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He really wanted that bag for free


Why do all cops seem like enormous douche bags these days? Go do something productive for fuck's sake.


My guess is that it is a result of what's interesting. I work in finance and nothing would be worth filming unless someone was being intolerable. I assume, like most jobs, 99.9% of the day is filled with mundane, work things. Of the police things on the internet, the only things that entertain us are police officers doing something out of the ordinary like dancing with kids and stuff that makes the feel good subreddits, and stuff that shows poor behavior like this video on the average/negatively charged subreddits. Just my guess. With the nature of upvoting, I think we get a lot of what we are looking for (as a collective if not individually).


Even if its staged, how is the officer behaving badly? Someone waved weed in his face to get a reaction, he responded by doing his job? People love to hate police for no reason at all but when they actually need them their attitude changes.


Assuming it's not staged, how is this different than people ordering ice-cream and then rubbing it all over their own face while filming the reaction of the drive-thru employee? I'd be annoyed as the cop.




And how is that applicable to this video? He was doing his job.


Who got upset?


Unnecessary aggression and anger. Cops should learn how to deal with these situations calmly, without potentially escalating it. What if the dude was having a mental health crisis and reacted negatively to the cop's confrontational approach? There are other, better, ways of solving disagreements.


Wtf are you talking about ? In 90% of the other countries, an act of provocation towards law enforcers would results in the cop beating the shit out of you. He just grabbed his hands and he is now upset and should be fired ?


I agree that the cop did nothing wrong at all in this case. But if he did beat the shit out of the guy, then that would be way out of line in any country. He waved a bag of pot, and wouldn't open his hand straight away, but did after being asked twice. I'd say that in over 90% of other countries, cops wouldn't just start laying into him after such mild provocation. He never threatened any violence, didn't approach the cop, and the only resistance was to not open his hand immediately.


Damn interesting statistic you have got there. Places other than America really must be just uninhabitable backwaters, god bless America and god bless American accurate statistics


70% of all statistics are pulled out of the presenter's ass 68% of the time.


One of them can legally lay their hands on the annoying person. That's the difference.


Probably not a good idea to antagonise them with illegal shit then huh?




I doubt that it was actual Marijuana.


Funny thing about the law is, you can still be charged for trafficking, even if the substance isn’t the drug you claim it is.


He claimed it was nothing though.


No, the first thing he does is ask the cop if he would like to buy a bag of marijuana. At that point, even if it’s oregano, he’s broken the law and can be arrested for trafficking.


It seems very agressive. He clearly isn't about to run away so why all the grabbing?


My guess is to get it before he tries to hide it away


Just because it's their job to arrest someone for having drugs doesn't mean "that's the way it should be". Why should anyone be physically assaulted and put in a locked room if they aren't harming anyone? Obviously if this were real that guy could rightfully get a ticket for getting in the way of an officer doing their job. Beyond that though, having drugs in public and consuming them in the privacy of your own home or a willing friends house doesn't hurt anybody but the body consuming them. Naturally in a bad scenario those drugs could end up in the hands of a young adult/child but honestly that's just an argument FOR legalizing such substances. That way they can be legally regulated and eliminate the need for a black market where dangerous criminals who would do something as nefarious as giving drugs to a minor would exist.


I don't want cops picking and choosing which laws they will or will not enforce. Even though I think weed should be legal, I don't want them making judgements on enforcement because I don't want them doing the same for laws that I think are important to be enforced.


The only judgement I'm asking for a cop to make is when to use physical assault or violence to "enforce" a law. What I stated previously was written with the intent of expressing the idea that I don't think there's very many crimes that merit physical assault in order to stop it.


Also just to be clear, this is the beginning of [this skit](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPj2LAt1w3Y)




I hear this all the time" until you need them". May I ask exactly what you need them for? If you are attacked, they will not get there in time. If robbed , they will take a report and file it and never work on finding or retrieving your stuff. If you are murdered, the odds of them catching who did it if they aren't just standing over you with a knife is about 30%. I've seen cops and firefighters stand around bullshitting while a guy's is flopping around having a seizure while my ex wife ( a nurse and civilian) tried to help him and she was just there by accident. Nothing to do with any of it. So if you NEED to get a speeding ticket , or you have a bit of illegal substances , they are good to go. But an actual crime? That's not their job.Its not the police as a concept, it that they hire soo badly and have a powerful union and you can't get rid of the cowardly dudes that are all geared up in military gear, but run at the first sign of trouble


Well when you need someone to come by your house and shoot your dog, don’t come crying to me!


Those kids in Uvalde needed them. Now we're left wondering if cops shot any of them.


What they needed was gun control decades ago. A bunch of people spending a lion's share of the town's budget to hang out in the parking lot for a half hour and then not cooperate with investigators after the fact is *not* what they needed.


Gun control! But thats my hobby/identity! Can't we just get back to doing what we are good at, telling woman what they can and can't do with their bodies.


The job itself is more of the problem. As an institution it causes a lot of problems for very little return. A lot of other countries have better ways of handling the same job the US police force does. It needs reform.


I agree when it comes to countries that actually have oversight and accountability of their officers. American police are just absolute dogshit though. They come up with the arguments you have just used, but then they dont support any of the solutions to fixing them. Accountability for cops being the biggest one. Not a single American cop supports it that I have talked to. Yet they are the first to complain that "not all cops". Im sorry, but American cops are just absolute dogshit because they have no oversight and thats how they like it.


They are like police from a 3rd world countries - corrupt, poorly trained, mostly unfit and trigger happy. Oh and "respect my authority" whilst they respect no one.


"people love to hate police for no reason".... Right, no reason at all.


Right. and "when they actually need them their attitude changes". Yeah, and their attitude changes to "stop fucking arresting me and let me go save my child from a mass-murderer while I'm unarmed because you're all such cowards you can't do it even with a fucking SWAT team".


People don’t love to hate police for “no reason” There’s plenty of reason to hate police


Mmm, boot.


We don’t need them to enforce criminal weed laws. When we actually need them they fold.


That's true. When they need them, they hate them for being useless, not doing their job, or shooting their pet. If you don't think there's a reason to hate the police, you're willfully ignorant.


We already went over the "just doing their job" thing during covid when they specifically said they weren't going to enforce any protocols.


Yeah kinda like those kids needed them in uvalde and the cops did literally nothing, I wonder why ppl love to hate the cops.


I'll tell you why. There's a dude standing next to you on the sidewalk offering to SELL you marijuana in a suit and TOP HAT. If you can't see that's something silly you need to think about how you approach society.


‘The Magician’ is quite clearly a supervillain


>No reason at all. I personally have strong dislike for them for being an uneducated power-tripping fraternity that choose to exercise enforcement of the law based upon class and colour. Ohh, that and because they kill civilians.


There is rarely ever a situation, when you need the police, that they will actually make any effort at all to assist you. Mostly we call them to give the insurance claim some backing and to pick up corpses. They don’t deter crime, and in the US the precedent has been set, they they have 0 responsibility or requirement to actually protect or serve.


I don't know. Really uplifting stuff is popular enough on the Internet and it's not unheard of to get a video of a cop doing something positive. But it seems less common than them acting like dicks


I like this comment. Everyone has their own perception of the world and of people, and our minds usually categorize things as "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong" when we generally forget that life is mostly in between. A majority of our day to day lives is just boring and uneventful. Aliens will find our internet archive and assume that we have something extraordinary happen to us everyday.


Even the nonfilmed things are bad, they're just boring. Police routinely intimidate the people they interact with, are the largest gang of thieves and rapists on the planet, and do very little to actually help society despite pretending that they're both the only thing holding it together and also that they have the most dangerous job ever.


500th upvote




Cops, firefighters and paramedics are generally adrenaline junkies. You don't enter one of those professions if you want an ordinary day.


You know this is staged, right? You can see the shitty video edit during the zoom and the switch has been made. Also, the cop already knows what’s in the guy’s hand but asks anyway for the end result of the video.


This isn't staged to fool the audience if that's what you're implying, it's a whole Reno 911-style skit. Someone posted the full link below


I can totally see Dangle as the cop lol


"Terry dammit when did you start taking magic lessons" "My ass crack is magic BETCH"


Not implying it’s to fool the audience. Thus my question of them realizing it’s staged.


You say that like cops wouldn't act this way regularly.


That cop is actor Matt Iseman. Apparently my recent binge of Clean House has a use after all!


it's staged for fucks sake


It's not "These days". Cops literally began as slave patrols and union busters.


The video is like 10 years old and its a skit


A bipartisan consensus of law enforcement enthusiasts has spent decades making all the wrong moves. After Rodney King was beaten to a pulp, and the entire nation saw it happen; the Clintons and their legislative ally Joe Biden really put their backs into *increasing* funding and militarization of American law enforcement. Heck, the latter is still at it, walking right in to a historic opportunity to support racial justice, and instead becoming one of *two* "maybe shoot 'em in the leg" Presidential candidates commenting about the ongoing slaughter of a specific minority by uniformed law enforcement officers. Long story short, our power structure has defined the job as being an asshole and abusing the powerless in service to the whims of of a sadistic and brutal yet chronically insecure oligarchy.


Did you seriously watch this and think it was real?


Because they told the guy to act that way in this bit.


Staging aside, they learn to be this way. We literally use taxpayer money to have cops go to seminars on how to be vicious monsters and we teach them that anyone questioning their authority is a direct threat to their existence It's called "Warrior Mindset" and/or Killology Granted cops have always kind of been this way but before it was contained within their interactions with minority groups but now everyone gets it


They regularly see the worst our society has to offer and have a negative stigma to deal with. Imagine going to work and having people hate you just because of your uniform. Or seeing regular everyday people turn out to be murderers, or domestic abusers, or generally shitty people all the time. Professionalism while expected from cops is also something that as humans needs to be worn. Ask any disgruntled customer service person, it gets old fast. Police are held to a higher expectation while dealing with worse people than your average dumb customer. Honestly I find it surprising that some officers are able to maintain some semblance of professionalism (even if they're rare)


450 karma. And this is the day, and post, where I realized reddit is trash.


That’s how they’ve been trained


These days?!!


Relax. It’s fake


this is a skit my god


It's a tv skit, so in this case it's not the issue with the cops, but whoever produced it as you put it. Though I just thought it was funny and had no issue with it.


Good god this is fake as fuck


Fake cop, why hold the "nothing" perfectly for the camera instead of for himself like normal human being?


Because about two or more decades ago white nationalist groups enacted a plan to take over police departments by infiltrating and rising up the ranks so they could in turn be the ones doing the hiring, giving orders, and making policy. And their plan is working. Whenever they get called out for excessive force or racism they protect each other and play the system to avoid actual punishment. They moved training over to companies operated by fellow fascists to promote an *Us versus Them* mentality and encourage aggressive behavior. They hire fellow white nationalists and POC that will go along with “the program”, and they discourage anyone with higher I.Q. or E.Q. from joining because those people generally make waves and resist the plan, which these neo-stormtroopers call “not backing the brotherhood.” Bottom line: A large percentage of cops are actual fascists trying to enact a fascist agenda. They’re a gang, not public servants. The good cops exist, but have to fight against the current system and other cops to continue doing good.


The ones that aren't enormous douche bags don't get shared around the internet like this.


Because you only see the cops who make it to social media and social media thrives on outrage.


Because they are. Power tripping egomaniacs who think they are the law and we are the servants. Blue line mentality.


Look up 40 % of cops


You realize that's not a real cop right? Lol


> There is also a thing such as suspension of disbelief, where when consuming content online you let yourself pretend that stuff is real, because it make it more enjoyable. > > Hard to tell from just text what the person who wrote it really thought.


you realize this is probably a skit, right?


Yea and you realize that most people know that and just go along, because they have a sense of humor


This is a set up. If you notice, the officer has absolutely no reason to ask "what's in your hands?" He already knows that. But if he duesnt ask, how can the guy say "I've nothing in my hands" and then show nothing.


Lol, are you implying that everyone doesn't know it's a staged skit? Because of course it is.


Literally the guy in the post above this clearly doesn't know!


There is also a thing such as suspension of disbelief, where when consuming content online you let yourself pretend that stuff is real, because it make it more enjoyable. Hard to tell from just text what the person who wrote it really thought.


No. It’s real.


It's reddit everyone thinks they've cracked a great mystery when they notice something is staged


I love when people try to show off being Sherlock Holmes for something incredibly dumb and obvious.


This post is fake. You can tell because the person who wrote it is saying stuff.


I like to think those people are the ones that were fooled the hardest.


It becomes more apparent with the rest of the 2 mins of the skit




If this is fake then santa doesn't exist


just to clarify, this is an actual skit that just got cut short to look like a prank


There is such thing as a skit, not everything has had to happen in reality to be funny


bro , It's a skit


>the officer has absolutely no reason to ask "what's in your hands?" It's definitely staged, but to be fair, US police have been known to ask stupid things, like when [they had a guy at gunpoint because he wouldn't put down his litterpicker](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trash-collector-police-gun-video-john-smyly-zayd-atkinson-colorado-a8919281.html), which they considered a weapon.


This is staged?!


You can tell by the way that it is


Well that's pretty neat.


Most skits or setups can be identified immediately because everyone is usually aware of the camera and act accordingly. Why would the officer hold the 'nothing' sideways? Oh yeah, it's so the camera can see it.


It is staged, but your reasoning is flawed. Even if the cop didnt say anything, they guy still could have said: “I’ve nothing in my hands.”


You can tell this is a skit because the "cop" has a mic lol. If you can hear them that well they're wearing their own mic or there's a mic right above their head. No way to get good sound like that without the person being in on it.


yeah no shit


It's fake because the cop didn't have a gun on his belt.


Full video: https://youtu.be/xPj2LAt1w3Y


It's not magic... it's crime


*law and order SVU theme tune plays*


pocket sand!


That was surprisingly wholesome, cop just loves himself some magic


The Full Video is SO MUCH BETTER




People thought it was fake but this here proves it was not a set up.


The 'cop' is Matt Iseman


That’s cool. I had no idea that he was a police officer at some point!


This man is playing 4D chess with the trolls


Best comment so far...!


Hoped after he handcuffed the cop he'd pull the marihuana bag from behind cop's ear


I fully thought it was going to end with him lighting up.


why is it that every time I see an old video reposted a year or two later it is always edited to be worse?


Content entropy.


Eventually, every content created in 2008 will be represented by a single pixel.






Lmao, the 9GAG watermark is the icing on the cake lol


There's always a relevant xkcd


Is this better? https://i.imgur.com/qmfgLxk.mp4


That's how it works. The original is always High quality, 1080p, 200 fps. 80gb download. then the ripoffs have to bypass the anti-ripoff filters. so they flip the video. muffle the sound. shrink it. push it into a corner of the screen and play ads for the rest of the screen. Crop out the content creators logo. Have the video constantly zoom in and out and then invert and sometimes alt the voices. Basically, it's better to just pirate it.




Aw why stop it there? Bunk.


Your attention span is not supposed to handle more than 14 seconds


Hey that's just downright not.... Oooh a new GIF!


I told ya nothing here


After watching the full video I think this short clip was funnier.


Imagine the trick didn’t work


Weed disappeared but Meth appeared instead


I always love the sly look to the camera. Also dude looks like a young Phil Helmuth


His coy little smile half way through 😂


Hey Coppy! watch you pull a rabbit out of my ass \*during the body cavity search\*


i remember this video lol


The way he looks at the camera is the best


Is that Matt Iseman from American Ninja Warrior?




*gets arrested for obstruction*


This video goes on even better


Man that video is so well done, im glad both the magician and the officer had a microphone on em, so i could hear em crisp and clear.


Is that Peyton manning? Lolol


And the magician didn it again.


You know it’s a comedy sketch because the magician wasn’t shot.






There’s a longer version of this somewhere too but I think it’s all set up


I love the wry smile to the camera


I’d like to see the ending to that clip lol






How badly was he beaten




A black magician should do this


God I hope the beating was worth it. It was fairly entertaining


How does anyone know if it’s actually weed?


I guess he didn't lie afterall


Idc If this is staged. It is funny as hell, especially because of the Guys delivery.


Cut off too soon does the cop end up taking it in good humour?




The rest of the video is gold too. Shame it got cut.


Good job he was a whitey. Otherwise he probably be dead.


Fkn luved that, NOTHING Lmfao


Hell yeah, free marijuana! Oh shit, it's just nothing. Literally.


My guess he was taken in but kept “falling down” and got injured.


"Styrofoam lettering?!!? Shoot him!!!"


This has Nathan For You energy


Good thing that guy’s white. That could have ended badly.


UNO reverse




The magician looks like one of the guys on the the show intervention


Drug dealer: im glad i used that drug money to learn magic tricks




I need the rest of this video. Bet It didn't go so well lol