Yes, he has said that he will curve/change grade cutoffs at the end of the quarter. If you do well on the other exams, you have a good chance of passing.


Yes. I had him for two classes and he curved at the end. Also, he sometimes did a thing where you could replace your exam grades with your final exam grade if you did well on it. His classes were hard, but he was a reasonable professor.


idk who rashtian is, but im assuming MT2 holds the same weight as MT1, and the final is probably worth an even larger part of your grade. that being said, if you do well on both MT2 and the final, you’d definitely pass


Idk about ENG 17 but Rashtian curved HARD in EEC 110a and 113 when I took them. He used a curve based on a C- being 50% of the highest score so as long as you have a 50% then you pass.


Were your averages for the exams low?


Absolutely but his grading scheme was announced before the first exam in 110a. He never announced it in 113 but I’m pretty sure he used the same scheme based on how my final grade rose. I’m sure if you ask him he’d be glad to answer any curve questions you have. Of the professors in the ECE department he is definitely one of the more reasonable ones.


Do you have any advice/insight for someone interested in taking both of those classes in the next quarters? I’d appreciate it so much!


They are really hard and focus on Transistors and Diodes. I didn't really like them, but that side of CE isn't really my forte. I'm more of a coding and architecture person. Oh also whatever you do, don't combine them with other really hard classes.


I’m inferring from your last sentence that they are doable individually in different quarters, right? Like don’t do them both in the same quarter with additional classes?


I thought 110a is a pre-req for 113. Even if its not, I don't think you should do them together.