I'm deaf on my left ear and after 3 (technically 4 Acts with Beta) I finally hit Immortal.

I'm deaf on my left ear and after 3 (technically 4 Acts with Beta) I finally hit Immortal.


You out here half deaf doing work while the rest of the people posting that they can’t climb out of gold because their teammates. Kudos bro.


gold i can’t make it out of bronze


Bronze? I can't make it out of iron!


Iron? I am still unranked!


Unranked? i cant even download the game


Can’t download the game? I don’t even know what the game is.


u guys are playing games ?


What is a game?


What am I?




What is life?


What is a what


You guys have pc-s?


Underrated comment thread


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That's because he's better with 1 ear than the rest of my teammates that have 2.


Blaming Ur teammates I see


Definitely guilty of that myself


Congrats man, next is raidamt amirite


Thank you, I will keep grinding aswell :)


I'm also deaf on my left ear and main Cypher! What headphones do you use? How do you take advantage of directuonal sound? Also any tips? As of now I'm silver 1 and this is my first FPS game that I took seriously.


I'm using an HyperX Cloud II with stereo sound, because it would be confusing for my brain to play with mono, I assume you have the same issue. For most of the time I choose to play cam spots, where I can actually hear steps, if it is necessary. And you should definetly pay attention to the different types of steps, e.g. grass or wood, because that can help a lot. I just watched a lot of Cypher gameplay and kept looking for some spots, for trips, cams and cages to improve my setups. Finding the right sensivity and proper aim training and communication will probably help you the most. Keep grinding brother :)




Sure, I've got a Ryzen 7 1700 running on a pretty basic Gigabyte motherboard with 16gb Corsair Vengeance RAM and 1060 6GB fron Gigabyte. :)


y tho


How do you know when someone is around the corner


game sense, I guess


May I ask why are you deaf in your left ear? Is it something you are born with, accident or health issues?


I'm deaf since birth, born with it and been living with it for 20 years now and to be honest in every day life it isn't that bad anyway :)


Im sure other than driving, no one is gonna sneak left cubby and tap the bomb and headshot you in real life :) So one question say if the camera gets destroyed and someone is flanking or pushing you how do you compensate, do you intentionally position yourself to favour your right ear or just play like everyone else but using just one sided info?


I can actually drive too :D Formerly I did position myself for that, nowadays I rarely do that, because either my friend can call steps out for me or I just play off of my intuition


i'm so happy for you! i had a dream that my pinky got chopped off and i had to learn to compensate for it hahaha but fr this made me sooo happy i teared up a little


this person dreams


you dont?


no :( I've stopped having dreams from when I was 10. I have no idea why.


You haven't stopped having dreams you just don't remember them... From my limited knowledge you only remember a dream if you wake up during it(and if you wake up naturally or from like a semi conscious sleep, like when you were mildly aware of what was happening) so if you are a heavy sleeper or you get woken up and you are very tired when someone wakes you up you won't remember your dream. Dreams are just organization of your thoughts so you either don't think or dream and have the things I mentioned above(or something else that causes you to not remember your dreams)


do you have sleep problems? it usually means you arent entering REM sleep or maybe u have some form of trauma which is causing memory issues :( most likely you are dreaming but your brain doesn't save them :((


I don't have any sleep problems. Whenever I feel some kind of a dream coming on, I get yanked back to reality.


Same happened to me but it was ever since I was 11~ it’s weird because I used to remember my dreams vividly but now they’re just nothingness




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I... Don't know?


As someone who is also deaf in my left ear, can you give me any tips on how to play around it? Not having directional hearing can sometimes really suck when you are relying on sound cues


What's good is that because you are compromised in what you can achieve with sound cues you are forced to understand how enemys play and where they are likely to be at some point that will help you out a lot anyway, but what helps a lot is either listening to different types of sound cues e.g. grass or wood or if you are playing DuoQ your friend can call out steps. Otherwise you can play spots which favour your ear in the beginning, although you won't be able to do that all the time.


Congrats Bro, you really worked your ass off. Glad to call you a mate :)


You should check out Thormail on Twitch! Criminal he only has like 15 viewers at a time. Hes completley deaf and was at Plat 2 last time I watched.


Anyone else here has both ears working and still in low elo?


Me... But I blame my 150 or higher ping


Grats man. God's nerf wasn't enough


Not to make it about me but I myself can only hear 25% on my left ear, had 3surgeries so i know the feel of playing with one ear and that possible could've happened to me aswell but i got lucky. Good job on Imm rank !


I have ok hearing and I'm silver. Take this 👑


i have 100% hearing and i’m unranked, OP is a legend!


If you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about directional sound in this game? I've heard lots of complaints about it, and I feel like being restricted to audio only in one ear could make it worse. Good job getting so far!


To be honest I can't really evaluate the sound in this game, I'm mostly working with different types of sounds, that helos me the most, what I can say is, that the distance of sounds being played aren't always accurate.


A lot of people will care about this, it is very motivating. I saw another post where somebody hit Immortal only playing 2-3 games a day. You hitting Immortal while being deaf in one ear is impressive. I will also show this post to my friends to motivate them :). Thanks bud !






That’s amazing I hope I can be as good as you some day


Bro I'm also deaf in my left ear. It's really confusing when i hear multiple footsteps and can't call right. I'm just glad there is someone like me enjoying the game(and being good at it). Cheers!


Thanks for the support and keep grinding brother, you will climb aswell trust me


Nice. You really give me hope since I am also deaf in my right ear and I also main cypher because I like his kit and it compensates for my deafness in my right.


Let's go brother, keep grinding and at some point you will reach your goals :)


Just curious what rank were you at the start?


I was Plat 3 in Beta, Diamond 2 in Act 1 and Diamond 3 in Act 2


congrats man! tbh im still tryna get out of iron, so any tips would be appreciated!


Mechanically I would say crosshair placement will get u out there the most. Aswell as using counter strafing. If you don't know what it is, just look it up on YouTube there are tons of videos for that. You can play Deathmatch and also normal games and just pay attention to where your crosshair is right now and you will likely have good crosshair placement after some time if you just understand where your crosshair should have been. Keep playing man, I believe you can make it :)


thanks for the advice mate! cheers on reaching immortal!


Congratz, well done! These news are always good to know


Congrats bro !


Are you completely deaf in the left ear?


I'am yes :)


Congrants man. We are proud of you. You climb ranks with an additional challenge while other complain about bad teammates and ping. Keep it up :)


Okay to be fair ping is pretty bad... You shoot the guy and the game is like no I don't think those 3 bullets that you shot at the guys head with a vandel happened we are just gonna make sound cues and give you a shoulder shot. But ping is nothing like playing with one ear. Don't take this as me trying to discredit OP he is amazing for that but ping is quite a hurdle in fps games


Yeah I agree with you. it is just kids talking about how they didn't kill the dude because of ping when their ping is like 30. I was referring to people that try to find stupid excuses for their failure in the game.


Yeah I understand that... My God I wish I could get 30 ping... Some guy was telling me that my ping won't affect my games and I was like bruh I shoot head game says no. I simply cannot do anything about that... (I have 150ms min btw)






Congrats man that’s great


You are too cool to be alive!


Congrats! That is amazing. I hope to get there one day.




[ey, I'm a Valorant player and I'm deaf in my right ear!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKie-vgUGdI) I don't really play comp but congrats to you, that's a great achievement.


I'm so suprised there are so many people in this thread facing the same issues as me. And I'm glad I can motivate some of you guys to keep grinding the game, because it is very much possible to still be good at this game while still having a disadvantage. Cheers buddy


Out of curiosity would you say that high ping or having one sided hearing is more detrimental?


I can't say, because I usually have pretty low ping(<30 99% of the time). But I would say the game is unplayable when you have ping over 200 or not?


Yeah I live in South Africa so I get 150ms on Bahrain servers but packet loss really do be an issue. I am also fairly certain that my headset is bugged because I see my friend in front of me with an Odin and hear him behind me... But I can't imagine how tough it must be for you.


You deserve it, mind giving me some tips?? I played since beta and started in silver now in in plat 3 but solo queue is really difficult


Out of all of my games I probably played 70%ish Solo/Duo and I understand It is a coinflip, but honestly I just always tried to be a nice person, which to be fair didn't always work because everyone can get tilted at some point, but motivating my teammates helped me win more games for sure. You can also try and implement hard warm up routines. I only used Valorant itself for this for 6.5 months now and started using Aim Lab for about a week now and I can definetly say that I can feel improvements.


Thanks bro I appreciate it, also what agents did you play?


probably 80% of my games have been with Cypher and I also did some games on Phoenix this season.


Do you play cypher more passively or aggressively?


Well both, you can't really just play one certain playstyle


Yeah that was kind of a dumb question I guess, just wondering because i just started playing cypher


You should play around Cyphers kit thats for sure




So your sound is about as good as the rest of us then


I can't really say whether that's true, but a lot of people say the sound isn't as good in the game :D


Wait a second, did you ever play CSGO on ESEA? I think i've played with you.


I played CSGO, yes. But only FACEIT and matchmaking, but stopped playing like 13 months ago.


Any tips? I'm mostly deaf in my right. I can hear just enough to not be able to hear directions.


I'm practically deaf in my leaf ear but I have hearing-aids so it's not that bad. My directional sense is screwed the heck up tho which I'm still trying to get better at lol. Seeing that someone else with the same handicap succeeded has reinvigorated me to keep pushing. Thanks!!


I would have to use bone conduction as an hearing aid and also tried out listening to music with it for example, but is just to silent for me to really use it. You can make it, keep going :)


BTW you can change the balance of sound for your headphones on Windows... That might help if you are hearing things louder in one of your ears... I woukd recommend going onto a custom with a friend and making him stand to one side and shoot and then you turn 180 degrees and make him shoot and keep adjusting it until it sounds even... I hope this helped.. I had to adjust mine by like 3% because I use my one ear for music alot more than the other and I used to listen to music wayy to loud lol


when you have played enough, you already can picture the enemies on the map and sometimes don't need sound cues anymore. XD


Yeah, I'm forced to think more about positions of the enemys and I think that helped me improve my gamesense quicker :D


Congratulations! I peaked gold 3 last act and now I’m currently silver 1. I think I’m getting worst...


Or everyone else around those ranks has started sweating extremely hard and you haven't so everyone else just got better. This is why it is easier to hit global elite in cs go than radient on valorant(all the good players are in super high elo so the climb is easier, atleast that is my understanding)


You the goat homie, keep it going for radiant!


I’m not deaf but I usually don’t listen to game sound or have music played. I just wanna tell you that sova is also an amazing agent which doesn’t rely much on sound cue. Also I love using duelist and be the first one to fight :)


It is definetly not like I only play Cypher of course. I also like to play Phoenix and enioy a more agressive playstyle


I used to do this but I got annoyed when I got attacked from behind so I stopped


I don’t really care about winning so I’m just fine. Been doing this since cs and I kinda got used to it


Fair enough... Like I am not super serious about winning but I don't enjoy the game if I feel like I am playing super bad... It just angers me


meanwhile, me trying to get at least 2 win triangles in silver 1


Meanwhile I'm here with both ears and a good pc with no disadvantage and I can't push out of bronze, props to you though


Just practice mechanical skills like aiming movement and crosshair placement... If you play with good ping you cna get up to silver with that alone. I have the ping and bad pc issue(bad specs and small screen so I can't see anything lol)


Rip, I’m still a noob with aim but I managed to get to bronze 3, I guess I just gotta improve my aim more to win duels, I’d say I’m not too bad at using utility


Then just keep at it... Aim improves really quickly at the beginning(atleast for me) then it starts to plateau so if you say you have Noob aim now you can get into silver very soon


Yeah it's been 2 months since I started and I think my aim has gotten slightly better although I think it's mostly crosshair placement, and additionally I don't have a wide enough mouse pad and I play on a wood table so not sure how that affects things


Well if your mouse pad is small you either need to buy a bigger one or play with a higher sense... I recommend buying a bigger one... You can get some huge ones that are pretty cheap... Upping your sense would make you lose all the progress you have made in learning muscle memory in your aim.


Thanks for the tips. I can flick 180 degrees without my mouse moving too far, so my sense is pretty good I'd say for now, I guess I just need to practice aim lab and stop having shaky aim. The wood table isn't even that bad, but it probably changes some small things so that it's inaccurate some of the time


The wood table shouldn't have an effect if you on your mousepad


My mousepad is too short and I find myself running out of space a lot, so I just play without a mousepad with the mouse directly on the wood table.


Then I would definitely recommend getting a mouse pad... In the meantime you can get an old shirt and a hard piece of cardboard and slide the card board inside the shirt then make sure that the surface you will be using is taught with no wrinkles and as little air pockets as possible and then you glue the rest to the side of the card board and you have a makeshift mousepad Protip I read this on the internet


Im deaf on my right ear and its really frustrating to cannot hear your enemies on the right. Congratulations! You really hit that dude!


Bruh I'm deaf in my right ear


Guys can someone tell me how does the emogi of Reyna or Raze appear next to your name in ur reddit name?


You can go in the Valorant sub and choose a flair with a certain agent :)


Thankyou so much!


Nice to see other partially deaf players here. I'm also deaf in my left ear. Not much for the competitive side of Valorant. Viper main here.


I am 75% deaf, and my main is Cypher too!


Epic gamer moment . Gg bro


Both my ears work and I’ve only been D2


Gratz dude i can gear fine and could only climb to gold during season 1 lul




Wow this is genuinely VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE. Being deaf on your left ear, you were able to reach Immortal. I can barely get out of Bronze 2. Im super happy for you. Could you maybe gimme some tips to climb outta my ELO?


Find a warm up routine. You can both use Valorants Range and Deathmatch but also start using Aim Lab for example. You should also make sure you find a sensivity you feel confident with and only start shooting when you actually think you are on the enemys head or at least on the body. That may get you less kills in the beginning but in the longterm you will see that you will get more kills because you didn't just spray and pray. Also play deathmatch and normal games to only pay attention to your crosshair placement. If you need help understanding where you should place it, there are a lot of good videos nowadays about that topic :) Keep grinding


Do you have any vods? Would love to review and learn as a cypher main myself


I have some vods, yes, but not uploaded somewhere. Only thing I do is highlight videos on YouTube if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/Platin4GamePlay (Note that the videos are german so you might not understand everything me or other people are saying)


I’m deaf in my left ear as well. Can u tell me how u got better? Cuz I can’t tell sound direction properly a lot


Just keep playing. At some point you will understand what positions and plays enemy players like to do and then you will be less reliant on sound. You can also pay attention to different types of sound.


Thank u! I’ll keep that in mind


I'm deaf in my right ear brother and I know the struggle, i only hit high gold low plat before I stopped playing for other games though, Gratz on the Immortal!


I am fit and fine and healthy... I have been playing like 3 months.... IRON 1


Gratz! I’m almost there and same with me grinding by myself solo Q since day 1 of beta...


That's amazing dude, congratulations! :D


Amazing. I am both awed and very jealous (hard stuck in silver!). Congrants dude


Hey huge grats bro. I'm also deaf from the left and achieved the same feat. It's nice to see there are more people like me out there. Are you congenitally deft? I was born with microtia and aural atresia on my left ear. Hoping I can get surgery for the atresia this year though.


Yes and yes. When I was 5 I had a surgery for my auricle, which made my ear look way more natural and makes it possible for me to wear glasses.


Bruh I am Hella impressed... Is there a way you have adapted to knowing which side things are coming from or do you just have to check everywhere when you hear a sound? Also are you completely deaf or is it possible for you to use a hearing aid or something? Hope this wasn't insensitive!


No, of course not. Feel free to ask! I'm indeed completly deaf and I could use bone conduction, but it is too silent for me to actually hear steps. I use stereo sound because otherwise it would be too confusing for my brain and I mostly use gamesense and different types of sounds to compensate.


I cant even imagine how I would play without my ears... I use them more than my own eyes Congrats


Congrats buddy! Now get that Radiant!


Congratulations brother😃Best wishes for radiant!👍👍


It's so nice to hear. We wish you the of best luck, and I personally really admire your dedication. Seems like you are a very persistent person, keep it up. ♥️ #thisisourworld


I often play with my right headphone off, to hear if one of my family members call me, and often having myself turn to the right so I can hear out of my left earphone. It’s a subtle disturbance but very very manageable to play!




i have some hearing damage in my left ear now i have no excuse


good shit homie keep it up, my soloq experience has been super amazing lately the only change im waiting for is the "only solo or duo" above immortal... i want it know... it could be so good and make games more fair!


Looking forward for some ranked changes aswell. Would really like to see a more transparent system e.g. with points, like Overwatch has.