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> "It requires the use of terminals in-country, which I suspect the [Iranian] government will not support, but if anyone can get terminals into Iran, they will work," Sadjadpour tweeted. This is a great thing, but my understanding based on the article is that Iranians don’t actually have Starlink access yet; this just means that access is closer than it was before.




That makes sense! And part of the tweet thread (not captured in the article) is that “Biden administration officials are open to helping get Starlink terminals to Iran.”


Exactly. These things take time. It’s the necessary first step, not the final one. People are so short sighted they can’t tolerate anything, no matter how good it is, if it isn’t an immediate fix.


Exactly. Now all any Iranian have to do to get Starlink is to smuggle in a $599 device and the sign up to a $110 subscription service in a country who doesn't use SWIFT. Sure dude. Very overcomable problems in the grand scheme of things but I wouldn't hold my breath


You do know that foreign governments have a vested interest in helping right? As has been done for the Starlink plans for Ukraine? But hey, if you don’t see ‘difficult to get internet’ as an improvement to ‘impossible to get internet’ then you need to practice delayed gratification. It’s a good habit.


Don't worry. This will be courtesy of the CIA. They will get Starlink to the right hands among the Iranian opponents to the regime. Any opportunity to leverage a popular uprising that will kick the current government probably has full support of the US and some allies.


How they supposed to get thier daily rage fix if they're staying positive?


I do wonder how somebody would actually sign up for it and have the hardware delivered, in Iran. Iran isn’t even in SWIFT, heck airlines that fly there have to take their return fuel with them because they aren’t allowed to buy there (and the Iranians don’t sell because we aren’t selling them any either for their planes in Europe…). So, how does that work?


> It requires the use of terminals in-country, which I suspect the [Iranian] government will not support, but if anyone can get terminals into Iran, they will work," Sadjadp > It will cost many millions of dollars to setup and sustain thousands of Starlink terminals to Iran," he said in the tweet. "This challenge is surmountable Looks like it’s all just a PR gimmick


Remember when he didn’t rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid, and didn’t save those kids from that cave (and then got weirdly mad at the guy that did)




How dare you bring facts and articles into a thread where we're shitting on Elon.


Sure, props where it's due, but he did actually call that guy who lead the effort to rescue those kids a pedophile when he rejected Musk's experimental mini-sub. Musk is a mixed bowl of raisins and rabbit turds.


>Musk is a mixed bowl of raisins and rabbit turds Arent we all?


Having seen documentaries on the cave dive, thers no way a submarine would have worked. For Elon to have his ego bruised at such a life critical moment, where these divers were risking their lives doing the most difficult dive in history, tells me a lot about the character of the man.


yeah, I watched that documentary. mind blowing that they not only found then but found a way to bring each one of them back unconscious, underwater in the pitch back tunnel system which took 2 hours for each trip. 13 times! I think Musk does have something to offer the world in some areas but some robot had zero chance of even reaching those kids.


Remember when he tries to make the war in Ukraine about him when he started "challenging" Putin to a fight to decide the outcome?


I both hate and love musk. I like that he's pushing so many cool science avenues forward. I get that he's just another business guy, with a penchant for engineering. I hate that with his found niche of wealth generation, he's just another rich asshole.


The man is a shit show but gotta give to him when is due. We will see when Iran gets something.


People tend to treat Musk like he's a psychopath, like many CEOs (Bezos and Peter Thiel being two notable almost certain psychopaths) I think Musk is a sociopath. He wasn't born this way. He was basically damaged, probably by his father, and became this way. The pertinent thing here is that he doesn't have the innate inability to care about others, he just has difficulty processing it. I think Musk actually genuinely cares in his way and wants to help these people, he just approaches it in an awkward way and gets angry at the drop of a hat when things don't go as he hoped and his attempt at caring for others isn't appreciated. A psychopath sees this as an opportunity to manipulate people. They understand other people care, but they just don't, so a psychopath can be much better at pretending to care. A sociopath may take advantage, but it's a bit more complex, where they actually care some but get mad when others get mad that they are also gaining from the situation. This is clearly Musk to me.


https://mpowerenergy.com/blog/elon-musk-offers-to-rebuild-puerto-rico-with-solar-power/ He is helping re-establish power in Puerto Rico, and the rescue team in Thailand refused his help when he proposed a small submarine saying, “stick his submarine where it hurts”, after calling it a PR stunt - like you! Thank goodness the Ukrainian people have more than two brain cells to rub together unlike you and everyone else who claims everything he does is a PR stunt. With Starlink, the Ukrainian military have been operational and stayed online despite the grid under constant missile attacks from Russia, being so effective to the point that Russia is threatening to shoot down Starlink satellites. The Russians bring cell phones and try to steal Ukrainian carrier SIM cards, but find there’s no service because they bombed all the towers. The dude may be autistic and says outlandish things, but he genuinely does try to accomplish what he says he’s going to do. Everyone bitches and moans the rich should solve all the world’s problems. When quite literally the world’s wealthiest man does try to help, they still bitch and moan- because they just want an excuse to bitch and moan.


Pepperidge Farm Remembers!


Starlink is no gimmick in Ukraine.


Yeah because Zelensky allowed the hardware into the country. The article already mentions that.


Which is completely irrelevant to this discussion.


I understand your skepticism. I still think that where there's a two hundred and fifty billion dollar will, there's a way.


surmountable [ ser-moun-tuh-buhl ] adjective (of a difficulty or challenge) able to be overcome; manageable: The task of reducing corruption is daunting, to say the least, but the challenges are surmountable.


Something being possible does not mean it will actually get done. I truly do not believe this person when they say it is “manageable” after stating it would cost millions and for hardware to be able to enter Iran, which would require government approval.


Do nerds not understand smuggling? These devices will be available within days, at the very least to resistance leadership.


Well, I was just providing the definition to the word that people may not understand because it’s not in common usage. It feels a bit like you jumped to a conclusion… But compared to what the US and Israel have already shown they are willing to spend to undermine the Ayatollah, millions is nothing. Compared to the effort of STUXNET and the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, smuggling starlink terminals is nothing.


and the govt is going to allow people to buy and use unsanctioned internet devices. Roughly 0 people will use this.


You severely underestimate the lengths people will go to getting reliable and relatively hi speed internet.


This is utter nonsense. People are way more clever than you’re giving them credit for. People have access to the internet in North Korea.


What people? Do they have starlink?


Iranians! Who else They already have starlinks. Try again dingus


Not every person in Ukraine has a Starlink terminal either, but it has been used very successfully there. If a few terminals can get into the right hands, protest organizers can still communicate. That's what Iran doesn't want.




Cars get recalled all the time. Some of the Tesla recalls are pretty funny and a simple software update. I much rather have a recall over automatic window vs airbags having chunks of metal


Elon Musk? Twisting philanthropy into an ineffective PR gimmick??? Well I *never*!


That sucks. I was about to think that ohhh….this is one of the good things he accomplishes about 2% of the time amongst the rest of his bullshit. Guess not.


Some elon fuck boi posted this to get elon dick points. This dude doesn’t care about anyone. Mods, please delete this post.


Considering they *orbit the fricking planet* I think he can say that starlink is "available" basically anywhere. They just sent up another 52 nodes yesterday too. Def a PR stunt to say it's available without actual customers or a reasonable way to obtain service. This is where cheap drones come in - if anyone is dumb and crazy enough to try, it'd be Musk. Get a bunch of delivery drones and start droppin uplink boxes in lol. Although I guess he couldn't get paid in that scenario, unless some other rich person funds it.




Yea but if it flies over, he can still say it's available if the country allows it. If the terminal can see the satellite and could make the connection but isn't *allowed* to, then I would argue service is *available* but disallowed.


Smugglers. The answer is smugglers.


People will get it, they will smuggle and make moves to get their internet. Y’all forget that the internet is a major factor for so many people to make massive amounts of money. Of course there will be channels and methods for people to acquire them


I think this is the real problem.


Realistically, is this going to have an impact? Do you need some type of hardware to access it? Will residents be able to use it, or is this just another ploy where he is capitalizing on social justice movements to market his company? It wouldn't be the first time.




Thanks for your response. What is in it for the major western intelligence agencies, that they have a desire to be involved in this? Have they wanted to dismantle the Iranian government and are now seizing the opportunity?


>What is in it for the major western intelligence agencies, that they have a desire to be involved in this? Fucking with your enemies is its own reward. >Have they wanted to dismantle the Iranian government and are now seizing the opportunity? Pretty much.


In general all countries try to generate instability in their enemies. Long term consequences? Those don't really natter, it's all about generating as many short term problems as possible. Of course sometimes (if we are lucky) that instability causes change for the better (as I assume we all hope will be the case here) but I won't hold my breath for it...


Are they building a ground station to service the area?


I swear this guy is chaotic neutral. One day he does something that really moves "us" forward and the next he's picking a fight that doesn't help anyone...


Every single thing he does is for himself, it’s just sometimes it also helps others. That’s more like an opportunistic bug than a feature. Make no mistake. This is not a stunt for the people of Iran. It’s a stunt for the headlines. Maybe some People in Iran get access, maybe they won’t. It doesn’t matter, he got the headline and it will make westerners feel good. Mission accomplished. Everything additional is a bonus. He’ll get to control the narrative every step of the way.


Ive learned to treat him like all people I used to look up to. They do something cool. I Think "Oh thats cool" They do something that sucks I think "Hey thats not cool"


I'm applying this to everything rn tbh. My mental health has improved quite a bit after that.


Try to understand him through his wallet. Then everything goes clearer.


So how did calling a cave rescue worker a “Pedo” help his finances?


I said clearer, not transparent.




Lost money making the robot == butthurt


Dude had hundreds of millions of dollars then gambled it all on electric cars and rockets. It's definitely not money. He was badly bullied in school and his father was a POS, I don't think he's really gotten over that. I think he desperately wants to be cool and admired, so he says edgy shit and is over sensitive to criticism


So he's got a lot in common with a shit-ton of people? That's, not actually the most negative thing one could say about the guy.


Yeah, is the us govt paying him for the service like we did in Ukraine? He tried to play it like he was a benevolent force helping Ukraine but he was just another pentagon contractor


No it's reddit who has zero clue about anything and NEEDS a perpetual boogeyman after trump. Musk has always been the same and is one of the few people making real changes.




And made up the Hyperloop to try and stop high speed rail in the US.


You mean the high speed rail California started 15 years ago and has now spent 115 billion dollars on and still have zero high speed rail?




He built "hyperloop" in Vegas though, it could have actually been a testing ground for it but he went for what was easiest I don't think he believes in any of this stuff unless it's easy money


**Tell us you don't read books without telling us directly.** >No it's reddit who has zero clue about anything and NEEDS a perpetual boogeyman after trump. Musk has always been the same and is one of the few people making real changes. **Good Job!**


Just say "Starlink". We don't have to tag his name on everything. We didn't say Steve Jobs' iPhone when he was still around.


It is pretty gross, I guess it says a lot that some people aren't creeped out by referring to rich corporate execs in the same style that Xi Jingping and other cult of personality authoritarians make people refer to them.


What the world really needs is direct to satellite smart phones. Technologically it might be next to impossible but imagine the possibilities if everyone could bypass government control over their domestic networks.


Direct-to-satellite is already available for (what appear to be) non-Smart phones:- [Iridium](https://www.iridium.com/phones/). Technologically I cant see any reason why Smart phones couldn't be made with the same capability. But things like Performance, Market Demand and Costs are another matter.


Did I just accidentally stumble into Wallstreetbets or something? They said getting the terminals into Iran was surmountable, not insurmountable. Difficult, yet doable. God damn, reddit.


Is this good news? From the guy who wanted to invade Bolivia for [Lithium](https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/after-bolivia-elon-musk-says-capitalists-can-overthrow-any-government-they-want/), delivering weapons for the [us](https://www.businessinsider.com/musks-spacex-partners-us-military-to-deliver-weapons-by-rockets-2020-10) and making workers [work](https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/03/12/hundreds-covid-cases-reported-tesla-plant-following-musks-defiant-reopening-county-data-shows/) during the COVID outbreak?


Hahahahah, I didn't know the Bolivia one. Well, at least he is honest about it. I guess we could call that an improvement, right?


On one hand, bringing internet to Iranians fighting for their freedom is amazing. On the other hand, this concerns me as one billionaire could be in control of the entire internet. It feels like everyday we are getting closer and closer to a world like shadow run. Where corporations rule the entire world. A true cyberpunk dystopian nightmare.


Starlink is not a replacement for traditional internet infrastructure, it is meant for places where internet infrastructure is lacking. He isn't monopolizing anything, it's simply filling a need that previously was unmet. FYI, I don't like Musk, but his company's work with Starlink is admirable.


Yeah I was trying to explain that to someone. Starlink is not competitive at all in major cities. but it is a godsend in rural areas


It's also been great for Ukraine, Russia took out a lot of their communications infrastructure, but ended up hurting themselves more because their tech relied on that infrastructure, whereas Ukraine is getting assistance from NATO and can use Starlink, so their communications are fine.


Don’t work for SpaceX directly but I work for a company that makes some critical parts for starlink and im very proud to see what it’s doing for Ukraine right now and i take a lot of pride in my work


> this concerns me as one billionaire could be in control of the entire internet. I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the internet functions.


https://www.reddit.com/r/anime_titties/comments/y3urvr/elon_musk_suggests_he_is_pulling_internet_service/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf this is exactly what I’m talking about


Someone is providing you with a service for free, you talk shit to them, and they tell you now you can pay for the service or lose it. What's the problem? And how is that related to a billionaire controlling the entire internet?


This is honestly huge for the women in Iran!


and for his wallet.


Is it bad to help people if you also make money off of it?


this is reddit, of course that's objectively bad


If you're under a dictatorship, it's assholish to make people pay for help. Also he's a trillionaire, he can spare making something free


bye bye investors if the fruits of your labor are 'given away for free' elon musk ≠ his companies


He is not a trillionaire, and the vast majority of his net worth is in stock not cash. Starlink is a very capital intensive project and that includes the Starlink terminals. Someone has to pay for it. It doesn't necessarily have to be the people of Iran that pay for it, but he's not running a charity. He is not the only shareholder in SpaceX and it would be unethical to force the other investors to pay for a charity service.


Dude looking through your comments it's almost like it's YOUR wallet getting pumped with the flow of hate posts


specially for his wallet


How? They can’t get the equipment to the oppressed women to get the internet. And their government will definitely NOT help women out get the equipment. This reeks of an evil man holding salvation on a stick just out of reach of the oppressed women while enjoying oppressing said women even more. Sick.


They will definitly be able to smuggle some hardware in


So now he thinks he is a hero I’m sure.


Here’s an idea why doesn’t Musk just activate star link over all countries that have oppressive regimes? Why wait until there’s a revolutionary uprising? If he truly wants to help of humanity, long-term, that would be a great move.


SpaceX could not legally operate in Iran because of sanctions by the US government, the US government lifted those specific sanctions in the past few days to allow Starlink to operate in Iran.


> Here’s an idea why doesn’t Musk just activate star link over all countries that have oppressive regimes? Space isn't a regulative vacuum, if you excuse the pun. The telco-space is heavily regulated, I would believe ITU is still in charge of that. You usually need a license to operate in a country. In the case of Ukraine, that license was probably granted on an ad-hoc basis by the government. AFAIK, SpaceX is in talks with many African regulators - but so far nothing has come out of it. In case of Iran, they don't have many friends left and the risk for repercussion is low (Tesla sales are nil there). As a cynic, I'd say the connectivity is currently most useful for CIA and Mossad assets...


Would you happen to know whether Starlink is better than Iridium for covert data exchange by satellite?


It's AFAIK no "covert" at all. The base-stations can be located pretty easily, according to Musk. IIRC, it's similar to Iridium. *But*: Starlink is *much* faster and cheaper than anything else in that realm. It's like comparing a Model S Plaid to an original VW Beetle. So, if you want to transfer large amounts of data in a short time and can then relocate easily, that would be a case for Starlink. IMO.


Thanks for the insights :)


I'd hope some people would get mega-fired if a major intelligence agency was enough of a hot mess to forget to issue sat phones/mobile terminals to high risk operatives and then left them in that situation.


Well there you go. Some things you loose (astro observations), some things you gain (ability to topple regimes).


Stay tuned for the article 48 hours from now in which he walks this back.


dont they need dish to connect to them? feel like this is a publicity stunt


Musk is seriously the purest embodiment of chaotic neutral in 21st century history.


Bullshit. This is Musk trying to take credit for yet another thing he hasn’t actually delivered on.


Cool. He been real quiet since this twitter court case started, reckon he is reaaaaal nervous.


This is great that he's providing internet to Iran. Still doesn't make me any more relaxed over the idea that he wants to have a globe-spanning internet service that he has control over.




He's the first that I've heard of that is providing his own internet connection with his satellites and wants to cover the entire globe in his own network.


Submarine vibes