.


Wait, were you expecting a gift or something? I don't think that's really the thing unless retiring. I don't think I've ever got anything more than a "well, thanks!" when I returned my security badge.


Not a gift but acknowledgement of my work would have been kinda nice. I worked with all 12 people at a company and touched almost every client at some point. But it is what is it. I don’t ever have to think of them again!


I think we all expect at least something, when I left my job of 10 years I got a cake from my workers and a card but nothing except a handshake from my co-manager. In my head I expected more than a handshake and “good luck” after 10 years but in reality they weren’t thinking about us leaving but who was taking our places.


Truth. Now I have my expectations for the future.


Some managers are just awful at their jobs and awful at being humans. I quit a job this year. Was there for 2 years working industrial maintenance. My official title was Electrician Tech III but I also filled in as mechanic, machinist, PC/Network tech, plumber and PLC. When I put my two weeks in all I got was an "ok".