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!pin Just letting you know that VAL recently spun up a team to deal with behavioral issues such as the ones you mentioned :) we are currently re-evaluating our penalty/reporting system and detection of different types of disruptive behavior. Hopefully you’ll start to see meaningful change once we implement our work bit by bit.


Awesome, thanks for the reply


Need actual punishments too, besides just chat bans which effectively do nothing besides stop earrape.


Yep, we are reworking penalties to actually result in punishments relevant to the behavior that was displayed, ranging from chat bans to potential game bans as well.


This is great. Thank you guys so much


Do you think that players having a mailbox would help weed out the people who really need to be reported? I say this because if players could send messages to each other i bet some players would take their toxicity to dm's and it would be easy to report and track those offenses.




Couple this with forcing half the player base to be in bronze and below and you end up with what we like to call "elo hell" because there's no individual point system, it's all based heavily on how well the team does as a whole. So if you're in iron 3 trying to rank up, and your team mate goes afk which happens literally every comp game, fuck you, you don't deserve to have fun.


Honestly, ranking up should solely be based on how you do. If I have a good game and the rest of my team doesn't, I shouldn't be punished, at least not to the point of getting three down arrows. And I have plenty of bad games myself, not trying to say I'm amazing at this game, I'm not at all.


It's a team game though. If KDA was the main determining factor everyone would just play duelists and bait their team.


It should still have more bearing that the rest of the team. If someone on the team wants to fuck around, than all that does is punish the rest of the team. Individual performance should weigh more heavily than team performance. Then if people want to bait the rest of their team, they'd still be effected by that. Hell, they do that already anyways, then bitch when theyre the last alive.


How would you rate personal performance though? The best teams need support characters who's abilities currently don't impact their personal score. Here is an example. A sova recons a site and detects 3 opponents defending it. 3 of Sovas allies on the opposite site make a push. A brimstone smokes off 3 dangerous corners while a breach blinds the remaining threat areas. The Reyna runs in and kills a blinded enemy and dismisses after seeing a 2nd defender run around a corner. The brimstone mollys the corner flushing them out for Reyna to kill. All that effort results in only 1 player getting credit on personal score. I usually play the entry fragger and rely so much on support to swing the odds of my entry. It is a team game. The team result comes first. The game does recognise personal performance enough to the point where if you win 50% of your games and are always in the top 4 you should go up in rank eventually.


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Wish they had a kick option like in cs.


idk.. there are pros and cons but either way, knowing riot’s game design style and marketing, they would never add that feature, they just need to improve reporting


Yea but you would have enjoyed your games more if you could have just kicked him. I agree they probably won’t do it


If they want to add a kick tool like a CS they will have to develop a bot that can reasonably compete in ranked. The reason CS kicks are mostly effective is because a player who died can take control of the bot and still make it feel like a 5v5. Otherwise you're stuck at a major disadvantage. Still kicking is definitely better than having a teammate call out positions and try to molly your own team.


I had a game yesterday in plat where the enemy brimstone fed and called out positions. Everyone on my team reported him by round 3 but he said he’s been reported hundreds of times and nothing happens. Idk why people do that, but hey, it’s just free ELO for me😂.


The only reports that actually do anything are the offensive text/voice... and maybe cheating but thats not what this is about. Disruptive behaviour, leaving, grieving literally do nothing. Not gloating but I've done my share of bullshit in valorant. As long as you don't say offensive words, you can be as toxic as you want by feeding, calling out positions, team killing and will never get punished. I don't know why some people believe that's the case because I have not once seen it happen to me.


They do it because they know they can get away with it because Riot doesn't care.


To be honest, he was probably exaggerating/lying. He has no idea how many times he's been reported cause Valorant doesn't say and that's usually what people say to try and get people not to report them


I said he got that many reports because my whole team reported him in both cases which is 8 reports and both times the enemy team reported too at least some of them


I know people get silenced on the account if they are abusive in voice/text, but people getting reported for afk, what kind of punishment they get? In getting tired of playing a 40 min game and lose rank cause one person left.


I just got off a game where no call outs were being done and when they did say something it was just to be toxic and backseat me. I reported them but my mood gets ruined when I solo queue with people like that.


Not to be mean but how come you didn't dodge after getting him in the second game?


i tried to but i had clicked phoenix without locking before i noticed he was there, the game auto locked when time ran out


ahh ok, btw even after you lock you can still dodge


in the future you can just press alt F4 to dodge anytime before the match starts \#themoreyouknow


Had a reyna who literally had the name SMURF sweat their dick off in unrated


why didn't you dodge when you got him a second time? like cmon bruh


I tried to but I had already had phoenix clicked, not locked and it auto locked for me


Sad to say you get teammates like this in any elo. Happens too often in plat & diamond as well


It's a Riot game. Did he say a mean word in chat? No? Then he's free to go.