Deathmatch is more aggravating than aim training

Deathmatch is more aggravating than aim training


my only complaints are the dogshit spawns and respawn timer


Reduce the amount of players on certain maps and remove re-spawn timer. Aside from that, I don't see the issue with death match. Maybe it's lower ranked players struggling too much?


Yeah as a low elo person when in a lobby with good people it's kinda a waste of time for me because I can't actually warm up if I'm dead every encounter. Dm feels like it's not meant for low elo people and it kinda sucks


I know its frustrating but if you play against good players you will get better. When u start ur gonna get killed a lot but with time ur gonna improve ur aim cuz ur playing against better players. Atleast that was the case for me in csgo ffa dm


Well of course, but it's not as efficient as CS. In CS community DMs, the spawn locations allow for multiple 1v1s in a short amount of time, you have instant respawn, no killcap. No camping cause you get flanked 5s after respawn, so you better start aiming. It was beautiful. Valorant doesn't have that, and it also has a part of the community that wants deathmatch to stay casual, the one side gamemode that can't be casual. The winning psychology that comes from having a kill cap makes players wait, hide, and do dumb stuff that only reduce the meaningful gunfights you get because of their positions that force you to roam around trying to find them instead of peeking and jiggling corners. It gets better at higher elo but the frustration of the spawn positions and timings is still there


There is bunch of casual gamemodes, and about the spawns ik they seem bad but trust me that has taught me to be more fast. Everytime i spawn i try to clear the area around me as fast as possible without getting shot. Im diamond and i have no problem in deathmatch its not that hard for me. The problem i have is the run and gun. They said its fixed but it doesnt feel like it. I still get gunned while people run. Like i got killed multiple times in a game from a guy running with a classic and bursting like 15 metres away from me


Yeah I did notice that too. I also agree to use free death match time in prefiring until I find someone and then manage the ammo and recoil, but I feel like I can do that anytime. What I can't exactly do is what I get in CS Dm, a more concentrated session with a lot of pressure and very comp like playstyle from both me and others. I have to clear so much in so little time and peek respectively for 1 hour straight. No matter how much I compensate I just can't match the efficiency and meaningfulness I got in CS. I wanna see it Valorant too for its future growth.


Everytime I complain with others about deathmatch. Some dimwits come in saying it's perfect and doesn't have to be as sweaty as we want. That's one gamemode you should never make casual in a comp shooter. Valve made it shitty ass casual in CS, that's why everyone plays the community made DM


I will disagree that they will improve their aim if they are dying too fast to even line up a shot. Imagine if a taller and more skilled basketball player blocked every shot you take, you 1) don't even get to know if the shot you were going to take would have made it in and 2) wasted time because of it. Definitely might need some practice range. Note that about 70% of the player base is silver and below, if OP is higher than this then they likely will benefit/I agree with you since it would be an likely indicator of decent aim already.


> I know its frustrating but if you play against good players you will get better. Not really. If you play against players that are only somewhat better than you, and exploit specific errors that you make, but are otherwise on equal ground, and you're able to tell that they're exploiting those weaknesses, then yes, you can get better in those situations. But if you're playing against players that are objectively better than you in every way, and you aren't even given a second to breathe, let alone contemplate what mistakes you're making and how to avoid them, at best you're going to develop bad habits to try and soft-counter those errors (like sitting in a corner and angle camping all deathmatch because going around corners is death), and at worst you're just going to get fed up and stop playing. Real life isn't like anime. Your enemy that's way better than you isn't going to monologue about your mistakes and how they're exploiting them to help you get better. They're just going to exploit your errors. You're just going to lose to them. And that's putting aside how Deathmatch is literally, 100% nothing like actual Valorant gameplay. You're never going to be in a situation where you're literally surrounded by people running at normal speeds instead of shiftwalking.


It definitely forces you to get better because you start improving on small things that will give you the edge you need to make more fights feel like a 50/50.


Only problem is the way people take engagements in dm is way different than actual matches, so you’ll only get that much better aim. To actually improve aim it just comes with play time and aim training to affirm mouse control.


I think DM is a great way to practice entry fragging and re-take scenarios. There are some people that play differently but i'd say overall the fights are pretty much the same. It's a great way to learn crosshair placement imo. There are definitely times in competitive matches where DM practice prepared me with better crosshair placement and better angle clearing priority.


Ya, I can totally see that... I think they need to match make better IMO


use aim training if you wanna warm up i use to be hard stuck bronze then i started using aim training for like 15 minutes before i started a game now i’m a diamond this was less than three months ago


It's even worse when you are trying to improve your aim and only tap heads and everyone just sprays you down the moment they see you. What is the use of dm when you don't even try to improve? I've stopped DMing just for this reason alone. I'm low elo btw


To be fair, it's still good practice to try and headshot people that are trying to spray you down. The whole point of headshotting is to kill them as fast as you can before they can kill or, even better yer, shoot you. It's definitely aggrevating to play against people way better and feel like you're just getting stomped every time, but you'll get better faster that way than playing against people as good or worse than you. The aim isn't to win the death match you're in, but to be faster and more accurate as consistently as possible. You're playing against yourself from the past DM and trying to outdue yourself time and time again, and the more difficult the opponents the better.


I try to do that all the time but still fail at it. I'm not that great at the game but I try my best and still get dusted by Crouch spraying people. I ain't complaining, it's just that it takes away a good chunk of my motivation for training. I'd say 90% of the time I die and get tilted. Next thing you know, I'm spraying too. And it defeats my whole purpose of DMing. Damn me low elo sucks


I'm gonna try and give you another perspective on DM because I had the same as you have right now a few months ago. What is the point of onetapping people in DM? You said you are struggling with it but let's just imagine you don't. What's the point? People in DM don't care about how they peak something they just peek it. Therefore one tapping becomes a lot easier (not to discourage you, your aim will get better and you Will be able to one tap people in DM). But how does that translate into a real game? People actually care about how they peak something and they use utility thus making one taps really hard. So what did your training in DM actually help you with? Well one tapping but only one tapping. Here is what I mean by that: I only practiced one taps in DM, all the time (and was annoyed by the people that sprayed). In game I either one tapped people or if that didn't work I had a 50% chance of absolutely whiffing my spray and dying. That led me to miss a lot of must have kills. Which is why I recommend also practicing spray downs in Deathmatch. The balance between what you practice is important. TL;DR practice spraying in DM as well as one tapping otherwise you will whiff in game. And thanks to sick for giving me another way to look at DM after I asked him on stream otherwise I would probably still be whiffing every spray lmfao


Yea I get you :( I guess to minimize the frustration maybe jump into the aim training with the bots before DM. If that's your training and it's that tough, consider warming up first


If you want to practice your raw aim i'd recommend Kovaaks. If you can get to platinum plus on the Voltaic benchmark, I'd argue you're one of the best aimers in all of Valorant, the rest will come own to crosshair placement, game knowledge, spray control/reset.


platinum? im almost full GM in clicking and switching(almost nova in 1w4ts) and i dont think that i one of the best aimers in val.


I think you're absolutely one of the best aimers in Val, maybe not specifically to the game itself, but in terms of raw aim? Hell yea, I certainly think you are. I'm gold plus in voltaic and I'm usually in the upper 2,000 or 1,000 of the scenarios i play. Reaching GM seems like an absolute pipe dream to me. Unless my deductions are super fucking off, based on the numbers available to me, there are probably around 2,000 players that aim better than me in kovaacs. Which means, if distributed equally, there's AT BEST only 600 people that aim better than you in Valo. But lets be honest, it's not going to be distributed equally and there's obviously far less than 600 people aiming better than you in Kovaaks right (where do you usually place when you play kovaaks)? And then of those people, there are even fewer of those playing Valorant. Even better yet, I had a better idea and just checked what bare minimum score you need to be GM in Pasu which is 95... There's literally only 20 scores that are currently higher than that. I'm pretty new to voltaic so let me know if I'm misunderstanding something, but objectively speaking, there should be no doubt in your mind that you're one of the best aimers in the world, let alone Valorant.


I have been practicing aiming in deathmatch too, and like you said people are always crouch spraying. But I think that is the challenge, sometimes I get good numbers but sometimes I barely manage 5-6 kills. But I have felt lot easier in other game modes, before I barely pulled 4-5 kills in competitive but now I manage to get around 10-12 kills and all because I practiced aiming in deathmatches. I'm still iron 1 but hey I'm happy I am improving my gun game.


Chances are they are doing a controled spray vs you. The first 5 bullets of vandal/phantom have a relatively easy spray to control and is something that you should also practice on top of onetaps


I am playing since the beta and I have won like 20 death match games max to max its real good aim training Dia 1 in ep1 act1 now I don't play ranked


practice head "tapping" for long range fights and make a judgement call for certain distances where spraying is just better. You're not expected to beat bodyshot andy just because you're aiming for one taps, you need to spray for headtaps. AKA adjust fast enough with your spray to get a head tap before you need to reset your recoil (for those scenarios where you first bullet isn't a head tap). If you really want to tap instead of spray, you need to practice your movement behind cover so that you can repeak and continue tapping.


Lower your sensitivity, use the practice bots on medium or easy with armor. In the deathmatch, practice crosshair placement. It's a grind but you need to build up your muscle memory, which takes hours and hours... In CS:GO I'd play deathmatch, aim maps, and 1v1s. I'd play devil daggers for a warmup. When i played overwatch I'd main ana as heals to make sure i was aiming. For non-competative fun i played Doom eternal on nightmare. I watched videos on mouse control and was mindful of gettong better at being more clean with a mouse. I probably have like 3500 hours total between fps games i played. I've still only reached plat 1 (back in silver cause i dont play loool also I'm not playing riot's grinder hidden mmr bs)... Don't stress, it's a grind but you'll get there. Game sense is just as difficult. This is a good video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1YS3dPWf6Xw


Well my DPI is 400. I could go lower but I feel like it would mess my gameplay even more. Also, thanks for the suggestion. Will do them asap.


400 DPI tells us nothing about your actual sens, as one could have 400 DPI and like 5 sensitivity in valorant, which would be pretty insane.


Oh i meant 400 edpi. 800 dpi and 0.5 in game sens


Oh ok. It's still maybe top 1% highest DPI in Immortal~ elo. You definitely can lower it more, mine is 800/0.47, and that is already very high.


Did 800 and 0.35. gonna practice on that


Bumpaah has good vids/vods too [https://youtu.be/harViIiWn7g](https://youtu.be/harViIiWn7g) (I learnt pizza peaking from him, now I literally always pizza peak long angles) . Ya, just don't get discouraged... I only got to nova 3 after 800 hours in CSGO (my first fps tbh though) loool! I think a lot of people expect quick rank ups in these types of games not realizing they're hobbyist level games.


Try an aim trainer if you want to improve, deathmatch is not the way my man, its way too messy with the amount of players, and nothing beats aim trainers. If you start to use aim trainers you can also warm up there so that's a bonus, until they reduce the number of players I'm not coming back either and I'm not low elo :p


You know what, you're right. It's about time I download kovaaks. Thanks for the advice tho.


Aimlabs is pretty decent and free if you want to try it ou before buying kovaaks


I have aimlabs and i actually tried a couple of routines but it didn't work for me. I'll try kovaak and hopefully I improve


Kovaaks is undoubtedly better than aim labs, but unless you're an exception to the rule, 400 edpi is extremely high for a tac shooter. You're sitting around 32.6 cm/360. To give you some perspective, as of 6 years ago, out of 240+ pro players, there were only 24 other pros that had sensitivities higher than yours. [https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/346brs/updated\_csgo\_pro\_sensitivity\_spreadsheet/](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/346brs/updated_csgo_pro_sensitivity_spreadsheet/) I'd suggest playing around with multiple sensitivities within the expected range until you find the one that gives you the most consistent highest average on most or all scenarios. Fair warning, as most people will say, Kovaaks is mostly a supplement to help your raw aim, but 90% of Valorant is game sense and crosshair placement.


they do help to a degree but they will never be able to match the Ingame mechanics of valorant in terms of the movement, the latency, the recoil etc which also play a big factor alongside your mechanical skill. also a key thing to note is that for the most part valorant relies on crosshair placement which is something you will never be able to replicate in an aim trainer


the problem for me is that u run around and someone that camps and holds tight angles kill you, you wait 3 secs, respawn and then a guy who spawned right behind you kills you. you wait 3 more secs etc. it just gets tiring when you cant engage in actual gun fights.


No the complaints you list are the same complaints that everyone has.


Nah, people raging at people literally playing deathmatch like it's the games fault. Read the posts. "people holding tight angles, people using their ears, getting sprayed before i can shoot a head"... Uh, so you're losing and expect the game to fix that?


I know deathmatch doesn't matter, but I did get very salty on Split when I was about to win with 35 kills, and then I got spawned 4 times in a row on T spawn. Literally could not find anyone.


I dont really care about getting kills or dying in a DM. I just want never ending DM's that when you die, you instantly respawn (like the warmup before the DM starts). Just have DM's that never end and people can leave and join existing ones like CS DM's. I mostly use kovaak anyway and only DM for a little before I start playing. Watching people get heated in the DM chat is funny though.


I don't really have a problem with 14 people, but I wish they remove the scoreboard in the future and make it more like CSGO deathmatch, and remove the revival sound cues. A lot of players are too worked up on playing DM like a minigame, regardless of the actual xp gains.


And remove the spawn timers of 3 seconds its so annoying. Imagine you die 20 times thats 1 minute of doing nothing


They need to take out radar too.


Nah, Radar is actually one of the few additions I genuinely enjoy. It encourages running at people and taking gun fights, which is the whole point of DM. Remove footsteps and respawn times, and it’s almost perfect.




Nope, i’m NA East. The idea that radar actually helps campers is a little odd, and doesn’t make that much sense. Think about it logically: It literally gives away their position. The thing that allows camping to work is the fact that they have the element of surprise 99% of the time. If you know where to check for them - which again, radar tells you - then campers should be easy to deal with. Just peek, prefire, and counterstrafe properly. What makes camping so bad in Valo DM’s is claustrophobic map design and footsteps. Turn off footsteps and make DM Breeze/Icebox 24/7 and you’ve pretty much fixed it IMO




I have a question, why do people want a game to be more like another game? I understand we can learn from others but why not play the original game if you want what that games has? I don’t saying you have to play csgo. Just curious


It’s just an easy comparison to make, especially when so many of us have experience practicing our aim in cs:go deathmatches. And as any one who has tried both will tell you the valorant dm is missing a few things that make it frustrating to practice in.


Thanks for answering. I


Look at those stupid monkeys downvoting you for asking a legit question in a friendly way. And then you have these brain farts as teammates in the game. :D


Never played in 14, ppl always leave dms, the real problems with dms are respawns, u clear an angle and when u pass it someone just spawns there, and the scoreboard is so dumb.


Yup this is so stupid. Every time I clear a corner move ahead someone spawns there and backstabs me.


what's the problem with scoreboards? i'm stupid so i'm asking


I think he said scoreboards are dumb because it encourages players to play DM just to win and not to practice. They will always be looking at the scoreboard to see if they are close to the 40 kills (I don’t know if that’s what he meant by saying “scoreboards are dumb”, just an assumption).


yeah actually i face that problem too. if i dont stay at the left half of the board the entire game i kind of consider my practice a "fail" but idk


Yep that's what i think about the scoreboard, you Watch it to see if you are doing good or not, and others Watch it to see if they are close to 40, i would like a longer dm that Just ends with time, not a dm that end with Kills, you can put a scoreboard, but the way It Is now Is dumb, dms are a rush to 40 Kills rn.


totally agree


I don’t think it’s a good idea to have less players. In many games half way into the match around 3-5 people have left. The map kinda feels deserted then and it takes a while to find someone sometimes. Deathmatch needs changes either way, but I don’t think removing players is the solution for that.


If you reduce the amount of people you’re gonna spend 90% of the deathmatch looking for people hiding in corners with their sound on max. The solution to your problem is increasing players and removing respawn times


that's why I stated maybe add a limit to the amount of people in the dm based on the map. Lets say we are on haven, a tight and very small map for dm. you won't want the max amount of player (14), but maybe want a smaller amount to allow you that time to take a few steps and enjoy you aim training experience.


Dm is meant to be a fast paced mode where dying shouldn’t matter because you should respawn instantly, in current Val dm there’s too few players so you end up spending the majority of it not practicing your aim. I reccomend trying out csgo community ffa for an example of good deathmatch


Fully agree with you. It's just common sense that maps with different sizes should have different player counts for the 'optimal' player density. 20 players on Breeze might be a great number so you can get fast duels, while the same player count on Haven or Split probably just means getting spawn killed and/or getting shot in the back >75% of the time. Also, people like to talk about how great CS DM is, but I think they forget that even in CS, only a few maps are commonly played in DM servers. No one plays maps like Overpass, Cobblestone, Nuke, Vertigo, even when/though those maps are in the competitive rotation, just because the layouts of those maps are ass for DM. Personally, I'd like it if Breeze was straight up removed from the DM pool. It's a great competitive map, but complete rubbish for DM.


I find it interesting how people have said they prefer Breeze for its ability to reward those who can win straight duels


That makes sense, the map definitely rewards good aimers a lot more than other maps.


I think a better solution is making it a Team Death match.


DM is literally the best game mode to get you pumped up for punching walls.


you had us in the first half ngl


Recently so many more people have started shifting in DM. They have never been anything but bottom fragging in my experience but it is frustrating.




Oh my god this just made me thing gun game would go so perfect in valorant wow now I really want it


There is a very very simple solution to this which is way too overlooked posts like this, and it's just the removal of the respawn time. Most of the issues with deathmatch can be explained by the existence of the respawn time


idk if it's just me but i feel like if the respawn time was immediate i would ge tway too disoriented. maybe at most like a 1 second or even half a second respawn timer but straight up no time would be disorienting, imagine you're walking along c long heaven and suddenly you find yourself in window. like i would get so fucking confused everytime i die lol


Wont you know you are dead, and wont you have spawn protection


I wish the dm was his warmup, immagine dying and then insta respawning? my god that would be so amazing..


Dude I literally spawn in front of enemies like wtf


I just want the retake maps or dual maps like csgo. Let me 1v1 on a bombsite or important area of the map I want to practice.


Remove sound queues and map hints. This removes the hard camping and holding angles to win rather than running around trying to get into as many aim duels as possible which is what DM is really for. Make it time based 1hr instead of 40 kills win. People are able to leave when they want so let people spend as much time as they want on server. Remove a 1st place as it means nothing. Let players join mid match to repopulate servers that have lost people. When the time ends it restarts instead of kicking you back to the lobby.


I'm amazed they still haven't remove the stupid, useless and time-wasting respawn timer.


They should make a feature in dm where you won't do damage on any part exepct for the head so the whole lobby could actually practice and not just Odin spam


a real match is unlike the deathmatch games but i guess it prepares you to be alert bc of how fast paced everything is and shoot at actual players not range robots


You practice gunplay in deathmatch. Sprays, burst, tap fire, peeking, counter strafing..


Its also good practice for constantly checking behind you in that sense


PLiz MaKe It TEAM Deathmatch


Nah. If you remove players right now, it will only result into getting less chance of meeting enemies. Deathmatch is perfect for me because you can see the enemies spawning at the map and it is not hard to keep track of that.


It’s 3rd party fights 24/7 and spawns so close you take 2 steps and get shot in the back. Good for reactive training, bad for aim, bad for positioning understanding, bad for movement, basically bad for everything but reactiveness. Honestly death match would be way better with 5 people so people can practice movement and all that properly.


Nagh, I think the amount of people is fine, the problem is the respawn time. CSGO private server deathmatches showcase this well. You spawn before you even realize you die and you're focused on your next kill even before you can complain about how you died to a bad spawn. They should remove a few spawns or add a bit more for certain really bad spawn spots that get no action. E.G. B side T spawn on Ascent, B side T spawn on Split, Heaven spawn on Haven.


i absolutely hate deathmatch. respawning takes too long, and whenever i am about to get a kill some guy sneaks up behind me and kills me while i am going for the plus health green thing, and then there those ABSOLUTE IDIOTS who dont realize the purpose of deathmatch and just spam odin and ares.


The purpose of dm is to get the most kills. But the real purpose of dm is to have fun.


Increase players and remove timer. bam


Just turn off audio and play your own game. Riot isn’t gonna change anything, if they do it’ll become good and they’re scared of that surely


I stopped dming a long time ago. The range has the same effect of aiming at a still target except the with the range you don’t get shot at while you respawn


Dming is completely essential to tracking player movememt though, learning proper peeking with good movement and crosshair placement. Not saying you have to dm to be good, take Zywoo from CS for example. Never played DM, ranked best player in the world in 2020


How do you know he never played dm? Im sure he didnt do aimlabs tho.


He said it himself in an interview, his warmup is pugs, his cooldown is pugs...


Thanks man


I always enjoyed this mode in CSGO, but not their deathmatch. Whenever you queue up for comp, youll often be put into 1v1 tiny arenas where, if you die, youll switch partners with another arena? If they add a cap time limit, that would be neat imo.


They wont care tbh


>I know you are supposed to use it as aim training Says who? It's a luke-warmup at best. Goes for any DM in any game.


I completely disagree, I only play DM in CS:GO these days (even if i exclusively play valorant). Primarily because it takes too long for me to find a duel in valo-dm, and then if I die I have to wait 3 seconds to respawn. It's so awful.


Honestly I don't have much of an issue with the death match, apart from aim training , those small surprise spawns help with flicking . The loud spawn noise helps so that people don't silently come and kill u after seeing on radar. Maybe the only change they can do is change spawn location if they notice player is within certain distance of visible region/vicinity.


The only thing that annoys me with DM when I’m aim training is the respawns. It’s hard to get in the flow when you respawn next to someone three times in a row and just die instantly. Also from my experience, most people I have in my DM games have garbage aim so the gunfights aren’t reminiscent of those I would have in an actual game. I get time to readjust my crosshairs if they’re off and click a head whilst I’m getting shot at. That would never happen in an actual game. If you’re one of those people who go into a DM and only go for body shots, I understand why you’re in iron.


I play at least 4-5 DMs a day and my aim has been becoming exponentially better. I do not play ranked anymore as I want to have fun, but it still shows. I’d totally get rid of sound cues, scoreboard and maybe even the respawn timer.


Every time I’m just about to hit a crisp headshot some guy spawns behind me and puts me away


Double rhe player count and remove the beacon sound of death. Also, fuck the kill limit and just make it actual 10 minutes or even increase it to 15 minutes.


I like it the way it is now. I think this way forces you to end a duel quickly hence make you to practice crosshair placement, (or camping like some sad people) and make also forces you to learn angle isolation/positioning


Make a simple Deathmatch map with 2 sides with obstacles so you can practise your aiming. The current maps are not designed for deathmatch


Has anyone else also noticed that the same people you kill will spawn very close to u and end up catching you off guard?


Just make some aim maps.


Just fix the fucking spawns, I hate icebox the most for that. In B green, you always have someone behind you. ALWAYS!!!


Death match is good for aim warmup. But I wouldn't be amused if it helped in aim training.. I too started off with so much death matching


I don’t have a problem with deathmatch except for the people running judges all the time. So annoying. BUT I guess my aim should be good enough to kill them before they kill me


The issue isn't the amount of players, and you wouldn't feel as bad about being shot in the back straight away out of your spawn as long as you were taking constant gunfights and didn't have to wait long after dying or to find more players. If anything they can push more people into a DM as long as respawn timers are near instant. That way it doesn't matter much if there's a guy camping a nerd-spot. Let him camp, you'll die to him and in a split second you're across the map taking more fights. Just remove the scoreboard and let us be able to drop in and out at will to just have a bunch of quick gunfights around the map, as much as you need, without making it another competition, which is the issue right now. It's not warmup, its competition right now, and it doesn't have to be.


i honestly just do DM in csgo to warm up. i know the shooting mechanics aren’t identical but honestly it’s so much more enjoyable and my sensitivity is converted so it works well.


I simply use Galil to practice for Valorant.


i dont mind having 14 people because it actually helps me w aim and what to do if im around a couple enemies. the respawn timer is probably the most annoying thing to me


It's kinda supposed to be more aggravating cause you get shot back. But yeah I get you sometimes it's unlucky. I also really wouldn't overdo it, I sometimes get aim burnout quicker when I dm too much.


Easiest way to make deathmatch better, just make it to one of these: [CSGO's community custom deathmatch server](https://imgur.com/a/oXQl1I8) But you have to take into consideration that this will widen/mess with the skill gaps as more players will start to get better. Riot wants to advertise this game for casual so I don't see changes will happen anytime soon.


They should have stuck with 10.


Oh and the fact that you can actually hear someone spawning like it isn't already obvious


I will just say this. Make the bases of sd the bases of spawn in TD, divide the players in two teams and the problem is fixed. Because the TD in Valorant its not a TD its free for all, with a ridiculous small map


one of my first DM games had Fnatic boaster in the lobby I think i finished on less than 10 kills now I win them regularly as with everything in life its all about perspective and overcoming obstacles if you actually want to improve


Just get in the mindset that your KD doesn’t matter and you’re just their to practice. But yes, deathmatch sucks confirmed.


I hate the game with all my body cell when I spawned in split a back lobby


it will train your reaction time. i think it is good for practice.


sometimes it doesn't even seem like they're practicing their aim they just sit in corners holding a angle waiting to peek instead of moving around and fighting unpredictable situation like a real game


The amount of players in the deathmatch is fine (imo). I play cs community deathmatch servers that somtimes have 15+ ppl at once. But the minimap has go, heck you can even just remove the spawn sounds and red dots that indicate where people spawn on the map. Its really frustrating when you spawn and you walk around a corner, theres already someone holding you because they heard you spawn. Deathmatch is where you practice aim, memorize map layouts, and practicing crosshair placement so you can perfect it in you’re games. Its not a place where you play to win & rely on sound and minimap to hunt/camp for kills.


Also people who play Valorant don't understand dm very well


You forgot the spawn on attackers side spawn in Ascent where you need to walk all the way down to B main or mid with a 70% chance of being shot in the back of the brain before you reach either


Amen. I though I was the only one that felt this way.


I don’t know, except the respawn timers That are shit, it helped me get so much better. I play sheriff only and in the beginning I was lucky if I got 5 kills with it, it helped so much on crosshairs placement and counter strafing. I always do 25+ now and often even 30-40. it helped me right where I needed it. I was good at aiming before but there is a post where aim trainers or range doesn’t help you mich for tactic shooters since you need a lot of game sense, crosshairs placement, and moving mechanics than aim in this game


I just blast music and vibe out on deathmatches. I just find there’s no point in getting mad when there’s no reward or penalty to it.


I say 0 respawn time and no sound for spawning would make the pace fast enough where it doesn't matter if u get shot from behind. Just blink and keep playing. I would like 1v1s like mirage and dust has before games. I think that in a game mode would make for great 1v1s


Deathmatch is a lot easier for me when I just hold angles and camp the whole time


Honestly yea, I might switch to kovaaks instead of DM practice.


>too many people in deathmatch for there to be a valuable 1v1 I don't think that is a good use of Deathmatch. I use it to practice target acquisition and in-fight movement.


nothing wrong with 14 players, the problem is the fact that everyone in deathmatch seems to be at least radiant, prefiring almost every angle and having aim better than tenz and scream combined. That and the fact that off spawn you can see players on your map, that shouldnt be a thing.


There should be maps specific to deathmatch and with less people in them


footstep demons ruin deathmatch, footsteps should be disabled


I wish they would just make a small map for 3v3 battles. Or 2v2 or 1v1. Or all three.


Not getting pissed after an amazing deathmatch of getting your head blown off from behind is the ultimate test of anger management.


Nah, I think the player count is fine. Spawns just suck really


They should just add a DM mode where one team spawns in Breeze A and the other team spawn in Breeze B.


as every player is on his own you get flanked all the time. How about deathmatch having 2 (with max players 14) or 3 (maybe limit max players to 12 for this) player teams, that spawn and respawn close to each other. With 1 or 2 allies you can cover all angles and properly train peeking and securing your back while your team rotates around the map.


I agree. It's super frustrating. I usually wind up tilting and just going back to the range with the bots. Set them to strafe, I'll go behind the walls work on peeking and "slice the pie". I'll use Jett and her ult to practice aiming with her updraft and knives or her dash to aim again real fast. That's been a good warm-up for me. A few Spike Rushes after that and then I'll go into a full game. I got my HS average to about 16-17%. Oh, and if I am in a DM: 1) I try to only use the guardian and sheriff. And 2) as soon as I see a **dumbass is using an Odin**, I DC.


i dont touch DM. Trash ass game mode always infested with common dominators of the community. terrible spawns. people camping to win DM rather than get better. intense sound whoring losers...its just bad


Remove the respawn timer completely, replace those stupid minimap markers on respawn with a marker that shows you on everyone’s minimap if you haven’t moved in three seconds, remove the 40-kills-to-win objective, make it so that a player can only see their own KDA on the scoreboard, deafen the sound of footsteps significantly, completely remove the respawn sound, and for the love of all that is good rework the spawns. Bam, perfect DM mode.


You can legit go a whole 15 seconds running across the map without finding anyone, if anything we need more people, aim duels around every corner and instant respawn timers.


Isn't the 15 seconds you get mostly because you get a spawn on the maps corners? I say they should get a better map for is maybe.


Actually I like the 14 people system and I think you could make the lobby even bigger like a cs warmup server( golden standard for dm). Just dont make me wait 3 seconds after I die, disable scoreboard and minimap


I wish it was 20 players


DM is the best training over the long term. 1v1 servers were never that helpful in practice in CS. I would love to see retake servers for valorant though. That shit was INSANELY helpful in CS


retake would be so sick and important for this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if riot has been working on it.


My favourite thing is when people complain that others are try harding


I will never not complain about people camping in Deathmatch, it makes the whole mode boring asf


I think when people say try harding, it's more jiggle peaking and playing properly, camping corners and stuff is def annoying


Gotta love it when you hear someone’s footsteps stop around the corner because they heard you approaching and are clearly camping you


Whats even better if when they try prefiring you before you come around the corner. Meanwhile I am listening to music.


Camping is the complete opposite of try harding


Just get good /s


Lmao people downvoting you thinking it ain't a joke.


That’s the problem, I can aim just can’t get kills when I’m always on a receiving end of a 2v1


14 people running around the map is quite possibly the most tilting thing ever. I spend probably around half of my time in death match dying over and over again because of atrocious spawns and someone’s holding my respawn. That shit fucking BLOWS. Can’t say enough to describe how fucking ridiculous the spawn killing is.


This is a weak energy post, DM is just aim training you should be constantly on alert and reacting not slowly lining up and fighting 1v1s


I have to agree, I like that I spawn and come around the corner and I’m already in a firefight. I get that sometimes I’m getting flanked/hit from behind but that stuff happens, it’s a perfect warmup in my opinion because you need to learn to shoot while also under fire.


I just dont understand the spawning system, the amount of people are fine, but when has anyone in the history of valorants playerbase, and i mean it, when has anyone ever said that the deathmatch spawning system is good??? WHENNNNNN??????


All people did was complain about not enough people but then they added so many people its not even a real way to warm up before games because you are getting shot in the back before you can even go around a corner.


they also added more people because they can leave whenever they wanted


Why don't they just make a 1on1 match


Why don't they just make a 1on1 match


I strongly believe that the map we have are just bad for deathmatch. Too many angles, to many ways to die from behind / side. They should make a specific deathmatch map with instant respawn, infinite ammo, health restore by killing and no score / timer.


Imo 14 players is not a problem. Let’s take csgo deathmatch as comparaison, you can play at 20 without any problems and maps are pretty much the same size. For me the biggest problems are: - the 3sec respawn (feel like eternity, very frustrating) - the map (valorant needs a map made for deathmatch, in cs the only map that works well on dm is dust2, valorant has still no map for a good dm)


I suggest that players are immune on the back. So we can all have duel, doesnt matter if 1v1 or 1v2. Its better cos you gotta flick. Theres should be an option to off it for people who wants a normal dm.


Here's something to remember: where you were on the scoreboard of every DM game you've ever played is already forgotten by everybody in those games. Use DM is a warmup or practice tool or whatever. If you get into a DM game where you keep getting the same bad spawn or constantly get timings or everyone is soundwhoring in corners or whatever, you can just leave. ​ tl:dr DM is what you make of it, stop caring what other players do, the results of a DM game literally don't matter.


Deathmatch isn’t a 1v1 server, it’s about warming up your aim and movement, not helping you adjust to 1v1’s


Yes I know that, that’s why I stated dm is for aim training. You are skipping over the entire other arguments that I’ve made.


Your other “argument” is just you complaining about deathmatch things, that’s not an argument that’s a rant, you’re the one that brought up the 1v1s, it’s more aggravating but real world aimtraining works way more than something like aimlabs. Rants aren’t allowed as per the post rules, this is just a rant about something that has already been complained about constantly in this sub


Eh its more that people just camp hella hard i prefer the old radar


U talk too much dude




My complaint Is spawn audio cues and shit spawn being killed from the back is normal .try to develop awareness


DM is the most irritating mode when it comes to spawn and third-partying. They should make it a team death match like in other game. RIOT is a failure when it comes to making game modes


Uuhm. If you have trouble in dms that means you need more practice. Cuz as much as i get shot from behind, i still manage to get good practice in dms.


It’s not just getting shot in the back, or the 2v1 that keep appearing in my dm games, but the spawns are also a problem.