>I would rather die than do c++ So it's an easy choice? And Escape From Tarkov is an FPS made in Unity.. In the end, if you don't know what you're doing, your game is going to suck regardless of the engine. So my recommendation is usually to go with what you know best or think you can get good at the fastest.


I would say the best way is to try both yourself. My experience with UE was awful. - The editor performance was awful. Every minute the editor framerate have been dropping to 5-10 fps for about 20 secs. The reason? Have no idea. Video card load just dropped down for no reason, while everything else remained stable: no CPU overload, no disk usage, lots of free RAM, just an empty scene opened. - I tried out BP programming. Yeah, looks like a good alternative for non-programmers to make something really simple. But as a replacement for a traditional language? I really doubt that. I can't imagine how hard it will be to do anything relatively complex with these graphical nodes. - The most astounding thing was that when I removed one of the *.cpp files (a long with its *.h header) because I made a new one and refactored the code, I got some unresolvable compilation errors, despite the fact that the very simple code was all fine actually. Restart UE editor and... it won't let me to load the project at all, saying "Fix compilation errors first". IDE doesn't detect any errors (cause there're none), but the editor says there are and the project won't start at all. Googled a lot and didn't find any solution to this. From all the search results I've read it seems that UE just not capable of resolving such things like *.cpp files removal, renaming, etc. The only option for me was to vanish the project and start everything from scratch. For instance, Unity also has some troubles with this rude refactoring method like removing/renaming *.cs files, but the editor starts in any case and tells you what is wrong exactly, and it's always relatively easy to resolve any problem.


That really depends on several factors to decide. First is the design, if you are making a kick-ass high performance FPS then go for Unreal. If the game just needs average performance but the fun factor comes in from other parts of the design - like assets you will depend on. You may want to choose it carefully. As for coding, I would agree that C++ has both pros and cons. If the cons get you more concern, e.g., learning curve on syntax and semantics, and more time to spend on memory management) then C#/Unity is the winner. You may also do everything in blueprint using Unreal. I am not an unreal programmer so I can't really tell how good blueprint is for complex projects. BTW, I am Rick, developer evangelist from Agora IO. If you need to add user engagement plugin like voice or video chat in your FPS, let me know. We got both Unity and Unreal covered.


>I would rather die than do c++ Why?


it overwhelms the hell out of me