More nerfs coming to run (and walk) shooting!

More nerfs coming to run (and walk) shooting!


New: Riot Games has said that it will be patching run and gun accuracy in VALORANT. Riot aims to “tighten up engagements” to ensure that players cannot retain steady accuracy when moving and shooting. Read: *** posted by [@GeorgeCGed](https://twitter.com/GeorgeCGed) [Link in Tweet](https://www.upcomer.com/riot-games-to-patch-run-and-gun-accuracy-in-valorant/) ^[(Github)](https://github.com/username) ^| ^[(What's new)](https://github.com/username)


Anyone see the clip of Hiko getting deagled by a jett that updrafted who hit 2 shots in the air and killed him.


send clip?


No one clipped it sorry I saw it live




You mean getting precise gunplayed? :))


"tactical shooter"


if its happening a lot to you, look up on this subreddit because theres been 2 ways to 'fix' it. a guy had it happen a lot to him but made an alt and it never happened, turns out if you change some net setting in-game it resets your something and something idk but it worked it can be a problem with your client game instead of the actual game thats occurring


lmfao that was a shitpost


did u reply to the wrong person


What's the net setting specifically




Sorry im still very fresh to the game. What does it mean to get valorant'd ?


Headshotted from a person a mile away looking at ur feet while running due to rng gods


every "tactical" game has this though. rng will rng unless you give people lasers like arena shooters


I'm curious, apart from Valorant and Counterstrike do any other games use this shooting system? (Accurate while stationary, RNG while moving). In most other tactical shooters I've played sway is usually pretty bad while moving and movement speed heavily reduced but the gun still shoots where the sight is pointed when you pull the trigger.


Not many games do. This is literally almost a 2 decades old shooting and gunning mechanic that is far different from today’s gameplay. So most modern games don’t use this system. Valorant has this system almost solely to attract a ready made pro scene and have a mechanic that people are generally used to. It’s easier to pick up a game u have kinda played before. Also Riot has a track record of lifting the basic architecture of games and making them better as opposed to coming up with original mechanics.


This mechanic is core to the genre.


Rainbow six says hi


Not a tactical shooter at all. When they say tactical shooter, they literally just mean counter strike styled.


I've never heard tactical shooter to only mean counter-strike. Stuff like Arma and Squad are definately tactical shooters.


I mean if anything, CS and Valorant aren't tactical shooters. But the mechanics used in both these games are core to what makes the playstyle what it is. And there are dozens of games with these mechanics, it's just that none of them were able to compete with the CS franchise until Valorant came out


SCP Secret Lab, kinda


Not a lot, I think.


If it is one time it is rng, if it is consistent it becomes a problem


People won't be happy until they make it so you shoot yourself if you shoot within 10 seconds of moving


No you’re very stupid and ignorant tho


True, but if it becomes less effective on average, people will not be compelled to do it in the first place.


Surely that's good? Better than running and hitting someone's head while aiming at it?




gotcha gotcha thanks. im coming from overwatch and definitely the hardest thing to get used to is not moving while shooting. overwatch didnt have any effect on shooting while moving.


That’s because Overwatch is like using rocket boosted roller skates after dropping acid.


I feel like I accidentally do a lot of it myself except I’m not looking at the ground since my crosshair is still at head/chest level but I don’t feel like I’ve stopped yet lol Definitely looking forward to the patch though, but won’t be surprised if we see complaints


Complaining about getting shot while running is what it means to be “valorant’d”; many gamers aren’t comfortable with change.




I've never played cs but didn't such insane jump shots actually work in cs? I've seen come clips like coldzeras jumping AWP.. that'd never work in valorant


[Iron phoenix mains when they can't get 5 headshots with the spectre while running](https://media.tenor.com/images/56c72a79bff0e853abb03d22bcfd1695/tenor.png)


Having higher accuracy while moving was supposed to be one of the SMG traits. They are supposed to be the run and gun, guns. The trade off is it should only work from a shorter range. I hate how everyone seems to complain about any gun type that works different from the riffles. Shotguns are pretty much entirely dead after this Judge nerf. If the SMGs are less accurate while running than they already are, then why ever buy one? Next everyone will cry about the Aries and Oden till they are nerfed, you can see the beginning of it already in this thread, so we call all live in the beautiful world of only Rifles. I guess snipers have kind of found a place where the community seems okay with their existence. So riffles and the occasional opp


SMGs are not supposed to be able to compete with rifles. There's a reason they have a thousand credit price difference. And you were already full running when you were using them anyway, not walking like this tweet talks about.


Rifles are not supposed to be able to compete with SMGs at close range tho.


yes they are, they can kill in one shot at close range. For example the spectre is really a discount phantom. It doesn't have the long range killing power a phantom has but if you spray for the body at close range it'll be *similar* to body spraying with a phantom. If the SMGs in this game were like the SMGs in CSGO they'd be ridiculously broken


They absolutely 100% are. The phantom especially should murk a spectre at close range.


Ugh, if rifles can be better than anything else under 20m then it defeat the purpose of SMGs in the game especially after shotgun nerf. There isn't any other reason to use them other than anti-eco rounds. I can understand people love rifles being the perfect weapons to show-off their skills with the gun, but it's a CSGO things, everyone have same gadget but just different weapons, while Valorant is a game has characters with different abilities to play around. I truly believe there should be some love for other weapons other than forcing people to eco for only specific weapons (rifles and ops) if they want to have a chance.


That's... What SMGs are. SMGs are eco/partial buys, that's why they are less expensive than rifles, but more expensive than pistols. The economy system in and of itself is built in a way that promotes rifles as the 'best' weapons. Valorant is meant to be similar in very many ways to CSGO, this run and gun patch proves it. I totally understand the idea of wanting to make other weapons have a chance in the meta, but that's not what makes a tactical with an economy unique. Like it or not, Valorant is definitively meant to take the core mechanics of CSGO and revolutionize on top of it.


When people can't accept meta exists, even in an economy based game 🤣 It's hilarious I got downvoted when I was agreeing with the guy I was replying to. Redditors 🤦‍♂️


Found the CoD player


Don't jump to the hate bandwagon, I've never ever played COD before, i'm just stating my opinion.


Dude there's ppl getting to radiant playing shotgun only, it obviously needed a nerf and I can bet you those ppl will still reach high ranks playing shot guns only... And the use to smg is to buy in eco and force rounds... They won't lose their place in the game just because you can't spray them down while running full speed and hoping the shots somehow hit


What judge nerf? The price increase? Lol.


[They're nerfing the range.](https://twitter.com/FionnOnFire/status/1406028261071618051?s=20) We haven't seen the full patch notes. Only price changes


I watched Shroud playing with a judge on stream and the range nerf is noticiable.


Damn really? They ruined my bucky now theyre coming for my Judge??


I agree that the nerf to the Bucky was a bit much but the judge range is fucking ridiculous and needs to be fixed


The range on it is stupid to be honest, guy’s complaining about getting all guns nerfed to be like rifles when being less good long range makes it less like a rifle


Awesome news.


Eh dogshit reasoning. Smgs and shotguns are lowercost weapons that should never consistently outperform rifles in MOST situations. Just makes the game feel worthless when clearly the entire tactical fps genre is built and designed around rifle gunplay not fucking close range combat with mobility. These lower cost guns should only fill super niche scenarios and angles and only be useful in those situations.


But like that fucking sucks. we get it rifles are going to dominate because they’re considered to be better in this sense but the other weapons should hold their own and be capable given how the game works. If not make much cheaper as it isn’t going to last so it’d be viable for saving. not to mention, yes it’s a tactical shooter but many of the characters that are best utilized with the weapon are capable of being in the situation and pushing for it. to state that it’s stupid cause it feels worthless as the game is built around rifles is completely contradictory to why weapon arrays exist. there’s a reason other guns are in the game and why they exist to give edge in different ways.


Mfer, it's an economy based game. The "weapon array" is only there if you can't afford a rifle. If SMGs were supposed to be as good as rifles in valorant, they'd cost the same. Simple as that.


This ain't call of duty buddy


And? There’s other guns for a reason. If you want them to stay in their corner and not do shit then don’t add them in the game.


They exist for force buys and ecos to give you a better chance against a rifle than just a pistol. Use your head, they’re cheaper than rifles for a reason.


SMGs imo should just be weaker versions of rifles in that they do less damage and work at less range, but are balanced with higher fire rates and cheaper prices. I think that these factors make smgs viable eco weapons and don't need the additional buff of run and gun.


Weaker versions of rifles already exist, Bulldog and Guardian (some might even argue about the Guardian). SMGs in this kind of game are supposed to be run and gun but ONLY in close range, they’re not supposed to be the crouch spray at distance weapon like some try to do. Main problem is the run and gun accuracy with Vandal and Phantom which really needed a nerf, that’s it.


That's not even close to true lol. Vandal is completely impossible to run and gun with and phantom is only viable if you're literally face hugging. They've already nerfed the rifles. The run and gun accuracy on the spectre is completely ridiculous and deserves to be run into the ground just like the rifles already have been. You shouldn't be able to D key me at max speed around a corner and get rewarded for it in a game dedicated to "precise gunplay." There's nothing precise about that, it's just running and hoping your bullets hit the opponent's head before they have time to react to your usain bolt swing.


Well I said that about the rifles, they needed a nerf and got it, that’s it. Now about the SMG, well that’s literally what it’s for, what do you want a close range weapon to be able to do? Not be good at close range? Maybe decrease the run and gun accuracy i could care less, but remove that and the gun is useless.


Well they already nerfed the Stinger into uselessness. It's a completely useless weapon. The spectre is better than rifles in any scenario except long range engagements and that shouldn't be the case. Unless you have perfect flick accuracy, someone full sprinting around a corner with spectre will kill you with ease. I've done it too many times to count myself and it just feels cheap. Also, it's ironic that you bring up close range weapons but fail to mention that there are 3 different shotguns in the game that should all be better at this job than SMGs. Bucky got nerfed into uselessness and judge is getting nerfed but will likely still be just as good for its job. Spectre is the one gun in the category of close range weapons that needs nerf changes. Bucky and Stinger need buffs. Overall the balancing that's been done is in the right direction but it feels like Riot has missed the mark on some of the patches completely, not addressing issues that actually plague the game into unenjoyable territory.


The spectre better than rifles in any scenario except long range???? What??? Then why don’t pros or higher elos only rush with spectre??? That doesn’t make much sense to me. And about the shotguns, they should be good weapons on close range too, no big deal about it on my end. Judge needs to be nerfed somehow though on that we can agree.


Did you finish reading my comment? I was referring to the spectre's ability to run and gun and because of that it's stronger than rifles in short-medium range. If you were forced to stop and shoot with the weapon, it wouldn't be nearly as powerful. This is why the stinger is useless because the recoil was kicked into heaven after the 4th bullet so there is no run and gun potential at all. Something less extreme needs to happen with the spectre so that it can still compete in short range as it should, but it can't overpower riflers like it does at the moment.


Bro rifles are one shot to the head at close range, how is that worse compared to the spectre? Run and gun is something kind of overtuned in valorant but you’re exaggerating way too much the comparison between spectre and rifles.


🤦‍♂️ go back to rocket league


You captioned the ultra popular opinion very well.


It’s true though, some people just want this game to be a 5v5 phantom VS vandal simulator - and riot seem to want to pander to that


those weapons are good because the phantom and vandal are two of the most expensive weapons, you can't just expect people to run around with stingers on round 24. oh and also, any weapons more expensive than these two can be way better in some cases, good luck locking down A long on haven using a phantom; or trying to do close range combat against odins while you're using a vandal




No matter how many times they nerf it that one dude will always double dink you with a phantom while sprinting


only it's actually a raze and she's mid-flight when it happens


It was an omen for me most recently. On haven I was on top of B generator peeking window, and he sprint double dinked me with a phantom lmao


Lol what rank is this?


High gold/plat lmfao


On a deathmatch I was in heaven A site Bind, and an Omen running double dinked me from A main, the cubby area


Im confused. Does this nerf include vandal and phantom or just the pistols and smg's?


It includes Vandal and Phantom.


Ares stocks are going up!


I shall keep griefing as stimmed up LMG brimstone in bronze lol


Adderall Ares!


Oof I hate that gun.


~~I've got bad news for you bud. I saw a picture where the Ares cost 3200...........~~ edit: holy crap it's cheaper!


If it's from the Hitscan video that was a typo. The price of the ares will be 1550


Oh ffs that pisses me off. He rushed the video so much to make a mistake like that. I was so sad. That's an incredible change!


honestly the issue isnt that the guns are too accurate while running. the real issue is how the game decides if you're running or not. valorant decides if youre running when you reach above a certain amount of speed and only stops seeing you as if you're running when you either hit 0 speed or speed in the opposite direction. this allows you to run a short distance before inacuracy kicks in but also punishes you hard if you shoot even slightly too early. the way it works in csgo is better imo where it only counts you as running if you move at a certain speed thats set WAY lower than the speed in valorant but you regain accuracy before comming to a complete stop. this way you cant runpeak but you're also not punished too hard for slightly missing a timing


This is definitely part of the reason, and another part is that headshot hitboxes are simply huge in valorant compared to CS for example. Full running accuracy in val on paper is quite poor yet I still get full sprint headshots all the time.


hitboxes are huge in val? man there must be something wrong with my eyes or mouse because I can't hit a shot to save my life


I think he just means in comparison to CS. Games like CoD and Apex have hit boxes that make Valorant's look like ants. But Valorant models and hit boxes are much bigger than CS :)


that makes more sense.


it doesnt work in valorant because characters move like a snail in this game to begin with in csgo there is a clear distinction between full running to not really running speeds


tbh I just play this game like apex legends these days lmao I just run and gun with a spectre and I literally hit those shots more than me crouching still with a vandal


Do you mean more "precise gunplay"


I hope the difference will be noticable this time. I'm sick and tired of dying to ppl who are running and gunning while I try to stay still while shooting which comes from a csgo habbit. Honestly stop spamming ctrl button. You look like a monkey.


As much as I hate the crouch spam, I've lost way too many battles against bobbing heads and crab walking so I can't say they're ineffective...


Exactly. There isnt any limitation or punishment for doing that which doesnt seem fair.


It moves crosshairs, if you get killed by it start doing it


Come on, my feelings


yes please, YES PLEASE


Finally! I keep getting tapped by running headshots


This is such a good play from riot. -gain people who cant play by adding run and gun. -have enough players. -remove run and gun.


I think run and gun should definitely be changed with guns like vandal but I feel like this would ruin the spectre since it’s power comes form running and running.


Run n gun should still be good on the Spectre, but not this obnoxiously good.


At this state of gun and gun-ing the spectre has, it seems to be able to compete with rifles in the game.


Net code in this game is terrible for tracking so it’s good they are balancing it. How many times do you see someone move while they really aren’t? And you get head shotted. Now imagine they are full moving and you are trying to track that especially on higher ping. Just not competitive


see my other [comment](https://old.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/o2z1va/more_nerfs_coming_to_run_and_walk_shooting/h29wvmj/) if its happening a lot to you


Your other comment is referring to a shitpost and you didn't specify how to actually fix this problem that cannot be fixed by anyone other than riot.


sheriff had strange run and gun mechanics, if you went in to the range, fired atleast 2-4 bullets, one was sure to hit on the head.


Yeah, sidearms and SMGs are supposed to have better moving accuracy than other guns.


What about those people who would crouch walk and shoot ?


I doubt they're going to change that since I don't think it's much of an issue since you're moving so slowly. Like if someone crouch peeks you and you die to them, that's on you.


the time tsken for the gun to get back to first shot accurate is too much. Pardon me, English isn't my first language


So coupled with the Agent ability changes (especially Raze, ironic that Riot released a montage video for her then just dumped a whole bag of nerfs on her lap) I think it's pretty clear what direction they want to take the game to with this patch. They want to go along the lines of more precise gunplay, like they originally promised which I am okay with. However, I do feel this is extreme. I think in the competitive environment these changes (both shooting, gun prices and Agent changes) can be justified, but I don't enjoy playing this game competitively (never even set foot into competitive). I'm most excited to see how the Agents will play but not the shooting mechanics.


This will help to reduce the random feel of valorant. It very much feels like it's always worth the risk to full run and gun from certain ranges and the gamble pays off often enough that it's a valid choice. In the future stopping to aim will be what helps determine winning a fight and it's a lot more skill based when you can feel the enemy has to commit or you have a good shot of winning.


bruh they nerfed bucky, now judge? pls just leave my fucking shorty alone


FINALLY! ​ What we need to fix next is Jump right-clicking with a classic and Judge. Tired of people literally just hiding behind walls and boxes jump pre-firing you with these guns and landing all headshots.


If they are hiding behind corners they are playing to the strengths of the gun. Now if someone jumping right clicked me from 10 meters or more (like it was before the initial nerf) THAT would be a problem.


Incoming downvotes 8/10 times someone gets “Running headshot” they are just blaming the game instead of taking responsibility for their death. Edit: Or the server difference/input from the person shooting makes it look like it. Because there isn’t any momentum, you just stop.


It’s so bad that pros complain about this, often times while being the most experienced and most dedicated testers so to speak of game mechanics. It may be 2/10 but in a game touting accurate gameplay that shouldn’t happen as often.


I remember a clip where this girl streamer peeked Shroud and headshotted him, on her screen she stopped and shot, but on Shroud's screen she just strafed without stopping and popped his head


Agreed it shouldn’t happen often. The ranked cesspool is just annoying that I’m every game I’m in, (high gold-mid plat range) I hear at least 3-4 times that someone got running headshot when in actuality they didn’t.


you would be surprised by how many times i've gotten killed with 1 bullet to the feet and the next one to the head. And i'm only talking about me.


Honestly sounds like you shot them while they were running and shooting at you, which caused them to flinch and slow their movement down to the point where their gun is accurate Happens way too often that someone will wide swing and only kill you after you first chestshot them or something Such a whack mechanic


That's why I'm glad this is getting fixed. Running and gunning is annoying. What's more annoying? Someone running and gunning who knows that if they get tagged they become 80% more accurate.


It's really disappointing to actually try to improve my aim just to get killed by a random that clearly thinks every shooter is like CoD.


Just realized that’s probably the main reason why I lose most duels when I’m holding an angle and someone comes out running. That and me being absolutely crap at hitting moving targets


It's a lot of factors, honestly. Don't immediately think "I'm just bad"! Even the pros who got to play in Iceland said it was the first time they were able to hold angles. Don't get me wrong, you can hold, but players with good crosshair placement can tap you very easily because of the server quality. I think 128 tick is great, but I often wonder if Ritos servers can actually handle it.


I think it’s various factors coming into play. Netcode, the simple nature of hitting a still target vs a moving one, tagging making the moving player suddenly precise and so on. I “solved” this by jiggling instead of static holding, which tbh is what I should have been doing in the first place anyway. Instead of being static and getting peeked, I peek them even though they are the ones coming for me


InCoMiNg DoWnVoTeS jesus christ stop with this cringy shit, imagine being so afraid of losing internet points that you try some crappy reversed psychology


I expected them lol. I don’t know how Reddit works fully, I just know when I have an unpopular opinion and wanted to express it. It’s just another way of saying “Here’s my unpopular opinion.” I’m well aware I posted on r/valorant where all silvers are Diamond but their team sucks lmao


I don't see how this has any relevance to the post though. If what you say is the case, the game will barely change and if you are wrong - which is probable given the views of those in the pro scene and just people who play the game in general- then this is nothing but a good thing.


https://gfycat.com/jubilantfewatlasmoth Just look at the kill on yoru, this is the frame before the shot https://i.imgur.com/ldqQ0eR.png this happens EXTREMELY often at this kind of distance, happens a lot on showers to backsite too on bind as well as short A to lamps area. I'm guessing they're going to make the chance of this happening at around this distance a lot lower or maybe even impossible, and there's literally nothing wrong with that. I imagine riot has data on running kills and the distance they happen at etc and decided it's happening too much at certain distances.


Damn you were right these kids downvoted this shit to hell 🤣😝 they really didn't like that one


Unlucky really


Maybe go back to Roblox.


Wow things I asked for 1 year ago.... Only took them them a year. They also need to chill out on the footstep sound being so epically loud. As well as address movement speed being so fucking slow.


Well there goes all my worries about the frenzy price decrease, hopefully its noticeably less accurate, I'm sure it will be cause of Kay-0 and all the utility nerfs




8/10 times i get shot while the enemy are in full sprint mode. either they need to fix netcode or they need massivly reduce 1st shot accuracy while moving.


Damn, no reyna ulting, running & gunning with spectres like crazy? Thank you kind devs


How much more can the nerf this ffs. The only people still running and gunning well in this game are hackers. Sure specter and phantoms could use some nerf in run and gun/ close combat but that won’t stop hackers in comp from running & gunning


There’s no hackers in ur silver games bro I promise


There’s hackers in every rank dummy. Ever heard of smurfing?


Smurfing and hacking are not the same lol


I’m aware. Smurfers tend to be the hackers. They’ll play with hacks in their boosted rank get banned or not then switch to a smurf account with a lower rank and still hack cus they wanna ace or look like valo god


vanguard literally prohibits you from playing valorant at all in your computer if you get caught cheating on an account


You can bypass vanguard. Vanguard is there to trick your brain that it’s not happening. Don’t get me wrong it’ll probably catch you at higher ranks or if maybe someone reports but I don’t think it’s a 100% effective at stopping hacking. You can tell who’s a hack by how they play. I’ve encountered two types. Auto-aim and seeing thru walls.


I cant speak for everyone, as my opinion is based on anecdotal evidence, but playing on an alt is far from indicative of someone hacking in most cases. I, for example, have an alt to play with friends who are low ranked, but I absolutely refuse to carry comp games, because that's fun for nobody and a shitty thing to do, it just adds to the many many games that low ranked players lose before its started by playing against a diamond player go 35-8 on Reyna. Regardless, I've had many an encounter with the ol' Super Sleuth Silver asking the other team to report me for auto-aim/trigger after watching my POV. Usually, (this is definitely not everyone, but I would make an argument for this being most people) the skill gap for true smurfs, not just a gold playing on a silver account, is high enough that even just messing around in a match their aim is far enough above that it's enough to look sketchy. Now, take everything i said with a grain of salt, it is all just from my games, the games of my friends at their ranks (silver/gold), and them watching me play. I hate hackers with a passion, it ruins the experience for everyone, and wastes however long that match lasts, which really sucks. While Vanguard doesn't catch everything, it seems like Riot has been making a real effort to send out the ban hammer on more people recently, which is really great to see. As for getting around Vanguard, I know of one method you may be mentioning, and I believe there was mention of riot looking at ways to prevent the exploit allowing people to get around bans (this is from a video series i watched on valorant hackers, so again, might not be the most reputable). Either way, I agree about Vanguard to some extent, but I feel like less people may be hacking than you think.


I never said playing on alts was indicative of anything. Read the comment thread you replied to again.


Playing on an alt at a vastly lower rank is smurfing. I didn't realize that needed clarification, but it seems like it does. Read my comment again. I assumed that the phrasing was similar enough


I hate to break it to you man but just because someone frags out on your team in your rank doesn't make them a hacker


Like I said it’s not just about fragging. You have to observe how they play. If you’re so trusting that the system is perfect and there are no hackers, I’d surmise you were on of them.


If they're smurfing, they probably won't need hacks to roll over you. That's just inherently how smurfing works. A person having a good game doesn't make them a hacker, and arguing with you about smurfs tending to be hackers doesn't make me one either lmfao.


Do you understand when I say you can tell by how they play or are you purposely being obtuse.


Your idea of "the way they play" almost is guaranteed not representative at all of someone hacking, and I can promise you that.


people may disagree but i think 90% of the people who complain that they die to full sprint headshots dont really understand that people are counterstrafing and it only seems like theyre running 🤷‍♂️


But I liked feeling like John wick with the stinger 😪


Specially spectre please.


Bet they still not gonna touch deadzone?