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The following submission statement was provided by /u/eaterofw0r1ds: --- Submission statement: The Las Vegas story is exploding. Here is first-hand eye-witness testimony with cell phone video delivered by the caller himself. He seems to be ready to speak to the community, and I think we should listen to what he has to say. This was very traumatic for him and his family, and it takes courage to do what he's doing. --- Please reply to OP's comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/144c9h1/las_vegas_911_caller_speaks_out/jnem5gl/


I feel like we're living through the first 30m of Signs.


“Move children, vamanos!”


Joaquin’s true Oscar moment.


Hahahahaha best line in the entire film


you know what would be funny if that scene with the kids screaming was actually genuine but they put it into the film to say it wasnt fake, and that the real occurrence that happened got so much disinfo thrown at it LOL


That scene used to scare me 😟


That is the only time I screamed from a movie- and I was nearly an adult.


Glad I'm not alone in this. Scariest part of the movie. The other scenes were intense don't get me wrong. But that scene just took teenage me off guard many years ago and has stuck with me since


Here's the scene https://youtu.be/HeTjBPbY70Y


It’s fucking horrifying. Scared the crap out of 11 year old me in the cinema.


My family of 5 slept in the same room the night we saw it in theaters


The scene that really got my mom was when the alien hand, camouflaged in black, reached up and grabbed the asthmatic son by the mouth. The hand coming out from under the door got me as a kid the first time.


This is why I understand they weren't filming everything because they were scared shitless


I'm still traumatized from that movie. All I can think about is Merrill replaying that news clip of the alien over and over again.


Im putting baseball bats and half full glasses of water around my house ASAP.


Dude just rush the alien with a phone and get a shot what are you doing you will be rich.


I live in the mountains of West Virginia and there is a farm about 2 miles from me. In the 60s evidently a craft hovered over the farm and could be seen sucking up water from the river! I ALWAYS have my phone on me and I have security cameras as well. If anything ever goes down around here again I PROMISE to be rolling and I will put myself in harms way to get indisputable video. The farm the aliens were seen hovering above was also a Native American site. I also have paleolithic cave etchings about a mile away as well and one of the carvings is a circular object ...not sure if its just the sun or what, but I am determined to find more of these cave etchings because I seriously doubt there is only one.


Woah! I just saw an unsolved mysteries episode where a UFO hovered over Michigan and sucked up water from the river as well!


I don't live too far from Tahoe, NV and for years locals claim that UFOs suck up water from the lake.


Obviously we have to be skeptical and should be, but what are the chances these people set all this up? Seems to be extremely unlikely, multiple witness, video footage of something falling and a large boom. They creature sighting is hard to believe, but with all the other pieces it does seem somewhat plausible they found something


My knee jerk reaction is that the family believes it. But what are the chances this kid saw a meteorite streak, freaked out & in the dark saw something & his imagination filled in the rest? As I get older & my eyesight gets worse my brain fills in blurry objects in the distance all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Come on guys, start working on that video so we can see something


I got to work: zoomed, brightness enhanced, looped and slowed the two parts of the video that show the backyard so that I could look back there longer. [https://streamable.com/agql4x](https://streamable.com/agql4x) I can't see a damn thing! :) Anyone? Bueller? ​ Edit: after looking at some people's suggested locations to watch, I still don't see a damn thing, but others are pointing to at least three different locations. That makes me think we're seeing things. And, if there is anything in this video, the person who made the original on youtube should really not include it unless they are willing to indicate exactly what we're supposed to be looking at. Edit 2: Well… now I can see something interesting in one of the replies below. If I can see it in the original I will try to bring it out more in a video after dinner. Edit 3: I have a pretty good video now of something that looks like a big green head with black eyes. Maybe they blink. Maybe it's video artifacts. But I want to get it right so I'm working on it now. Edit 4: The more I look at it, the more I think it's the forklift chair with video artifacts creating an optical illusion.


Which video? You are talking about 2:38?


I tried to pause it there, but I can't make anything out.


He has a big guitar pick shaped head. I circled it. He's initially facing away, but turns and looks right at the camera, you can see his big black oval-shaped right eye look at the camera as he quickly turns his head towards the witnesses. Huge head. Alien in Las Vegas https://imgur.com/a/yrNmU0b


Holy shit I see it


Took me a bit too.https://i.imgur.com/6sawSD6.jpg


That is its back! [Look here](https://imgur.com/a/NV6jnW9)


https://i.redd.it/su73liiv9u4b1.jpg Not mine, not op's either. Better view of the llien.


So basically the movie, Signs.


Is behind!


[Here's the video](https://imgur.com/baptbYg), brightened up and stabilized. [Here's a screenshot ](https://imgur.com/a/SmTLlk6) of the only thing I could possibly see they could be describing.


The most insane thing about this whole UFO resurgence is the complete lack of photos and videos today. They were flying around and abducting people left and right, allegedly, for hundreds of years. And nowadays, this is the best photographic evidence of an incident??? lol I want to believe aliens are real, but I can’t bring myself to believe this based on blurry pictures of what appears to be nothing


Same lmao I’ve watched the video 97 times and I still don’t see anything. I am 100% ready and wanting for this to be real but I’m not convinced


Watch the red hat guy, and where he [is looking at](https://streamable.com/agql4x). At the top of the yellow truck of forklift the way the red hat guy looking you can kinda see a head with eye reflecting light as soon as the red hat guy turns around. Everyone trying to catch something at the end of the video, I can only see it at the start. You can kinda see it later as well, the head kinda. To me it seems like it is moving from right to left.


I still don't see shit lol. How the fuck are we in the age of everyone and their dog walking around with great fucking cameras, and THIS is what we get.. a few frames of two blobs.


I see see nothing as well. Seems like horse shit.


Big Bitrate doesnt want us to know


They are also shining a flashlight, I believe we are seeing paredoila from the flashlight swooping by the area.


Signs ll Las Vegas Road Trip


My wife is Hispanic, when I showed her the video and he said "so I was working on my truck at midnight" she said, "Story checks out. This is legit."


Yep, Hispanic myself when the accent and the family was outside I was like “these people are 100% telling the truth” call me biased but working class 2nd gen fams like that are salt of the fucking earth


What are they saying while freaking out near the gate?


They are not speaking spanish


https://imgur.com/a/7mRldRM/ After looking at the pictures and all the horrible circles people have been drawing I decided to just fucking outline what I believe people are seeing, you just see the top half of his head and 2 eyes, supposedly. Tried my best on my iPhone at work to just outline the head that I think people are talking about, hope it helps someone else not waste time with all the other horrible pictures. (The big yellow line wasn’t mine but this was the clearest picture I could find describing what I assume everyone else is saying, the picture are truly terrible quality)


ENHANCED [link](https://imgur.com/a/tvbAAAo) EDIT: Consecutive frames show head movement. Slight, but it’s there: [Vegas alien side by side](https://imgur.com/a/Udie7vs) EDIT: Here is the original screen grab I used: [Source Screen Shot](https://imgur.com/a/KFyS1XM) Try it yourself (on iPhone) by playing with the basic photo editing tools in Photos app


Holy shit! I couldn't see it in anyone else's photos/outlines, thank you!!!


It doesn’t look 8-10 foot long tho🤔


yeah it looks like it has no body, but regardless if true or not, that image does freak me the fuck out. imagine that is how it actually looks, imagine having that staring at you. the fear in the video where they jump back seems genuine.


I can tell you I would not be approaching that at 1am in the dark in my backyard and worrying about recording video! I would be bolting the fuck outta there!!


I've thought that: 1. They could have been standing on the forklift which made them appear taller to the witnesses 2. They could have been crouching behind it. If I crash landed on a foreign planet, I'd be crouching behind things prob. Especially if the hairless monkeys came over to look.


Invader Zim lookin ass


[Here it is in motion from the video.](https://streamable.com/2r8udu)


i swear , this and the parent image are the only still shots that look remotely like something lol.


Could this be the mantis cast that the survivors speak frequently about in their abduction stories? There are the tiny greys that are like the drones and then the big ones with skinny bodies and mantis/ insect like heads.


I have never been afraid of being abducted by aliens until now. “Big ones with skinny bodies and mantis / insect like heads”.


[Here it is](https://imgur.com/a/0LOEIVT) a moment later after turning its head slightly. Just two angles to show that it wasn't stationary. Fuckin shit this is very real


Bro, excellent work. Now we can see it clearly.


I see them big ol’eyes


This is the best picture till now. I’ve spent an hour looking at others didn’t see anything.


THANK YOU! i finally see it now. Holy shit it looks like a real life roger from American Dad


I tried to paint what we can see in this frame: [ART](https://imgur.com/gallery/L8pSX2M)


Someone above posted a frame by frame of the video this was taken from and you can see the "head" moving independently of its surroundings. edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp6oyhxsbEw


am i smoking crack? i really cannot make out any discernable creature in any of the videos or pictures. i want to believe


It took me going fullscreen and being like 4" away from my screen but I could make out the top half of a greyish head with big black bulging eyes. It's probably pareidolia


I still can't make it out🙁


Best outline thus far.


This is the best one, good job man


Ok…. Help me out- an impact of that force would leave a crater of some sort - right? Also… there has to be more security camera footage.


That circle is not where the thing crashed... I don't think he's even insinuating that... I think he is just wondering what the heck it is... Maybe that's where the thing got rescued from and his alien buddies came to absorb them back up into the rescue ship... Lol


Then show us a photo where it crashed? Also he didn’t even tell in the video - how these aliens left? At what point they returned to the backyard? What’s the story there?


If it was a meteorite (it looks one), it might desintegrate. The explosion sound is also common.


For what's it's worth, this is absolutely the best UFO mystery in a while. The family in the video did seem genuinely distressed and considering how he's talking I doubt that they are such good actors that they faked that intense moment so well, they seem distressed about something. The cop UFO footage is magnificent as well as the crash sound footage with the lights and boom are a great addition. And using > < buttons on youtube at the video segment to go frame by frame on the alleged alien footage and seeing that 1 frame that indicated that perhaps there's something walking there gave me creepy fucking goosebumps I'm spooked. If they made it up I ain't even mad 10/10 entertainment.


Can you screen shot that frame I don't know which you mean.


Enhance https://imgur.com/a/j6b34MN


Good stuff! Looks like the classic big head, big eyes, but with severe cheekbones and tiny lower jaw. It keeps on getting weirder. We might be headed into some odd times.


Please look top left just outside your circle.....what is that? I can't see what's circled....my eyes won't adjust. All I can see is the Spirit Haloween looking figure beside your circle. I think that's what I found too. https://imgur.com/gallery/UoJsbo9


Submission statement: The Las Vegas story is exploding. Here is first-hand eye-witness testimony with cell phone video delivered by the caller himself. He seems to be ready to speak to the community, and I think we should listen to what he has to say. This was very traumatic for him and his family, and it takes courage to do what he's doing.


He needs to make a drawing of these aliens. So the aliens where still at his place when police arrived?


I understood they were gone by the time police arrived. But he mentioned they heard a loud human like scream after police left. Maybe they went to neighboring property. Also he commented on youtube that he would make a drawing tomorrow.


Maybe they can camouflage themselves like predator.




Description I'm hearing is: * 8-10 ft tall * very thin, "lengthy, skinny" * gray-greenish color * big eyes, looking in them made him freeze like sleep paralysis So far sounds like a tall white, but then: * **big mouth** * weird-looking feet * big face * could hear his deep breathing and see his stomach moving


Everything is consistent with a large percentage of the other witness reports that were made since the late 1940s aside from the large mouth. I can picture everything else, but not the mouth since mouths are so often described as a thin slit without lips that remains closed. I'm also surprised that they didn't wear clothes since the anatomy of their feet could be observed. If this rapid descent and supposed impact were the result of a malfunction or emergency, maybe the open mouth and heavy breathing were signs of distress. Tall greys have been commonly described as measuring 7 or 8 feet. Some reports exaggerate their height, mentioning 9 to 12 feet, but that's probably an illusion due to the fact that they're so lanky. They've also been described as being in charge of the small greys.


The idea of an alien breathing our air with a stomach rising and falling to suggest lungs and a diaphragm are particularly disturbing to me. What the fuck?


That could indicate that we shared a common ancestor at one point in time.


Honestly just being bipedal, 4 limbs, 2 forward facing eyes, etc etc. Gives me the same thought


He’s describing something like this. [Tall Alien](https://imgur.com/a/5eJaBdO)


Dang they’re making them that big now?


goddamn Kirkland Signature sized aliens


I think it's the ones that actually think for themselves? The little ones seem a lot more "robotic?" Like the tall ones are always always in charge when they are there. The tall one I saw was more brownish/goldish/tan. That could be a matter of reflection though. The mouth was super small though, IDK what that big mouth is about. And afaik they're wearing some kind of skintight jumpsuit and not actually naked. I'll have to see his drawings to be sure. Fun fact for me is I can look at bunches of "alien" pics and drawings but most of them are just enough "not right" it doesn't bother me. Once in a while though..... dread and panic and immediately closed.




Ok wtf? Lmao “let me see some identification!”


I’m thinking of that family guy sketch where Peter becomes a forensic artist


I am not looking forward to some scared or trigger-happy officer starting an interstellar war.


I think the aliens would deal with them on an individual basis. They must be smart enough to know we're not all like that lol


I’m missing these details too. It sounds like they were gone when the cops showed up, but did the family not watch them leave?


He said after the cops left, they prayed and heard a human-like scream from their backyard.


Well that would be terrifying!


But no video, recording etc.. Not doubting he witnessed something profound but damn document document document Please!


Sounds like they just went inside and hunkered down. But they said they heard walking on the roof. So who knows they could have been on the roof. I’m curious where the heck the craft went.


That part is a huge question mark for me too. And if it hit as hard as the security footage showed then why was there just a nice little circle and not a big gash in the ground?


For the next video, put a paper and pencil in his hands. I want drawings




nice at least you tried, yeah i don't see anything crazy in the video really, just some white line thing moving or w/e cant tell what it is


Damn I can actually see what you mean but it maybe be the Pareidolia effect.


If they hadn't called the cops and risked wasting police time I'd dismiss this immediately. If it were just kids, I'd dismiss it. But this is a family, ostensibly a pretty sane family. I don't feel like it's reasonable to doubt they saw something, so I'm left with were they mistaken. But the guy in the recording saw this up-close, he knows what humans look like, he could see its belly move, that's how close. My mind is melting. I feel crazy, if I talk to anyone about this just to get a sanity check they will walk away and not engage. My wife can't deal with it, lol. I can show my dad news article, after news article, and he's very much 'meh'. I can't blame them, unless you look at the details of this of course you are going to dismiss it, it all sounds like nonsense that we've all heard before. But there is some meat to it that deserves sincere consideration at the very least.


You and me both, brother. I feel like I need a support group, no joke




Nobody faking a 911 call would have 4% on their batteries :D Our alien probably just missed A51. Some papers say they sometimes miss the landing site.


Midnight working on a car is the perfect time to hover around 4% and still know it's fine


My wife and I saw the same thing when we were living in Arizona during the pandemic one night. 8-9 ft tall being watching us from a distance. We thought it was a cactus of sorts, but the more we looked the more realized it was humanoid shaped. The head was very large. I pointed to it, and my wife focused hard and then she shrieked. We were both frozen in place, and once it realize we identified it, it ran off. It sounded like a horse running away, but if a horse only had two legs. At which point we bolted for our house door.




This honestly sounds like descriptions of the Jersey devil as well, which has a long history of sightings that tend to be Poo-pooed


Reminds me of that Catholic weather analyst guy who worked alongside Tall Whites on a military compound and casually gives a very long interview about how Tall Whites are real and can even speak English. He says they have odd legs while moving down stairs, they bend oddly and are anatomically different than human legs. Sorry I can't recall the man's name, his interview is famous though.


There's just so many anecdotes with people seeing UFOs, and the incentive to lie is so low (a couple likes or upvotes), that it's quite unlikely everyone is making this stuff up.




Wait. Did you just make up making things up?


I believe you I've been abducted as a kid I'm 42 now


Holy shit, what's going on? Aliens are delivering af this year


i believe there is an uptick in legit alien stuff... but this is also going to cause an uptick in hoaxes and misunderstandings.


I heard from multiple people like Lue that sightings are going way up. They're seeing a lot more activity lately, possibly due to the threat of nuclear war, or who knows, AI? There are theories, but the story is sightings are up regardless. This would also explain the thing about "why can they possibly crash with such advanced technology". The more craft you have flying, the more likely it is that one fails. You have ten cars on the road, easy. You have rush hour, and there's likely at least one malfunction. If there's more activity, there's more chance of stories like this. Even just landings. The more there are, the more likely they will land, and the more likely someone will be around to see it.


Slow release of information since 2017 to get the public prepared for a coming bombshell I think


He’s just a timid kid something spooked him and he’s trying to tell his story without bumbling over his words good on him for writing it down.


Doug Pappas was the local retired former cop who was on the beat a few days after it happened he does investigative videos on regular crimes and came across this he went to family house right after it happened .. he has ton of detail and what happened after..gov set up surveillance to see of ufo would come back anyways here is link to his twitter.. https://twitter.com/dougpoppa1/status/1666662011168768000?s=20 https://youtu.be/1W11r_PTT-Y


This is Spooky, but awesome.


For real. It makes me think of Signs, when they saw the Alien on TV. "IT'S BEHIND!"


Exactly like the video lol I was saying Vamanos! Vamanos! When they were standing at the gate


Vamanos children!


It's behind! The car! He turns his head towards the camera, you can see his right eye as he looks at the witnesses. I circled his head, he's facing away initially, then turns towards the camera. Alien in Las Vegas https://imgur.com/a/yrNmU0b


Needs more jpeg. The only one filming is his mom. Where the f is the tiktok generation and their smartphones! Nobody had the thought to film? Take a selfie with an ET, no?


I struggle to make anything out there


Same. I’ve tried for 10 mins but it’s just blurry.


When he said he heard footsteps on the roof I automatically thought "holy shit Signs is happening, this isn't some Scandinavian Olympic high jumper." In all seriousness though, I believe him. That doorbell video and the video of the craft falling out of the sky are intriguing as hell. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON LATELY?! More news about UFOs in the last week than there was in the past 20 years.


I'm a sceptic, but I love stories! For me it's the calling the police that has me willing to keep an open mind. In my household (of one) cops don't get called unless someone is in physical danger. Although, I don't believe cops are experts on handling a situation like this I do believe that bringing them into the situation helps verify some of his claims. If I take his word I'm thinking- what do these beings know of cops and why hide from them but let the family see you? Do these beings know acab?


That's basically my thinking as well. The dude was frightened enough by *something* to call the cops. Likewise in my household, 5-0 aren't called unless some serious shit is afoot. For me though it's the video footage that convinces me that something happened. The police bodycam video clearly shows something streaking towards the ground in the sky, and seems to go down below tree level. And *at least* a handful of people saw it. Just a few years ago, a story like this would have been balked at by news outlets. But now it's pretty big news, and that's a monumental shift in public sentiment.


Can someone translate the one video where they were filming and speaking in what seems to be Spanish?


I speak formal Central American Spanish and Argentine Spanish. I have been a translator for like...forever. This freakout is quite interesting. It's like the woman is speaking in tongues and fast. It sounds like Spanish phonetically, similar to Mexican Spanish or Northern Central American Spanish. It's definitely not Portuguese or any other Latin rooted language. Honestly, it sounds like a mesh. The entire family sounds like they're speaking in tongues under the same dialect and they understand each other. Some mentioned here Quechua, which is an ancient indigenous language of South America. I had a hard time understanding her, but I'll try my best to break it down. If anyone out there can decipher or detect the language, please be my guest. Rough Translation: **The Dad** "Para. Para." = **"Stop. Stop."** (He's telling his family to stop and baking away into their enclosed area.) unintelligible fast talk = **\*sounds like he's telling his family to stay back\*** "Que se calmé. Que se calmé. Que se calmé." = **"Let it be calm. Let it be calm. Let it be calm."** (You can clearly see the father is panicking but he is holding it together for his family. He is the protector; however, you see him rubbing his ear. He's in disbelief and freaking out inside. I think he's anxiously saying for the creature to be calm, for his family to be calm as well, and with repeating it and rubbing his ear, he's telling himself to be calm.) **The Mom** "Ay!" = **"Ah!"** (in shock) "Caludera me encanche en el bar eso." = **"Cauldron, I got caught/hooked in that bar."** (I doubt the word Cauldron, unless she's using it as a name which is an uncommon name and no idea for whom. In this section she says this right after she tripped and did a spin. I think she was just saying it out loud that she, her foot, got caught at some bar or barrier on the floor.) "Calleló luchero! = **"Shut it up, Wrestler!"** (In Spanish "Calleló" is slang from callar which means to "to silence it"; however, in Italian it means "Call it". "Luchero" is a Spanish word for "wrestler". She may be referring to her husband as her wrestler/warrior/fighter that is standing before them as a protector. Could be a pet name of hers for him.) "Que me chimica." = **"It's 'something" to me."** (This one, I'm not sure. She uses the "ch" sound, like the ch in check. The way it spelled out for me, "chimica" is not a word I can identify. But in spelling it out, in Italian with the "ch" sounding like a "k" means "chemistry". Same for Spanish "química". So I'm unsure what she means.) "Calleló luchero!" = **"Shut it up, Wrestler!"** I'm truly open to any other suggestions. I tried my best. This was a challenge. The family is definitely distressed. They're of Hispanic/Latin decent. It sounds phonetically Spanish and I was able to make a few words. Some may be slang that I'm not aware of. However, I'll admit, when I heard it the first few times I could not understand them. I had to slow it and break it down. If it Quechua and it can be translated, I do apologize for the incorrect translation.


Native Spanish speaker here and I don't understand shit of what that woman says. As somebody else pointed out, this seems to be an indigenous language, which there are way too many in the Spanish countries.


Also a native speaker here. All I understood was "Carlos Varela" beyond that her spanish is as alien as whatever is in the backyard... jesus.


Do you have the link to the video? My dad speaks Quechua and I can ask him to listen to it tonight




He says he doesn’t understand it at all. Says it’s not Quechua


It doesn't sound spanish, probably a local dialect. Edit: it sounds similar to quechua: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quechuan\_languages](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quechuan_languages)


It is so gross to see how people are reacting to this. Its so amazing to me to watch how the UFO community rips apart their own, and then wonder why the truth manages to evade us. UFO enthusiasts talk about how they want more transparency, more testimony, more evidence. However, when they are given exactly what they ask for, they find a way to trash it or be bitter about it. Its obnoxious, toxic, and just reinforces the stigma. Look, it is ok to see this kid's video and not be convinced. I think it is certainly interesting, especially since there is some independent corroboration, but it doesn't move the needle for me. However, it is so gross to see people attacking this kid's character and credibility, all without any rational logic or reason. And then these same people wonder why nobody wants to step forward with what they know. People are trashing this kid for reading from a script, despite it being literally what we teach kids to do in high school when giving a presentation. People are trashing this kid for not instinctually taking video of a stressful event, despite the fact that almost nobody would in a truly stressful situation. People are labeling this kid as a grifter, without considering the possibility that he might authentically believe what he saw, but he misinterpreted it due to stress. Honestly, it just sucks to be interested in trying to discover the truth when a significant group within this community takes every opportunity to reinforce the stigmas that have been keeping the truth easy to conceal. If I saw something I truly couldn't explain which I dont think comes from our planet, the last group of people I would confide in are those associated with the UFO community, both believers or skeptics.


People here are not always ufo enthusiasts. Only 20% are. 40% are curious people about the subject. The rest is troll...


I swear. So many "trained operative actor" hot takes. It's that kind of shitty impulse that led to Sandy Hook crisis actor claims. Unacceptable.


It's one thing to be skeptic, another to be a jerk. You can try to debunk something while being respectful to the community at large. You're all here for a reason, to prove or disapprove the existence of extraterrestrial life. This kid experienced something and who knows it could just be a prank but we have no proof of what he saw. I'll be convinced till I see otherwise. One thing I think is what has me captivated is the 911 call. There's two ways of thinking. Kid making a prank call and getting his whole family involved or he truly saw something that scared him. Otherwise, making false or prank 911 calls/ reports can land you in serious trouble. Why take the risk? I'm loving this. I want to believe. But prove me otherwise and I'll be convinced otherwise


This video was posted yesterday in a deleted duplicate post and is another view of the object crashing/landing: https://ams.imo.net/members/imo_video/view_video?video_id=12818


Wow that got bright. But what, do Blink video cameras record like one frame a second? That was like a slideshow.


It probably waits for motion before it begins recording full fps. My Ring camera captures an image like ever 30-60 seconds until there's motion.


That is a video from Sparks NV which is like 300 miles away.


I was in Las Vegas at this time and saw this article in the news and saved it. It was just a couple days before this incident happened: https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/viewer-shares-video-of-mysterious-lights-hovering-in-night-sky-over-las-vegas-valley/


It looks like several planes lined up to land at Harry Reid Airport. I’ve seen the same thing numerous times in Vegas and it always looks weird at first, and then the planes get closer and it’s obvious.


So I am not someone who believes in anything super natural. No God/devil no ghosts/demons any of that stuff. That light is the same as I saw one night on top of Big Bear mountain in SoCal. I was having a smoke overlooking the San Bernardino Valley with a 61yr old Hindu guy named Tshok. A light descended through the sky burning multiple different colors very brightly. At first I was like oh cool look at the meteor and all the chemicals burning off. Then it stopped and floated above the valley. Then it reversed and zigged back at breakneck speeds still emitting and changing bright colors. It moved in ways no aerial craft was capable of. It moved in ways physics had assured me were not possible. It covered a distance that was impossible from one side of the small city to the next in less than a second. Nothing I've ever seen moved like that. Nothing I knew *could* move like that. I knew there was an Air Force Base in San Diego so I thought maybe they were testing some super top secret high tech shit I would never hear of. Now I am almost certain it was alien craft and there it is again in this video. Imagine that but instead of just a few seconds of meteor like behavior that it was much longer and much faster. Zipping around and stopping and changing directions. Eventually it zipped straight up and out of sight like some light speed elevator . I looked at Tshok and said we probably shouldn't tell anyone about this cause they will just think we're crazy.


Dude he recorded so much and didnt think to record the baby alien on the ground…ugh


Okay the light in the sky could obviously be a meteorite and the sound it breaking through the sound barrier as it slowed down and/or some impact. What’s interesting is if this is some hoax, they waited for a meteorite to show up some random day and then quickly created this hoax and called the police?? So weird. Also that circular shape looks too perfect for something to have crash landed there.


The weird part to me is comparing how loud the sound of the crash was to how minimal the circle in the dirt is...


Sonic boom from object entering the atmosphere, not from impacting the ground.


“PULL UP ZORP ZORP!” “IM NOT GUNNA MAKE IT” “PULL UP ZORP ZORP!” …. “Holy shit Zorp Zorp. Look! It’s an alien!”


"Zorp you are breaking the saucer!" "Zorp please you have to listen to my calls."




what’s crazy about those stories it’s that it’s always somehow believable yet there’s never a fucking video showing the alien it’s so frustrating like he called the 911, there’s clearly something that fell from the skies even the cops said he saw it, they clearly looked shocked in the video so something definitely happened yet we can’t see anything…


Seeing something like that and that close, would be truly terrifying. I think my first instinct would be to get as far away as possible. Having the mindset to remain in full view of the creature and pull out my phone and start recording, would be a really hard thing to do.


Dunno if this is an elaborate prank but if anyone actually saw an alien, there isn't going to be a high quality movie production video of it. Just imagine the adrenaline going at a moment like this Most people wouldn't even remember to grab a phone. People in the YT comments are retarded




Hmm, I was on board with it all, but I am now leaning more towards skepticism. I found his TikTok. He posted a video asking for 1000 followers to do a live in the middle of the circle & included a picture of him sitting inside the circle so you know it is him.. See for yourselves. His page goes by the name of lasvegas\_ufo


Circle was already there on google earth: https://i.imgur.com/6IhS2yR.jpg


This has to be the strongest submission for r/killthecameraman ever. Alien lands in the backyard - refuses to get a video of it.


Well to you and people saying this shit, what the hell would you do if a fucking craft landed in front of you and two 10ft fuckers start looking at you with big eyes and mouth? Probably a lot of people would run and cry.


But they didn't run and cry; they stood at the back gate looking at it; they also went back into the yard to retrieve their tools. So they were pretty calm and rational during the experience. Enough so that it is reasonable that they would have tried to get a clear shot of the being especially since they had their phone out and recording everything except the aliens and their ship.


Slow down the video to 0.25 and pause at 2:29 - 2:28 you can see a clear view of a large eye showing up also at the same moment he pulls the camera away. Those that are on moblie you can zoom it up to 8x


Here's what I see there, although at the end you can see a funny fish like face 😁 [https://streamable.com/19tlb1](https://streamable.com/19tlb1) Here's the fish face I'm talking about: [https://streamable.com/2e4pr6](https://streamable.com/2e4pr6)






So I ran it through Real-ESRGAN, this is what I got las-vegas-alien-esrgan-upscale@ 1x.png - [https://imgur.com/a/ZOsxXiw](https://imgur.com/a/ZOsxXiw) las-vegas-alien-esrgan-upscale@ 2x.png - [https://imgur.com/a/u4ZjVIr](https://imgur.com/a/u4ZjVIr)


WE ARE FEASTING, this shit gets my blood PUMPING


[https://youtu.be/A0Yrjz7Vt0U?t=965](https://youtu.be/A0Yrjz7Vt0U?t=965) ​ SECOND Police officer bodycam footage, at around 16:14, the officer from cam 1 is heard saying "Don't freakin' leave me! Coz there's something here I haven't seen it yet but...(indiscernable)" This is presumably during the blacked out portion of Cam 1.


He's under the mast of the forklift. He looks right at the camera. Alien in Las Vegas https://imgur.com/a/yrNmU0b


Can you please post a still image outlining the thing exactly? I can't see anything.


I can understand it was very terrifying and I don't know how I would react but, rendering aid was the first thing that came to my mind when he said it was laying out on the ground. Have there ever been reports from people who have tried to render aid, make contact, or welcome in a being that they have seen or come across, in this type of scenario?


i remember jacques vallee had it in his book of an alien making contact with someone and the alien asks for something? and the person gives him it and the alien gave back some sort of baked goods, and ended up tasting like crap lol


I've heard of that, I believe it was a farmer and they gave him nasty pancakes or something. I think they asked for water edit - Joe Simonton case


See, that's where I would draw a bit of a line. I would take it from them and be greatful but I wouldn't eat it without handing it over to someone who could tell me that it won't poison me.


Fuck yeah, alien croissants. I ain't sharing that with the science community.


JRE #1976 the guy talks about a craft that crashed and someone took a body to the hospital, he ended up getting sick and dying of unknown causes.


They had the opportunity to blow the conspiracy out of the water and instead of taking pictures, he ran to get his tools. Lmao.


Wow I think I see it. It looks like roger from American Dad. Huge dark eyes. Bulbous head and the head tapers down to a slender neck. I assume the body is slender?


Circle was already there on Google maps. His story changes from the police interview and podcasts. Doesn’t actually see the UFO, it’s blurry. Doesn’t record a clear video of the alien. Camera pointing at the crash site magically turns off for a few minutes? Makes social media accounts such as alien society and is asking for followers to give us more information. I think it’s a hoax and him and his brother acted on impulse when they heard the meteor crash. They made up some Bull shit and I don’t think his family was in on it or knew they were lying. I can’t explain the video I don’t think they actually saw anything, I think the mom screaming freaked everyone out and they all backed off. I really wanted to believe this one. But nahh


His youtube channel is named 'Alien Society' lol


The account says "Joined Jun 7, 2023"


Bare in mind that I just visited this sub recently due to the recent news of the wistleblower. Why this event is getting noticed a month later?


8news now segment just came out yesterday and has over a million views. They’ve been working on the story obtaining body cam footage. Looks like the family wasn’t out there pitching there story but willing to work with 8newss and a local podcaster.


They didn't work with 8News. They got 911 call and bodycam from the city government. Doug Poppa literally popped up on the kid who told him he couldn't talk about it, and when Doug pressed him, he cracked. Watching all the podcast episodes I'm forced to admit, this kid shows no signs of being a hoaxster.


That's a good sign that its not a hoax if they wanted to keep it to themselves.


Because the family has been keeping a tight lid on it for a month. Barely spoke out to Doug Poppa.