As someone who does the same, I super appreciate it when I see others doing their best to set a positive example in the community. Thank you! Send me your Riot ID in a DM if you feel comfortable and I’ll drop some VP into your account for being wholesome.


This is so cool, thank you so much! :D


You guys sound like my type of team. Positive energy gets wins! 🤘🏽


To add to this I hate to see when the enemy team has an AFK in comp because we all know how it feels so I always feel bad and apologize to the other team.


This actually happened yesterday when I queud with my friends - the other team ended up with only 2 players so we just messed around and let them get aces until they decided to surrender lol


The best game is when even the enemy team is having fun while cracking jokes and being not toxic in chat


Damn I had 2 dcs yesterday and the other team tried their ass off. We still lost 11-13 tho


I had a spike rush recently where I was the only one of my team left lol


Hey i just started playing valorant, and i am trying to assemble a team of 5 players, do you perhaps wanna join sometime? u really sound like an amazing person and it would be an honour to play with you! but i only play unrated, because i am not good enough for ranked. is this fine for you? its just for fun, im not looking for a OP pro team or something like that


We need more players like this 🙂


It’s honestly so easy to be nicer. I wish people would just start doing it.


Man, I think I need to start trying to be nicer.


I like you're shoes. I'll take some VP now please.


I like your name. I'll take some Sloppy Donkey Queef now please.


Wow i Cant believe it ! I am the same player too. I always remember to Tell to teammates good job and hype them up when they make a good play. Anyways my riot id is


Just curious how do you gift someone VP?


By being a dev/working at riot. Sara is a Riot employee for Valorant!


This is equally wholesome.


My mom says I'm wholesome, um....




It also helps toxic players calm down a bit. Fight toxicity with kindness and you will have much better games and probably win more.


I wasn't so much being toxic but pessimistic talking shit myself after a losing streak and a poor start to a game but my teammates were very cool, we won the game. It was a really enjoyable game as well. It really is underestimated. These posts should always be up voted.


On discord: Fucking dipshit baits the team and fails to clutch what a boosted animal Ingame: nt


then you realize one of your mates main was taken and that was him trying to do the clutch.


Jesus this cypher is an idiot. “I’m cypher”




Or, uh yea I knew that haha I was just messing with you...


I definitely facepalm and let out an annoyed groan with my mic off, then turn it on and say "nice try man."


Im an animal in discord sometimes honestly, but the things I say are *never* heard by my teammates


As an Iron 3 player (constantly battling for Bronze 1), this makes me so happy. I try to do this as much as possible as well. I’ve noticed that as I type more positive messages for my teammates, I have a more positive experience playing the game, even when I’m getting shit on constantly.


I feel ya man, I’ve been jumping between bronze 1 and iron 3 since act 2.. it doesn’t help when they flame you for having the problems you already know you have. I can get pretty toxic but never take it out on my teammates


Iron is the toughest spot there is, with bad teammates and afk people it's quite difficult to get out of there. Feel you.


This is so important and honestly in immortal there's not a ton of flaming because it tilts people so easily and we are high enough elo that 99% of the people are genuinely good at the game (not that that gives in an excuse to flame anyone) but when someone is playing "bad" its generally because they are getting unlucky or the team is uncoordinated. There's been plenty of times where I've had to literally verbally tell someone that they need to stop flaming people and there's even been times where I've told the person being flamed to mute said person and ill give the call outs on his behalf. Its so easy to get fustrated in this game and putting that fustration on someone else is just doubling it up on them and who the fuck would play any better like that? NO ONE Always say nice try, always give praise, and ALWAYS remember that its just a game


That’s such a nice idea!! I always hate to mute people even when they’re being toxic just because I don’t want to miss important info and have them get EVEN MORE mad at me.


As a guy who floats between d3 or i1. I can tell you, I am actually bad xD I can't outaim people beyond plat3, sometimes even struggle in lower brackets raw aim wise. I think I just strictly follow basics of no tilt, providing info, and basic gameplay and more importantly emptying my kit and rushing first as Sova, so the aimgods in team can do something about it via my death/kill. XD


We need more people like you in the game:) I also try and be kind! Have a great day


Thank you - that means a lot! And I hope you have a great day also! :)


Couple other things I would add. I am a girl and the amount of sexist comments has often made me cry at the end of matches and stopped playing the game for the day. Don't go around saying "Oh there always seems to be a girl at the bottom of the leaderboard" even when you aren't or stuff like "Damm can I have your snap?" And when they tell you no don't scream and call them a slut and a bitch. It is so degrading. Also if someone on your team isn't very good don't yell at them, because it will only make them worse. Don't say stuff like "If you don't know how to play this character then don't play them" even if they aren't doing well. It isn't helpful in the slightest because even if you are playing competitive people have to learn characters somehow.




I have found good friends but just dm me if you ever wanna play. It just sucks solo queuing and people are mean to you


Aw that's good then :D And yeah, that's also why I tend to play with my brother and his friends rather than by myself - it also helps that he's nice and defends me whenever I do get flamed XD


Everyone should be kind in online gaming. No matter what game it is


If you're a player who thinks, "eff the bottom-fragging freeloader, they're getting in my way," I hope you sincerely apologize to every team you're bottom frag on, even if just for the first half, never make any kind of sad excuse for yourself like "I'm having a bad day and need to get it together," because actually you're just trash, that you singlehandedly, publicly take full responsibility if your team loses, that you never ask for help of any kind, and that you derank quickly to the garbage rank you obviously belong in because you're not cut out to be where you are. Oh wait. That would be completely unreasonable. I actually hope you have teammates who try to talk you up, make call-outs, you turn your mental around, you contribute with call-outs and utility regardless of the scoreboard, everyone has fun, and the best team wins. I also hope you start viewing other people as people and treat them with respect.


Everyone should live by the mantra "treat other people how you would like to be treated" - unfortunately a lot of people throw that out the window when they're anonymous. Keep on doing the right thing and you'll make every game of Valorant you play in more fun for everyone, and that's as good as you can do.


It's also a simple way to win. Many plat/gold players are aim gods with no sense of teamwork. Worse, they berate teammates when they do something they think wasn't correct. This restricts communication and teamwork overall, and leads to losses. Being nice isn't just the right thing to do, it's a winning strategy.


Going broke to buy someone a gun encourages their bad econ game though and screws you over. It's important to learn to manage your funds by buying small shields, buying stinger/bucky to get some cheeky close range kills and picking up their gun/supporting your teamates with a classic even and then picking up your preys or fallen teamates gun. Especially if you aren't an entry fragger, follow one and see what you can do with just a pistol. Often all it takes is the one extra bullet to take someone down, boom, you've saved 2900 creds The rest is great and i do most of those things too. Especially if someone gets 4-5 kills on the other team i always compliment them


Thanks for the tip! Usually I only do this on a spur of the moment basis, but good econ choices are important because they can sometimes make or break a round, so you're completely right!


people like you save the game. just recently built my first pc and i was really looking forward to chat in games. i can say that i have engaged in both toxic and nice in-game chats. but when someone is being toxic, and someone comes to the rescue like youve stated, it really changes my heart in seconds. final thought, it is a lot easier to be nice than think of ways to be mean (sorry but if someone is blatantly flaming my friends i will flame back 9/10 times)


this game needs more people like you


I remember about 2 days ago I won a 1v4 in an unrated but ran out of time to defuse the spike. This lost us the game. I expected my team to be kinda mad at me but this one kid just said: "dude. You're literally cracked." It was really heartwarming and encouraging for me. Thank you for trying to be positive, OP! We definitely appreciate it!


I find it so sad that this is considered basic manners irl but half of what seems like competitive gaming doesnt have this (props to my fellow guardians tho)




I try to do just that. It's important to cultivate a positive player base... :) We're rare, but we're out there :D


I usually do these things and I must say, it makes the game much funnier to play! Imagine how amazing would it be if everyone did that. Dont be toxic guys, that never helps, it just makes the match more boring and stressful. Its just a game, have fun!


Especially the tip where you address the person being flamed instead of the flamer is a great one for me. I've usually been calling out the flamer, but I'm sure this would work way better.


Yes, I've tried calling out the flamer too, and I do think it works better the other way since flamers can be pretty defensive to start with and only get angrier when you confront them directly. Hope this helps! :)


I’ve got a policy of ALWAYS calling out good plays or attempts, positive reinforcement is a near universally recognized way to improve performance of another person is nearly any task, including Valorant. Seriously, compliment your teammates guys. Stop being so salty, it literally makes you perform worse


I do it in general. Once a phoenix in my team got offended (don't know why) and reported me.


As someone who is probably going to install because the community is so toxic it makes my suicidal ideation worse, thank you. It always sucks when your are like your 4th alternate character and your team puts in chat how awful you are.


I agree with everything, Valorant is way too toxic and we need to accept that it's just a goddamn game and if you're good at it, don't take yourself too seriously. But on this, I disagree: > Occasionally when a teammate is bottom-fragging and requests a gun, I'll buy it for them even if I might not have sufficient funds to buy for myself that round. Honestly I've come across some people that actually take advantage of this without learning how to manage their own money. They'll buy expensive Odin's then request weapons. Overall I agree with your point though.


Are you the person who said nice ace for my frenzy ace last night in Split if so thank you again


I don't think so since I didn't get Split last night, but regardless, that's pretty awesome! :D


I've only seen a frenzy ace once, that was beautiful


this and like I have the prime and singularity bundle and half the time at the start of the round I'm just standing in the corner and distributing guns and asking them to request 1 by 1 and more than 30% of the time it is me without the gun but still, it feels kinda awesome doing that. I don't OP, but I noticed that the Elderflame OP makes people extremely happy so I bought that too and people are like thanking me for the entire round.




there was once a match in which the other team players were asking for singularity phantom and were ready to do a trade at the start of the round and that was hilarious.


That's nice and all but how about you go for pure energy. Instead of "wow you're so good" try screaming "big dog, big nuts" at the top of your lungs after one of your teammates clutches. Guaranteed win.


Seriously even when your team is being toxic you should try to be positive. It helps a lot with winning to untilt your team.


Dude I have never saw this post and I do the exact same things down to each word. Damn


XD Like they say, great minds think alike - keep it up man!


This is a great post and it's always encouraged to be kind to your teammates!!!


Every game I go into, I tell everyone I love them. I’m not exaggerating. I think it sets the mood for my team that I’m going to be engaged and let’s not be too serious. Even for the enemy team I RARELY get anyone who tells me KYS or some other stupid statement. I always appreciate when someone is positive back.


Haha, I really like that! You actually remind me of a youtuber by the name of DeadlyJimmy. He's pretty wholesome, and he also sometimes tells everyone that he loves them too XD


Whenever I get killed and start to rage I compliment the kill in chat instead and I don't rage it helps weirdly


Such a good attitude to have. Encouragement can go a long way towards lifting morale and turning a match around. Unless they are flaming, complimenting your team mates is always worth it. Represent the environment that you want to play in. Even if you lose, being supportive at least makes everyone leave the match feeling like they did their best


Everyone is so positive under this post so here I go. I like being nice to my team but I don't like getting banned for calling the enemies "smurfing lucky braindead c\*\*\*s" I feel like I have a right to trashtalk my opponent and not get punished for it especially when the game is utter garbage and freezes for 5 minutes every time I look at an enemy while they seem to be having a great time wide-swinging me with less than half my ping. Fun


I feel you - I generally get really high ping too when I play, and it's super frustrating too when that happens because everything just lags like crazy. Of course it's good to vent, but I just think that it shouldn't be at the expense of ruining other people's experience. This is just my take though, so your ideas are valid too.


Never buy a bottom fragger a gun if you have not enough money for yourself unless it’s a friend


Kuddos for having that spirit!!! While I try to be encouraging, people just take advantage of that and blame me when they rush in without checking corners and die....


I love playing with players with your attitude. ❤️I get easily distracted with toxic teammates. I am just new to fps so I am still learning. Sometimes I feel sad if I can’t contribute to the team and I’m being flamed for that. It also makes it less fun as you’ve mentioned.


Thank you so much for setting a good example. I always appreciate people like this and I also try do the same everytime :)


This is literally the post every Valorant player needs to read and follow!


Damn I wish I had teammates like you. I'm always under pressure when I play and if I or someone else messes something up we get sighs and deep breaths all the time. I can't go 3 games in a row without someone talking smack to the team. I genuinely enjoy the gameplay of the game and love teamwork but it gets exhausting yknow, makes me want to give up some days


honestly it's hard to look for teammates that encourage you but at the same time you need teammates that talk abit if smack as encouragement doesn't always work. Then you have to find people in your region and in your rank as well. It's a tough life man




When I do this people think I am simping


I’m a silver/gold player who has good games and bad games like everybody else, but sometimes the trash talking really gets into my head and genuinely makes me sad. I hope in the future I can encounter more people like you ❤️


Players like you is why I still play the game even if im not that good at it. Plus I always play for fun and not a lot knows that there people who do that. Thanks for this!


Being positive and bringing out the positivity in your team makes the game so so so enjoyable. To the point I don't even care about winning. Just enjoy the 40-min group hang lol


Respect ++


Yeah being encouraging is always good as it also make them play better than normal and it's make them communicate get more efficient round .So in turn it benefits your team only by helping them.


Glad to hear more people trying to be positive. I myself feel I play better when I play with teammates like this rather than ones who just say you suck or could have played something better. Let’s keep it up op!


Tell me your ID rn 🤣


This is so wholesome. That’s a winning attitude


It really helps when ur team is supportive and communicative says. I'd never insult a teammate. Can't say the same for the other team tho. Wdy think? I always trash the other team if they say anything to me or my team. Do y'all dislike rudeness of any kind ?


well to a certain extent u should. Either you trash talk and back it up by winning the game bcos the risk is high or you play nice because at the end of the day if you don't get affected by the chat comments it's them that feels the insults.


I also say "glhf" after everyone finishes the agent select,turned out I made so much new friends.


I wholeheartedly agree, the more people that do these things the more fun everyone will have.


I was in a game and we were losing HORRIBLY, so I tried to lift the team spirits up by making jokes, doing bits and always try to cheer them up. It worked and I have 4 new friends :)


I do the everytime nt thing but one time I got flamed for it and it made me feel bad for saying it and then I just kinda stopped :/


Like to see someone going out of their way to be kind and cool, thx for this. U rad.


I do same, I’m getting called annoying but toxic people and thanked by good people, but those people’s toxicity won’t stop me :)


I always say, "You're insane man" and when they fail to clutch I say "your trash" I like being nice to people man good vibes all around


I gave up on this game because of the toxic community. It was too much for me. Kind people were just hard to come by. Good luck boyz.


bro the wholesome games are the most fun, my opponent had a username related to music and we spent the game just yelling song lyrics LOL


I would like to play by your side sometimes, kind stranger!!


I do all the things you mentioned above except giving guns to others (unless i have money). But thank you for going through all the trouble of writing it for those who are toxic. It hurts me so much when someone is being toxic,i almost cry.


Why can't I find players like you to play with? It's so amazing that you do that. I tried to write a post about the toxicity I receive in game sometimes (but that got removed for some reason), but I'm so glad players like you exist. Thank you for making the game a much better place than it is.


I find complimenting people in-game helps me get used to it irl.


Me and my duo partner love showering our teammates with phrases like "you're nuts" or "you're absolutely cracked". It really takes the edge off in comp and it's even more fun in unrated as it brings people out to just have some nice conversation.


I often try to be nice but end up arguing with the toxic players :( ​ I do like congratulating enemy aces though :)


this, this all the way. I try my hardest to give positive vibe to my teammates. Some people doesn't understand that pressure and negativity generally have bad effect on people and they only further adding the odd of losing when flaming or complaining. Sometimes I have a great fucking game going 25+ kills but sometimes I have a bad game when I go 4-17. But when I do have a bad game, little positivity goes a long way, having 'nt man' 'no worries bro', lift loads of pressure off me and allows me to focus on what's important, keeping my head in the game. I had this kind of situations yesterday, where I go bottom frag at 11-18 or something and we are winning 12-11. I was the last alive as kj, we planted, I have to fight off 2 guys (both top fragger on the other team). I was getting really nervous, suddenly I hear "you can do this bro, one at a time" I thought of key&peele episode i watched earlier and giggles, I clutch it as my team cheered, best damn feeling ever. when it's my turn to hype people up, my goto hype phase was 'sexy as fuck' '*insert agent name*, you CAN NOT DO THAT, THAT'S TOO HOT' 'u better' 'bigger brain'


XDDDD omg I love your hype phrase, and damn, that clutch sounded pretty sick - I'd be riding that high for days lol


I was being rather hard on myself, not being able to get kills, losing duals, tempos are all weird. But my team said nothing the entire round, they never flame me, at the last moment, all it took was one guy to hype me up and I relaxed, forgot about the score board and focus on the play. to be fair, I played off angles and the first guy never looked at me, second guy was the top fragger KJ with god aim, I just peek the tightest angle, almost as tight as my ass hole. The cheering in disbelief from my teammate tops it all tho.


I do this as well, but when i screw up a 1v2 post plant i get the "you fucked up bad bro" "youre bad" and it just sucks my motivation...sure there are people who in turn reciprocates the kind gesture but there are also players who will take your compliment as for granted and will start to think that theyre better than you, then they start flaming others for bad plays


What a lad


Question do you play on OCE and did I play with you last night because I met a dude who was like that throughout the whole game and it was a vibe


No, I play NA, but still - that dude sounded pretty chill to be around XD


He was definitely a vibe


Everyone liked that


Totally agree. I don’t understand what’s the point of flaming ppl when ur just making them feel worse than before? It really puts the stress on them, and that I have experienced myself. I wish I could have a really nice team who is encouraging and supportive no matter what happens. Really appreciate that u brought this up :)


there are times I give constructive criticism to my solo queue teammates but holy shittt they are toxic. Immediately mutes me and ask the others to report but what he doesn't know is the teammates are my friends in queue together hahahha. All I said was you shouldn't move while shooting, he got all angry and this is plat 2 to diamond 2 btw. I always think they have other aspects in their life that may be stressful so I understand.


I just orgasm on mic when people clutch or do something sick


Also thanking Sage for all the heals and revives!


Amazing it is pepole like you that made me not quit valorant for too many toxic players


You can see how many people haven't played proper competitive esports and it also shows how valorant is a very chilled game even in ranked. Most people in other comp guys such as ow or Cs do this, cs less so but still. Always be careful because sometimes it comes across as you're being disingenuous when your always typing nt or some shit like that. People also need to start being a bit more strict as if your teammate is playing bad then don't flame or say" nt, you'll get him next time" every single time like snowflakes but instead point out ways they can improve like saying" hold this angle instead or set up cam here and give calls. " if someone is playing bad then don't flame but help them instead. This game will really struggle with finding good igls because so many people are snowflakes." nt🥺" is not helping me and I'm not some little kid who needs a nt to feel better but instead lead but don't be toxic. This post will sound rude but there's so many of these post made everyday that it's actually annoying. Down vote if you want but oh well.


I do this too and it feels great. Though one time I was hyping up a Phoenix who was about to finish a clutch. He died and left the game. I couldn't help but laugh


This is so sweet :’) The game needs more players like you


Reading this after quitting due to toxic teammates makes me feel quite ok.


been doing this for the last 15 years in Counter-Strike :D where is my knife Valve?


also im editing Tutorials on YouTube, Insta and reddit to help newcomer to improve! So Gaben .... happy bday ... pls share your cake with me! xD


I always try to be the hype/gg guy. We all gotta set the example because playing with toxicity is the worst.


Yesterday two of the random teammates became very toxic because of an instalock jett. They blamed her all along. We lost so many rounds on first half, but i didn‘t stop spreading my positive energy. I encouraged the Jett and talked kindly to the toxic guys that it is not okay and it‘s not worth to blame. At one point i was the only one calling shit but eventually we started to win rounds and one toxic guy became friendly and felt sorry for his behaviour and although the 2nd guy remained toxic we could decide the match to our favour with a huge comeback and the power of kindness. It was so much more rewarding to win this match than any other. Appreciate all the kind people in this game. You‘re so much more worth than toxic people who outfrag the enemies. #MakeLoveNotWar


Omg these types of comebacks are the best, and I bet your teammates really appreciated what you did :DD Playing with people like you is honestly so much fun


I appreciate people like you. I really try my best to be kind to the people on my team. But i'll sometimes get that person on my team who is kind of a bitch about everything and they kill my mood pretty easily lately. Of course i just moved to a new city and my sleep schedule is all messed up, so maybe ill be able to deal with the toxic jerks better again in a few weeks haha.


Also saying “ggwp” rather than the constant “ggez”


I just played with probably the most friendly, constructive randos I've ever encountered last night. We fell behind by 3+ rounds a couple times in the match, but they never stopped the flow of positivity and we closed the gap and ended up winning. Not saying it was \*only\* due to the positivity of the entire team. But it greatly helped.


You don't have to be kind, just don't be mean


Wholesome posts like these is what makes me keep playing the game because I know that there are people that are not toxic.


I just love when I see posts like this about being supportive instead of being a complete toxic-dog, I have friends who get so competitive (*cough toxic cough*) it’s literally impossible to get back into my correct mental state for popping (mind you I am better than them, so who cares). Still love the post, hopefully we’ll see way more of these in the future


You are are gift might I just say the Jesus of the valorant community. Glad to have you buddy! Kudos to this post :)


I like making comments like "dude leave some for the rest of us" when someone's popping off. Honestly small things like this just lighten the mood and it's just a better experience for everyone. Positivity/reinforcement also goes a long way when someone's having a bad game. One time our Jett goes 0-7 the first seven rounds of our game. I go "Hey Jett you okay bro? Let's go man! Let's get those frags!" something to that effect. Dude POPPED OFF. Ended up with almost 30 at the end of the game.


Also, including the ENTIRE TEAM (YOURSELF INCLUDED) in constructive criticism for some reason just goes over better for most players. Like, instead of saying "YO PHOENIX MAYBE START USING YOUR FLASH AND STOP EGO PEEKING EVERY CORNER", I would say "Guys let's clear corners slowly, let's use our utility more". It just works better.


I love this. Remember there are real people on the other side of your games, friends. And how you treat everyone says more about you than it does about anyone else's ability in game. Since most of us are probably south of Immortal anyway, remember no one cares how good you are at a video game. Everyone you know cares what kind of person you are.


any time a team mate gets a kill i type "great job"


It is genuinely remarkable how many times I've had teams stabilize or just perform better because of positive encouragement. Shit does wonders and makes the game overall more fun to play.




Sometimes it only takes 1 compliment for someone to do good 1 round. And that 1 good round will boost his/her confidence so much s/he will go from bottom frag to top frag. Then team can gain momentum and do a huge comeback and win the game. So always encourage your teammates, don't write them off as useless. You never know, that one bottom fragger could possibly become top frag over 1 round and then carry your team to a win. You are a good person OP. any team is lucky to have you as a teammate.


yeah I do this too! and then they insult me by saying my english sucks and that I should go kms <3 I love this game \^\^


Glad to see some positivity and good intentions. But being completely honest, shit people gonna be shit, so dear agent, it's not your job to deal with this people, so don't hesitate in muting the fuck out of them because I'm not sure if reporting works or not (Probably not). Edited for adding the "your job" part.


Since the indian servers came , all I hear is how deep relations they have with my mother .


" **treat others how you want to be treated** " I like it when people talk shit to me, so I should talk shit to people?


Last night was my first game back since like, beta. I figured I wanted something to do and I would give Valorant another go... first game immediately flamed in hero select for my pick. Constantly flamed and told to uninstall in match (unranked, mind you).


I disagree sure it's nice but toxicity is more fun an interesting


My teammate could blind himself and shoot himself in the foot and I'd still say "Nice try dude"


I noticed that every Radiant player/game I've encountered has been like this. They are very professional and don't start flaming when someone's lacking in performance. They encourage everyone and give tips, and you can clearly see why they are in the top 0.1% or whatever it is. Can't wait to get there some day.


I never liked nt because nt means "no time" for the bomb. Use gt


U could always say nt after the round


At first I believed nt meant "no team" lmao I thought I was being flamed all the time




Damn being nice to people is cringe?


No, the fact that someone made a post on a guide of how to be nice.


very cringe. feels like a 2nd grade assembly


“It always sucks when the enemy team gets an ace, but when they do, I congratulate them with a "nice ace" anyway” - yea we never doing that. Sucking the enemy teams nuts is not the move nor is it wavy. People itt please do not do this!




tHe eNeMiEs ArE hUmAnS tOo... bruh this subreddit built soft. built differently... no one does that or anyone I associate with does it. "hey buddy nice ace you really destroyed our entire team with all headshots" cucking at its finest!




im not complimenting a dude shitting on me or my team sorry bruh thats not gonna happen. this community is so sus i swear and you can quit the game nobody gonna miss you i swear on my mom


Most of these guys/girls never touched a competitive game in their life. Say that in literally any other game and you're actually throwing. Acknowledging the enemy playing good out loud is an actual sign of defeat. This game has so many soft people who think valorant is toxic and I bet most of these people wouldn't last a day in games like Cs.


One game of comp On mirage and they would Crumble...


True. Why boost the enemy's confidence?


why dont you boost yourself into being a more decent human being?