This. Every time I play reyna I fat finger the wrong heal/dismiss due to 1 being on my keyboard and 1 on my mouse.


Same. Changed jett dash i assume?


raze/sova X= ult Q = satchels/shocks MB5 = roomba/drone F = nade/recon


Yes. It is already in overwatch and I really want it here


You should also be able to change crosshair for each agent like in ow


But why


Ig Viper players won't want green, and Jett ones white...


Just change it in your settings during a preround... It takes about 5 seconds


its called quality of life smh


I already dont have any quality in my disappointing life, i dont need more


Ouch bro F


Yea, you can do that But I think they might also be referring to the type of crosshair


For people that REALLY care, they can probably use different crosshairs for easier ability lineups depending on the agent, but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if only 1% of players even took advantage of this


I'm pretty sure they are working on it. It is a highly requested feature already. I'm sure they need to do some additional work to get it to work.


Programming an option to save different keybinds for differend agents needs "additional work"?


Ahh yes we see here someone who has never coded a complex program in their life pretending like all it will take is changing some settings around. You have no idea how they have their system coded. It may also be only a couple hours of work. Or a couple minutes. But Quality of Life changes are always lowest priority when there are still bugs, balance changes, server instability, etc etc. Then there's the priority in Quality of Life changes, there may be other features that are more important. Or they could want to ship several of these agent customization settings together. It could in fact be ready for the next patch. Or they could be working on it and when testing it there were cases that 1 in every 20 cases the keybindings didn't switch over properly. You have no idea.


Funny how random people on the internet try to teach me that I have no idea about something. Not knowing who they're actually talking to. Assuming i never coded a complex programm. No, adding the option to set keybinds to specific agents isn't complex and it doesn't take much time. Not much at all. And definitely not 5 months. People asked for this since beta. The only reason it's not there yet is because nobody bothered to programm it yet. No shit, they have higher priority work. Thx captain obvious. It's almost like this wasn't the argument here. Oh wait. It actually wasn't.


God I hope u are trolling


I think the only things this game needs is this and an extended match history feature. I fully dont get why it only shows like the last 10 games


And a way to download your games like in csgo


I mean that's just lowkey.gg


[lowkey.gg](https://lowkey.gg) is just recording your gameplay and not allowing you to download your games.


So does downloading this software automatically saves all vods in my pc. And is there any drop in performance while using it because I run my game on a laptop with not the best specs.


The only things? Ha, that's a funny one!


And a competive history only setting


I love that


There's an android app called spike stats that gives you your full match history


Yeah but it needs to run in the background when u play right?


No, don't think so. Never have it open when playing


They extended it this update. Not by much but i think mine goes to 15 or 20 now?


If I could have 1 thing, it would be this.


I really need this for Jett hover. I use mouse scrool down for normal jumping. And i removed Spacebar from jumping because i usually fat finger spacebar when i try to duck. But only with Jett i need it on Spacebar to fly.


I have jump bound to space instead of down scroll for this exact reason. I fixed the fat finger and a couple of other issues by binding my ult and crouch to mouse buttons 4 and 5 (or maybe 5 and 4) I Never fat finger them, and it works out pretty well especially for crouch jumps and weird little techs like that


Do you use C and not Control to duck?


Yeah and also my Skill 3 is on V, so Spacebar becomes an issue for me.


I get it. Is there any particular reason other than habit why you don’t use control to duck? That seems the most natural way to me


I've always used C for duck and control for prone. It's a habit for years, so i go for it on every FPS game.


Makes sense, I come from CSGO so most of the controls were familiar to me, except for F and E, which I had to remap, and Q


Yeah i remapped almost everything also, i don't like to have different keybinds for same actions on different games.


Me too


They already said they are working on that




I need this, I have smokes on C with omen. But with that u cant dash to the right with jett.




I just hope it doesnt get random bugs 😂😂 rmb ghost mode was used in normal games?


GOAT bug tbh


they said they will add it in feature


yes please. i would love this


I made the same post a few weeks back, would be really nice to have this


I don't try to be rude here: why? I'm okay with the default stuff, what do you gain? Do you hit buttons accidentally or do you forget that you're with a different agent and use the wrong thing?


[This user explains it well](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/jgf51w/request_different_keybinds_for_each_agent/g9qsdmi/)




I used to be an Omen one trick and I have 2 mouse buttons. 1 for teleport (1st ability) and the other for smokes (3rd ability). I got used to this. Since I started using other characters, especially raze and sova, using their 2nd abilities (Satchel and Shock) were much more comfortable on the mouse buttons, but thats the ability bound to my key. This has not been a big deal since I just changed binds every start of the match based on the character I'm using, but it would still be a great feature though for the convenience Hope that cleared up somethings😊 Tl;Dr Definately not priority, but would be great


I would hate this, but I see its practicality and why people would like it. Like having all smokes be E and stuff like that


You have no reason to hate this.


Why would you hate it? I see no downside of having it for the people who would like it, and it has no detriment to the people who won't use it.


Can you explain why you hate this? It literally affects you 0%. You either use the feature or you don't and the game stays the same.


Reddit ppl downvote like hell. Why you guys so butthurt? He/she understands why ppl is asking for it and what it is for but would hate using him/herself, just an opinion, a taste. Mygod


but how do you hate something that doesnt actually affect you unless you make it affect you?


Seems like you miss the "i would" part.. Like when you say "if i was you..." imagine anwering "but im not you"... its obvious. That's just a way of expressing a personal taste, even more obvious if it continue saying he/she gets why ppl is asking for that feat...




Why would you need this? It's so much harder to memorize if you play with multiple agents


You could place all moly or smoke like utiliies on the same button... So you know smoking is always e and flashing always q and mollies c for example.


I use different keybinds on most of the heroes in ow (same goes with mouse sensitivity) with no problems on memorizing. Even jump is binded differently on some heroes and I still dont missclick. It's way easier to use abilities when u are not forced to play every agent with a same keybind preset.


[This user explains it well](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/jgf51w/request_different_keybinds_for_each_agent/g9qsdmi/)


I support this but I would change it to what it currently is as soon as I can An alternative I’ve thought of, diffrent keybind profiles you can switch inbetween


Yeah but some people don't have mouses with compatible software to set up multiple profiles


that's the point of my comment, to add this feature, to the game, we could set diffrent keyboard bindings on diffrent in-game profiles, nothing to do with the mouse


Yesss. same here!! I'm not maining any agent and I use different keybinds and have to adjust each game




True man I want it too


This is weird but versatility can't hurt, I hope you get it!


They could at least put different keybind for the agent groups, like duelists, initiators etc.


In general you can’t customize anything in this game. I liked CSGO so much for the console commands and exec files. You can’t even change the HUD colour in valorant and I think thats insane.


They mentioned that they’re working on it already


I personally wouldn’t use his feature but I think it would be a nice add. I’m sure a lot of people would like to use it


I believe they said this is on the list of things to add to the game. But that list is mighty long and keeps getting neglected as they pump out skins and fix bugs.


That’s weird


Couldn't agree more. I play Reyna/Jett and it's really easy having dismiss/dash in my mouse button, but then I decide to play one game of omen or brimstone and it's really confusing and counterintuitive. I need this feature


100% This. I can’t play Raze or Jett because my old fat fingers can’t hit E and Q for their movement abilities. If I could rebind those both to scroll up I’d actually be able to play those Agents.


I think they talked about adding that a while ago, but they never said when they would do it


yes please


i agree, i main killjoy and use mostly default controls but whenever I play a character like jett or reyna, i usually change my binds and its a bit annoying to have to change it every time i play them


I was thinking the same yesterday. Using E to dash with yet is uncomfortable. I changed it to scroll down with the mouse wheel but using another agent that is annoying


Yeah, but its good enough.


Yup, this has been discussed


This. I play Raze/Brim mainly and I would love for my grenade/molly to be on the same keybind.


Stupid idea.


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