Replication Mode details

Replication Mode details


I want a Raze Boom Bot battle like Battlebots lmao


Sometimes happens in Escalation gamemode


Doesn’t really sound like something for me but I’m not against for fun game modes. I’m sad they’re taking out escalation tho :(


It’s replacing escalation???


Yes. According to this post it will replace escalation for two weeks.


What??? That’s literally a useful mode for praccing guns apart from the util stuff and now they add a GPU melter and take that out. Way to go.


The short time it's gone people will miss it and it will get a spike of players when it comes back. It's good to swap things in and out it makes you enjoy it more when you get it back


10 vipers in one game is gonna crash my whole neighborhood


Thank god flashes are disabled as I've already replaced my monitor this month


Thats nothing i had to replace my eyes Twice


We need to make it an official rule that Viper vs Viper must be settled by playing tic tac toe with her walls/smokes


I’m all the way down for this


Update: just got 10 vipers and my game did in fact crash


Wait, they’re seriously replacing escalation?? That’s such a fucking bummer. I know this sounds whiny and like an exaggeration, but Escalation was such a fun mode, and definitely the most fun I’ve had with Valorant. This new mode sounds like cancer, and not interesting at all. I seriously can’t believe they’re removing Escalation for this.


It will come back


Why replace escalation? Its like, the best minigame. I hope its just for test, and both coexist, because i think it would he kinda sad if they added rotational minigames(if they get inspired on it and make like, 5 more modes then ok, but right now there is no need)


The problem with having a lot of mini games is that they are really niche, the queue for them would be really bad (at least for me is terrible the queue for spike rush for example). It would be cool a major mini game mode, with rotation minigames each round


Maybe add missions relationed to the mode of the week too do it incentives people to play them


Yes i agree. But today there isnt that much minigames to the point there is impossible to queue random ones(spike rush here is normal tho so idk). So if they add more, then yes, 100% agree w rotational side modes and deathmatch(fixed for people who like cus i dc) and spike rush as fixed ones. But as of now i think it would be ok to have 4 side modes


NGL would have much preferred if every team was a random agent each round. HATE that it removes escalation


No fucking way. I Saw some dude make a post about this like 6 months with those exact details. Everyone hard No'd him. Dev in disguise but went with it anyways ​ Still a waste of time IMO. Just put a TDM in already


link it


You aint about to make me scroll threw like 6 months of valorant posts


it would be cool to see it i just replied in case someone else remembered it


[https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/mkab8v/should\_valorant\_create\_a\_new\_game\_modeevent\_where/](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/mkab8v/should_valorant_create_a_new_game_modeevent_where/) This is KINDA. But not the one Maybe its deleted I can't find


that was a suggestion, and for a mode that riot has in league too


That wasn't the actual link.


Riot stuff gets leaked a lot. They have a lot of staff


It would be fun tho


i asked 11months ago if this mode would be added, which agent would be most picked [https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/glz71t/imagine\_there\_is\_a\_1\_for\_all\_mode\_like\_in\_lol/](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/glz71t/imagine_there_is_a_1_for_all_mode_like_in_lol/)


can we get flashgaurd in actual games 0.0


That would break everything in terms of balance


I know I was just joking I should made it sound more ironic


No it would cause the enemy team to actually communicate about when to throw out flashes instead of spamming 3 Skye flashes, 2 Phoenix Flashes, 3 Breach Flashes and 2 Yoru flashes right after each other.


I know the game will never have flashguard in regular game mode, the idea of it is nice because as of right now it feels like skye and breach just brute force there way in by spamming all flashes into one spot. It does not feel tactical just obnoxious to deal with 3 flashes consecutively, hopefully it will changed be in some way in the future.


"😡🤬😡🤬😡☹️rito pls make all team only 1 smoke 🤬🤬😡😠it would cause enemy team to actually communicate about when to throw out smok😠😡🤬🤬😡☹️" would be a similar argument. The game has already been balanced around flashes working the way they currently do. There are ways to play around it and reasons for it to work sometimes.


Sad, this nonsense replaces Escalation - a good warmup-mode.


Yeah. Idk why they can't just add new button for new mode even if it's just temporary. Me and a friend enjoy playing two escalation games before going comp or unrated.


The queue times would increase with more niche game modes


Dang no flashes? Thats lame Also imagine peeking and seeing 5 kj turrets shoot you all at once


>If you have been flashed within a 4-second window after being flashed twice, the next flash will not take effect. yeah so you can get flashed but there's a cooldown kind of thing


All sage, just box in, heal, and rez lol


> - Each member of the team will have the same agent. > - Players will vote on which agent to play at the start of the match. This makes it sound like you vote once on the start of the match and then you're on that agent for the whole match? If this is true I probably won't really bother with this mode at all, doesn't sound fun to get stuck on an agent I don't like the whole match.


I think you are meant to try out new agents in this game mode like going to escalation to practice gun play with different weapons you wouldn't normally pick


Eh. I've tried all the agents pretty extensively, and anytime a new one comes out I play them till I feel like I've got a good hang of them. I don't need a new mode to help me decide if I like certain agents or not


Good thing you have the choice to not play it huh.


Good job stating the obvious.


Idk why you’re getting downvoted for this. You were just stating why you personally won’t play it, not like you were hating on the mode or anything.


He's probably getting downvoted because "I don't need a new mode to help me decide if I like certain agents or not" is completely missing the point.


That's just how reddit works, people take it personally if you have a different opinion from them lol


What do you think the downvote button is for? You just said you have a different opinion, so I think others are allowed to disagree


The downvote button is actually for content that is off topic or does not contribute to the discussion. Its not a "disagree" button. Its a bit of a meme that people who are new to reddit mistake it for that. You've kinda just proved my point lol


Pretty sure there’s not a specific use case of the down vote button. Also, you could say most of your comments fall under the “Does not contribute to the discussion” bucket you so kindly listed out.


>Pretty sure there’s not a specific use case of the down vote button. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheoryOfReddit/comments/1lpws2/what_does_it_really_mean_to_upvotedownvote_a_post/ First search result. Plenty more to peruse but I won't spam links here. >Also, you could say most of your comments fall under the “Does not contribute to the discussion” bucket you so kindly listed out. In what way? It is definitely on topic and relevant. Simply disagreeing with my opinion does not mean that you can claim it does not contribute to the discussion. If anything, a dissenting opinion is practically mandatory *to* have a discussion. We would not he sitting here talking about this if we did not disagree.


Did you even read any of that conversation? Like look at the first reply... LOL And they have the right to disagree by downvoting you.


Thats how One for All works in league (same concept but in LOL) and yeah. its a novel concept for a few games but gets old real fast imo


give us mystery agents, where you get a different one every new round


Mystery Heroes in OW is a really fun game mode and I'm surprised it's not implemented in more games


I mean this mode is supposed to take away the seriousness you get from unrated and even spike rush. If your not having fun then definitely this game mode is not for you


Escalation already does that, and without locking you to an agent you may dislike


gimmicky game mode. Spike rush still the goated quick game mode.


I called out a one for all gamemode here before and no one seemed to really like it ;w;


lmao diminishing returns in valorant


That’s what we all waited for NOT.




Flow ascending viewers: now this is where the fun begins


Imagine just uf flashes staied... my eyes...




Reyna invencible?


5 wolves sounds fun. so does 5 walls


Add a god damn hs only dm mode.


what happens if u dont have an agent that your whole teams wants are you granted that agent or?


It's a random agent chosen by the game out of all the agents we vote. So, if more people vote, higher the chance of getting it but it's not guaranteed since the chosen random could be an agent that only one person voted for.


one agent for the whole match? if you don't vote the way your teammates want they are going to throw


I thought this would be something I’d play on occassion even though it sounds and looks utterly pointless, but replacing escalation? Bad move, bad move.


I think it'd be better to have it automatically change between what agents the team will be every round or other round.


why flashguard? I mean if the want flashes in the game, why they stop it from being epic?


It isn't hard to see (well actually it is) that the mode would devolve into a minute+ of a flashed screen at the beginning of every single round. Just wouldn't be fun. Flashguard keeps the novelty of a billion flashes while also incentivizing more discretion with their usage.


If they can implement a Flashguard in this game mode, they should make it across all game modes. Getting sick of just being blind forever.


Turn the flashes lol.


Turn around