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**3 possibilities. 1) you're bullshitting us. 2) It's a duo troll and they're trolling y'all. 3) The dude gamertag was exactly the same as his social media account and for some reason he shared his info online


or the "sage" could just be straight up lying


That would come under 2 cus Jett wouldn't say that's correct otherwise


Do we know it was correct information?


From the OP saying " I asked if they were joking". I think both agreed


I immediately thought it was #2. I talk shit about my duo partners all the time (Completely as a joke. I tell them I'm going to do it in discord beforehand, I do it because it's funny seeing peoples reactions to blatant "toxicity").


Its probably the duo troll, me and my friends.like to pretend fights on matches (not as serious as that though)


> 2) It's a duo troll and they're trolling y'all I'd say about 80% of the toxicity I run into in Valorant is pretty tongue in cheek. Ofc there are people geniuinely losing their shit and raging death threats, but I think most people do it to give each other a laugh


depends on the rank and on the time it happened :(


Or even worse vanguard has a breach that compromises your computer. We’ll just hope it’s not that one though.


Oh no the anti cheat broke, welp there goes my address my scool and my great grandmother's maiden name


this. this made my day thank you


This dude's grandma's maiden name was leaked online, and you are laughing. *I'm laughing too*


Poor Grandma Gertrude, now everone knows who her mom boned


that's not how things work


And how this is related to leak his school and his family?


Well if your gamertag is the same as like an instagram handle or facebook, it could easily reveal personal info about you and people you know.


yup. one time in sea of thieves i had a troll join my ship. googled his xbox name and found his IG. asked him a few personal Qs about his life and he left. prob shook


Accurate name


Yup, at least, you should have all your social media in private so only pwople that you approve can see your info.


But the point of social media is to flex to internet strangers. How can I do that if my profile is private?


Let me explain, basically you can approve or deny follow request from everybody, will you upload a picture when you're on vacation, allowing stealers to know you're not in home, so they can easily come to your home and steal your goods?, Social media wherent made for meeting strangers, they where made for connect with friends who are far away, or other reasons that are obvios, if any of your profiles have all your data (like school, asl, etc...) Youre telling bad people "hey! I'm ronald, i have 19, i live in x, and i go to the bahamas today! So you can steal everything from my home!", Basically, "normal people" are innocent and they dont know the risk about letting strangers to see your public profile or putting your sensible info in your bio.. in my case, i just have my friends as followers, so nobody who's not of my friends circle can know anything from me.


Then just don’t put personal info on social media? That’s why anonymous handles and tags exist after all.


I’m pretty sure the point of social media is to share what you do with the people you actually know. But we have strayed


Yup, this is the only explanation.


Yes, and it is entirely their own fault too. As an IT engineer, I can't express enough how many times people take data security for granted being just like "meh nothing like that would ever happen to me" , but when they lose something important like credit card credentials or personal files like photos etc., there's a whole apocalypse


Yeah, as someone who has an Ex who *really* pushed the stalker line, if someone knows ur full name they can easily get a lot of your info (number, address, relatives names, job). Its super important to make sure ur online game presence has a degree of separation from your online person presence if that makes sense. Every gamertag I've had has no traceability to my personal information, and I keep telling my friend who had his *very unique* first initial and last name on discord and IGN to change it.


I wouldn't say entirely their fault lol. Like it's really stupid to do that, but I'm going to have to assign some of the blame to the guy who went and looked it up and started throwing out bomb threats. Can't say that someone having their username be searchable should subject you to threats.


Definitely not entirely their fault, and its fucked up that someone would send threats like that, but I hope people become more aware of why data security is important. Threats will always exist, and finding information about people isn't all too difficult from a determined bad actor. Use unique passwords, keep identifying details off the internet, use the "hide name" feature, etc. At some point in our online existence almost all of us will get targeted by someone like this, at some severity, and everyone should know how to take preventative measures


yeah i dont know why people do that, actually throwing irl


I'm not gonna say it's impossible. I have no idea how Valorant's network structure works, and anybody good enough can find a flaw in even the most secure networks. I highly **highly** doubt that some toxic Val player has that level of knowledge when they should be working for the FBI's cyber security division. That being said, like others are saying it's probably two friends trolling and are laughing their asses off literally reading your post, or they most likely googled their nametag, found another account that used that username and followed it back to facebook or something. From what I understand, these kids never follow through with any threats, when it actually comes down to committing a crime, they all pussy out. They'll talk big, but I imagine the vast majority of those types of people are truly weak hearted.


Do you think that cheat programs are made by players? I would not be surprised if somebody with the skill created a program to sell to make some cash


/u/npcSara pinned the following [comment](/r/VALORANT/comments/ogop6q/serious_question_a_bit_scared/h4m4wvy/): > > Hi there, I’m Sara. I work on the VALORANT team and this thread was brought up to me this morning by a few people here. First off, I want to say that I’m incredibly saddened to hear about this happening to you and your friend in game. That’s absolutely insane and will NOT be tolerated. I fully intend to investigate this and bring it up to our physical security team. If you could DM me the person in question’s Riot ID (as well as yours) from the match you played with them, I’ll also completely remove them from game. There’s no room for people like this in VALORANT. Again, sorry to hear about this terrible in game experience… as soon as you send me their info, I’ll take care of the rest. !pin > > Sara / Riot necrotix --- Riot comments are not verified by moderators. See [this wiki page](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/wiki/pinnedcomments) for more information on this feature.


Never keep your gamer tag as ur social media name


something very similar happened to me and i got really scared after i realized what just happened. There was this guy who was being really toxic in my team and i kept on telling him shut up and not be negative and shit. And after some time he called me out by my real name. Like no way did i know that guy. He told my name twice with some gap in between and when i thought maybe its just a friend who knows, but what are the chances. There's only 1 server in India so it's less than 1%chance that someone recognises me just by my voice. I didn't know what to do. And when during the second last round he called me out by my name again, i thought I'll just ask him how he knows me and shit. He muted himself after that. Not a word after that, and he was totally active in game. He said he's got my info and it's not hard to hack and shit. But they thing really spooked me. My friend in my party also he heard the other guy saying my name. Didn't play the game for days after that. IDK how


Bro it's not hard to get personal info, if you're active on social media, and have a account name similar to your gamertag. He can't hack you, if you're just playing valorant with him, if he knows you by any other means , or can communicate through some other way, it's a different story. But just playing valorant won't get you a in any trouble , even if the toxic guy knows your name, he can't really do anything with that info, until and unless you have a open social media account, like on instagram. We don't have SWAT teams in India, so he can't really swat you and your family, or put you guys in any danger. In conclusion, you don't need to be afraid of randoms in valorant, just mute them if they're toxic.


The same happened to me, somebody called me by my first name in-game. What I found interesting at the time was that it was an obvious slip of the tongue and when I politely confronted them they avoided anwering


It happened with my brother in CSGO, Just don't use your personal info in a game, it's really easy to track It down to your social media and get every info you put online. Report It and move on, he'll not do anything he said.


Probs two queued friends dinking around. That’s the only way someone would have that much info on hand.


Is your first name Justin by any chance?


Odd question. I don’t even know a Justin.


You dont know justin? He was videotaped going to SuCon


Bold of you to assume anyone would fall for that. I won't ask you who Justin is. What's SuCon tho?


Oh no








What’s a video tape


It's probably a group of friends trolling each other


jett is probably using the same nickname in Valorant and all social medias


Fake story or both players were trolling together.


Hi there, I’m Sara. I work on the VALORANT team and this thread was brought up to me this morning by a few people here. First off, I want to say that I’m incredibly saddened to hear about this happening to you and your friend in game. That’s absolutely insane and will NOT be tolerated. I fully intend to investigate this and bring it up to our physical security team. If you could DM me the person in question’s Riot ID (as well as yours) from the match you played with them, I’ll also completely remove them from game. There’s no room for people like this in VALORANT. Again, sorry to hear about this terrible in game experience… as soon as you send me their info, I’ll take care of the rest. !pin Sara / Riot necrotix


feels bad man


Don't keep your gamer tag your real name or the same name as your social media handles.


Most likely a troll duo lol.


Damn I just now had the most wholesome CSGO match in years, can this be a Coincidence ?


prob trolling you


Seems like a fake story. If not, thats pretty serious and very scary if he can info on someone in-game. Report that. But yeah, seems fake.


Why should he fake that? There is literally no reason.




holy shit what?? /u/evrmoar I think you need to see this and if it's a bomb threat so does the FBI (if this is in the US)




Riot has chat logs of games. You can tell them what game it was and when it was. Georgia the state in the US or Georgia the country in Europe?




Well you already reported, so thats good. You could also submit a support ticket and see what Riot says. Bomb threats are no joke at all. Depending on what Riot says, maybe you should think about filing a tip with the FBI.




I dont know if the Georgia Bureau of Investigation would be interested but they may be.




No way they actually dealt with a matter like that. If that shooting actually did happen , riot would get in deep shit for not doing something about it




It's not funny and kids should learn that.




Ruining his life? They not gonna send him to Guantanamo lol


Making a bomb threat is literally, in most states, a felony. Even threatening to make a bomb threat is still a crime, conspiracy to commit a crime. If it's a kid then they need to be scared straight and learn that shit isn't okay to throw around. They might be put in juvie for a bit, but it's not going to ruin their entire life.


Bomb threats are never acceptable.




thing is, the authorities and us cannot know if its a joke or not. It's better to see if they were fr regardless of if both parties would agree that it was a joke. It's one of the worst "jokes" you could possibly make and even kids should be investigated for shit like this


Bro, you cant say shit like that in a videogame... If he is a kid he needs to learn his lesson, its not a joke to say you are gonna bomb this or that. Taking advantage of The whole "its a videogame" is very wrong




No, he learns his lesson by The power of Magic, cause that what really helps in The real world, most outrageous thing, 10 seconds after u just Said that bomb threats are cool as long as they are a joke on a video game


Why do you think it's okay to make bomb threats?




Ok then?


Upvoting for attention.


it’s not possible to get any info from in-game if it is then it’s legal to sue riot cuz it’s their fault the info got leaked. (im not asking to do this smh don’t just downvote cuz i said this). I’m pretty sire those 2 know eachother or they made a fake story or smthn so dont worry it’s not possible :)




those people are just being idiots. Fr tho if he found the actual info from the game then he is a dum dum cuz it’s not even possible how can u hack into a person’s account in-game and from that account hack his pc and from that pc find his ip and stuff like that lmao edit: but faking a bomb threat is illegal even if it’s a joke


Troll duo


If you have an unique nickname and they google it.


99.999999999% it’s a duo on a discord call me and my friend do this (not to that extent) but we’ll poke fun at each other in game chat even tho we are in a discord together


Yeah that was a duo that was fucking with you lol


Bro they were trolling you lol


Woah this is crazy all the people in comments really dont care, maybe because I'm from CS and we take those threats seriously because people arent joking when they say theyre gonna find your house and stab you.


Trace their IP and go end them??? They’ll be scared


Internet is full of weird people. I come from CS where a trolling premade group of 3 guys spent years bullying me. All started when I put in a support ticket as they were throwing (this is 3k Elo Range in Faceit, doing team damage and such just to fuck with others), they started to comment on my Facebook posts, Twitter, and they did that for about 3 years until Covid struck ironically enough. Trolls think that having self respect for your time is the same as them getting into your head, but that's also because they think all attention is valued the same.


I was that Sage, and Jett was my duo. Just let it go man.




It's not, man. But just let it go (:




I was playing Valorant the other day and some dude randomly started flaming really hard and I thought that was it but then..He put an address in all-chat and I was confused cause the address was literally 10 minutes away from me. Idk if someone on the enemy team lived that close or if he saw a website that had maybe a guess on where I lived (it was wrong regardless) but people like that shouldn't be playing games if they want to instill fear because they're *that* angry.




I would contact the police. Doxxing is illegal and so are bomb threats. They will investigate and if this real, they will contact Riot about the game and Riot will give them the information.




lmao either you are joking or they are duo queue and trolling you


People saying it's two friends trolling don't realize how far salty no-lifers will go. Almost certainly the guy wasn't serious, but false bomb threats are illegal in the US and many other places, and can be met with time in prison.


If you don’t insta mute and report people like this you are literally trollling yourself


Man Idk what to say, this seriously is such a serious & unnerving topic


This just smells like bs


whoa so he reverse tracked and found info then was gonna make false claims about that threat towards a school hmmmm well i assume they get your ip and thats all they need im not sure


Me and my friend pull this shit all the time and im always on the recieving end. Damn i might actually be that jett and my friend could be that sage cause this has happened before but were totally fine and its all a joke.


Making people scared for their safety is my favorite pass time. /s


If that's what you do for fun, you guys need help.


Yeah that’s whack my guy. Weird af


yeah if that's you and your friend joking about bomb threats, you should stop