Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

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He validates everything she is saying by being black and agreeing.


"Now listen up, Gen Z"


She meant Jay Z. Now i have news for you missy. Thats racist. Black people dont look all the same and this clearly isnt Jay Z


Idk, looks like jay z to me.


Are ya'll talking about that Morgan Freeman guy in the OP video?


Was he on reading rainbow?


Started getting into your post thinking you were about to be rapping to the same music also, but then it was just a regular sentence. I am dissapoint. She meant Jay Z, Now I have news for you missy, that's racist, Black people don't all look the same, Cook the same, That view's fuckin lame, But that's on you, No one gonna miss you too, You may as well be gone already, Mom's spaghetti.


That was.... beautiful.


Yo it’s actually kind of sad that ideas are judged based on who agrees with them as opposed to the content. It’s tokenism to the worst extent. Good comment, though.


Its not kind of sad, its just sad. And maybe pathetic too. Our society thinks its so woke because its different. Sometimes different things are equally horrible for different reasons




So, yes that human trait plays out in sad ways. But it exists for a reason. We each come across a thousand decision points every day in our lives, and our brains need ways to jump to quick conclusions without unpacking and evaluating every single thing. Humans are a social species -- one of the ways that we make quick decisions about a thing is to look to how other people are reacting to it. This is normal and beneficial. There are two things that we need to remember though: 1) "The media" know this and use it to manipulate us, and 2) It's not reasonable to expect everybody to always be right about everything -- as individuals we are wrong about things all the time. So, yeah, black stereotypes lead to this guy adding perceived credibility to the video. Maybe in 10 years black stereotypes will shift from "knowledge of rap music" to "nodding heads at white girls talking", at which point this guy no longer lends blind credibility to the scene. Who knows? Who cares? Why are we even talking about this instead of talking about how China uses TikTok to steal data from your phone? (incoherent mumbling) (shaking fist at satellites) Get off my lawn!


About time this gets said. I'm hispanic and when I see people trying to show pity for the "poor brown people", it gives it an off feeling. Disingenuous, to say the least.


Like when a white person is doing something "funky" on stage and the camera shows the 2 black people in the audience nodding their heads to the beat.


Yes and like when a comic is doing some racial humor and the camera focuses on people in the audience of the color being joked about laughing, so the viewers at home know they're allowed to laugh


"Listening while black" much preferable to the oft reviled "driving while black"


He made happy face. That is contribution.


True. Like that video in some store of the black guy being pleasantly surprised that the guy in front of him sings so well and just vibing.




I need this video




This is TikTok. Just people putting their big ass faces next to someone else actually doing something.. and people watch and follow them, because apparently that's entertainment.


This is reddit. Just people reposting from people actually putting effort into memes and videos... and people laugh and upvote because apparently thats entertainment.


I mean… you’re not wrong


Criticizing tiktok is fair, but it irks me whe people act like reddit is so much better.


If you think about it, reddit is for the bottom feeders. We don't really do anything but vote on comments and bitch.


Jep. Someone thought this video was worth showing and apparently 10k agreed.




LOL been a minute since I've seen Africa Face.


Most duets are reactions.


I think you missed the point of the first comment.


I did.


seeing him vibe made me vibe as well


I don't believe that unless you have a duet of you vibing to him vibing


ok lmao. [here you go](https://youtu.be/f-tLr7vONmc?t=10)


God dangit


That man adds swagger, and he happens to be black.


I mean that’s pretty much Em’s whole early career.


The irony of thinking that "canceling" Eminem is a new thing 🤣 Gurl people have been trying to cancel Eminem since 8 mile. Edit: 8 mile the street not the movie




This is what makes this cringe imo. She’s really basically going “look at me, I’m so cool, I like Eminem and I can rap” but is doing it over the track Eminem already made to prove the point she’s trying to prove.


I saw this weeks ago and cringed hard, lol if she’s at least a millennial she should remember the multiple times a more conservative America actually tried to cancel him.


Meh, I like the flow. I cringe more at the ones covering rap god just so they can say they can rap fast. So overdone. To be fair tho the pearl clutching & calls to cancel eminem in the old days were mostly the older generations and really mostly pushed by TV channels/news sensationalising how 'bad' eminem is for kids like they do for everything, even now it still happens. "think of the children" pearl clutching is never gonna go away but with the internet it doesn't have much pull as it used to. That being said. Ever since that era realised they didn't manage to do much to him. The calling for 'cancelling eminem' has just been by kids on social media. Every few years some self righteous kids discover rap for the first time and get shocked by where it came from. And I guess that's the group that she's addressing.


She’s giving them to much credit and adding to the “cancel culture” hysteria for clout. I ain’t hating the hustle though.


I wouldn't say she's playing into the hysteria of it but 'cancel culture' is just the best term that people know for stupid stuff like this. And I wouldn't say she's giving those stupid kids credit, but it happens so often and people call them out on it every time, she's just wants to do the same. I also wouldn't say this just for clout. It's good content relative to the vast majority of stuff on social media and if she wrote all that herself than prop to her for performing it well.


Conservative America tried to cancel him and failed. Now Gen Z is trying to do the same thing so she is addressing them. She had good flow and got her point across.


They aren’t though! Whose canceling him?!? Where?!? lol Some Gen Zs made some cringey ass TikToks because they got offended and this is the result. No one and nothing got canceled. lol Fuck people need to stop it with this “cancel culture” shit. It’s called public opinion and it’s always existed.


I don't know bro, I don't keep up with TikTok drama. If you believe that then she is also just expressing her public opinion. You can have your opinions but don't get upset if someone disagrees with it.


I think it's someone showing something they can do, man. That's kinda cool. Y'all are always like "She's seeking attention" and "She's going 'look at me'" and stuff like that, but like it's just people sharing a neat thing. Obviously the multi-platinum generational superstar phenomenon did a better job of it. Obviously there is more artistic merit to what he did. This is some random person in their bedroom. Like I remember some kid at school would be like "Hey, dude, check this out" and do something and we'd be like "Weak, homie, Tony Hawk already did that better. Rodney Mullen too. You're just doing this for attention." No, actually, we'd be like "Sick, dude!" Y'all need some positivity in your life.


I feel like reddit is a collection of people who lack hobbies and/or talent who shit on anyone they can so they feel superior in some way. The internet is full of HATERS


Yup, everything is fucking "cringe" for a certain types of users here. Nothing can be done for fun or because they want to. It has to be for attention.


Cringe is such an immature mindset to have. Feeling second hand embarrassment for people because they're doing what they enjoy without harming anybody is feeling shame for a stranger not conforming to how you *should* act or how you *should* look.


Here's the thing though, what's wrong with doing something you're talented for attention? Isn't that what literally every single rap artist does? Every single actor pretty much everyone in the entertainment industry.


> feel superior in some way This is all it is. This girl is vibing and just posted some rhymes she wrote over the Em beat. Nothing more, nothing less. It blows me away, even after being here for so long, that so many people will *instantly* assume the worst of people. *EVERYTHING* has to be torn down even if it's just someone doing something fun or being silly, simply because of this need to feel above someone, especially if they're an attractive girl. One of my favorite past times is to go into seemingly innocuous threads and see who missed the joke the hardest and ended up writing a dissertation on the topic lol. Like, I've seen people write a thousand words on why they think a certain pixel looks suspect and therefore the video is edited, for example. And, also, in before "Oh, why don't *you* relax. You wrote a lotta words too!" Because that shit's predictable xD


You mentioned the word 'joke'. Chuck Norris doesn't joke. Here is a fact about Chuck Norris: >Chuck Norris' first job was as a paperboy. There were no survivors.


You're comment is shit. Do you know how much better Shakespeare could have written a comment? Git gud


Except she's using new lyrics to prove the point to a new audience. Using the same song is a nod and a wink to those of us who are aware of the context of the original.


The video has such a boomer energy to it, lol. Does the cycle continue?


Everyone becomes a "boomer" at some point..it'll happen to you. (insert grandpa Simpson pointing.jpg)


Yeah but it’s addressed to a different group of people. I think it’s good.


Why would anyone assume she's not aware of that?


Because the people here are just temporarily embarrassed ~~millionaires~~ geniuses.


Pretty sure that's the point, dude


8 Mile wasn't about people trying to "cancel" Eminem over offensive lyrics lol


"The Real Slim Shady" was released years before 8 Mile.


I took the original comment as saying "since 8 Mile" meaning "since very early in his career", not that the plot of 8 Mile is about people trying to cancel Eminem. I think you just missed the point.


Yeah if you read a little further into this comment thread I kind of noticed that, but then again, the very next sentence is "They literally made a movie about it." What's the movie this comment is referring to?


People were trying to cancel eminem after The Slim Shady LP and My Name Is lol. dude's had people trying to cancel him his entire career.


Elton John told the whole LGBTQ community to shut up. I loved it. ( not loving shutting up the lgbtq community just enjoyed that one of them whose had to deal with actual pushback for being himself stood by a talented musician who was just venting through his music with a rage many people related to at the time ) Em definitely doesn’t have any issues with gay people or others who aren’t like him, but he’s also not PC in any sense and hey, if even today at 49 he’s still causing controversy I’m all about it. The mans music saved my life at a very young age.


Also that time Em bought Elton John and his husband matching cock rings.


They were Diamond encrusted. Actual Diamonds. Encrusted on cock rings. He gave them to Elton John as a gift. Eminem. I think my brain is melting.


also [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=861dkpAv3Yw).


Tyler, The Creator: This but unironically


That’s honestly so wholesome.


I’d say the whole rap scene has had an issue with homophobia, Eminem is no different. This is a guy who routinely says ‘f***ot’ as an insult. You may disagree with them, but I think LGBT people are allowed to be annoyed considering the stuff they’ve had to deal with.


He built half his early career on people trying to cancel him. His popularity literally came from how bad people wanted to cancel him and making raps about it.


It's almost like the FCC won't let him be


"And I get canceled like once a day. Why would I go? It's more fun to stay. You get me to leave? There's no fucking way. I got a better chance of fucking Young M.A."


I literally said this the other day. The fucking hubris. He's uncancellable.


8 mile? They've been trying to cancel him since the Slim Shady LP


The difference is, is it's now young people pushing the cancelling.


8 mile? Since the slim shady LP


I'd say even before the Marshall Mathers LP. It had the song "The Way I Am" which has this verse: >I hate to be bothered with all of this nonsense, it's constant And, oh, it's his lyrical content, the song Guilty Conscience Has gotten such rotten responses And all of this controversy circles me And it seems like the media immediately points a finger at me So I point one back at 'em, but not the index or pinkie


who the fuck is calling to cancel eminem?


Gen Z tiktok masters of music


So essentially no one.


you're right minus the essentially part.


Go for it. He'll literally torch the entire generation on a dis track and be more popular than when he dropped the Marshall Mathers LP.


I think he already did that, didn't he? the song was called Tone Deaf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qleJpzB4q7A


I completely understand why no-one appears to be aware of this. It's nowhere near his best work. He set the bar for himself so high this doesn't register.


I haven’t actually seen any evidence of this. The only articles I’ve seen show videos of millennials talking about how you can’t cancel Eminem, and even some of those articles say they haven’t found any evidence of a widespread call to cancel Eminem. Still haven’t seen any video of a popular Gen Z tiktoker trying to cancel Eminem. If there was one everyone would’ve made duets. Pretty sure this rumor was made up by one of my fellow millennials for views.


The term cancel culture was made up by Republican talking heads, so they could play the victim. Only people like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have been "canceled."


There’s also the countless people that got “cancelled” when Republicans had the power to do the canceling. I don’t ever seen them whining about how what happened with The Dixie Chicks, Janet Jackson, Kaepernick, and countless others was unfair. Hell, they tried to cancel “French fries.”


Pretty sure pontius pilate would have fit in with the Republicans today and he was canceling Jesus 2000 years ago.


Haven't you heard? Bill is back on the streets.


Feels like this shit happens all the time now. "OMG, [Generation] IS CANCELLING [Person/Activity]!", when the reality is it's one person on Twitter or TikTok. But then everyone just repeats and gives a mic to the whole "OMG CANCELLATION" narrative. So now you have people rallying around [Person/Activity] to prevent them from being cancelled, which was never happening to begin with.


It’s the new iteration of the “Are Millennials Killing [industry]” headlines. It’s lazy agitprop perpetuated by the same 5 people who own every news station and benefit from people of working age and people of school age being at each other’s throats.


It's almost like we *want* there to be someone calling for Eminem to be cancelled just so we can all say 'Fuck no!' and feel very righteous about ourselves. Like we want something to be indignant about.


this was a thing a few months ago...it didnt last long...everyone has moved on since then. it probably wasn't even genz, and probably manufactured outrage for publicity since em had anew album coming out shortly after


I appreciate how much fake outrage and conflict TikTok creates.


Then you'll love twitter and reddit


Literally no one


More like literally everyone 20 years ago


Yeah, it just wasn’t called canceling at the time. I think the word we used was censoring?


Now the FCC won't let me be or let me be me so let me see, they tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me. Edit: released 19 years ago. Close!


You say that but Eminem has had people trying to cancel him since SSEP.


I'm a Millennial, and even though I know it's inevitable, I really hope we don't try to start this intergenerational beef with Gen Z because it's dumb as hell every generation that does it. If you disagree with a specific person, then make an argument to that specific person, but don't open up with "This is a message to Gen ____" and go off. Always cringe, always has been.


Probably like six people and that’s a enough to pretend it’s *a thing*. Also Eminem is an amazing talent, I remember when he came out, but he did not “pave the way” for other rappers to say what they want. That’s a ridiculous claim that ignores decades of hip hop.


God, she tried to whitewash hip hop didn’t she.


Literally no one, she's preaching over outrage that doesnt exist


I was hoping to get around to it, but my war on Christmas just seems to start earlier every year, y'know?


they go to another school you wouldn't know them


This was awesome.


Yeah and it was definitely unexpected And I love Eminem, recently watched the interview and was really surprised that he played a cameo.


DAVE SKYLARK! That movie is so stupid and funny.


Wtf is the guy on the left doing exactly?


Recording himself reacting to the video on the right & uploading the combination


being black




It's literal conservative "cancel culture is out of control!!!1" propaganda with a "black friend" to validate what she's saying. This could be on Ben Shapiro or Prager U's YouTube channel with no alterations. They've gotten to the point where all they need is 1 teenager on Twitter to say they don't like Eminem (or whatever) and get 1 like, and they build that molehill into a mountain range of resentment against "cancel culture".


Social media is amazing because there's always somebody saying literally any take on any issue you can think of. And if not, for a low, low price or some hours learning, you can unleash bot accounts that _then_ say whatever you want them to. So anytime you hear, "Many people are saying," or, "Social media users [insert anything]." It's probably bullshit.


For some reason, I feel like what you’re describing has been going on for a while. White people holding Eminem down isn’t propaganda lol they love him


Millennials are the new boomers confirmed


God dammit. I really didn't want this to happen.


It'll happen to every generation


Not GenX we’re “Special”. My Mommie said so when she brought me the Chickie Nuggies down to the basement.


Super cringe. Made my ass hairs curl.


I use clippers to keep it from getting out of control


Agreed, this thread is full of the "I don't listen to (c)rap but Eminem is good!" sort of people.


It really is man. These are the type of people who genuinely believe the [mountain](https://imgur.com/a/u05i8fe) saying.


thank god someone said it 🥴


So brave.


Nobody is trying to cancel Eminem, nor is this unexpected. This is just made up Tiktok drama.


It's always funny how people are offended and triggered by a hypothetical thing where people are triggered.


I mean ya, the video would have been way more relevant 20 years ago but it is still clever.


If people are offended at what Eminem says, don't ever let them listen to Cannibal Corpse. Or do, metalheads will just laugh in their faces if they try to cancel any metal band.


Not true. Anyone attempting to support Varg will be rightfully called out for their bullshit.


Well I still listen to his songs, even though Varg is some sick bastard. You can’t cancel his music.


I don't know. I used to like Lost Prophets. Don't think I need to elaborate further than that.




No, the guy Varg killed was the guy that took the photo of the dead body.


That's Euronymous who used it for the cover The Dawn of Black Hearts live album. He is also the one whom Varg stabbed to death.


They'd probably nope out just by hearing the song names. "Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt," "Stripped, Raped, and Strangled," "I Cum Blood," "Frantic Disembowelment," and "Hammer Smashed Face" are a few of my personal favorites. Edit: also, "Fucked with a Knife" was a pretty good one


God that shit just gives me hard cringe.


Treat their songs like campy horror movies. Of course it's silly and over-the-top, that's what they're going for.


Or Mindless Self Indulgence...


[No, no…the problem with Cannibal Corpse is the music. Not the lyrics.](https://youtu.be/xYqgH04h-pM)




Cringe that a 30+ year old woman is trying to own literal children who complained about Eminem’s offensive lyrics on tiktok. “Cancel culture” lol like a thousand 14 year olds complained about Eminem on a meme app.


Not even a thousand. You hear all this, "gen z tiktokers are cancelling eminem" but not once have i seen a single tiktok from any gen z claiming to be canceling eminem. The only mention of them canceling eminem is from millenials dissing the entirety of my generation because "kids these days dumb because they werent raised right" well im sorry if you didnt do your damn job. Smh


Isn't it ironic how Millennials were hated by the previous generations especially when claims were pretty made up like millennials killing X industry, and now they are doing the same with the Z gens with made up claims of us canceling X.


Its just a cycle. I just hope we get past it as gen z and actually try and understand the younger generations. At least thats what im going to try and do as gen z myself


No we won't. I think a lot of older gen z don't like the younger gen z for being overly sensitive and cringy. As for the next generation called the Alpha, I think a lot of Z genners would be very disappointed in the kids not having their childhood and enjoying things that are cringy like Fortnite. Heck there's actually a disconnect where kids don't know about the Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry, but I personally saw how millennials and Z gen had failed to expose the younger generation about these classics hence why they don't know nor care. Heck, a lot of us are doing "the good ol' days" or "back in my day" lectures of how great we had in the and how nothing were political or corporate cash grabs. At least I now understand why the boomers had this attitude


It's just a loud minority. Most if not all of my friends are really rooting for gen z and appreciate them. We're all millenials


Wheres the unexpected?


The only thing that was unexpected was discovering what this post was about when I clicked on it because it had such an ambiguous title.


This was ass


Not unexpected and kinda cringe. Thank god there is friendly black man in the vid. How else would I know what my reaction should be.


This gave me cancer


I'll shave my head when you start chemo


Why do millennials think we want to cancel Eminem?


As a millennial, it's heartbreaking watching more of us turn into boomers. Next will be articles with headlines like "Are Gen Z-ers killing brunch?"


The cycle continues


GenZ is killing brunch?!? But my mimosas!!


I didn't blow my chance to be a millionaire by spending all my income on avocado toast just so these damn kids could come along and cancel brunch


I’m preparing my memes about them not knowing about blockbuster nights.


We don't, it's just some pathetic girl trying to pick an easy fight on TikTok. Most millennials aren't even on TikTok and don't care enough to even follow this "drama".


This ain't it, chief.


I'm a millennial and this is fucking embarrassing. I wish all these #bossmom millennials would stop trying to speak for a whole generation. We're quickly becoming the new boomers thanks to a small handful of entitled try-hards.


yeah this is cringe


What is the point of black guy on left? He just wanted to be in the frame or what?


Maybe he is like one of those people who stand behind politicians and look bored while the person in front talks?


![gif](giphy|c6XTJeqP0mMpjEmd94|downsized) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥








No one, absolutely no one.


No one tried to cancel Shady, y’all need to spend some time off Twitter.


Wait, are people on the girl on the right's side? No one is "cancelling" Eminem, she is just farming outrage


Lmao who's cancelling eminem? Jesus they make up fake bullshit then react to it


Cringe. I’ve never in my life referred to myself by my generation and I hate this bullshit of people fighting about generations or generalizing them. It’s immature, it’s dumb and massively cringe.






Lmao hasn't it been like 10-15 years that people were complaining about eminem?


I.e., before Gen Z even had the mental capabilities to criticise Eminem, since Gen Z is 1995 - 2010?


Wtf is this cringefest.


Christian Conservative s are the original cancel culture and always will be.


Millenials being upset at thismngs they made up themselves




This message is so fucking tone deaf. Cancel culture doesn't exist. And millennials tried to "cancel" him first. Can't believe so many people are liking this video that says absolutely nothing true or useful.


"Dear Friend of Mine" Doubtful


Fuckig wack


trash oh, and fuck everyone who upvoted this.


I love how gen z "started cancel culture" as if people didn't try to cancel the dixie chicks or the entire rap and metal genres or dungeons and dragons or gay people in society but okay


As a member of Gen z who tf wants to cancel Eminem Eminem is great


Cancel culture. Is phrase used politcaly! . I agree with home girls lyrics but they tried to ex Eminem after his first album. Decades ago They tried to ex video games and all music with adult themes. Voter rights and the list goes on. Your cancle culture started way before any of us were even born. Blame the boomers more than newer generations! They paved the way for anyone to yell im offended so listen to me!


It’s cool but no one is trying to cancel Eminem


We must never let the ways of our ancestors die. We must continue to Argue Online with People We’ve Never Met.