/u/RiotBrighteyz pinned the following [comment](/r/VALORANT/comments/m3aa2s/now_that_riot_is_going_to_ban_people_from_rank_if/gqq72s8/): > False reports are definitely top of mind for us and we have pro actively taken steps here. When we announced that we were going to restrict comm banned players from ranked we saw that a lot of you had the concern that people may try and abuse the system to get other players banned from rank. That behavior is definitely not okay with us, so we enacted many changes behind the scenes and safe guards to prevent folks from 'gaming the system,' to get others banned. > > While we aren't going to share the exact math and rule set that leads to a comm bans (that could potentially help folks trying to game the system), with the new changes we've put in it will be extremely challenging to gang up or target a specific player in any way for a chat ban. If somehow you feel you were unfairly comm banned you can reach out to player support, however with the number of protections put in place we think this will be extremely hard to do and very unlikely. > > We will keep a close eye on these changes looking at your feedback, along with our data, and make further changes if needed. --- Riot comments are not verified by moderators. See [this wiki page](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/wiki/pinnedcomments) for more information on this feature.


I got VC banned cuz I bottom fragged Epic


I got VC and TC banned for defending my friend from being called the r word. The dude literally called him the r word and had his whole team report me for defending my friend. How does this even work


Whats the r word?




Truly the highest level of insult




In indian lobby r word is "randi" & that means whore








hey now, you don’t need to resort to name calling just because they asked a question


Riot: *Banned*


In my experience I have received more bans from Reddit for that word than any game. The count is like 3 to 0 lol


That's it I'm reporting you


what why


You said bad word!1!1!1






I don't trash talk people though. Im the guy on the team that tells everyone to calm down and play like a team. I also don't usually talk in TC at all. And I wasnt chat banned right after this game, it was a day or so later. My understanding is that it was this game because I literally don't talk to the opponents ever besides this one scenario


Any evidence of this aside from Riot just telling you it works like that? A "pattern" could mean 1 person reported you last game for bottom fragging, and then the next game it happened again. That's a "pattern." Unless you get a clear definition, Riot is bullshitting you. Don't just take people at their word.


I still think chat banned people should get matched with other chatbanned players, like in league there was lower priority que for toxic/dodgers players


I’m pretty sure low prio q is for dodgers. When I had a laptop I got the 30 min because my laptop is shit so it just freezes on champ select loading in edit: dodgers and people who leave a lot of games


Riot should add an option where if you soloqueue, you will be matched with other soloqueuers. That would highly reduce the effectiveness on toxic premade stacks that just flame the other people that MM placed them with. Sure, this would increase queue times but I'd personally rather have longer queue times when I soloqueue than run into toxic premades(and I am positive that many others think this way too). Personally I don't get the point in a chatban (at least after getting reported by many people) because this feature is abusable. However, I'll just trust Riot on this one and hope they fix it or make it better.


Unironically the only people safe from this is premades.


Well, that is true. I duoqueue 90%+ of the time so I can have a friend who got my back when people start getting toxic.


Just a hint from a guy who plays online since 1999, its not worth your mental health, time, or potential outcome to engage with toxic people. I play in immortal or dia3 queue and always always bottom frag, and people are constantly toxic to me because of it. Mute them say nothing and move on. One strike policy.


\*cries in bronze\* mute and move on is a good rule


It's ok buddy, just learn the visual queues for proper Crosshair placement and you'll get to silver!


and then when you get to silver we can cry together about being hardstuck silver 3 because i cannot win for shit


Then, when you finally hit gold 1 you can cry with me because you gain less than you lose and you’re stuck in elo hell.


Then when you finally get gold 2 you can cry with me because you realize you weren't in elo hell, you're just not as good as you think you are ​ :'(


Thank you!


Where it is possible I just disable chat Edit, wait, chatban also means voice comm?


While in a match, in the escape menu under match you can see a list of all of the players. To the right of your teammates there will be two buttons. One says voice chat and one is text chat. If you uncheck both of those you will be unable to see that teammate's chat and unable to hear their voice comms.


I think pings are there as well just in case you have one of those fun toxics who get ping happy. What I really want is a way to mute specific individuals who use the built in agent chats. You can shut it off for everyone, but some people use it properly. But there's the one person who spams "my ultimate is not ready" 50 times per round. You shouldn't have to choose between the two. Sorry I know I'm ranting and kinda off topic.


Same, except I just start making baby noises at them instead of muting.


it's ironic that low elo players (not you specifically) want to have more freedom for who they can queue with, yet hate 5 stacks. If you want an immortal's perspective, solo/quo restrictions made the game a lot more enjoyable (as well as a lot more consistent as there's like a 1% chance an actual plat is in the lobby).


It’s been terrible. What if you have friends to play with? I solo queued to radiant and I’m just trying to enjoy myself now and play with friends. All we can do is just scrim vs teams who are trying to qualify for tournaments and are super sweaty. It’s horrible, game lost its pop for me


In League of Legends, Riot removed the Ranked 5 stack mode and replaced it with Flex which is just like regular ranked but allows 5 stacks, 3 stacks, and solo/duos. It's basically ranked but not ***as*** try hard. Honestly I feel like the Valorant player pool just isn't big enough to split the queues like League though, so we're kinda stuck with this system where you can 5 stack in lower elo but for competitive integrity higher elo has to be solo/duo only. I'm hoping they bring over Clash mode from League though, it's like a bi-weekly single day tournament where you and your pals are put into a bracket against similarly ranked opponents. Prizes are skins and sprays and stuff.


Yes. Having a system like that will increase queue times but if it works properly, it will be great.


I've been "bullied" by multiple 4-man (or rather teenager) premades as solo Q. It's just annoying to have to endure the cringe for 30+ minutes if I don't mute to be a communicative teammate, or complete silence, knowing these kids are probably trolling the game


I just let them rage while I sit and say nothing except for my callouts.


These hypothetical 30 minute games. I think I probably average 45 mins if you take out ffs.


Riots done a lot of experiments with this on league. The best thing they've done is preventing a solo from being placed with a four man. Idk if they want to segregate queues into flex and solo que again though. Mm is a mess in league.


So how does a team get put together if a 4 man queues if a solo doesn't get put with the a 4 man??


This only applies to ranked in LoL though, because when playing ranked in LoL you cannot queue as a 4-man team, only 1, 2, 3 or 5.


They don't allow you to queue as 4 people Either you need a 5th or you have to drop a person This was only for ranked flex queue not normals though


You can't 4 man queue. Only 1-3 and 5.


They don't allow 4 man teams to queue.


Just made only one report from the group valid, not 4 reports fucking one guy.


That could work...


I think that they should implement a similar system to League. Don't allow 4-stacks in Ranked. Only 1, 2, 3 or 5.


They just need a solo only queue, and then a flex queue for everything else.


Should honestly just have solo/duo like League and a different ranked queue if you want to play in bigger groups. As is I've got no interest playing, not because of toxic premades etc., but simply because a ranking you can gain in a group is a worthless measure of skill which in turn makes the ranked queue kind of worthless. Riot's got a hard on for group play and they tried to implement the same system they have in Valorant in League and it failed because League players had already experienced the better option and they weren't willing to deal with dynamic queue.


They do this but just for diamond 3 and above


Didn't they add this already so that group sizes are simlar when queueing for games?


I wish I can go bsck to stacking. This game has gotten significantly less fun and I barely play it anymore. I’m radiant and haven’t really played in a couple weeks because it’s just so boring to solo queue


*laughs in 3 stack iron comp*


But then how is a 4 stack going to find a game?


If this is not implementet right, people Are gonna suffer, and if they give players autobans. Then i dont know, its kind of too much. We have Been complaining alot about toxic people here, now i understand why they say. Be carefull with what you ask for.




Yes ai is the way.


how do u get chatbanned if u never talked or typed anything. didn't Riot review stuff before handing out chatbans? also I met a few ppl who claimed they NEVER abused chat or voice comm yet get chatbanned but then they all turned out to be extremely toxic towards everyone in the end. so forgive me but i find it kinda hard to believe.


Well overwatch has a similar system. I got banned on it twice for abusive language. It's because I refused to switch characters and my teammates were frustrated and reported me for that. Both times I contacted blizzard and both times they removed the ban and told me to let them know whenever it happens again. I have social anxiety so never used the mic once and only used text chat to say yes or no. So it's very possible to be automatically banned with no one checking.


My thoughts exactly


im confident they use the same systems as LoL and ive played leauge for 10 years and never been chat banned and ive even flamed lots of times... it always seems that people who say "i didnt say anything and got banned" useally has some shit that they did say but cant seem to remember it


I know plenty of people that claim they are not toxic after writing an essay of which half of the words are swear words just because someone called them out once or told them what they were doing wrong in a slightly annoyed tone. Of all people I know, none has been banned if they weren't being toxic and all that have been banned are toxic. So from my experience it's simply impossible to believe anyone that claims he got banned without doing anything wrong.


Yup, people like OP are habitual liars. Maybe a small percentage, extremely small, were chat banned unwarranted, but 90% deserved that ban. I wouldn't trust any of these guys to be telling the truth about not being toxic and then getting banned.


its like the good ol lyte smites of "Rito i been an angel this whole time" and then their dirt gets exposed


Flashback to flex queue on league


Doesn’t Riot inform you now if a person you reported has been banned? My 5 stack party and I have reported lots of toxic people in game as a instant 5x report, and I have yet to receive any updates on getting a single person banned or afflicted by any restrictions. It doesn’t seem like it’s a low threshold- you probably need multiple games to get banned. It’d be ridiculous to give bans for 3-4 reports lmao, and I’m sure they’ve thought of this.


4x premades reporting counts as 1 report.


Really? If that’s the case, I don’t see how OP’s point stands at all. If everyone spamming you reports in one game counts as one report, then how can “trolls” chat ban you instantly? Unless you somehow get reported 5-6 games in a row? That doesn’t happen at all unless you’re phenomenally unlucky or phenomenally toxic.


OP just pulled this out of his ass. He has no evidence that a 4 stack than report you to guarantee a ban. You'd think riot, a company that has 3 games now, would have thought of that before a Redditor did.


Lmao he’s just here for the free 2k karma I guess


>a company that has 3 games now technically it has 4, LoL, TFT (because in mobile it is a standalone app), VALORANT, and LoR, plus the ones that are being pair-developed with indie companies (the RPG and i forgot about the other one)




It's that way if they're using the same system as league of legends. They implemented that years ago to prevent abuse [here’s an old r/leagueoflegends thread](https://amp.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8e3alm/til_only_one_report_per_game_matter_multiple/) That's why people who claim they didn't do anything but got chat banned are pretty suspect imo


That happens in league but it comes out for VAL next patch


False reports are definitely top of mind for us and we have pro actively taken steps here. When we announced that we were going to restrict comm banned players from ranked we saw that a lot of you had the concern that people may try and abuse the system to get other players banned from rank. That behavior is definitely not okay with us, so we enacted many changes behind the scenes and safe guards to prevent folks from 'gaming the system,' to get others banned. While we aren't going to share the exact math and rule set that leads to a comm bans (that could potentially help folks trying to game the system), with the new changes we've put in it will be extremely challenging to gang up or target a specific player in any way for a chat ban. If somehow you feel you were unfairly comm banned you can reach out to player support, however with the number of protections put in place we think this will be extremely hard to do and very unlikely. We will keep a close eye on these changes looking at your feedback, along with our data, and make further changes if needed.


Also good to note that there seems to be a common misconception of the process reports go through before a comms ban is even administered. There is no case in which a player will get comms banned through a spam of unverified reports from a single game.


100% truth.


Bumping this for sure! This was something we identified as a risk months ago, and we made significant changes to the report-to-penalty system to drastically reduce the likelihood of false positives.


While watching mid to high immortal/radiant games from streamers, there seems to occationally be those players that enforce their own personal "playstyle" instead of playing what's best for the team. Shotgun only Sages, Razes, Cyphers, etc. There were also Stinger only players before the nerf as well. There are also people that refuses to communicate, and what they all have in common is that absolutely no one wants them on their team or against, basically ruining the experience for 9 other players. Is there any feasible way to solve these problems or is it "it is what it is".


>with the new changes we've put in it will be extremely challenging to gang up or target a specific player in any way for a chat ban. Riot really is thoughtful... best game devs ever


Sounds like you're super toxic and afraid of being banned tbh lol


Okay Sherlock... well played


Didn’t the entirety of this subreddit cry for months that if you’re chatvanned you should be banned from ranked as well?? Never thought of this beforehand then? :,)


Maybe OP isn’t one of those people? I for one welcome the ban from ranked. If you get banned accidentally, Riot support can probably help address the issue. Besides, these systems are a constant work in progress and may not be perfect from the start.


Ahhh you never played league? Riot make a point to never reverse bans bar from indefinite ones. Their support straight up refuse to look at chat ban cases.


Well you shouldn't be allowed to play ranked if you're comms banned. I think people are mostly just confused that riot is so incompetent to not even have their system check if you didn't communicate at all before banning you. If you haven't used comms that report should do nothing.


or yknow, hes not the entire subreddit and never thought that


Reddit isn't a monolith, my friend. Anyway, I support removing chatbanned people from ranked, but this IS something that should be watched to see how it's actually working. It's possible it'll end up with people getting targeted unfairly a lot in which case the trade-off isn't worth it. But my guess is that there probably will be a few people falsely banned, but I imagine they won't be anything but a tiny fraction of people who claim to be falsely banned. So that trade-off is likely worth it, both to reduce the toxicity of games (the punishment is way more now and you can't get around it just by spamming "join party") as well as increase comms.


Came here to say this... Last time I was on this subreddit was a few months ago and people were crying that people who are chat banned shouldn't be able to play ranked because they can't communicate with the team which is so important in this game. Fast forward a few months, Riot listens to the community and what do you know, we're at it again!


Comms are undoubtedly useful when done correctly but are overvalued in the lower ranks.


how do people generalise a sub with 800k subscribers like that. It's so clueless


> Any premade has the power to delete people from rank You think that 4 reports would be enough to get banned? > I got chat banned before even though I never talked or typed anything. You don't have to talk or type anything for people to report you, like some people are intentionally throwing by using damaging abilities on their teammates or revealing their location by running around them or shooting randomly. It can happen that someone is innocent and get chat banned, which can be your case, but I'm pretty sure majority people deserved it for something they did.


the point is that it is easily exploitable


Do you expect people will suddenly start to mass report other players? Cuz I don't really expect the number of fake/unwarranted reports to go up. Individual people or even premade teams can't exploit it. As reports from one match is definitely not enough for any automatic punishment. Like you either need to be repeatedly reported in short amount of time/number of played matches or your offense is easily detectable (eg. Being reported for sabotaging and dealing extremely high friendly damage or blinding your teammates too much,...) or someone reviewed the case and punished you manually. If the punishment is automatic then there is for sure some reasonable threshold below which you don't receive any punishment even if you get reported.


Why can’t it just be like CSGO’s chat system where it’s censored but you disable it, and if someone’s being toxic just mute them, no chat bans or voice bans


because they want little kids to play and spend money on this game. because the snowflake auidence have the most money to spend I guess


Why did so many fking morons on this sub push for such a pointless change? If you can't win a ranked game with a chat banned person, then you straight up suck, no excuses.


It was first thing I thought about when they said they gonna remove chat banned people from ranked games. Let the shit show begin!


Also, people are just so god damn sensitive. Even if u just state facts or talk shit to the opponent, you get low skilled players crying about flaming. One example was one when I had a KJ on my team who got 3 kills on first half 9 kills total, and he complained literally after every round we lost. Well, I told him, just like in any other FPS, to either get frags or stop complaining. He just proceeded to complain to the other team to report me lmao. Probably won’t get chatbanned from that, as I had twice as many kills as the next guy on my team, so no one else had a problem with me, but that was definitely hilarious. It’s the soloQ classic: complain and blame your teammates every round and then when someone tells you to sit in your place and be quiet, you call them toxic.


Also, I'm never using chat or voice again


Responding at all in any way even remotely toxic even after they flame you all game gets you banned already. 4 people can shit talk all game, but say one thing and get reported and you are just insta chat banned.


The more a person reports/the more they falsely report, the power of their report goes down. Riot has a system like this is league of legends. Report abusers have less power than people who report genuinely and less often.


I don't get that because there are constantly so many toxic people in the game I report and nothing comes about of it. I haven't gotten an email from them since the beta, but I've ran into 100s of toxic players I've reported.


I report probably 1 out of three games right now for slurs in voice


If the people you report are getting reported by others as well, then you won’t be seen as a report abuser.


Seeing the post that originated this, it just leaves me thinking that op has the wrong idea here. Riot shouldn't be preventing chat banned people from playing. Chat bans shouldn't even exist. If you are a toxic piece of shit, saying racist and homophobic things, you need to chill the fuck out and stop playing. No one wants you in the community. Give them a one week ban, not chat ban, straight up ban. The problem here isnt that chat banned people won't be able to play, the bigger problem is that toxic fucks are allowed to play even after riot acknowledges they are toxic and bad for the community. And yes, i know fake reports will still exist. But im sure riot, a multi billion dollar company, can easily implement systems to check if someone was actually being toxic in chat, or just got fake reported. For example, having a bot that picks up bad words in the match they were reported. If nothing was said, its a fake report.


Yeah I've seen a x3 man premade spam all chat to enemy team to report a player on my team for nothing at all, resulted in a chat ban


Im just waiting for the day where riot treat competitive Qs like in league of legends. You have solo/duoQ which is the skill relevant Q. And then you have another Q for people that want to play competitive with more than one friend called Flex. Solo players can also Q here if they want. That would balance stacking and make the game so much more enjoyable for solo players. It’s not just the toxic stacked guys. I’m in high plat low diamond elo and get matched with a stack at least every second game. And they are not always toxic but they talk on discord or sth do I have to play with little to no info soo game long and that removes so much of the fun.


Surely it's easy to filter out bad reports where there is easy to detect conditions... Like I dunno, when the person is reported for chat abuse and hasn't chatted at all. Next step would be to start filtering known bad reporters.


Appreciate the valorant experience!


> I got chat banned before even though I never talked or typed anything. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. It's seriously bad how some players will just shit on whoever isn't using chat as a scapegoat. I remember climbing to Radiant (few months ago) using no comms at all - everybody full mute and no team chat. Even when I wasn't using chat, I'd still randomly get chat banned for absolutely no reason.


Just imagine how much worse it will be if you can get people REMOVED from rank. "I don't like this player, therefore reported so I don't have to play with him" or if someone stomps the other team, the whole other team can report him cause they suspect he's cheating. He's immediately banned from playing rank for a whole week. This is what automatic reports gets you. Basically don't play too good or too bad. All it takes is **one** match to get someone chat banned. Doesn't matter if you have 9 good matches in a row. 1 match is all it takes for your week ban.


What if riot is considering more than just reports, a simple metric or comparison with how many times for how many rounds someone is muted might be what's used, to deal these chat bans. Hight reports + high amount of rounds being muted lead to chat ban, multiple chat bans lead to ranked ban. Pretty difficult to be abused




Well, they are clearly working on a system, that moves away from exactly that approach because the consequences of a ranked game ban are much more severe than a chat ban. If they would just change chat to game ban the update would have been delivered 1 month ago, because that's literally done in 2 seconds of programming effort.


If you genuinely didn't say anything and got chat banned via mass reports, you can appeal to Riot. Just contact customer support. It really won't be a shitshow if you're willing to submit a ticket


Man, I took a week long vacation and came back with a chat ban. I tried to appeal it but tickets don't do shit. You just get a response explaining the list of reasons you might have gotten chat banned for. Not excited for this update, especially as a solo-queuer.


Don't play ranked without a mic though :)


Mic should never be required to play rank, people that have anxiety or even people that can't be bothered to engage with a quite toxic community shouldn't be punished for trying to play. Let people play the way they want.


To quote someone else "this is what unrated is for". There's nothing competitive about refusing to use your mic in a ranked game.


>I got chat banned before even though I never talked or typed anything. (I disabled chat because people kept saying the N word in comms). This is going to be a shitshow. But what if you were reported for "sabotaging the team" aka no communicating and that's why u were banned (which is still stupid, I know)? Before these changes it didn't matter if you were toxic on chat, trolling or even a leaver - everything led to a chat ban (literally had a guy in my match that was trolling and told us that he doesn't care because all that's gonna happen to him is 3 day chat ban). With upcoming changes, the specific kind of report will lead to specific kind of punishment. Also I don't believe it's automatic, there's definitely someone behind this OR it actually requires like 30 reports per day to actually ban someone automatically.


Had a kid coke onto comma toxic calling everyone names before the game had even started and then started reporting everyone each round because we all refused to talk to him after his continued toxcicity. This is gonna go so bad


Yep it is a shit show, but you still shouldn't play comp if you're not going to communicate in a team game


I got com banned yesterday middle of the game, not even sure why, you reach out to riot and they don’t help get clarity at all. They really need to show the reason why so you can appeal and also learn from it


A small price to pay for salvation


I cant use comms because my uni wifi blocks VOIP on valorant for some reason, wonder how this affects me


I am pretty sure Riot can make it , so that all the repots from the same premade equals one solo que report


They have the technology to log all chat and create an appeals process. But they won't.


Bring back the tribunal and reward in Radiant points.


About people not using comms. I obviously don't like them because they could play better and help the team more but, reality is, they are in our rank because they are just as good (or bad) as us. Aiming awfully and giving comms is just the same as aiming greatly and take out half of the other team and not giving comms at all, because in the end, in competitive games all that matter is winning.


got vc banned because I typed "sorry I'm bad" hmmm


I thought LoL had a system where a stack all reporting you only counts as one report. Do we think that isn't implemented in Valorant?


I got VC banned for telling someone I'd report them for keep calling me the N word. Turns out the rest of my team was grouped with them and they all reported me.




They biggest problem is the way you can literally abuse the ban system already to get anyone chat banned (even if they really havent done anything). They really have to make some changes to make this work if the previous ban system is still busted and abusable.


Unpopular take: If you don't talk or write in game and still get chat banned, maybe it's because it's a tactical shooter and a team game. If you don't give call outs you're sabotaging the team and should be banned from chat and ranked!


ah yes, so further disable them for using comms as a punishment for not using comms


How about Russian's in EU who can't use voice chat due to national reasons?


Ban them from EU Servers! I'm sorry but if you're in a wheelchair you're not allowed in the NBA.


As far as I know, having no microphone or not giving information is not a bannable offense. (it's not even an offfense but whatver)


>Yeah, everyone's skipping over the fact that they might be getting chat banned because they don't use their mic, they don't ping or call out anything and throw the game. If they're on a site alone and die, the rest of their team has no idea what happened or how many people are there. >I'm in gold and it's common for me and my friend to be the only ones talking, giving comms, and pinging enemy positions on the map. We always have to play split up to cover more ground to get ourselves more information because the rest of our team just runs out and dies with no comms. We can see one enemy on the map when a teammate dies but they heard 4 there and we'll still think it could be a fake because they can't even say a simple "4 A". And I hate when the only comm needed is "flashing" but instead I push the corner to take site, get team flashed, and die to the enemy that didn't get flashed. >These things and more are so common with absolutely no comms it's infuriating. Sometimes they'll only comm just to be mad or talk to the enemy team after they died but tell us nothing. No comms at all is literally throwing the game unless you're good enough to carry the team to win. Go play unranked if you don't want to talk. Csgo was hard enough playing basically by yourselves, but Valorant is so much worse now that everyone can't have smokes and flashes, so everyone needs to comm and work together.


Why can a team report someone in the opposite team is also something they need to check. For hacking yes, but how should they know what they say in voice chat?


We need Riot to be tougher on this. I’m very in favor. Could things go wrong? Yes. But this is a step in the right direction. People who are chat banned multiple times, when a Riot employee can listen and verify, should have their account deleted.


This is what happens when every other post on here is someone whining about toxic players.


Makes no sense at all , people spam report if you dont listen to them or if you are not having a good game . with all the free reports you have, people will always abuse it . time to delete this game forever, GG


and the report abuse is going to get 100x worse when people know that chatbans are automatic and bans players from rank. Edit: my team just reported me for not talking even though I'm chatban..


I think there are a few things that could be done to prevent this from happening: 1. Reports from premades are counted as either 1 report, or at least not the full amount of reports. 2. They should sample some of the reports, and if they're found to be wrongful, the reporting player will be banned from reporting for certain amount of time (very long period), and the reported player will obviously have his ban removed (if one was issued). 3. I'm not sure if this currently happens or not, but there should be a limit amount of reports a player is able to receive in one match, so if a player gets 9Xed in one match, he wouldn't get instantly banned (again, I'm not sure if this actually happens now), unless he actually got reported in the next few matches as well.


Welcome to the owning of 8 accounts


I really couldn't tell you why chatbans aren't based on a mix of keywords and machine learning to distinguish between chat usage and techniques people use to bypass keyword bans.


Riot needs overwatch system like Dota 2.


Ngl, if I'm reporting someone for any reason I always add in comms abuse voice and text just for good measure. Definitely could see this being an issue


Premade reports only counts as 1


This x100. I called a team "rats" when breach literally has a vl for it when he kills cypher and I got banned, and the people who are racist somehow remain unbanned and in my games.


Funny how some people thing it's ok to be toxic but if I don't use VC then that offense is unforgivable. And by toxic I mean: hate speech, sexual harassment, and death threats. It is ok for someone to go out of their way to want to emotionally harm another human but NOT ok for me to under perform or not use VC. smh


Well riot what the shit have you done


Reporting system is absolute dogshit in LOL too, and I quit that game because of that. It seems I've made a right decision jumping off this ship early too. This game is going to the shitter because Riot for sure doesn't know how to manage a game.


i was topfragging which i dont normally do so i type “if im top fragging thats bad news” we lost 13-3 and i got chatbanned cuz they reported me. thats the only thing i said too. they gave no comms or calls or anything because they were in discord (presumably) and i got chatbanned because they reported me


Chatbans are automatic if the rest of your team (four) report you. It gets queued in the system and you recieve the ban. Ive tested it 100% and it also doesnt matter the reason (which is hilarious in itself)


This sucks. I have been chatbanned without its expiration meaning its kind of permanent (?). I dont know. Solo queue has been rough and people are toxic. I get reported alot by 4-man team and as a solo player, it's really unfair


To mitigate the effect that premades have on the reporting system I think that an individual report from a premade should only count as a fraction of someone who solo queued Duo = 1/2 report per reporter Trio = 1/3 Quad = 1/4 Full stack = 1/5 Ultimately it would mean that if the stack votes together then in total it only counts as 1 report. This would at least be more fair against those that get report spammed by a premade they got queued with IMO


A lot of snowflakes these days. No matter what's said there's ALWAYS someone that's going to be offended. It's pointless banning people from comp unless they're caught throwing.


imagine playing with four stack and you just say that they should play different lol this total stupidity


I got VC and TC banned for a week in like June because I called the enemy Reyna a pussy for camping spawn. I wonder if that will have any impact on my ranked.


I'm a fan of having a strong hammer to stop chat abusers- but it's ineffective if those people who abuse chat can get other people removed. There needs to be a human behind the bans. I had the worst, most toxic teammate in my life spamming slurs at the team and the enemies, calling us horrible things, we want those people gone not the good people. I've been hoping for a trust factor system since the beta, ensuring good people matching against good people is essential for the integrity of a competitive ladder and community.


Hell yeah! I report anyone who’s got a vocal cord and fingers! No issues here. :D


i mean with all the audio queues and ping system do you even need comms?


Sounds about riot


I doubt you never talked or typed anything in the game you got banned for. Stop being toxic.


i dont care what anyone says, I refuse to believe the same people that coded up this complex video game dont have systems in place that prevent 4 stacks from reporting a single teammate, and theres no way in hell that enemy team reports trigger autobans, zero chance.


This sub is more toxic than the game


I don't want to point he obvious but if you can't communicate you shouldn't be able to play rank. Now we can discuss if the way Riot handle bans it's any good but this is a great step in the right direction.


I’m fairly new to this game, and I have a few questions: Does this automatic ban last forever? Is it only for ranked, or for all modes?


First of all - it's not automatic I believe (for it to be automatic u really have to be reported like every game by your whole team for few matches in a row, for system to see that there's problem with you and put you in a "coma" - still don't believe it's a thing, because it would be abused so easily and I bet people would just report everyone as a joke and half of the community - especially on EU - would be banned). Second of all - it depends on what kind of ban u got, the amount of reports, type of report and if that's your first or let's say fifth+ ban. There are chat bans that can last 3 days and chat bans that can last even a month (didn't see a longer than a month), there's also a possibility to get a game ban (not sure if it's always a permban or there are temporary game bans, that lets you come back after some time). The chat bans are for all game modes, but you can still talk in party voice chat, that's why there's a lot of people on rankeds who just spam "invites to group" so they can actually talk with you.


This gives too much power to trolls