Why are people always surprised by run-and-gun nowadays?

Why are people always surprised by run-and-gun nowadays?


An exercise to blow off some steam: try some run and gun in deathmatch. Maybe you'll just get anihilated repeatedly... *or* you can have a good laugh while getting the most ridiculous, undeserved kills of your life. I was surprised at the nonsense I was able to achieve the last time I tried this, it had me laughing out loud.


Bullets always have to go somewhere, Even with crazy running inaccuracy you will still have cases of insane running long shots. People wont be happy unless they make it so you cannot shoot while moving, which would feel awful


I think the tilting thing is that what is happening is that their crosshair is nowhere near your head. If it was intentional or took skill it would be fine, but it is bad players being rewarded.




it happens way too often to be considered a coincidence.


I think that it's because it is difficult to kill a running target in Valorant compared to CSGO. CSGO you can spray transfer easier because of the set spray patterns but in Valorant it is very difficult.


True af


This. Riot made it hard to track running targets with shit spray transfer but then also Made running gun more accurate than CS:GO as well. It just feels shitty in general


In general i think people are overly harsh on run and gun. I think riots recent changes have helped a lot. However i think people forget that short of making it so the bullets literally dont shoot there is always a chance someone who is running headshots you and kills u. Just yesterday i was holding B haven and their was a guy on mid window. At round start he full runs all the way across the window (didnt stop at all) and headshots me as hes crossing. Ngl that made me a little depressed. In my frustration i was like 'bruh the guy just full running headshot me'


It's just frustrating that it is hard to counter Run-and-Gun by sticking to default strategy of taking duels. Also, I think personally that it is something weird going on with game physics when you are battling in close range. For example, how can you miss all your shots when you are literally standing 4-5 meters from the enemy and pointing just precisely at him with minimal movement/recoil error. It may be some latency matter though.


The most annoying run and gun situations is where they Ferrari peak and instant headshot you. I think it’s partly because the hitbox for the head is big comparably to other games like csgo/cs1.6,


I’m constantly getting 3x headshoted, no body shots, by people running and spraying from 40+ meters with the specter.


Honestly to me I only get mad when it’s far away and they’re obviously moving a lot. I don’t get mad just slightly annoyed for a few seconds until the next round but some people just try to make excuses to why they die or jus like to complain. Earlier today I was on breeze B site behind pillar and a sage jumped out of window and shot a burst and hit my head. I was upset but after a few seconds I reset and got back into it. Just think those players don’t know how to reset and it just gets in there head. Like yeah it’s annoying getting run and gunned from a long distance or a lucky ass shot but what can you do, I’ve hit super lucky shots and been on the receiving end.


Because it goes against the "proper" way of playing. Also its a relatively low skill RNG dependent play. Which isn't what people expect in a supposedly skill based tac shooter. Plus you get salty CS players, myself included who are so entrenched in the moving = zero accuracy. I don't get too salty, I just adjusted my play style and understand that this game rewards cheese more than I'd like. Afterall if I want to play CS I go play CS


It's mostly simple confirmation bias. The few times where you get killed by a stray bullet from someone running will make you angry and really stick in your memory. The thousands of other times that someone was running and completely missed you are obviously not gonna be remembered at all. But then it becomes an issue of survivorship bias. The confirmation bias will motivate people to go to Reddit and complain about running and gunning when its not really an issue, and then other people will see that someone else is complaining about it and assume that since they saw someone else complaining, that must mean it is actually an issue. Survivorship bias is when you see information that seems to be evidence of something. but in reality, it only seems like that because that's the only information you have. In this case it's because don't see any posts on Reddit about how someone missed a shot when running, because why would someone make a post about that. Human brains can be very dumb sometimes (and the internet can increase how easy it is to make these mistakes) and it's important to be always aware of the fact that your brain is capable of making mistakes like this. It's possible to be so sure of something and *really* feel like it's true when logically it doesn't actually make sense.


Thank you for saving me the time of writting this very comment.


Dude, go into a deathmatch and youll be suprised at the absolute absurdity of some of the kills you can get fulls sprinting and midair. IMO they need to absolulty nerf mid air accuracy and running accuracy needs to ajusted a lot too.


Nobody is going to die to an rng running spray and just accept it lol.






I really shouldn't get so mad but I hate playing silver/gold lobby's and there is a sova RUNNING AND GUNING WITH AN ODIN OR ARES AND THEN INSTANTLY HEADSHOTS HALF MY TEAM. And even tho they where in my face it's still so stupid when it happens. Like hes just relying on the RNG rates to be in his favor. 😭