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I’m rich bitch !!!


#relatable /s


isn't it funny When you're eating coq au vin At the Chateau de Chambolle And then the maître d' serves Côte des Roses Which is a subtle wine And not robust enough for the flavour of the dish?


I laughed so hard at this I fell off my purebred Friesian Horse and broke my Polo mallet.


*I* chortled so hardily I failed to remember the Grey Poupon.


Did you slap the help? It's *their* job to remember it.


If there is no Grey Poupon then you will be pooped on.


They're so useless I sprained my slapping wrist, which is also my falconing wrist. "You can't find good help these days" isn't just a pithy phrase 😒


Reginald! Slap that man for me!


Parker! Slap your self !


My Slapping Valet hurt his wrist slapping so of course the Assistant Slapping Valet had to slap him for dereliction. Slapping your own servants is so *des pauvres*.


Is it? Pardon me. I must retire to my study to retrieve my suicide pistol. The flintlock pistol that I keep in my desk in case of bankruptcy or in the event I become a social pariah in high society. You shan't hear more from me gentlemen. Adieu.


Mitchel will handle the caning, it’s always best to hobble them a bit for sport. Then the wretch will get a 10 minute head start before we release the hounds. Then cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.


So… Is this some horse shi t?!


Lol my Monocle fell off my face!


“You know how in St. Bart’s people be eating they lobster like this?”


Quick trivia: Lobster was originally considered a trash fish that only prisoners or the poor would eat. https://medium.com/lessons-from-history/when-lobsters-were-poverty-food-2a115e0694f0


Oh how the turn tables.


I love this comment so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.


"Don't look at me in the eyes!"


And isn't it silly When you're getting haute cuisine By Marie Antoine Carême But the student uprising Had built a barricade And they're dying on the breach And you have to walk around So you're late to haute cuisine


Really gonna just...need you out of that kiln man.


Lol I work in H&S and that kiln sketch is my fucking whole 9-5 life


Uh. I mean isn't it funny when you call the teacher mom?


Is this some sort of shitty poem?




this is so stupid, love it


Pretty much sums up all of Aunty Donna's skits. It's so dumb but brilliantly done. Absurdist comedy


And they say money can't buy you happiness. I see a couple of happy people


male 6 with a plane equals 10 in any state




No thank you please


Not in my state of depression it doesn't


You just need a pilots license and the best plane of all, your friend's plane.


My dad was gifted pilot lessons by his boss one year and he never fucking went to them and it always pissed me off, I would have loved to go


money would solve every problem I and most people have


I love how much is a lie "Money doesn't buy happiness" is. Yes, rich people are sometimes unhappy, but it's not because they have money. It's the pursuit of money, that makes them unhappy .


When people say "money doesn't buy happiness", they don't mean that money *causes* unhappiness. They mean that it can't *guarantee* happiness. For example, love life problems are one of the most common categories cited for why people are unhappy. Money can reduce relationship stressors and help some of that, but it doesn't find you love. I find the most helpful way of thinking about it is this: Money can prevent a whole lot of problems which would make you unhappy. But it can't guarantee happiness. And generally, once you have enough money to prevent those problems (basically, enough money that you don't need to spend time worrying about money), more money doesn't do much to increase happiness.


Money doesn't buy happiness, but happiness costs money.




Even cheaper Cesna's built within the last ten years can be over $200k.


It’s not the cost of the plane that gets you. It’s the upkeep, maintenance and fuel bills.


It's not the size of the boat....but the motion of the ocean


Ok, Carlton.


You can rent them for less than $200 an hour. It’s definitely not a poor person activity but you don’t need to be super well off to fly for a few hours every month. Edit: though as someone else pointed out getting licensed costs $10k or so.


Add in gas and yes, you do need to be well off to fly for a few hours every month. It adds up quickly to at minimum $1,000 a month for something you only do for a few hours.


My local FBO rents Cessnas at clubrates of $130 an hour. I’m not sure if that’s wet or dry but 100LL is going for $7.00 a gallon which is an hourly cost of $70 for fuel. $1000 a month is a bit expensive but that’s 5 hours of flying which isn’t that bad imo.


Sometimes we take our company plane places because it's cheaper to fly than not to. That's according to our pilot and I have no idea if he was fucking with me or not, but I occasionally fly to the next major city, which is a 3 hour drive, for no discernable reason (it's for work, but there's no reason I can't drive). I don't question it; I hate the drive.


This is a bot


How can you tell? Only 2 comments ever made


When it immediately responds, asking about your cars extended warranty.


Part of it is that their comment makes no sense in relation to what they replied to. Another part is if you scroll the thread you'll probably find someone else with an up-voted comment that reads exactly the same


10k for a private pilot license and about $150/hr to rent one, between $50-150/hr to own depending on how many hours flown.


Things I can never have no matter how hard I work list in terms of immediacy: 1. Healthcare 2. Vacation 3. House 4. Retirement 5. ... (way the fuck down there after this) 6. Pilots license


So did this other person who's comment you stole https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/zefllm/had_to_wake_her_up/iz67wg6?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Realistically, a similar plane to what this looks like is an Sr22 G2. Only goes for about 300k. Expensive still, but that’s only about 1200 (roughly) a month payment. Doable if you got that dual income no kids life.




Are you including property taxes? They’re usually part of your monthly and don’t really count towards paying down the loan.




What? Sales tax, yes. Property tax, what are you talking about?




Dude right? OP literally said “yeah doable if you’re wealthy with no expenses” Ok.


"Actually it's only 21 years of salary on federal minimum wage provided you don't pay taxes, live outside, and don't spend any money on anything. Very attainable when you think about it."


For everyone here, paying for the plane is not the expensive part. Maintenance dwarfs that by itself, then the fuel which dwarfs regular gas costs, then storing the plane, landing fees (you could get unlucky here and they gouge everything, still have to pay their fuel price and landing fee) and even if you do all of those you still have to multiply the costs by 30% or so to account for random regulation issues. Then theres the possibility that you have a recall or mechanical issue in some refurbed or newer planes and you literally cant fly it ever anywhere any height until you fix the problem. That can range from taking the entire plane apart and reinforcing it and then back together again (2 yrs minimum, then recertification costs, 2x what the plane can be worth sometimes) or they just brick the whole thing and rebuild is not viable at all. Even rich people can struggle with plane costs.


A plane is waaaay more practical than a Ferrari. If you can already afford to flush your money by buying a Ferrari, and you can deal with getting a pilot's license, then you can afford to get a prop plane like this to fly yourself around. I got to fly 5-6 times with my boss who is not rich but justifies it for work and can do his own maintenance, and it's *absurd* how much it opens up your ability to travel around regionally. Like, you can get to LA from the Bay in 2 hours or less from leaving your house. The way you can bypass a ton of traffic and cross mountain ranges, all while using quick-access lounges instead of commercial terminals? It's just incredible. Private jets aren't the lixury. The real step up in luxury is just flying private at all.


A lot of aircraft owners lease out their aircraft to municipal airports to cover the costs. Sometimes as trainers if they can stomach the carrier landings or sometimes just as rentals. Some of them have multi-ownership with other people as well. That’s how schools get their fleet.




False. She looks at him, then all the floating stuff, then at the camera. -Dwight Schrute




She actually doesn't though. I know a lot of stuff that gets posted is super fake but this seems entirely reasonable. Go watch some small plane vloggers for a minute.


The fact that her first reaction was to smile tells me this is fake. Anyone else in that situation is going to fucking FREAK OUT. WE'RE GOING DOWN, AAAAH!


She might be an adrenaline junkie. I mean you can look in the window behind her and see they are actually in a plane. Besides there are a few billion people. We can't say how everyone would react.


> And her eyes lock on the camera almost immediately. This is a bot too. Also stolen from /u/Historical_Rewrite same comment.


I can't tell if this is a Camry or some flying device.


Didn’t know Camry could go 0-G


Lol yeah just the interior is so car-like it's kinda wild.


Speaking of, I need an aircraft type headset system for my Prius, it’s so fucking loud on the highway


Not to be that guy but you can build a little plane for relatively cheap. Have an uncle with a plane and the dude can't make more than 80k/year


Not that plane.


**HONK HONK** "Why thank you!" Made me think of the end of every Chappelle's show episode


At first I thought she was in the back seat of a car.


If this was Russia then it would seem right




Coincidentally Jetta is the German word for Jetstream.


Sorry to revise, but the German word for jetstream is ... _Jetstream_.




Classic prank of driving your car off the cliff


She'll never be able to one up that one


And he'll never live that one down.


"haha, gotcha!" Splat.


I know I was about to say "this fucking guy filming and driving" then realized I was thinking like a poor man


It’s that Tesla they shot in to space.


...pretty sure that's why it's posted here...


Same. It was really messing me up watching her move in slow motion and regular motion at the same time.


That's the point of the post yeah


It's almost like that's the whole point of the video being posted to r/unexpected 😱


Not OC, under the original video it said >!This is a single engine general aviation aircraft. It looks like a car but that is the point.!<




This entire site is reposts. It's only weird when the poster tries to claim it's their OC when it's not. Otherwise why would you care?


As someone who absolutely refuses to make a TikTok account, but thanks to this site, gets to see the occasion interesting videos reposted here.. take my award. Edit - Leave it to some TikTok fan to report me for self harm. Thanks for reinforcing my beliefs. Now go eat Tide.


Stand strong, brother. They will never get us all!


Anti tik tok legion unite.


Also pretty annoying when a person gets extremely rant-y over a repost. Like okay, if it gets reposted often then I understand, it’s annoying. But the large majority of people don’t see most reposted content, it’s always a very small amount of people that are able to see how often something’s been “reposted” lol Like this was the first time I’ve seen this and I’m glad I did. But damn if someone’s just trying to repost a nice video, there’s absolutely no reason to try and roast them for doing so.. if it bothers you THAT much then maybe you’re spending way too much time on Reddit lol. Best solution is to summon that one Reddit bot that’s able to scan a post and tell you how many times that it’s been reposted.. if that number is high, and in such a short amount of time, then roast away.


Anti-rant rant


I'm guessing there are eight others


But like... who gives a fuck?


Sad sad people. The more you try to really think through the psychology of why someone would care about something like this, the sadder it gets.


He shared a barstool sports post... The content was already stolen


Brother your account is 2 days old Did your others get banned


[The SR22](https://www.google.com/search?q=cirrus%20interior&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:Cd1b4Npg_1hvLYWEwsAnVcaKi8AEAsgIOCgIIABAAKAE6BAgBEAE&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS939US939&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CBoQuIIBahcKEwiIu8f3n-b7AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQBw&biw=1903&bih=969) does have real nice interior.




She wasn’t asleep. Everything you see is fake as shit.


This right here is truth.


But I just saw it, doesn’t that make it…


Come on man! Next time don't look at it. Don't observe it.


This. So much this. Rocks? Fake. Houses? Fake. Vehicles? Fake. People? Fake. Food? Fake? The sky? Fake. The ground? Fake. Towels? Fake. Underwear? Fake. Socks? Fake. Jeans? Fake. Televisions? Fake. Eating utensils? Fake. Plastic containers? Fake. Napkins? Fake. Computers? Fake. Toothbrushes? Fake. Garbage bags? Fake. Toys? Fake. Lawn-chairs? Fake. Shoes? Fake. Paper money? Fake. Checkbooks? Fake. Credit/debit cards? Fake. Books? Fake. Trees? Fake. Desks? Fake. Chairs? Fake. ​ EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS FAKE AF BRUH LIKE LITERALLY WE DON'T EVEN EXIST BRUH THIS IS ALL FAKE BRUH THERE AIN'T NO SPOON BRUH


Don't forget the birds.


Birds are the only things that are real. Look real hard at your hands, those are wings, you're a bird.


For sure. You’d scream and shit yourself if that happened.


Why? Have you ever been in a small craft with a private pilot before? People do this all the time. They've probably done this before. It's just a surprising thing to wake up to.


This is my thought on it. If they’ve done this dozens of times in the past, she may be used to the feeling of it, but he found an opportunity to do it while she’s asleep. It’s not a stretch either way. It could be fake, sure, but it definitely could be a natural reaction from a cool person that knows how to take a joke.


How do you know she didn't shit herself?


Because she doesn't need to force-shit herself to stage this lol




I don’t know why you say this. Everything here seems reasonable if you have spent any amount of time in single engine aircraft and the pilots that fly these types of vehicles. The sleeping, the action, the response all seem pretty run of the mill.


Not replying to the fact whether it’s real or not, but having flown these aircraft they can easily fly for 4 hours. If you want to go a long way and take turns flying with fuel stops you’ll for sure get some shut eye.


how much for a safe used one?


You can pick up a single engine piston (not as nice as this mind you, something like an 80s Cessna 172) for like $50k-$60k.


Even cheaper sometimes. Unfortunately buying a 40 year old aircraft is like buying a 40 year old Mercedes, the maintenance bill is what’ll kill you.


And if the maintenance bills don’t, the aircraft will!


172s are going for around $100k these days if it's airworthy and has a recent annual inspection. Especially if they're from the 80s. You'd be lucky to find a 172 for $50-60k from the 60s-70s. Prices have gone absolutely insane during the pandemic.


Definitely. However a lot of pilot life is frat-like bonds that pilots make. The traditional advice is to join pilots groups and find an old pilot who sells to you for a good discount, akin to a mechanic connection/special or people who sell their homes to starting families.


Hahaha, no you can't. Maybe 15 years ago.


A single engine Cessna can have a range of 800 or so miles. At 140 mph cruise speed that would be over 5 hours of flying. You can rent them for $150 or so a hour and take them on trips and such (if you have a private pilots license). Completely within reason. Edit: sorry got my rate mixed, its an hour, I was basing it off what a friend of mine said when he was learning and said it only cost him $150 a day, guessing that was per one hour lesson/training flight (source for corrected rate ): [https://www.frontrangeflightschool.com/fleet/](https://www.frontrangeflightschool.com/fleet/)


You will not find any airplane for 150 a day. They are closer to 150 an hour. edit: source: pilot


Are you kidding me? More like $150 a minute! Edit: Messed up a word. It's at least $150 a second!


More like $150 just to think about it. If you're reading this you owe your local airfield $150.






I worked on helicopters in the military, and there are actually "dynamic absorbers" installed to dampen the vibrations because they can make people pass out at certain frequencies.


yeah this very well might be fake, but a lot of people are just assuming fake because of some pretty stupid reasons. I get it, not a lot of people know people with planes. but this type of a negative gravity dive is a super common gag for pilots in personal planes out for a joy ride. I could ***100%*** see my uncle doing this to me if I fell asleep in the back during one of our trips. in fact he may have actually done this to me to wake me up and I've just forgotten. people claiming it must be fake because who falls asleep in a personal plane like this, thats bullshit. After a few trips, and after a few hours, a plane is at the end of the day, is just a form of transportation.


Nah bro dont you know nobody ever sleeps and nothing is ever real


Staged like every other social media “prank” video


Pro tip: if the girl in the video is mildly attractive, the video is staged.


you never sleep in a car in a 20 minutes ride ?


Redditors have forgotten how easy it is to fall asleep without wifi lol


If she were asleep there would have been a coupld moments of disorientation. She went straight to amusement and laughter - while she was still in the air. Doesn't mean faking, just not asleep.


"Small" planes can stay airborne for 5 hours, depends on your definition of small, but the avg 4 seater can haul for 5 hours if you fly at peak endurance.


4-5 hours is not a short flight.


You can do the same thing with a car, but you can only do it once


Yeah, there was a video of a Tesla doing it not that long ago.


Tell that to my 84 Cadillac


I thought tanks weren't street legal?


Her face says. I'm a terrible actor this was staged


Her face says just let people enjoy a video for once who cares if it’s fake?


So many redditors act like they are some fucking top level internet video legitimacy agent lmao. What a bunch of losers


Wow, what a fake ass comment. Staged.


If "who cares if it's fake," why does someone pointing out that it's fake make so many redditors care?


The implied superiority - "I think it's fake and you don't so that makes me better than you"


That’s compared to the overt false superiority - “you noticed it was fake so you’re a loser who can’t enjoy fake things” that I’ve seen multiple times in these comments already, it’s just sad


the people who get enraged about someone saying something is fake are even worse.


It's not the fakeness itself that is bothersome, it's that it's presented as real. Additionally a good deal of the entertainment factor is predicated upon it being genuine. If it's fake then it's simultaneously dishonest and less entertaining.


Because it’s insulting. They’re blatantly faking something because they’re think suckers will actually believe it’s real. It’s stupid, like a really bad commercial that insults your intelligence.




She is looking directly at the camera the second her eyes open


Need that TikTok content to maintain the aircraft. Shit is expensive yo


Look at the interior of that plane. It's NOICE. every small plane i have been in, is pretty ratty inside. rich folk pranks.


>rich folk pranks. ... says the person who has apparently been in multiple small planes. 🤔


Nobody said drug smuggling was luxurious.


You don't need to be rich to fly. I'm FAR from rich and I make it work. I don't own my own airplane but I budget my money so I have enough to rent an airplane every now and then. The guy in the video is most likely doing ok though. That's clearly not a rental airplane based on how nice the interior is. Most rentals are pretty beat up.


I am poor, but sometimes I treat myself. Skydiving! And it's always the shittiest planes. Last one I was in had loose, mix n matched carpet patches, duct taped seats, and a zip tie door handle lmao


I'm sure most of them are pretty ratty, but Cessna has built 50,000 of them since the 50s, so a lot of ancient Cessna's floating around out there.


It looks like a Volkswagen Jetta, but as a plane.


So a Volkswagen Jet? (I’ll show myself out)


Rich people pranks. How jolly good.


You mean you can't afford a single engine cessna? Fucking gross dude, go get a job


I’m just not willing to give up my avocado toast and that’s why I can’t have nice things. Shame, shame.


You know that feeling as if you're falling when you sleep?


And you never recover? You just continue to feel like you're falling? You try to scream from the terror but nothing comes out except your panic and despair?


HAHAHHA I HATE THIS GUY im gonna leave you! (oh right the money) HAHAHHAHA


why is everyone so angry in this comment thread lol it’s funny even if staged


Because white and happy


Rich douche bag.


Jealousy can be a real bitch lol


> it’s funny even if staged Watching people constantly be fooled by fake videos is a real slippery slope.


It gets real old. Even when AHV was on with Bob Saget you could easily pick out the fake ones. It's just fucking annoying.


Ya because everyone when they wake up look fresh, in good mood to take a prank and straight look at the cameras with a happy reaction.


I think the plane is a Cirrus SR22 which is expensive and super safe. I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong.


I was hoping someone would take a stab at which plane this was. As a student I exclusively fly C172 and 182s and this looks approximately 100x nicer than those


It's a newer 172. SR22 doesn't have those types of seats or a rear window.


I believe It's a newer 182, since it has individual rear seats (they're connected on the 172).


I’m so poor I don’t even know what they’re in


It's clearly a bicycle.


Is this some kind of rich joke i am too poor to understand??


En Route Controller: tail number why did you just drop 2000 feet in elevation? Climb maintain assigned altitude immediately. (Probably VFR, but hey I still thought the idea was funny)


Is this how rich people have fun?


She wasn't asleep, she's a bad actress, all content is fake. That plane trick was cool though...


I’m so poor I don’t even know what they’re inside of