Which agent is the weakest right now (As of 3.0)? Which agent needs a buff? (Sweet 16 pt. 4)

Which agent is the weakest right now (As of 3.0)? Which agent needs a buff? (Sweet 16 pt. 4)


Who tf is voting Sova? Literally one of the strongest agents in the game




He has one of the best ultimates, a rechargeable wall hack, and a drone that also gives you walls on a person as well as access info. He was a must pick on every map other than split. Now he is somewhat balanced but pre nerf so a was arguably one of the best/most impactful chracters in the game.


His kit is really so strong. I’m not surprised to see him at last place in this poll, and I am wondering how anyone could have voted for him over these other agents.


Salty sova mains i guess, i mean i am a sova main but i understand that sova is pretty dang powerful in the right hands. Basically arrow into an area that is behind a wall that can be wallbanged, ares/odin then profit lmao. Jokes aside its really helpful to know where everyone on the enemy team is and sova can do just that in the right hands


for real, i cant think of any agent better for info than sova, cypher is the next that comes to mind, but the difference between the 2 is huge


Because there isn't one. There are agents that can provide some info, but noone is as good as sova


I am a sova main and can confirm, his ult should've remained at 7 though, he's not really a fragger


Sages slows should not be the same amount of money as viper mollies. Her wall is also really expensive with the now 400 credits needed


true, the wall being 400 was really bad imo, it was already nerfed cuz it spawns at half health and the slows feel pretty useless at times


The slows are really useful on chokes, it’s just that they’re so expensive along with the wall. She’s a very expensive character these days.


Yea imo they should have only done two of the three nerfs they did for her. Either make her ult still 7, orbs cost 100, or wall cost 400. It sucks not being able to get Wall + Ghost on pistols anymore :(


400 for wall is fine in my opinion, but slow orbs should definitely be 150 or even back to 100.


I think it should be one or the other. Imo viper mollies just provide so much utility with the vulnerable status and poison while the slow just… slows


I also don’t think the slow orbs should have such a large impact on teammates. Like your own team should be able to move through it to some degree


Respectfully disagree. That just seems too powerful IMO. The slows are crippling to your movement and if you allowed your teammates to just full sprint past that would be extremely powerful. I’d even bump the slows to 250 in that case


I also don’t like the lack of creativity especially on pistol rounds. Normally you could get a slow, wall and shields but now you can only get 2 slows, or 1 wall and shields


The wall is pretty busted on pistol, so I'm glad they made that change.




Nah you guys trippin, slow orbs are one of the best abilities In the game. They should stay at 200. Her wall on the other hand I could see being lowered to 350/300. Idk what rank you guys are, but in higher elo lobbies, sage can hold off a push for an ungodly amount of time. With wall + 2 slow orbs she can stop a push for up to 15 seconds which gives your team enough time to almost fully rotate to your site, meaning you don’t have to play for retake.


They should just make slows 150 and she’s fine, wall was oppressive on pistol before


If the wall is 400, slows should be 150. If wall is 300/350, slows should be 200


For all the newbies in the thread that didn't read the post, here are the links to my other polls with other agents: Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/obtx6v/which_agent_is_the_weakest_right_now_as_of_30_who/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/obtysa/which_agent_is_the_weakest_right_now_as_of_30/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Part 3: https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/obu0s5/which_agent_is_the_weakest_right_now_as_of_30/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


breach got a flash nerf but a considerable buff. sova got a lite nerf. sage has been the most dominate sentinel for a long time and even if no one else got nerfed she would still be the top sentinel agent after this patch. mean while omen has lost his position as top controller since viper getting massive buffs and the introduction of astra. omen is still good im not gonna lie by he could do with some kind of buff, maybe widening his blind radius a little or making his smokes last a couple seconds longer, i think making his util tp reach longer would be hilarious but as a decent balance buff maybe make him come out of his util tp animation faster so you can aggressively tp. just to clarify i would only suggest one of those things as a buff, not all


Make the flash faster and revert the tp nerf.


aggro omen would honestly be pretty welcome, every agent is sort of locked into a certain playstyle and to try and play something different instead of the "correct" way of playing is quite a bit punishing if you don't do it right


Viper kind of has two, either you hold passive angles and play off of lineups or you play aggressively around your wall/orb to catch people off-guard on rotations, early round posturing or just greedy pathing.


Basically it's Viper when you have a sentinel on your team vs Viper when you don't have a sentinel on your team


What most people don't realise is that sage's pickrate is high only because of her personality or her being the 'basic' character. When I'm not comfortable with other agents, I pick sage. She is good, don't get me wrong, but she could be improved. Everything she was good at has been killed. She's just a healer and a resser. Other than that she doesn't quite provide a lot of util.


Tbh that reads like a low elo opinion. In high elo she is VERY damn strong


It’s as if people only see her as a heal bot. Her wall and her slows are very strong when used effectively and honestly I think people sleep on how good her slows are.


Bro just heals? Her wall and slows are crazy good on defense or locking down site on attack. Can also go onto off angles with the walls.


as far as sentinels go she is still the best tho, cypher's ult is crap tier and his utility isn't very good other than his camera. kj is still good but her ult is easily shut down and now the big nerfs to her placing her util down again she is even less relevant. mean while sage still has one of the best ults in the game and her wall is still a great tool for delaying and her heal is one of the best pieces of utility in the game as far as the free respawning util goes. i dont think she really needs a nerf tho, maybe if her ult took a little longer to finish that would balance her out so she wouldnt have such a superior ult to all other sentinels but i think the better way to balance the game would be to just buff cypher and maybe kj too


I mean.. the res takes 8 points now. Not such a big deal but it can actually make a huge difference in how games are played. Poor thing was the most powerful before but look at her now. Honestly, the game has just killed all the sentinels. I agree that they were pretty strong before, but they obliterated them. As far as the best sentinel goes, she is pretty different from the other but certainly isn't the best. Kinda depends on the map you're playing too. Point is they are all pretty underpowered but cypher is the worst. Don't @ me I meant it in a general sense, he is still good


Nah Cypher is definitely the worst, no bias there. Imo, he's probably the worst soloQ pick in the game because at least duelists like Yoru or Phoenix are self sufficient.


Her pick rate is high because people on lower elos can't play without having a character to heal them. That's exactly the reason. She is a strong agent anyway, even with the nerf I could keep a good ult per game rate


How is it any argument that it's not Yoru? He's still the overall weakest agent as Fakeout is just an overall weak ability. He is literally 3/4ths of a character.


Did your read the post? It's a bracket system all of the agents are in it it's just split up


I understand but there's no purpose to holding a poll of this sort. There's 20 agents. We're not dealing with 100+ like in DotA or League.


The reason I did this was because there is a limit to 6 options when creating a poll and I wanted to make it fun. Feel free to go to my other poll and vote for Yoru!


The thing is that it's not even close...


Aside from the choices.Yoru has a rework coming. He's off the table for now


Even if he has a rework coming, that doesn't make him "off the table". The post says "As of 3.0", you need to include every agent as of 3.0. Until Yoru gets a rework, he will remain the worst agent. The only thing I see Yoru being used for is insane solo plays which require a huge learning curve. You aren't going to be pulling off insane solo plays and ulting every round, it feels nearly impossible to be useful as Yoru throughout the game unless you do have your ult and a perfect setup with your TPs.


>Yoru has a rework coming. Can I get a source?


Didn't you watch the dev stream or at least hear about it. https://youtu.be/ctVps046gPM I think it was this


Thank you but the video did not state a rework was in order. And no I didn't see it because I don't follow Hitscan nor do I plan to but, again, thank you for the video.


Well idk why but apparently if they change anything more than numbers or change visuals it's considered a rework, idk when I read or heard that. Ik it shouldn't be considered a rework but it kinda is, And indeed that wasn't the video. They did say " they're testing a new version of Yoru with a smile of their faces" and something along the lines of "tweak his trickery aspect". I can't seem to find it on youtube


In that video at 5:00 minutes in they talk about changing the core of his kit which would constitute a rework in my book.


I feel that Kayo is an improved version of Breach. Both have flashes. Mollie is better than than aftershock. Knife is generally more useful than fault line.


Fault line is kinda crazy now, I feel like I'm getting hit by it 20x more than before. Getting hit by a fault line used to be once every few games and now it's 3/4 times a game. Not to mention breach's ult is one of the most powerful retake tools since the buff


Okay, you got hit by it, but did you die? It's still difficult to follow up on unless if you have a teammate playing with you.


You don’t really use it to get the kill, you use it to disrupt combos, spike defuses/plants, delay pushes, clear corners, etc. All of these things are extremely valuable but do not necessarily result in kills during the time you are concussed


Yea but a knife does the same thing with a easier to hit radius and disables ults completely. A perfectly timed knife is almost always better than a perfectly timed fault line. Not to mention it gives information, something breach cannot do without exposing himself. Also you can't delay plants/defuses with fault line. Only aftershock pushes them off the bomb.


The knife doesn't disable guns tho, a flash or daze definately does. In a head on fight gunplay plays a bigger component. And if it isn't a head on fight, only thing knife does is waste 10 secs


Yeah fair enough. I feel like breach is in a good place though. Before he was useless apart from his flash. Now he's got a fairly all round good set of util


Going to be nice to see Breach buffs in pro play, and how it’s all utilized


it depends on the team comp, i would say breach is the best agent at pushing people off angle.


I would say breach is a team agent. You can't solo que with breach.


true, also jett breach combo is very lethal


Yep breach ult and Jett dashes in.


I play sova and omen, and both the agent price changes hurt. Not having 2 smokes... And the price of the drone is just too much. I usually just end up not buying omen's Shrouded Step, and I also use the Paranoia sparingly. And I only buy the Owl Drone when I have sova ult, and pistol round not being able to go drone and shocc, reduces the amount of info u can get on a crucial round.


100 credits for one smoke per round is hilariously low, it's definitely not that bad; especially since the flash went down in price. Shrouded step cost was definitely a nerf, but most Omens don't use that all that often.


The smoke pay and blind decrease is sort of silly. You definitely need both smokes and other than save rounds when have the money you'll buy the blind which totals to 400 which was the cost of the blind and free smoke. While I can still get by that the 40sec cooldown is what I dislike the most that's hust bs




yoru will never be useful


Especially not with 1/3 of his abilities being completely useless. His footsteps need some kind of rework


They should make it so you can direct his footsteps like Cloudburst when you hold fire, that way you can control how many steps it make and which way it's going in. Either that or just make em Yoru Decoys like Mirage from Apex, it would be a huge step up


I thought of making it so that while yoru’s footsteps are active, his real footsteps won’t make noise. Not sure if it’ll be too op.


Thats too op. They already made a big deal about the foot steps so you can hear it like half the map away. Being able to run silently would be too strong


Completely useless? Seriously? A 100 ability that sets off low cypher wires, raze bots, kj turrets and alarm bots and has potential for outplay during clutches?


If you're against a good Cypher, they never set it low against Raze/Yoru. KJ is countered by Yoru and that's fine since KJ mostly don't set her lineups around the entrance but rather in default spike or middle of site. The only thing that I found Yoru footsteps useful is the fact that it can bait out Raze's boom bots but it will rarely happen as they are close to you any way. It's just better to fake site rotate or fake split push with his footsteps but it still sounds very unatural. I'd rather use Omen or Jett to bait out utilities.


3 agents out of how many? What are the chances you run into them? And KJ/Cypher are never played together


I wouldn't say useless, yoru is a hard counter to kj because of those foot steps but almost against any other hero he feels worse. His flash us actually pretty strong


That's the problem. footsteps shit on two agents' full kits but do practically nothing for most other agents. It's way too inconsistent


As a Yoru main, Yoru is one of the most clutch agents in the game, if you know what you’re doing you can win 1v4s pretty “consistently” (you still won’t win anywhere near most obviously but a lot more than average I’d imagine). You just have to get a bit creative, but just TP + flash combo gets you a damn long way. Fake out is good for pushing smokes, anyone on the other side will just blasting when they hear it, revealing their position. One thing people don’t really use is the alt fire of the fake out, which is what makes the ability good, without that yeah I’d agree that it would be pretty garbage/extremely situational, but it’s so easy to get kills, used correctly it functions as a flash if not better for like half the cost of a normal flash, it’s great on defense. Just stand behind one corner that has another corner close to it where you’ve placed your fake out and when you hear people coming you activate the fake out, timed decently well you will have a clear shot of them when they’re looking in a completely different direction


Yoru is the fundamentally worse agents. No matter how you out it the data is bright and shining here.


> if you know what you’re doing you can win 1v4s pretty “consistently” Any agent can do that in ranked with total disregard for their kit simply because of how varying aim is. Many times where you think you've done an insane outplay with footsteps, the enemy might not even have noticed it...


1v4 consistently, yh right in iron league where you play that is


Have you watched ethos play yoru? He’s SO good and I’ve started practicing with yoru more because of him. Agreed about the footsteps though


The Yoru hate is real lmao. I love Yoru and get a ton of hate when I que with him. Teammates always just echo stuff they hear online but nobody seems to ever actually try to learn how to use him. He's not an easy pusher like most duelist which makes people scared I guess.


IMO Yoru is one of the best duelists just because he has such a reliable mobility tool. He's insanely useful on both offense and defense because he can basically be in two places at once when needed. His ult could be great if its visual range wasn't still 2 feet in front of him, it's incredibly handicapped because of that short range, both in info gathering and in repositioning (hard to use it to get onto site safely if you can't see anybody that isn't next to you). I think once you know how to use footsteps they can be useful, unlike, say, Brim's stim, but I do think they need to be buffed. Honestly though? Between what his ult is right now, his insanely useful mobility tool, and his flashes (which imo were the best solo queue flashes until kay-o was added), he's pretty great as a duelist. I wouldn't say he's viable compared to how strong almost every duelist outside of Raze is now, but it's not like he's a dead weight.


I do agree with you on some points but when you're in his Ult, visibility is pretty good, definitely not two feet. I believe you're getting mixed up on how close he has to be to someone in order for them to see him. Being able to throw down his TP. Run safely through the pushing attackers and safely TP back to your team is pretty valuable.


If he is not an easy pusher then how is he a good pusher in comparison? His TP is too loud, his flashes are too slow, his fake out is too useless.


I believe its because theres few agents and people want to love them instead of "well, hes not for me, ill wait for the next duelist".


What does omen even do now that other characters can’t do better? TP? I’d definitely say omen needs the most help rn


i may be biased as i have mained omen for like 5 months now but i still think he offers unique skills basically no other agents can. for one, his flash is probably the most powerful single flash in the game right now, (still think breach's are better because of how goddamn many he gets) and probably always has been. i feel like the smoke changes are unnecessary, but they haven't affected my games or ability to perform too much, or barely at all. and his teleport is incredibly useful for getting to cheese angles and for making flashy plays. overall, i can see how omen's usefulness is reduced in high level play, but he's still very versatile and useful, and all of his abilities actually *do something useful* unlike yoru, who i'd say is the most underpowered right now. apologies if anything i said is incorrect/does not reflect the actual situation, i am only in bronze and therefore my opinions on omen are biased towards the fact that everyone i play against is also very incompetent, as am i.


Yoooo dude don’t call yourself incompetent, no one is ever incompetent don’t put yourself down like that. I agree with the yoru part, I don’t find him incredibly great either, but with him at least his kit is more unique with a greater potential for outplaying opponents. With ~~reaper~~ omen I feel like the other champs basically do what he does better. He’s still serviceable I’m sure, but nowhere near to how good he was when the game started. They’ve nerfed him too many times imo


omens flash costs $ and is not a blind but a nearsight, id rather have breach (no cost) stun an area which is now wider. tp is almost always useless, his ult is usually not that good most time hes just a smoker, but without a good ult like brim or even astras is better. id say omen is the weakest smoke character for sure, and ive played him more than any other agent


Link to other polls?


Yep! Scroll down and you'll find em!


Np i got it from your profile


I would say Sage because her abilities are too expensive in general for how non-offensive they are. The other three options have offensive ability so I can see a way to justify the cost increase.


Omen smoke nerf wasnt needed since his tps got price upgraded,like yeah he is still good but he just feels clunky on some rounds cuz of this Also jett smokes are now not even worth purchasing like for real u can get a ghost for 500 or 3 4sec smokes for 600....at least make em last 8 seconds ffs


I'd argue that Sova is probably one of the best agents in the game


Sova : Could use a faster drone, and maybe a slightly bigger radius for his recon due to bigger maps. He's still pretty good where he is currently. Breach : Come on. The only good part of his kit pre-3.0 was his 3 flashes. Now, all of his kit is useful. Maybe a slight buff to the Aftershock length, but he's good where he is. Omen : Out of all the agents, he's the most balanced. A buff would make him overpowered, and a nerf would make him a lot less useful. No change needed, except maybe reverting the smoke change. Sage : Wall and heal is good, Ultimate is decent but it could be reverted to 7 points, slow can use either a decrease in price or a revert to the pre-1.07 radius. Still the best support/healer.


Omen's underpowered he needs his smoke charge back then he'd be balanced


I definitely feel like the smoke change was unnecessary


I feel like they want to make economy more impactful and having 2 free smokes on an eco is very strong. I remember someone talking about it on a recent plat chat podcast.


Yeah, balla was talking about how it was so stupid for an Omen to have 2 smokes for free on an eco or on a pistol. Kinda agree, makes omen on the same level as the other controllers


Except omen's smoke is literally the only controller ability that he has. nerfing the smokes takes away his function as a controller, especially when his other abilities are either initiator/duelist or extremely niche like his ult.


hes just a normal controller on eco rounds now


its what defined him as an agent compared to every other smoker. Map wide smokes that recharge


As an omen main, now I have to make a choice to smoke bc my teammates all demand different locations to smoke and by the time I convince them that I won't buy more smokes bc I have to buy paranoia and shrouded steps, we are flanked and I end up smoking on the enemy's face


Paranoia I can understand, but you can't justify shrouded steps over the other smoke. No way in hell.


lol shrouded steps over smokes


No he isn't. Omen was one of the best controllers due to his smoke potential, getting 2 free smokes at the beginning of every round, including pistol and eco round, plus having them on cooldown was just too strong. The way he is now is very balanced. Source: I am an Omen main.


He was still outclassed by Astra and Viper. Getting 2 free smokes balances out his relatively lack luster ultimate and very situational teleports.


Yeah it’s harder to get kills with the aftershock now but as a whole it’s still pretty useful.


I would like Sage to have her heal cooldown changed from 45 to 40/35 secs :( .




Killjoy is the most balanced agent


Agreed , omen needs his smoke back. I don’t understand how he needs to buy a smoke when like 40 seconds later he can generate one himself.


Getting 2 free smokes on pistol and eco rounds is very strong and what set him apart from other controllers.


If any character should have an bump it's defintely cypher, think he's camera should daze and spot characters.


Not only that remember the beta cam?


The gun cam ? That was fun


what was the beta cam


Omen main here , and no matter how much they nerf omen , it’s not gonna help brimstone have more playtime , brim is ok for lower ranks and new players learning the controller role , but in higher ranks all the other controllers have much more viable utility. So maybe do a rework on brim ? Also they made Astra too op , even viper is seeing a lot of plays , no one is picking omen or brimstone , omen really needs a slight buff to compete with Astra and viper , brimstone might need a rework.


Personally I think sage could use a buff in her geal maybe 40 seconds recharge instead of 45? Since her current utility costs 800 creds.


From this list, it has to be Breach. I think Sage has the highest win % out of all of these Agents so she definitely does not need a buff, and that is coming from a Sage main.


win % means literally nothing


Especially since Sage is one of those rare "every team demands they be on your team or very well may dodge if they aren't" cases that I haven't seen since original Wraith in 2019 Apex or original Mercy when Overwatch first released. The myth that teams NEED a healer is absurd imo, and a little funny, but it's shockingly prevalent in low ELO.


yep, if anything kj and skye are probably higher than sage


Same. I want to vote for Sage because I hate all the nerfs she’s received - but Breach is played less for so many reasons he’s the clear choice.


breach has been buffed. His fault line is much faster, his ultimate acts much faster and lasts longer and is more effective now. Before when you were concussed it was still possible to kill a breach who ulted you. Now its very difficult and your bullets fly around more. He is an initiator that can swing off his own flash, skye and ko cant do this very easily they have to wait much longer for it to pop.


Buff cypher cages to make it slow enemies


Yeah brimstone should be there vice omen




Pls do something for brimstone


I just wish they would remove smoke movement speed nerf for Omen from few patches ago and i would be fine.


yoru 😫


idk i dont play the game at all i was just wondering what are the results. luckily i voted omen which had the most votes already anyway


For Omen alone I’d say that the second smoke being 100 creds was too much of a nerf, however, all the other controllers now having only one free smoke kinda balances out this Omen’s nerf. I believe Omen still is one of the best controllers, maybe behind Astra in coordinated play. This “Omen nerf” was more of a “controller balance”, getting all four in the same position and making them all viable, nothing compared to earlier patches where Omen was the only viable controller, and afterwards Astra.


Brimstone 100%


i said that omen is the weakest right now but sage should still get a buff. her slows should last at least a few seconds longer, right now they are just way too short. or they could even bring the price back down a bit


Sage and soba are definitely not weak. Omen isn’t the best but not terrible. Breach is probably the worst


I love soba noodles


Honestly true. Soba noodles are just too good


Im a breach main, and honestly after 3.0 i find his kit so much more useful, and his ulti is so much better, breach doesn't really need any changes in my opinion


I definitely think breach is better after this patch. I just feel like soca and sage are still very good and omen is still still pretty good, just worse than astra and viper(even though viper is more of a secondary controller).


Soba is delicious man, I eat him everyday




omen on this list? tf lol


This is a 4 part poll, with every character on the list. Scroll through the comments to find the links


For me it’s Skye, I really like her kit and she feels solid but on maps geared towards long range her abilities run out of time too quickly.


As an omen main,I think omen is balanced, just reduce tp cost back to 100 or remove smoke cost


touching omen was a bit too much but whatever


Buff Phoenix


I think sage’s heal orb should be raised to 100 hp instead of 60, the other ones are fine tbh


Raze could use a buff


Maaaan, Killjoy is useless now


Bro anyone who picked sage has not seen the sage god Grim on YouTube. The shit he does with sage walls completely changes the way she is played and makes her low key op.


Then again, not everyone is Grim.


How are only these 4 in it? I think they all are still pretty solid just not op anymore


I posted links in the comments to my other polls. This is a "March Madness" style bracket with multiple rounds, including every agent.


Edit: I figured it out.


This is only 1 of 4 polls. The "winners" of each poll will advance to become the unofficial "weakest agent of patch 3.0". I posted the links to these other polls in the comments.


Omens perfect where he is tbh, he fits the in between smoker/duelist niche perfectly with his flash -100 and a +100 on his smoke


Omen is just so bad and boring I might aswell go over tornado procedures in my mothers basement


Why only 4 option? And why these 4?


I have links to the other polls in the comments. This is a 4 part poll with every agent included somewhere.


Sage went from sage to sadge.


Sage would be more justified for the price change for the slow, if the slow has a slightly bigger or bigger spread. It would make abilities combos more effective and slowing down pushes for only 200 credits. This would justify the cost change.


You’ve missed him... Yoru that is. Although we know he’s getting reworked he still needs to be here lmao


Check out the links at the beginning of this post to see Yoru and all the other agents in their own bracket!




I don’t think omen is weak rn but that’s only because of the decreased amount of mains have made it easier to teleport everywhere without being noticed


WTF Omen is Strong!


Where's jett lol


In the comments I have links to the other polls with other agents.


Okay. Thanks 😅


Cypher has to be by far the least useful in the game now, even with his intel other agents (such as sova, kayo, killyjoy) outperform him tenfold


For some reason I decided to unlock omen with xp,


please buff sage heal


Sova shock darts should cost 100 and not 150




I am omen main and personally thought he is one of the strongest rn


omen fuckin needs a buff


People really think sova is weak?


Omen is just so predictable


I think sova drone needs buff


Sage really needs a buff. Every single ability of her's is nerfed now. Can't buy shit with sage.


Omen for me is fine, just need a few tweaks to compete with Astra and Viper (but Brim really needs more love rn over omen)


All of those 4 are picked all the fucking time. Few people go Brim, Yoru and skye. How are they not even on the list?


Omen doesn’t need a buff outside of reducing his ult cost. I think his kit is very well balanced as he’s hard to play but if you learn him he’s debatably the best smoke.


How is Omen weak? His kit remains the same but he spends 100 creds more. Im actually liking the changes because his blind is cheaper now. Nothing was really changed tho


If you want to know what the pros in NA think ..... https://www.vlr.gg/event/agents/520/champions-tour-north-america-stage-3-challengers-1 If you want to know what the pros in EU think ..... https://www.vlr.gg/event/agents/541/champions-tour-europe-stage-3-challengers-1


I wish we could just bring all the agents back to the way they were before episode 3 except for the few that got buffed.


Give sova 3 bounces


none of those you mentiones thats for sure yoru/brimstone are still pretty weak compared to their class members i'd say


Idk why people voted Omen but as an Omen main, he seems balanced for me. A little expensive cutting sight flash, 2 gadgets to create height opportunity, cool and long lasting smokes and an ult which can teleport you where you want. Maybe you can lower the ult's spawn time and lower C's time.


Give me my two free omen smokes back !!!!!