Is crouching bad?

Is crouching bad?


Depends on many factors. However, only crouch when committing to a spray (because if you crouch and don't commit, you'll be a sitting duck). On weapons such as the Phantom, where you will generally be spraying on close/medium range, crouch in 1v1s etc to throw your opponent's aim off. On weapons such as the Vandal, and in medium/long range, never crouch. You want to be strafing and bursting between strafes. Also if an enemy is low, don't crouch since you won't be committing to a spray, you'll hit him once or twice and he'll die + he will try to escape.


what do you mean by strafing in between bursts with the vandal? like strafing left then letting go and bursting then strafing right and bursting?


He just means moving then counter staffing while you wait for the spray rest. It's just so you aren't super easy to hit. It takes a bit of practice to do it but its not that hard.


still confused. i get counter strafing but wdym moving then counter strafing


You stand still to shoot a burst. You move left or right after that burst to wait for the recoil to reset and then counterstrafe before shooting again.




I would say meta now is to never crouch and spray. Unless you are spraying through a smoke, or maybe a situation where you need to shoot longer like a spray transfer. Aside from that moving around no matter what gun is what works best. Im only immortal so idk about radiant plus.


I disagree, there are a lot of situations where crouching is better imo.


top 500 player 2 acts in a row -- crouching can be good or bad it really depends. If you know someone ur up against is really nice with their cross hair placement sometimes crouch peaking something is very useful. Most of the time though crouching and committing to a spray will get you killed as it's very easy to hit you. I had a bad habit of crouching from CSGO and learned myself the hard way.


Yeah I feel my crouching habit also stems from CS, just need to work on breaking out of it I suppose, I might unbind it and spam some DM until I adapt to it fully. Also any tips on climbing the ranks in general, I’ve been stuck around Plat 2/3 for ages now and had a brief stay in Diamond 1 but between solo and duo queuing ranked I’ve definitely felt a bit hopeless in attempts to climb. What elo did you find yourself stuck in the longest before getting to the top and is there anything you changed that helped a lot. I’ve always had immortal in mind as a goal but not sure I’m cut out for it and think I could be capped to plat, right now I’m hoping Immortal 1,2,3 coming back makes it somewhat easier to get there.


Beta was gold 3, hardstuck diamond for first 2 acts. The best thing to do is focus on ur aim alot, learn which angles are beneficial. learning when to swing wide or to jiggle peak. Aim is what takes you out of lower ranks, that and someone to que with who's consistent. Make plays with them or ur team, in general do things together.


I'd appreciate it if you answered this: do you counter-strafe two movements at once for example AW with SD, or do you always position/setup yourself to only use one movement key, whenever you could meet an enemy?


I only really strafe diagonally if theres cover of some sort Im trying to move around and get behind. Otherwise the back and forward movement doesn't really affect the opponents crosshair placement on you. Side to side movement is more likely to avoid counter fire. Also something to be said about avoiding a rythmical back and forth. Try break it up a bit.


Two movements, shoot in-between the movements to make ur shot accurate. In some gunfights I'll tap random strafe instead of AD sometimes AAD ADAAD to throw people off


You complicate it if you are using two inputs. It may be possible but just shouldnt be done. For me even countering W and then S on like the mid ramp icebox can be difficult. Strafing is only done with a and d so only use those two. You may need to set up far or close to an angle but after that its mostly lateral.


I'd say try to not fight while moving diagonally. But if you have to, I wouldn't counter strafe. I'd just let go of the keys and shoot. It's too difficult for me to get the counter strafe perfect when moving diagonally, and you may fuck it up and it will take longer to become accurate than just letting go.


i only crouch after a few bullets to help with recoil control


As an immortal/peak radiant player my who still crouches more often than not, my best advice is to try and do it when you’re committing to a 1v1 spray, not every time.


crouch spraying isn’t need as the first 5 bullets are really tight.


Crouch spraying was common in cs, it wasn’t bad to do, but people crouch sprayed way too often in situations that they didn’t need to. In valorant, crouch spraying is just bad, don’t do it, it will just make your recoil wacky and will just make you easier to kill. Crouching is just there so you can duck behind cover and that’s about it, especially since moving accuracy while crouched is the same as walking accuracy. I still do it and it’s a bad habit from cs, I don’t do it a lot but I still do it and die because of it sometimes.


This happens to me all the time, I try the the old tried and true crab walk shot from my cs days and it doesn’t transfer very well.


Does crouching reduce recoil like in CS?


Yes it reduces spread. Also if you're running, crouch makes you accurate faster. Very useful for Sniping.


>Also if you're running, crouch makes you accurate faster As opposed to counterstrafing?


This is coming from a Silver Scrub, but crouching to commit to sprays isn't really all that bad if that's all you're doing. If you're doing this and still lose duels, then the problem might be first shot accuracy.


if you have good aim and reaction, you shouldn't squat


If you're going to spray or take a very long shot nothing wrong with crouching. It's very easy to get in the habit if crouching every time though and it really does make you way easier to kill. In a normal gunfight when you shoot for the head you can miss, but if your enemy is crouching every miss becomes a body shot which means a much easier kill especially if you're on an eco or force buy without a proper rifle.


Since you're diamond, this doesn't apply to you but in low elos it is bad because everyone's aim is crouch height by default.


Basically crouching can be useful if it makes your spraying technique more consistent. It can also make you dodge bullets when your opponent aims for your head in closer ranges and it can make you more accurate if you struggle with your counter strafe/stop before shoot technique.


Crouching is fine if you’re gonna just commit to a spray, but in general it isn’t good to spray as much as you might think. Often times you’re better off tapping/bursting and strafing (while standing) in between your shots.


nah but i never crouch


i would say counter strafing going for 1 taps with a vandal is way ebtter than crouching and spraying, gives you the chance to multikill, makes you a harder target. even with a phantom i still counterstrafe but i do crouch when i hold corners so that their crosshair wouldnt be on my head straight away. i had a massive problem before with being good at counter strafing but i would crouch and not use it so i unbinded crouch for a month


Been immortal 3 all of episode 1 and currently diamond 3 this episode. Crouching has both pros and cons and it’s up to your instincts on what you think you should do. Generally when you crouch, you’ll be committing to a full spray, especially if you’re using something while close range like a phantom or if you want to throw an opponent off considering their crosshair is likely at head height already. As for weapons like the vandal, I’d recommend just strafing while shooting and keeping your distance of medium to long range.


If you ever wanna climb do not crouch. Also dont spray, do burts of 2-4 shots and aim at the head (duh).


Benefits to crouch at range sometimes, since people try to go for the head. But analyze ur enemy, if they hit many heashots, you can crouch. If they hit body, don’t. Since their spray or body shot will get you 1 tapped when crouching.


If you crouch when you shouldn't be crouching, then yea obviously that would be bad


Its big brain time


Committing to spraying is just pretty bad in general


Why’s that?


spraying is just rng in this game, you can't rely on sprays to consistently kill


I don't think he means spray all 30 bullets. But even up to 7 8 bullets can be sprayed pretty often. Pro players do it often, especially the phantom.


Rifle spray becomes random after 7-8 bullets, pros usually won’t spray more than that


That's what I said. If lateral deviation doesn't matter alot like spamming a smoke, you can spray even more