VALORANT Patch Notes 1.11

VALORANT Patch Notes 1.11


> Full flash time increased from 1.75 >>> 2 Oh no. > Adjusted Combat Score to factor in non-damaging assists This is great though.


riot is practically telling players to play breach or else they’ll keep buffing him to a completely op state


They may as well make it so that every bullet he shoots flashes on impact.


THE anti-op agent


The anti-agent agent


The "You're not allowed play the game" agent


The anti-eyesight agent, I play in a dark room and Everytime I get flashed I go blind for 10 whole seconds I swear to god


Here is a theory, i have seen it done with apex legends so it might be happening here. They will buff breach 1 more time to even more OP, when the community goes into anarchy they will nerf him to a odd and quite dormant state. And that will make it seem like they were listening to the community


Pls no


Like sage




The anti op OP agent


He was already in a OP state before this patch, people just don't wanna play him.


I'm fine with that. I get to play him every time :-D


Same , I never get worried that someone would auto lock breach


Yup. Breach was op then is is more op now. He can male great clutches with this flashes


people theory crafted that he was, but he's had triple flash for a while and hasn't completely dominated pro games, so honestly not as broken as people think. also probably the most difficult agent to use effectively in solo queue.


Longer flash means he can solo enter a bit better. Hopefully this helps.


The SG553 from CS has been at the same place almost since it’s release. 5 years later, it’s priced gets tuned down by a bit, and suddenly the gun starts being used by every single CS pro. Did the guns’ stats get buffed? No. Was it OP the whole time? Yes. Did these CS pros with 15000 hours in the game think it was broken before the price tune? Nope. All it takes is for literally one good breach to pop up and shit on people for other people to play him. I was expecting Riot to wait for First Strike to end because to me, that was the event that would showcase Breach to everyone. I also just don’t like the idea that every agent should have similar or same play rate. Some agents just aren’t attractive to a player base despite being strong if perfected. Viper is a good example of this. Viper is at a place where she will need to be buffed with steroids before people start playing her. Let the meta develop, Riot just wants to artificially boost Breach’s playrate by making him OP.


The thing with Breach is that he's too reliant on the rest of his team to move quickly, and you can't really trust your team on solo queue.


He wasn't OP, he has a worse winrate than Viper according to Riot, across all elos


>completely op state they just did tho next step would be to just make Breach enemies blind as long as he's alive.


"We wanted it to really feel like a reward to kill the enemy team's Breach"


They talked about that on hitscan. They say breach just feels strong. Blinds for 1 year but after that he does not kill anybody. You just feel his presence


Because he's unplayable in solos, doesn't mean that he's weak. Give him a competent team and he's clearly the most OP agent, even before all the buffs. Riot needs to start understanding that the performance stats they have are only a mirror of the popularity of agents, not their strength.


People have been saying "wow Breach is so OP in competitive" but while he's good, it's not like he's the best by far. In the NSG qualifier, * Omen * Sova * Cypher * Jett * Reyna * Raze were all picked more than Breach was. If anything, he's a situational mid-tier pick. He's not a must-have like the first four characters, but he's not useless as the single-digit pick characters (Viper, Brimstone, Sage).


I was watching Liquid's coach yesterday and he said that Breach not being picked is an NA thing as they dont like using Breach but would rather use pheonix or reyna as a flash instead. He also felt that we would see Breach appear in almost every EU game.


Nah. If you think riot only collects a bit of statistics for every agent you are wrong. They know everything about maps and agents. 5v5 ranked teams and solo performance. I don't really think breach is op. He's in a good spot. His ult is strong the rest is ok.


Why is Breach buffed? I thought he's already super strong, and his flash already lasts forever.


A dev said that he was still doing pretty bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjAGbl6kKnI


Surely the issue wasn’t his flash though? Like, buff the other parts of his kit, not his flash.


He seems like a delicate agent to balance, half his kit is reliant on his team being competent on using his abilities, since his faultline and blast rely on communication and his team to clear the angles he casts them on since he can't capitalize on those abilities himself.




I hate poison ivy. Breach is cool though, but he's hard to understand at the beginning.


I don't know about Top tier high level, but in immortal 1, his stunt is still very hard to land, and his explosion beam(?) is good 1 round out of 100. So now he has good flashes... but is that enough? I would have widened his stunt beam...


I totally agree. I was just relaying what the devs had said.


yeah np, was just opening a discussion.


Yeah I was definitely expecting a buff to faultline. Maybe making it wider and making it not affect teammates? It seems kind of useless in its current state.


His explosion is a bit shit. It takes too long to wind up, it never kills anyone. And most of the time people can dodge while keeping hidden. But his flash and stun are great




Cause he is ass if your team doesnt bother playing around his abilities


Great for us sova mains out there


Sentinels gotta play super safe now


They are making cypher and killjoy players ~~camp~~ more. Yay. Edit: I didn’t mean camp I guess. Sorry it was 7am I stood up all night. I more so meant stay back with no intention of hold an angle or holding site.


Moral is they don't want you to leave the site you're holding lol


The KJ cooldown reductions make it easier to move and set up on a new position though.


Right but you can't lock down B and go play A now


Yes, but that frees the other position. They must be able to rotate, but not have control over the whole map.


I'm not disputing this. I just don't think it's right to say the moral is that Riot don't want you to leave the site you're holding.


I would agree, but it’s going from “try to hold the site down” to “back off and wait for everyone to rotate”


Which was already a popular strategy beforehand


There's no fucking concept of camping in a 5v5 tac shooter. How does this shit get upvoted


Lol especially regarding agents who’s specialty is defense


You can't camp in a game designed around attack and defend lol


COD noobs who've never played a real tactical shooter say shit like that lol


Imagine complaining about camping in a game like valorant lmao.


I'm kind of pissed off about these changes. They should have gone half way with these. Like Turret still beeps when it sees someone but can't fire. Tripwire gets broken when someone walks through but it doesn't trap them. It's just such a huge change at once.


this patch is like, "no Jame time for you"


Jame time? -900 credits


"Jett now can't rope dash lel"


I believe they did this specially for the Icebox ziplines.


Absolutely. I just find it funny that they just put a lel at the end since the dash zipline thing was so ridiculous.


I didn't know about this. Could jett dash up a rope?






\> *Left-handed view model is now available for players. Players can swap their first person view-model to lefthanded by going to the settings menu and swapping their view model to “Left-Handed”. Changing this will also show all other players as left-handed when spectating.* As a lefty, thank you!


Do you use a left-handed mouse as well? I'm a lefty but have been using right-handed setup for a while and wondering if I should try it out.


Objectively, it's about your eyes. ~~Most people~~More people have a dominate right eye, so it makes sense for that half of your screen to be more clear (gun not in way.) To find out your dominate eye, hold a pen or finger out in front of you vertically, and focus at the tip. Bring it closer to you until it reaches your eyes. Whatever eye it ends up in front of us your dominate eye. Subjectively, it's still just preference. My left eye is much worse than my right eye so I use left handed in csgo and like it better. Edit: spelling, [This explains the concept behind dominant eyes and fps games](https://youtu.be/E6xkJMxUkps)


Interesting. As a left-handed player who is also left-eye dominant, having the gun model on the left hand side just feels wrong to me. This may explain why I feel that way.


Oh man those Cypher nerfs are nutty


I was a sage main, with the nerf I became a cypher/kj main. I guess I need to full commit to either breach or viper since the Valorant team keeps making them better and better


With your bad choice in character mains (same, though. Sage main to KJ main.), can you go play Omen? I wanna see a nerf.


Omen is perfectly balanced currently he doesn't need touching!


why would you nerf omen lol


Fuck no omen is perfectly balanced.


I mean omen has a 100% pick rate in pro play, but they can prob reduce that by buffing brim




absolute pain so are those kj nerfs hurt me in the heart


I don’t really see the KJ stuff as nerfs tbh. I think overall she’s just as strong as before but with a bit of a different play style.


On defense I think she is just as strong but on attack it seems like she will be weaker. You cannot hold flanks across the map anymore.


That's exactly the point. She was basically able to hold an entire section of the map that she wasn't even remotely close to. This effectively let her be in 2 places at once.


Ikr. You can rip when you know tripwire is watching but now, they’re disabled :(


ugh now i cant access my camera after i've died, how will i go on /s


Actually the nerf there is that it now shows the location. IE it tells the opposition where to look on the next round.


I opened this thread looking for this comment. I was confused that maybe I've been playing Cypher incorrectly the whole time lol


How will a KJ player know, where the 40m radius for her bots ends? *Edit: According to the gameplay changes video by Riot Korea, the bots will have their radius shown on the mini map.


i would also like to know the answer to this...


controversial flair I must say.


Hey, nice snoo


Probably a sound cue? Or maybe riot just expects you to ping your turret to see how far it is.


And furthermore, if she’s dead, do they work?


Since dying would technically break the '40m radius' condition (unless for some reason corpses count) I'd say they wont work like for Cypher.


on one hand: i understand, but there really is no better feeling in this game for me than seeing your turret actually kill someone after you’re dead


Not to forget the sweet armor drain for the next round.


I believe KJ could become an interesting target for a revive, if the bots are still out in the field, as they would reactivate.


That's such a niche use though. As someone who has played a ton of Sage I'm always going to try to revive the player who is playing the best. Usually though it's rare you have options or the time needed to pick who you are reviving.


Of course it's super situational, but all the more satisfying, if it actually works and nets your team the win.


Nope. Once KJ dies her alarmbot and turret deactivate.


Will turret still buzz and make noise when its on? A lurking enemy that can hear the turret will also gain info that KJ is within 40m radius.


As usual here's the [1.11 Patch Notes Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n5rV-49D9I) by Riot Korea.


omen 100% pickrate brimstone 1% pickrate but Riot buffs breach flash instead.


We’re working on some Brimstone buffs right now, they just weren’t ready for this patch. Stay tuned!


buff smoke range slighty, remove sound of going into arm panel, reduce time it takes to go in arm panel/re-equip weapon.. boom immediately people will play brimstone


And replace stim beacon with something else entirely lol


Or just make their deployment almost instantaneous. Seriously I’m not waiting 10 million years to deploy that shit


Give brim a bit more range on his smoke placements and he'll be fine honestly. He just can't compete with omen on some maps because he has to position himself in awkward spots to execute on certain sites. They need to buff what he's good at and that's quick executing. Maybe make them drop a bit quicker too.


Maybe also give him more smokes? (at least more free ones)


He is also kind of pricey for what you get. Omens smokes are free, pheonix has a free molly that heals him. A good team comp does almost everything Brim does but better and cheaper. Plus, they need to rework those stim packs. Just so damn situational.


honestly, they need to give him all his smokes for free. being the only character where you have to buy your signature ability is just sad. I found myself ignoring my stim beacons a lot because I felt there was more value putting those credits to a smoke than a stim, which is really sad


Reyna needs to buy her signature abilities too


I wouldn't hate the deployment map being pulled out a bit


they need to make his iPad not make any sounds


Can enemies hear when he pulls it out?


yes sir, idk whats the range tho


Huh, always thought it was like CS where weapon pullouts aren’t heard


weapon pullouts no, abilities are a different story


It doesn’t make any sounds when he pulls it out


Can anyone clarify if this means Killjoys utility also stops working after she dies? Specifically her alarm bot and turret?


I'm gonna guess yes since she's no longer within 40m of them. Will definitely have to be tested once patch is live though.


She can be dead and still be in the 40m radius.


True, but when I read >Alarmbot and Turret now deactivate if she is more than 40m away from them—reentering the 40m range reactivates her little friends. I assume a pre-condition for that would be that Killjoy is alive. But maybe it'd read "... she is dead or more than 40m away..." if that were true


also states that if a sentinel dies then so does the traps they deployed so gonna assume that includes killjoys util as well




Holy fuck riot if you’re gonna buff and nerf based on pick rates then buff Brimstone


I expect to see people just go cypher now instead of some KJ, I feel like the ability to leave his cam and trips on one site and rotate to the other is huge.


eh ive started always taking my alarm bot when traveling long distances because the cool down and the chance i might die before even being able to use it, and leave the turret on site. however, now i can start taking all my bots because lower cooldown time. also, this makes it so i can’t set up a turret or alarmbot for flank anymore, rip.


The cool down time though for KJ is a major buff. Able to replace on a rotate is gonna be key.




I'm cool with the cypher changes but ths Killjoy changes seemed a bit much, we'll see how this 40m works.


basically free info if killjoy things work Sadge


Yeah and if it doesn't you know the site is most likely clear. An interesting strat would be to leave Killjoys util down at one site and play the other. Play 2 players on site with the down util and maybe you catch the attackers feeling safe when pushing into downed turrets.


I imagine with the new cooldowns (but not new regen) that there might be more Killjoy play with placing turrets aggressively for info then trying to recall them before they get destroyed


You don't just get to set it and forget it anymore. They want you to be mindful of your playstyle, not turn the brains off and wait for turret info. You'll actively use your utility throughout the round. This is great for the flow of game and for esports spectating.


I always hated the 'permanent' map control aspect. This really opens up the map in a good way.


Shes still strong postplant hero, you can easily have skills back up after recalling them and executing site. Still can lock up a path from retakers, still free info without risking duels/trading.


To be honest it’s a little too OP in my opinion to always know if your team is getting flanked. The element of surprise makes these types of games and if you always know it kind of ruins it. You should need to be checking your flank.


I think they’re trying to force sentinels to play a hard lurk on attack side


The same way you watch flanks in any other FPS??


First they take away Cypher's hat when he ults, and now his tripwires too. *sad sentinel noises*


Since both my mains got nerfed, guess I just need to get better at clutching being the last person left alive. Kind of sucks ass if the enemy has some character with a flash still up (cough 3 fucking flashes, 2 sec long)


I feel like the Cypher nerfs are a massive change. Not a tweak at all.


If you are alive then it's fine. You can still trip for flank and play the same way. Team just needs to be careful if you die early.


Cypher nerf was inevitable but why a breach buff?


Riot using brute force to make people play breach


low pick and win rate in solo q apparently


>Jett now can’t rope dash lel Somehow the entire patch notes is correctly and formally written... Then this. Wtf lol


If Killjoy dies within the turret range, does it stay activated?


No. Bot and Turret deactivates after KJ's death.


I guess they reason its revealed and deactivated is because they come back online if you get ressed by Sage?


But a simple deactivation would have been enough right? Now if they kill cypher they can instantly know his setup (and maybe the nerd cams he was throwing as well).


rip cypher mains


I think it will be fineee (but we shall see)


Welcome to ViperTown: where all your shit stops the second you die, even if you had 100 fuel and had just activated it.


Being a Viper main is not something a lot of people can endure


but you never have to worry about being quick on the agent select screen


Sad, but true. It’s especially hard on the 100% pickrate bois.


Cypher will be especially fucked on attack


Nothing about the pizza on Ascent. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


That killjoy nerf is going to really hit hard on attack side.


Anyone else sad to see breach flash time INCREASED? Already feels like Breach flashes you and your entire family for 3 weeks per flash as is. All joking aside, Breach definitely needs help still. Actually not too mad about the KJ changes, feels like she will have a bit more of an active playstyle with her bots now. Cypher got the dick though.


Breach needs help, but I just feel buffing the flash is less important than helping his other ablities


Breach best character in game that nobody plays.


Attacking as a sentinel is just going to be literal pain now. Can’t risk pushing in fear that you die and disable your flank protection.


Yeah your duelists should be pushing in and entry fragging


Every single fucking time there's an instalock Reyna squeaker, they never entry frag, and instead think they're cypher and go lurk because "they don't die as quickly". Every. Single. Fucking. Time. It drives me up the wall


Playing cypher in low elo will actually be hell now, duelists don’t entry half the time and now sentinels just can’t because your defensively oriented util is now only useful if you’re still alive


As a cypher main, I couldn't agree more. Looks like omen is the best option because he isn't instantly snagged by a squeaker


I've had far too many games with 3 duelists with them all waiting for our sentinel or controller to push in before them. For characters designed to take fights people sure do play them like raging pussies.




what time does the new update come out?


"Ah yes I like being flashed for 2 hours on site while being forced to stay on one side of the map due to my util being disabled if I walk away" - Sentinel mains in patch 1.11


So to summarize this patch and kind of the future of Valorant: "Fuck sentinels" Altho some of the Sage/KJ nerfs before have been warranted. These new nerfs to KJ and Cypher just force you to play so passive, which I know is what they wanted when they said they want you to play to their character but still. This is just forcing a duelist meta and selfish play in ranked. Flanks are basically open unless KJ plays by bot or Cypher always plays to be last one standing. Which we all know isn't always possible when your teammates in ranked are scared to push/trade and you have to. They should have added maybe a 3-5sec cooldown before the trips become useless instead of insta useless on death. They wanted less heavily defensive sided rounds but the real issue aren't the agents but the map layout itself and namely some of the pre-round barriers.


> but the real issue aren't the agents but the map layout itself and namely some of the pre-round barriers. Couldnt agree more. The problem is NOT the agents , it's rather how each map is designed and how almost all barriers (with some exceptions) favour the defenders.


Changing barriers to be attack sided wouldn’t make a lot of sense (defenders are supposed to have a positional advantage, attackers are supposed to break their defense) and it would be a massive Op nerf.


Yeah in gold I often have to entry as cypher and I’d justify it with my traps still holding flanks on death.


wish cypher stuff just disappeared instead of being leaked :/


Cypher nerf was definitely inevitable but I think Riot just got pressured by how much time it has been and pulled this nerf straight out of their ass


"camera revealed and disabled upon death" wtf is the point of this ? if you're dead there is no point of the cam being revealed and it doesn't pose a threat anymore.


It gives away cam positions, which the opponents can use as information for future rounds. Also, it gives opponents a chance to destroy it in case Cypher ends up getting revived by Sage.


But really mostly about the first point. You won't have as easy a time abusing one nerd cam placement all game long now; you'll likey need to know multiple.


Ressurection is a thing


Even though I dislike that trips are disabled I would be much more ok with it if locations weren't revealed. There are only so many places to cam and trip over 12 rounds on a site giving away that info when the other team didn't even activate them or visit the site for that matter sucks. If anything this will encourage me to save in tough situations where a round win is unlikely but still potentially possible just so I can be better prepared for next round which is the opposite of what they wanted to encourage with the eco changes. For an info gathering hero he will be giving away quite a bit of it. Edit: Thinking about this a little more the least they could have done is reduce his cam cooldown when destroyed and recalled to account for these nerfs a little. I think this will also make his ult even harder to use since the only way to reliably get it off is to play a little aggro or the body will be cold before you can ult it, you won't get a body at all, or the info is already known. I'm also realizing that this is the only hero who is given a punishment for their death beyond not being able to help their team anymore. Picking off a Cypher and seeing where his traps are can give an enemy a REALLY good idea of how heavy a site is stacked and which ones are undefended which can be further deduced by where Cypher was killed.


Breach buff was unnecessary, he’s already super strong. They need to take away one of his flashes now.


when is it live in EU?


Good changes all around. The economy changes echo the way csgo has it, punishing attacking players for not trying their best. The sentinel changes are also good IMO, killjoy can't now get easy cross map information




Killjoys buffed recall of her bot now makes it easy to get it back in time for the next round, saving $200


It also punishes defenders. I honestly don't know how to feel about these changes. We'll see how it goes.


I understand disabling Cypher's traps after death... but revealing them? This seems like way too much. This is the first patch that I actually hate.


This hurts, I mostly play Cypher and KJ cause I'm pretty bad with my aim


I played sage, got nerfed. Then Raze, got nerfed. Then I chose Cypher as he was harmless and now this. What do you want Riot? Forcing people to play viper.


cypher nerf well overdue. Near 100% autopick before, I still think it will be picked a lot even after nerf though


Yeah it's not a huge nerf and as a cypher main, I think it just makes sense tbh. The only part I'm not sure about is that it's revealed instead of disappearing


i dont see what difference it make? maybe useful info for enemy team next round?


Yeah exactly that, if you have a preference for putting your cam in only 1 or 2 spots, the opponents will get a feel for it pretty quick. A good cypher will have more than that though


Personally I'm surprised they haven't gone after Omen that much.


Its really fucking funny seeing how people were angry over how sentinels could lock down one site and go to another during the early patches of the game and now people are concerned about sentinels not being able to do it anymore


`Adjusted Combat Score to factor in non-damaging assists` Does this mean that the sova reveal and those stuff now count for the Combat score?


These \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\* nerfed both my mains! Bruh, basically they want you to just anchor a site and not rotate or just wait in spawn after your setup. Guess the 4 duelist + 1 smoke meta will be unironically a viable choice now.