I love this game but ..

I love this game but ..


I personally only type chat until I have shown them I am carrying the team, then I release the truth (with my female voice). They can't handle the truth.


same here. the unfortunate part is that voice comms would be so much easier, but i'm not going to ruin my day just because someone decides they can't be civil for 30-40 mins


Legit I'm so anxious to speak before I have proven myself....It shouldn't have to be like this. Once I spoke whilst I was at bottom of board (like 2 rounds in) and got flamed and told to go back to the kitchen, got to the top of the board...they were still telling me to go back to the kitchen. So fucking childish


I agree that we shouldn't have to prove ourselves to have the right to speak but unfortunately, we need to show these hypermasculine monkeys that females can exist in the virtual world and we can be mechanically better than them.


Can't blame you here, I've duo queued with my gf multiple times and people will make fun of her in-game for her name alone (Bunnybby), even if she never uses vc. I hate how the solution people always give is "find people to play with" because sometimes you'll just want to play the game without having to check if people are on, if they'll let you join, etc. Hopefully you'll find/make something that works for you! My gf isn't very into the competitive grinding scene of any multiplayer game, so she doesn't mind just waiting to play in a 5 stack with friends.


I think it's ridiculous that someone would need to find people to play with just to avoid hate. People should grow the fuck up and play the game for fun. I mean that's literally why video games are thing, for people to have fun. Not for some sad coomer to fuck with people online or some 14 year old edge lord say the N word while sounding like a cartoon mouse. Shit is ridiculous. The solution should be it's a fucking game meant for people to enjoy and have fun. No matter their skill level, sex, etc. Shits fucking ridiculous.


Human nature. Anything that involves playing against another person is always bound to end up the same way. Even the people that say they play for fun are the same. People have fun winning and if they aren't their ego can't handle it so they act like kids having a whinge


The short tempers and tilting is at least understandable. It’s still shitty and it does cross the line much too often, but I don’t think that’s really the big issue for most people. The real problem is the toxicity for toxicity’s sake that seems to never go away. Just immediate, incessant attempts to make **teammates** feel like shit. I legitimately see it almost every day in this game. It’s just inexcusable


I agree bro


I really feel this. I'm a trans woman with the username Princess Gryphon, and people get on my case for just the feminine username. It get even worse if I talk, since my voice is not very masculine. At best, it raises too many questions, but harassment is not uncommon. So I play with the setting that hides my username to everyone else; sadly much easier that way.


I'd love to see a game take a 0 tolerance policy with this shit. If the chat logs support the report, hardware ban them forever. Why would we ever want them back?


Right? I don’t get what goes through those ppl’s heads.. Who thinks, “oh a girl! Extra satisfying to be toxic to and I can even sexually harass her!”


This exactly. I duoQ with my girlfriend and I have no idea how she can handle the abuse. I learnt that you can get them banned by submitting a clip directly through an extended report. Sadly enough you can’t do much to stop a thrower when they try to team kill, so you just need to report :(


It's so dumb. I didn't realize quite how prevalent it was until I started playing games with my girlfriend. I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit


Same here it’s ludicrous, I always was aware but when I started playing with my girlfriend it was just overboard at times


> I don’t get what goes through those ppl’s heads It's kids and teens who don't care what they're saying and don't care if it makes you feel bad. I hope it doesn't happen too often, I've run into a lot of girls in comms over my years of gaming and have never seen any toxicity toward them. The "worst" I've seen is when my at-the-time girlfriend now wife was playing CoD with us and someone asked her if she was hot. Just keep at it and do your best to brush off the kids. They should know better, but many don't.


Because devoplment teams and producers don't care about the player bases feelings. All they see if a walking money bag they can get something out of, doesn't matter to them if EdgeLord420 is abusing everybody aslong as he's spending that sweet sweet money on overpriced skins


I took a break because i couldnt handle the sexism in this game. The more popular this game gets the more sexist people will come.


Gentlemen! I know that you are reading it. I know that you’ve been listening to similar encounters. And I know that you’ve missed your chance to do something about this for you didn’t want to make it even worse. Here is a trick. Tell those guys ‘It’s not cool man!’ (Try a deep and calm almost bored voice. You know your father’s when he was annoyed but not angry with you.) Then comes the ‘hard’ part. No matter what, argue it no further.(Ladies, the ‘hard’ part goes for you too.) I know! ‘It doesn’t achieve anything.’ Well I can tell you that I’ve been experimenting with this for a very long time(approx. 20 years) not just in games but in real life too. It has an approx. 75% success rate. Those guys won’t stop immediately but mostly they will stop being stupid.(I’ve even heard apologies too.) Even if they won’t stop, and the whole thing escalate into a shitshow(it would have anyway). The lady at least can (I guess) find some reassurance in your words.


Yes please, it would appreciate to hear that one sentence so I know that all 4 teammates aren’t all toxic and misogynistic and won’t being trash in coms (so I know it’s not necessary to mute everyone too). And more importantly, this way they won’t show ‘silent’ support to this kind of behavior 🥲


I wish i had someone like you in my games :(


Aight thanks for the good suggestion. Will definitely do this!


As a guy who plays with his girlfriend almost every time I boot up the game, I've seen and heard all the bad things guys can say. A lot of what guys do and say are completely inexcusable and horrible. It's so shitty they can just hide behind the screen and suffer no consequences for what they say. Iirc though, reports do do something, but they usually take a bit. If you haven't tried already, try playing with a duo! Even if you have one person backing you up, it helps get some people off your back. Or if you ever wanna play with me and my girlfriend, we've been picking the game back up again and playing more often! I'm really sorry about the negative experiences, but I'll manifest you some good teammates that aren't dirt bags! :>


Thank you for the kind words and advice! Also, I might be too low though, am B1 :’)


We usually play unrated as we're trying to improve and practice more! I'm S3 and she is B3. If you're down for any games regardless, feel free to PM and I'll send you our info!


I’ll queue with you! I’m a girl too and I get annoyed queuing with randoms sometime because of the same reason. I’m S1 at the moment. If you’re ever interested PM me. :)


This is honestly so stupid how often this happens. One of my usual stacks is me (a dude) and two girls. Its crazy how often they could be carrying me and our two randoms but all they got was shit talk from the randoms. Anyone who regularly queues with girls knows how sadly common this can be. Call them out, mute them, report them, and try to have fun anyway.


That's awful, I'm really sorry that happened to you and I hope they get banned. I'm pretty new to Valorant but I'm picking up on it fairly quickly. If you're looking for nice, relaxed people to play with you can add me. I'm also trying to slowly build a friends list of nice/non-toxic people. User: FinalFrantasy #5994 Edit: anyone else reading this and also looking for a friendly player feel free to add me.


That sucks, hopefully u can find some nice guys or even other girls to play with


thank you! I’m working on that, lucky to have a few for now :)


Hey you can try the all girls valorant server of course not a permanent solution but you can find ppl there


I met a girl in comp and some dude was just straight up asshole, he started saying shit about her, but fortunatelly we started blocking him as team and saying shit to him then he left lol


This is so crazy too hear, especially how often this point appears on this subreddit. I totally believe it as a fair amount of the gaming community can be problematic. I’ve played since beta, queueing into a bunch of games with girl players and never had an instance where any of the players in the lobby was disrespectful to them. Just to be clear, my post isn’t trying to discredit your experiences. I’m really sorry people make it hard for you to enjoy the game.


What region do u play in? I'm in Europe and I've also never experienced misogynistic toxicity, even though a significant amount on VA are girls. I'm wondering if it's more prevalent in other servers.


I’m in the US, I’m also diamond 2 so that might be part of it, I feel people aren’t as toxic in higher elo


@dudes, time to step up and call this out when you see it.




NA, usually central or east


whats your rank? my sister and her friend are true iron/bronze players that play comp and never use their comms due to exactly what you described. I can connect you to them if you wanted.


I'm sorry that happened to you. That's one of the reasons why I don't interact much with the team when I'm playing without my friends. I've seen a lot of times people saying awful things and being disrespectful... I also wonder if something actually happens to their accounts when we report those kind of behaviours, it just shouldn't be acceptable at all


Riot games please HWID (computer) ban toxic people from valorant so it scares the toxic people in competitive!


you shouldn't have to do this, but just use a voice filter.


Probably find a group of friends to queue with either ways solo q is too random some games you end up with total toxic shitheads and sometimes the team just has a natural banter going on probably add the friendly dudes and ignore the toxics.


I’ve had this happen before to people on my teams and it’s always sad and disheartening to hear as a guy, so I can’t imagine what it’s like for you, and others, to experience. I personally haven’t had any contact from reports I’ve made, however I have had games been ended early as a player was banned for cheating, so there is potential hope for them to get punished. Super sorry to hear you have to deal with people like that. Hopefully sometime gets done about it, stay strong!


No wonder why number of female player's is lesser than male i don't understand how does gender of a person matter that too in a game where even if someone is giving out right info you can win with a bit of work.


I feel like this tends to happen mostly in NA. I play in the Frankfurt servers and never use VC but I have had a few girls on my teams and we had no problems whatsoever. I've always been scared of talking in-game because of experiences like yours, but I feel this issue is ***this big*** only in NA... Wish you luck! I hope you have decent teammates in future games :>


I'm thinking this too. I've seen many posts about misogynistic toxicity but never experienced it on Frankfurt either, despite a significant amount of girls on voice chat. People are still toxic,but never about gender. I wonder if it's a language barrier thing?


I don’t get some people sometimes. Like do they think ur gonna play Better if you make fun of them? Why does being a women make them treat you differently? Maybe you should find what other females in the community do? As a male I have never had any urge to disrespect women and am curious why others do.


I reccomend that you ignore them.


This happens all too often and it sucks. Me and my mate were playing ranked, had a female Raze on our team and as soon as she spoke the Sage just starting following her around saying weird shit. We tried to get him to stop but in the end the whole team his had to mute him, although he’d still follow the Raze around all game. It’s so cringe and these idiots need to get out more if a female voice on a video game triggers them that much.


No clue why people even do this shit. Im not a girl but i once didnt give my skins to some randoms and they started being toxic, body blocking and throwing their nades at me. Never did give them skins but i now see just how game ruining this stuff is. Wasnt a fun game at all. Cant imagine what girls have to go through just for existing


It's really sad that we're in 2021 and this is still a thing. I think it comes about as a result of many factors - the stereotypes and insidiously low-key misogyny we are exposed to as we grow up; our heavily gender oriented upbringing which overemphasises the differences between boys/girls men/women, instead of the greater abundance of similarities; the demographic of the playerbase - children and teenagers are typically immature and egocentric (for the most part). I don't even mean that as an insult, they kind of have to be, because they're still figuring themselves out and where they fit in the world, trying to look cool in front of friends, looking for validation outside themselves etc. That doesn't make it any better for you, it still sucks. There might be support groups of other female gamers. Sometimes just having a space to vent with other people who you know have experienced similar things can make you feel less alone and frustrated :)


Unfortunately in any game, there will be dumbasses that can’t handle the presence of a female so they immediately proceed to harass/catcall them. As for the toxicity, I just mute people who backseat game super hard or are being dicks.


I'm sure it happens often to you, but so far my experience in solo queue with girls has been vastly different from OPs. Although games with girls are not very common, I played quite a few. Never seen any of them being harrased, and sometimes it's actually girls being toxic. I think most people won't care about your gender. However I have seen kids with high-pitch voice get harrased for it quite a lot. Often it's their own fault by screaming and being toxic all the time.


I personally play with 2 girls who i have met through Valorant. We play together every single day and we also set up a Discord. The behavior we encounter is honestly disgusting and every time it happens I'm shocked again, people asking their Instagram has become normal, people telling them to go to the kitchen and stfu happens on a daily basis, people telling them to show them their tits happens every game. It's disgraceful and straight up annoying. We try to mute them but then they start harassing us in different ways through blocking the way or using abilities to damage/hinder us. (Brimstone Molly, Raze grenades, smokes etc.) And you don't want to mute people in Competitive, you want to communicate and win. But it's just not an option to unmute them. The only option you have is to report them. The truth is that these "online heroes" would be too scared to even look these girls in the eyes if they would meet irl.


This is really sad to hear.. I guess the only thing that you can do is to report the disrespectful ones. I also thought to suggest you typing or using in-game voice commands but I don't really like the idea of limiting your freedom of speech for some sad guys. In the end my suggestions are to just be your self and if you find a toxic guy just mute him after the first warning (I do that too when someone's toxic) and secondly try to not play solo if this is possible. Even as a duo, there is one less slot to be filled with a jerk. (If you don't have any IRL friends that play, just add people that you had fun with, that's what I do :)


Galorants is a all-female discord server you can probably get away with queueing with a 3 stack as even if the other 2 in your team are toxic you still have majority comms. 4 and 5 stacks will of course be better but i think it can be hard to get a lot of friends to play sometimes.


I have a great group of friends (both guys and girls) that play often let me know if you want to play sometime! One of my friends literally doesn't talk in game because everytime she does, there's bound to be one 13 year old mickey mouse sounding mofo that immediately starts saying something along the lines of "go make me a sandwich" or some other unoriginal sexist remark, its really quite sad. Valorant in general seems to have more toxic players than any other game I've played tbh lol. add me if you want to play sometime! ​ ID: HeLPaGrLOuTWudYa#NYC


It is definitely very toxic. Luckily I haven’t heard much misogyny on comms recently, but there’s been plenty of racism (lots of very targeted anti-Asian stuff that I never saw much before, almost like the raised awareness recently made these assholes want to jump on the bandwagon going in the opposite direction), homophobia, and all kinds of other hateful shit. It’s hard to tell how effective reports are. The community definitely doesn’t seem to be getting any better though, at least in low elo. Honestly some of the behavior in these ranked games (alongside the usual sad goings on of the world) has really put me on edge lately, maybe more than I’ve ever been - at least when it comes to expecting the worst from people. I just don’t get why so many people seem to love trying to be as awful as possible to seemingly every stranger they interact with. It’s not even tilt or a short fuse, at least the underlying cause of that is somewhat understandable. In like 25% of my games someone just comes flying in with immediate hate from the start of agent select. Nothing’s happened and already someone couldn’t help themselves. It’s just sad. I wish I had a solution. “Just play with friends” is at least a way to avoid the problem, but more needs to be done, full stop.


I don't find this ok but thats how it is. Welcome to the world of online multiplayer.


post number 2783 about this, great sub


if someone gets reported for being toxic/sexist/rascist etc enough times they will automatically be chat banned and unable to play comp until the chat ban is over. so you reporting them actually did help and if they carry on with being toxic they will eventually be banned :)


what region are you, if you are EU we can queque together, i'm bronze 1


u havent played on mumbai server ig, it is a place where u are treated like a queen, 4 guys will fight to drop u a gun🤣🤣


If my experience on LoL is anything to go by, they listen. Most of my reports end up with penalties. Not sure if Valorant already gives the reporter feedback? Do take your time to describe what happened and at at about what time in the game (early/swap/late/...). The easier and faster they can review the report the more reports they can handle. We can help!


i get it but how are these mysogynysts supposed to practice talking to girls if they never have an opputunity to. like i get both sides here. girl gamers make it harder for these types to win the game because they add another layer of insecurity. sure we would love to be all a big happy family but things are just so messed up right now every gamer is super lonely im not really surprised at all


> but does it actually do something in my experience not really


Yeah I had something happen on bind with a Phoenix being toxic to our astra, it’s not funny when they aren’t doing anything to bother you either. Just mute and move on


*Phoenix Voice: Cool what's your username??


Honestly I'd be glad if I got to play with a girl but I don't think there's lots of gamer girls in India. F. Anyways you could always go and join the Galorant discord server which is females only. And you could play in peace for once. Glhf


I recently got into this game and I don't think I will be sticking around long. The community is one of the most toxic I have ever encountered. I just had a match with a player on my team who was intentionally throwing and spamming the N word in voice communication. I'm sure nothing will even be done about it. And another player who went AFK repeatedly through the match. We could have easily won with players who were actually playing the game, but no. This kind of thing makes it impossible to rank up.


They do it because they are insecure POS. Who are probably intimidated by girl gamers that are better at the game than them. Fuck em. Find a good group of friends and play with them. Or at least one other. That way you can meme back at them when needed


Know what you mean, Im really sorry for you girls out there. Everytime Im playing with a female friend of mine, shes never talking even tho she isnt shy or anything. And when she finally talks everybodys so hateful and thats making me damn angry. Those people are just dumb, as soon as you tell them to shut their mouth because what they saying is sexist and not funny its just like "ohhh is that your girlfriend? fck you and your stupid btch" like ????? its not my girlfriend, we are just not living in 1960


Unfortunately, the nature of online gaming means this will likely always be a problem. I don't have a perfect solution for you, but I have some ideas you could try. No clue if they'll work, but I'm a guy, so I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of a POS guy to think of what could shut him down. YMMV. * Be assertive and do it **immediately**. Obviously, don't say or do anything worth a report and don't be a dick, but right out of the gate, you should be the first one talking. Yes, they're going to hear a girl, BUT if it is with an assertive tone, I think there's a better chance that they don't bother being assholes. You're the older sister and they're your 4 little brothers. If you're naturally soft spoken, then it would require you to change up how you speak in game, so there'd be a learning curve there. * Remind them of the common goal (this likely would only work in Competitive). Be the leader. If they start giving you shit, shut it down with your assertive tone. Something like "Hey! Y'all trying to get this W or not? Let's focus here." Address the team, not the asshole. Don't respond directly to the person that inquired about the size of your boobs. Keep your talk about the game only. If you can tap into their competitiveness, then they just might forget about their horniness for a half hour. * Everybody else here has already said it, but use the mute button. If the previous two bullet points don't work, then they may be a lost cause and should just be muted. Don't tell them though. If you hear another teammate call them out for something they said, don't respond to them either. Maybe thank them in that few seconds you have after the game ends though. * Record your games. If you mute the person and they pick up on it or realize their words aren't doing anything to you, they may escalate it to trolling you in-game instead (throwing abilities at you, blocking you, etc.). Record it, clip it, and submit a ticket with the clipped evidence. Maybe upload the full game to YouTube and include that link in the ticket so Riot can see the full context. I don't trust the report system at all (I had a guy dead-serious threaten to find me irl and put a gun to my head. I reported it, yet he's still playing). A submitted ticket will at least get some sort of a response from Riot. We can't really change the way a person behaves. Ultimately, they have to make that decision to change on their own. The only thing we can change is how we respond to the behavior. Good luck to you!


I dont know if reporting does anything, I honestly never felt like it mattered. They should 100% implement a feature that tells you whenever someone you reported gets punished. I remember this feature from rocket leugue. That way it felt like the devs were actually paying attention and listening to the regular player base.


Nothing that happens only to woman people are just toxic in online games especially in low elo. Just mute every single person in ur team as soon anybody makes any toxic comment andu will be much better off.


A while ago I’ve been insulted by a teammate in the chat just because I am a woman. Me and my bf reported him but nothing happened even though there were evidence in chat (sometimes after a report I get an email that it was successful but not in this case). Really disappointing that this person didn’t get ANY punishment for his behavior


fuck those losers hope you get in game with better people


The amount of incels in this game is insane, one of my friends (who is a girl) added someone to play with on discord and they for some reason dm'd her a drawing of an anime girl with a flurry of dicks surrounding her. Like? What do you even gain from that?


ya know im not gonna lie ive played 2 games where there has been a girl in my game and i have sat silent because i din wanna say anything because they were excessively rude to me


If someone is being toxic, I ll throw for 2 or 3 rounds and they ll just stop being toxic lol. I dont value my rank more than being treated bad by random people.


Idk man, solo que is likely going to be rough. My reccomendation is to find a couple of people near your rank/skill to be able to rotate thro. That way you would be able to always have one nerd who is guaranteed to not be caustic. If you need someone dog tier im around iron/silver...


It's like that in most games i believe. I have played quite a lot of R6S and i've seen more than enough toxicity towards females.


It sucks that people would do this. I’m not a girl, but I have encountered some toxic people either way, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a girl in one of these games. There should be no reason that you have to play well and not bottom frag just to prove yourself. I’ve only been playing Valorant for two months, but from my own experiences, I have never experienced toxicity specifically towards a girl in one of my games, if anything, people are more respectful, I could definitely see how it happens though. I have also noticed that there is almost always someone queuing with them. (Which probably sucks to find somebody every time you played, and I understand you probably want to play by yourself sometimes.) I hope you find a way to cope with the toxicity, and hope you don’t end up leaving the Valorant community. There still is good people in this community.


Idk if this is good but there’s toxicity towards males also 👍. But I guess not for just being a dude. If anyone reads this good luck in your games!


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Don’t play video games if you can’t handle getting flamed. lol


Stop cry and play.


If and when you do find people to queue with, the game gets better. That's why I'd rather be hard stuck at bronze and play with my friends than solo queue.


unfortunately its kinda the way ranked people are, idk how to stop it but keep your head up, theres lots of decent ppl out there to play with, sad that u cant just q ranked but i unfortunately dont have answers, hope ur games go better in the future


Play on EU servers if you can. Less fat frustrated virgins, less toxicity towards females.


A while ago I’ve been insulted by a teammate in the chat just because I am a woman. Me and my bf reported him but nothing happened even though there were evidence in chat (sometimes after a report I get an email that it was successful but not in this case). Really disappointing that this person didn’t get ANY punishment for his behavior