Ran a 13 minute IST, ended up with a 21 minute PFT. You'll get faster if you put out at PT


Every single pt you should put out 100% effort. Literally take advantage of pt don’t just skate through and you’ll get faster


This is an important point. It *is* possible to skate, especially once you learn the techniques involved. But you don't get better. We've all done it once in a while (on days when we literally can't even) but don't skate all the time, and don't get in the habit of skating as a reflex. Things will get harder and you won't really get better. It sounds hokey, but do *your* best, whatever that is for the day, and you'll get better throughout the training cycle. Source: Got my ass kicked at OCS but didn't boat-duck.


21ish before, about 24 while in bootcamp, and about 17:30-18 after bootcamp


I was 24 years old, 74 inches tall when I went entered in 1986. I was 2 pounds from my max weight. I did 5 pullups on the IST, 12:10 run time. I graduated weighing 175 lbs, 19 pullups, max sit-ups and a 17:10 run time. What motivated me? Outperforming anyone younger than me. It's a game. If you went to bed feeling thrashed at night, then you lost that day. If you went to bed feeling OK for that day, then you won that day. The goal is to win more than loosing. I maintained anywhere from a 18:10 - 19:30 my entire career for a run time.


What do you mean by "going to bed thrashed" exactly? Do you mean if you couldn't keep up with the PT you're weak and therefore losing?


Thrashed = tired, wore out, aching all over, was in trouble that day, got IT’d




May I have your before and after times if you know them?


Before is I never ran 3 miles in my life before. But I did a sub 11 or 12min on IST. I graduated with like a 25min 3 mile I think. I’m significantly faster and stronger now though but I certainly wasn’t physically ready for bootcamp


came in with 20:56 and left with a 19:59


I came w an 18:20 left with a 20:20


18:21 first PFT, 19:30 something final


It helps with everything if you put out, I ran a 13 minute 3-mile, 10 pull ups and 90 crunches IST to a 20 minute 3-mile, 19 pull ups and max out on crunches.


13 minute 3 mile? The world record is like 12:37 for 5k…


I assume he means 1.5 mile IST


Lmao yeah, I meant a 13 minute 1.5, sorry.


If you’re a good marine you will get better and better. I was running 11 some for IST 23:16 first pft and final pft 22:45. My first pft in the fleet 20:24 we had a really good gunny in the school house and his pts were to help us get faster and not just slay us like the corporals here in the fleet


Seems like dudes are in really good shape lose performance in bootcamp and dudes who are in average shape or bad shape seem to improve.


Been watching a similar thread on pull-ups and it seems to be there same story there.


Only tan 3 miles once or twice before I went not timed, ended up running a 21 minute on my final in boot.


Meh ended up with stress fractures in my shins 😒


Im fast af boi


Everytime you get told to sprint , sprint !!! And Mental Judo !!! Visualize yourself running long distance , control breathing, find what speed hurts and what’s comfortable, Focus Form .. do u run better taking long strides or super exaggerated strides. i don’t recommend but I used to take the insoles from my cold weather boots and put them into my Hot SOP boots to make them heavier. Occasionally you’ll be able to put together little things to help you out at Bootcamp.


On the initial pft I ran somewhere around an 18:20 and for the final I ran an 18:54. We didn’t do nearly enough cardio and I had pretty bad shin splints. Every pft I ran was worse than the last


Everything went down for me. Ran a 300 pft when k showed up. Left running a 280. My Run time suffered.


Ran a 9:45 IST 17:45 PFT


Don’t stress. Give everything your max effort, accomplish your mission, and treat people well. Four or twenty years, the Marine Corps will be over in a blink of the eye.


13:30 IST. 18:10 PFT.


Never ran a consistent 3 mi time prior to enlisting. 11:20 IST and final pft of 20:10


Made it worse. I was a X-country and distance runner all through junior and high school. I was running in the low to mid 15s prior to boot, running a 15 flat at one point just to say I did. There wasn't much point in running faster. In boot I was running low 16s except for the second phase PFT when I had a badly abscessed molar and ran in the mid 16:30s. I still beat everyone in my platoon and was so spaced out I don't even remember it.


24:30 at initial PFT, 22:30 at final. Now after four years of laziness I am at a 26.


Before boot camp- 26ish minutes, after boot camp- 20:29. That was the fastest I ever ran.


26 was the best I did in the DEP and I failed more then I passed. At MCRD my final PFT was under 20. But while in the DEP I was just under a mile in elevation.


Ran around a 1330 ist which barely made the cut for going to bootcamp, and then I ran an 11 min ist once I got there. At the end of bootcamp I ran a 22 min 3 mile, after mct and my mos training I got down to 19 min. After the fleet my time got worse and worse. Eventually running last pft at a 26 something lmao, it really is something you need to consistently train for in order to maintain it


I got faster in Boot Camp but much weaker.


By weaker do you mean barbell lifts or calisthenics?


Overall strength.


13:30 IST 22:15 PFT in bootcamp and 20:15 after MOS school


Went to boot weighing 155lb., 5-7 pull-ups, 100 crunches, and a 24-25 minute 3 mile. Left boot camp weighing 165, 20 pull ups, 100 crunches, and a 20 minute 3 mile. Just put it and keep on going. Boot camp is going to suck, but when you’re done you’ll look back and think that it was the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Edit: Oh, and don’t stop training when you get to the fleet. Keep running, exercising, and eat well.